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Justin Griesinger, Film in Colorado
Film in Colorado is the newest production guide listing hundreds of vetted professionals and businesses working in the Colorado film & video industry. The guide is intended to assist all filmmakers and artists with their next production in Colorado by providing the most experienced film crew, production services, actors and much more in one place. It also provides other valuable production information including filming locations, current weather conditions, movies made in Colorado, a film crew glossary and even a film students hub.
303-946-1199, info@filmincolorado.com, www.FilminColorado.com
Scott Ogle, Equinox Productions, Inc.
Scott Ogle, Equinox Productions, Inc. Betacam & Varicam professional with 25+ years network experience, major awards, excellent equipment and a good attitude. Sports, News/Doc and
outdoor action, including underwater, on-skis, and motorcycle hand-held camera work.
Gear: Sony BVW-D600 Betacam package with Canon 9x5.2mm and 18x8.5mm lenses.  Matte box and
filters.  High resolution Sony monitor.  Arriflex tungsten and HMI lighting sufficient for any 2-camera interview, with Chimeras, Dedolights, and all accessories.  Sound Devices 4 channel mixer and 6 Lectrosonics wireless microphones
Boulder 80304
phone: 303-443-1010, cell: 303/877-2600
scott@coloradotvcrew.com,website: www.coloradotvcrew.com
Ron Arrowsmith, Rubicon Productions
I have over 20 years of experience shooting commercials, documentaries, corporate, industrial and broadcast projects on video and film formats. http://www.rubiconproductions.com
Gear: Brand new Ikkegami HL45 BetaCam package.Sony 8045Q field monitor. Basic small area lighting package including Chimera softlight, Dedolight projector etc. 2 Lectrosonic Wireless mics, 3 Tram lavs, ME80 shotgun. Flags, scrims, gels, and grippage.
1874 So. Downing St. Denver, 80210
phone: 303-698-9051, ron@rubiconproductions.com 
Hank Bargine, Hank Bargine Productions
Clients are combination of corporate and broadcast interests.From news magazine shows to the Discovery Channel to United Airlines training videos. Equipment includes the technologically advanced Sony 600 / with setup card. HMI lighting, 6 wireless systems(lectosonics), 6 Comteks, 6 Walkie Tallkies, High Resolution field monitor, BVW-35 backup recorder, lighting for any two-camera interview...including Chimera lighting accessories. Sound Tech with over 15 years of experience.
14 East Caramillo Colorado Springs, 80907
phone: 800.826.6408, Fax: 719.633.9042, bargine@email.msn.com 
Bob Tatlock, RT Productions, Inc.
Full service BetaCam SP field production with an emphasis on speen and quality! Complete Sony BVW-400A camera package with all the toys. Visit the website at www.rtprods.com.
Centennial,  80015
phone: (303) 333-2172, Fax: (303) 333-7289, rtprods@msn.com, website: www.hdtelevision.net 
James Wilmot, Accent Video
24 years experience in Broadcast Videography. Shoot and edit on BetacamSP. Have done productions in China, Australia, Europe, Mexico, Nepal and more! Documentaries a specialty, but corporate and industrial is just fine too. My ability to edit what I shoot makes for tight productions...and certainly no lazy camera work is ever tolerated.
Sony D30 with BetacamSP back Sony BVW-35 record deck Sony 2800/2600 and Grass Valley 100 edit setup Sony 100 camcorder Oconnor head and sticks Complete sound package Lowell lighting kits 3-D animation with 3D studio
P.O. Box 573, Littleton 80160-0573
phone: 303-692-9352, AccentVid@worldnet.att.net 
Rich Scholtz, Westward Video Productions
Professional camera crew that can fill all your ENG/EFP needs from magazine show work to industial. Get it done right. We have many years of network exerience and all the gear you need to make your shoot look great. Clients range from PBS's " The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" to "Dateline NBC" to "CNN Newstand" and many others. We offer the brand new Sony D-600WS 16x9 - 4x3 switchable camera w tele-photo & wide lenses, HMI lighting, Matte Box and everything else you need. Give us a call!!!
Gear: 1 Sony D-600WS "wide screen switchable" Beta SP recorder 1 Fuji 16x9 telephoto lens w/ 2x extender 1 Canon 8x6 wide lens w/ 2x extender 1 Fuji zoom control handle (works w/ both lenses) 1 Chrosziel lens mount matte box 1 Sony BVW-35 field playback/record deck 1 Sony 8" high resolution field monitor 1 Gitzo carbon fibre tripod w/ Sachtler Caddy fluid head 2 Arri Arrisun 2 HMIs w/ par & fresnel lenses & soft boxes-- (for outdoor lighting) Full tunsten indoor lighting package 4 channel Cooper audio bag 6 Lectrosonics UHF wirelesses Every kind of mic you can imagine 4 walkie talkies
1568 Holly Street, Denver, 80220
phone: (303) 601-1470, Fax: (303) 355-7379, westwardvid@earthlink.net 
Dave Westin, WestinVision Video Productions
I shoot Broadcast news and features at the Network level I also shoot sports for the Nuggets (when they're playing) Avalanche, Rockies and Broncos. I do alot of corporate stuff and VNR's. We have covered the Desert races in Mexico (baja 1000, baja 500 San Felepi 250) I do live shot for ABC's NewsOne. I covered the Oklahoma city bombing Trials and Jon Benet Ramsey. I also shoot Live shot Heads for FOX's Squak Box.
Gear: BVW-D600 WS, Lectrosonic wireless package, Monitor, Aerri kit with 3-1K's, 2-650's, Lowell kit with 2 Totas with Chimeras, 3 omnis, Sachtler 18II on carbon fiber Gitzo legs, Shure FP 33 mixer and more. I actuall have a 70IS docked to a BVV5 with 500 hours I'm going to sell, if you know anyone interested. I have the clear scan mod. and mini shutter also. Don Lucke is rebuilding the block. One pinhole.
28561 Golden Gate Canyon Road, Golden
phone: 303 216-9378, Fax: 303 216-2726, westincam@aol.com 
Carl Filoreto,  Elk Run Productions, Inc.
Highly experienced DP with clients ranging from network news and news magazines to cable programmers such as The Travel Channel and Food Network to Fortune 500 corporations. Excellent lighting DP with a foundation in storytelling, good attitude with flexible skills, extensive
international experience, NABET and IBEW. Expert ski cameraman.
Gear: Workhorse camera is still an Ikegami HL-V59W, Canon long and wide angle lenses, complete HMI and tungsten lighting packages, Libec jib, Hollywood microdolly, Sound Devices 4-4-2 and 3-0-2 field audio mixers with many Lectro UHF wireless systems, smaller format cameras, all the toys.
phone: 303-808-6900, carl@elkruntv.com, website: www.elkruntv.com
Kevin Hartfield, way kool productions
I am a NPPA faculty member, with more that 20 year of broadcast exp. I have experience in shooting sports, documentaries and news/features. One of my specialities is the "MTV" look.I also Avid edit. Past honors include, "Photog of the year", by the Colorado Chapter of National Association of Black Journalist, Director of Photography of the national syndicated kids news program,"News for Kid".
Gear: Sony D-30ws (switchable 16:9/4:3) PVV-3 SP deck Arri Light Kit Lowell Rifa Light Lectro UHF wireless (2) Sony Field Monitor Stick and Lavs Field Playback/rec deck Matte Box W/4X4 filter,(warm black promist 1/8, warm polarizer,soft fx 1/2
5533 Eagle Street Denver, 80239
phone: 303-888-4554, Fax: 303-371.4439, waykoolkh@uswest.net
Chris Woodley, Mountain Media Production Co.
Over 15 years of experience shooting and producing award-winning content for broadcast and corporate clients. Credits include: ABC World News Tonight, Discovery Channel, PBS, MSNBC, Fox News, ESPN, PepsiCo, Cigna Healthcare, US Forest Service, Nash Communications, Molson-Coors, Allstate Insurance, and many, many more...
Gear: Panasonic HPX300 P2HD camcorder - from 1080p to standard def, we've got you covered. Vinten camera support. Lectrosonics wireless, full location soft-lighting and grip package. Post production: Industry standard Final Cut Pro - latest version. Adobe graphics software.
303-948-7403, mountainmediaprods@mac.com, www.mountainmedia.tv

Greg Hosman, VideoJo Productions, LLC
Full day and Half day rates $375/$250 Broadcast One / Advantage Service Group / Batt-Mann Productions / Local 30 second spots Corporate
Gear: JVC KY-D29 With Betacam SP PVV-3 Back Occonor 1030B Head Lectrosonics Lav and Plug on Wireless Mics Field Monitor, Shure M267 Field Mixer, Various other Shotgun mics and shure's
11648 Laurel Ln., Parker, 80138
phone: 303-808-7130, Fax: 303-840-6193, videojo@diac.com

Jim Furrer, Dark Street Films
30 years experience, national network series, cable specials, music, documentary, corporate image. Director / Cameraman and Director of Photography, usually work longer format but will do day-playing. Studio or location, extensive dolly and crane experience. Lighting a specialty. Emmy, CINE Golden Eagle, Telly, Monitor, Videography awards, more. Check the web site at: http://home.attbi.com/~darkstreetfilms/ 
Gear: Own Sony Betacam SP video and Aaton Super16mm film camera packages, rentals for 35mm and Hi-Def.
6004 W. Iliff Drive, Lakewood, 80227
Phone: 303-989-6492, Cell: 303-810-1263, jfurrer@attbi.com 
Bill Hitchcock, Hitchcock Productions, Inc.
With clients such as CBS (48 Hrs, 60 Min., Sunday Morning, etc...), ABC (20-20/Primetime), NBC (Dateline), Discovery, HDnet, PBS (Newshour, Frontline), HBO Real Sports, ESPN, etc...the list goes on; the experience speaks for itself. From long format documentaries to video cinema or sports and all points in between, Bill prides himself on being able to accomplish the desired visual goal while working cooperatively with all involved. Professional lighting and camera support, combined with an experienced sound engineer complete our package.
Gear: Sony PDW-700 HDXD camera, Panasonic Varicam & Sony f900 certified. Canon HD lenses, Panasonic HD monitors. Sony D600 and various DV cameras available for SD shoots. All lighting and grip support from HMI to tungsten for professional, full scale shoot. Mini jib and micro dolly available. Inquire for more equip. details.
970 282-0660, 970 282-0660, hitchcock.bill@gmail.com, www.BillHitchcockDP.com 
Jerry Martin Fraley, Off The Front Productions
A Freelance camera operator for 14 years, Who can shoot from skis and underwater. Looking to start directing for live broadcasts and short films. Also enjoy running 1st Boom for major motion pictures. Resume available by contacting globaltv@gateway.net
Gear: Sony Betacam 300/ Canon18x1 w/doubler Sachler 18 tripod Anton Bauer bricks and trimpacs sungun lowell light kit AKG lav
990 S Flower Lakewood, 80226
phone: 303 969 8400, Fax: 303 969 8500, globaltv@gateway.net 
Breck Larson, Breck Larson Productions
Denver-based EFP/ENG Camera Crew available for local, national or international travel. Professional experience in broadcast video production since 1985. Coverage for entertainment, news, series, reality-TV, documentaries, concerts, publicity and marketing. *ABC *CBS *CMT *CNN *DISCOVERY *ENCORE *GAC *HDNET *HGTV *NBC *NICK *MTV *Access Hollywood *Entertainment Tonight *Extreme Makeover *Alan Jackson *Warner Bros *Brad Paisley *Showtime and more!
Gear: Sony HD/XDCAM PDW-700, D35WS BetacamSP, Panasonic HVX-200 HD, EFP Audio Package, Arri 6-head lighting Package.
Denver, 80111
303-263-2377, (303) 263-2377, breck@brecklarson.com, www.brecklarson.com 
Scott Kilian, Scott Kilian Productions
Broadcast camera crew with over ten years experience serving all the major networks. Digital Betacam and Betacam SP packages available. NTSC and PAL capabilities.
Gear: Sony DVW-790WS Digital Betacam, Sony DVW-700P PAL Digital Betacam, Sony BVW-400A Betacam SP, Complete HMI and Tungsten light packages, High-End Audio Packages. For complete list of gear and experience, please visit our web site.
Denver, 80210
phone: 303-324-5399, Fax: 303-733-2221, cameracrew@msn.com, website: www.coloradocrew.com 
Lee Frank, Lee Frank Audio--The Two First Names in Audio
Audio Engineer/SoundTech for ENG/EFP Broadcast and Corporate; News, Features, Sports, Skiing. Full Audio Package. Experienced Reliable Professional Ready to Go.
Gear: Full Audio Packages with top quality equipment, 4-channel Sound Devices Mixer expandable to 7 plus. Mics by Sennheiser, Countryman, Sanken, Tram & EV. Numerous Lectrosonics Wireless Sets (freq. agile diversity) Booms with shotguns. And so much more!
Denver, 80111
phone: (303) 220-9900, Fax: (303) 220-5335, LeeFrankAudio@aol.com 
Scott Ransom, Colorado Camera Crews
Video Production/Videography/Telluride Colorado.. /Skiing/Climbing/Aerials/Whitewater a specialty....Colorado Utah Arizona New Mexico and the world. National Geographic/Discovery/All major networks news and documentary divisions. Multiple crews... see website for credits
Gear: 2 SonyD-30 Beta Sp Packages/Sound/Lighitng(HMI)/Panasonic DVX100 24PDV/HD Qualified
Telluride,  81435
970-209-3139 Cell
sransom@scottransom.com, www.scottransom.com 
Rob Piekarski, Soaring Eagle Productions/Video Productions International
Have done sound for Video and Film, work with all formats of video decks and Nagra recorders. Have worked on location, in studio, music shoots, network documetary and news, corporate, commercial. Clients; PBS, The Newshour, ABC News and Sports, NBC News and Sports, CBS Sports, CBC, BBC,Viacom. Worked with videographers; Jim Furrer, Ron Arrowsmith, Rich Golisch and many others. 27 years experience in TV, 20 of those based in Colorado. Prefer weekend and evening gigs. Shooting and Editing shorter length productions, small crew with DVCAM and editing with Final Cut Pro. Shooting in Eastern Europe,Russia and Western US.
Gear: Sennheiser mics.; 416 w/Zepp and Gitzo pole, wired and wireless lavs., Lectrasonics and Sennheiser wireless packages. Appropriate wind screens for all mics. Hand held Sure and Sony mics. Sure Mixer,stereo. Now shooting- Sony DVCAM production - DSR300A. Editing on Final Cut Pro,on location editing available. My package or yours.
Denver, 80231
phone: 303-675-5252/720-212-3132, Fax: 303-353-4075, eagleboy55@comcast.net 
Rich Lerner, Conspiracy Films llc
Director of photography with extensive documentary experience. Exceptional hand held skills. Feature film and documenatry lighting and staging abilities. Experienced with cranes and dollies and helicopter. Credits with most major documentary series and happy producers on a range of subjects including science, social issue, music, natural history and fiction. Working in all formatts including super 16, broadcast video and hi-def.
Gear: Complete Aaton XTR super 16mm Time code video assist pkg. Complete Aaton A- MInima super 16mm mini camera time code, video assist. Complete Sony D30 Beta Sp Camera PKG. Micro Jib/dolly/location lighting kits
2261 West Briarwood Ave. Littleton, 80120
phone: (303)730-3219, Fax: (303)798-9811, renrel@aol.com 

Brian D. Kast, Frame X Frame Video Services/Productions, Inc
Specializing in sports ENG/feature shooting, but widely experienced in all environments...commercial, corporate, documentary, news etc. Clients: ESPN, ESPN2, TNT Sports, FOx Sports Net,NBC Sports, ABC Sports, Animal Planet etc. Two emmys in last four years.
Gear: sony BVW d-600 ws, all lighting(kit, gels, dedo light for gobo backrounds, backdrops, chimeras, flags, c-stands)two wireless mic systems 1)lectronsinics 210d diversity UHF - body pack and x-mitter. 2)lectrosonics cr 187 vhf - body pack and cube x-mitter. lavs (sony 77-b) wide-angle adaptors, field monitor...all the necessary stuff.
2476 S. gibralter Way Aurora, 80013
phone: 303-632-6576, Fax: same, frm-x-frm@home.com 

Michael Billingsley, Videographic West
Colorado Camera Crews complete with (3) BVW 600 packages, Jimmy Jib and small portable jib, grip and lighting packages and audio packages. 10+ years experience producing, directing, shooting and editing network and cable sports programming. Our series Ski TV is in it's 10th year on Fox Sports Network and Golf Life is entering its 4th year in existance on FSN. Experienced, professional and creative. Four broadcast cameramen with Olympics, Oscars and Hundreds of Network programs under thier belt.
Gear: (3) Sony BVW 600, (2) Sony BVW 637 with BVV 5, (1) Sony DSR 500, Ikegami HC340 with BVV 5, multiple POV DV packages. Jimmy Jib and Portable Jib. Grip and Lighting Gear, Pro Audio.
Avon/Vail, 81620
phone: 970.949.5593, video@colorado.net, website: www.videographicwest.com 
Richard Panure, RP Video Services
Reality Shows, Sound Bytes, Sports and News.Real Stories, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, TBS, TNT.Football cameraman, NASCAR Racing Cameraman, Court TV, Over 20-years professional broadcast experience.
Gear: Full Service ENG or EFP Betacam SP
Colorado Springs, 80903
phone: 719-634-4094, rpanure@yahoo.com, website: www.richardpanure.com 
Bruce Fauser, Peak Uplink
Provide SNG uplinking services for all major TV networks, and corporations. Including ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News Channel, Weather Channel, ESPN, Golf Channel, Major Colorado Ski resorts, Yahoo. Webcasting, teleconferencing, ENG, SNG services also provided.
Gear: Sony 400A, Cannon J15AX8b4 if lens, Gitzo tripod with Sachtler 18 III head, Lectrosonics UHF mic, lighting package, Anton Bauer bricks, 2 Wolf Coach Fast Track DSNG trucks fully redundant analog and digital (4:2:2, 4:2:0) with Sony DNWA 225 SX laptop editors, complete wireless IFB, Pl, satellite phones, cellular phones.
New Castle, 81647
phone: 303/921-9800, Fax: 970/984-9765, peaklink@gjct.net, website: http://www.peakuplink.com/index.html 
Chas Gordon
Profesional Sound Mixer with 10 years of expirience. News, sports, commercials, TV shows and corporate video. NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, ESPN, CBC, Nippon TV, NHK Tressor TV, Discovery, Animal Planet, TLC, History Channel, HGTV and many more. Some of the more recent shows I have work on are: Suprise By Design, Emergency Vets, American's Most Wanted, Larry King Live and The Best Damn Sports Show, Period! as well as others.
Gear: Complete sound package with Shure FP33 mixer, Schoeps CMC6/41 & 21 boom mic, vdB boom pole, 4 Lectrosonics UHF wireless systems, Tram, Countryman, Lectro and Sony lav mics. Well versed in hidden mic placement. All the extras to help record impecable sound for all types of Video and Film recordings.
Aurora, 80013
phone: 303-668-4826, Fax: 303-776-4826, chasgordon@hotmail.com 
Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media
Mister Photon Media, founded by Nick Teti is a HD video, film and camera crew service for video, film or television production based in Colorado with credits in several states, as well several countries.
Crew members include videographer, director of photography, location sound recordist/mixer, DIT, data wrangler, teleprompter operator, AC, assistant camera, PA, gaffer, grip among other expertise. We can provide the entire crew, crew member combinations or single personnel to support your production in Colorado.
Gear: Cameras include: Sony, Canon, Panasonic, RED & Arri
- XDCAM; PDW F350, PMW EX3 PMW 320K, PMW F3 with 4 PL lenses
- HDCAM; HDW F900 with 7.6x22 & 5x10 HD lenses
- NXCAM/AVC HD: NEX FS700U, & HXR NX3D1U (the FS700U has been expanded to the 4K output)
- EOS C300, EOS 7D & 5D Mark II with 3 EF lenses, 2 EFS lenses
- P2: HPX 170, HPX300 with 7-18 lens
- DVX100A
- HDX900 with 7.6x22 & 5x10 HD lenses
- 35III with 4 PL lenses, 4 batteries, VF, video assist
- EPIC with 4 pl lenses, + Canon EF mount + 3 EF lenses
Our sound, lighting and grip packages can scale up to any size production with an additional grip truck referral is needed. Please review our websites.
(720) 299-2084, http://www.misterphoton.com, http://www.coloradodirectorofphotogaphy.com
Tom Miller, Big Pictures Media, Inc.
Colorado Camera Crews with over twenty years experience - top equipment packages in HD & SD - & great attitudes! We shoot television programs, documentaries, commercials, and corporate productions in HD (720p & 1080i), Betacam, DVCAM, and film. Whatever the genre or medium, we specialize in shooting gorgeous, evocative footage for our clients while being creative, efficient and fun to work with.
Gear: Panasonic HDX900 HD Camera Package w/ HD lens and HD monitor, 2 Sony BVW D600s Betacam Packages, Sony DSR400 fullsize DVCAM Package. Packages come complete with Sachtler tripods, Arri lighting, grip, and audio gear.
(303) 670-0625, (303) 670-0627, tom@BigPicturesMedia.com, www.BigPicturesMedia.com 
Chris Bell, Bell Foto Art Productions
High Definition Creative StoryTellers: Panasonic HDX-900 720p DVCPro HD, Sony PDW F800 1080i XDcam HD disc camera. Sony EX 3 file based SxS. Panasonic P2 HD. Whatever the format, whatever the project; your presentation comes to life with no hassle, high end, vibrant footage that delivers your message with power! Emmys, Dupont, and NPPA awards. We travel the world and have international credentials.
Gear: Sony PDW-F800 XDcam HD Sony EX 3 SxScard Panasonic HDX-900 DVCPro HD Panasonic HVX-200 P2card
(303) 377-4606, (303) 322-2443, bellfoto@att.net, www.bellfoto.tv 
Larry Lindsey, AFI Media Group
Director of Photography/Videographer/Avid Editor Specializing in HD productions since 1998. International clientele. Features, documentaries, TV commercials, music videos, sports, corporate, and events.
Gear: Sony High Definition: HDW-F900-3, HDW-700A; Sony HDV: HVR-Z1U; Ikegami DVCam: HL-DV7AW; Panasonic DV: AG-DVC200; audio Technica wireless and boom broadcast mics, Shure field production mixer, location light kits, reflectors, HD and SD Field Production Monitors
Castle Rock, 80104
phone: 303-663-9678, Fax: 303-663-9678, afimedia@aol.com, website: www.afimediagroup.com 
Rich Raney,Colorado Video Productions
24-years: -Cameraman, Producer, Production Manager. Network, Corporate, Broadcast- Live Shots, Satellite Uplinks, ENG, EFP Cameraman, Program Producer, Production Manager throughout the U.S. and around the world. ET, CBS, NBC, ABC, TBS, ESPN, Fox, Date Line, Court TV, National Geographic, History Ch, A&E. National/International Infomercials: James Hardie, Aero Grow, Melco Embroidery - Extensive Corporate/Broadcast Production Experience - DVCPRO HD, Varicam, HDCAM, DVCPRO50, DigiBeta SP, DVCAM, HDV, DV. -- EQUIPPED 1 TON GRIP TRUCK --
Gear: Pana SDX-900 DVCPRO 50 | Sony D-600 DigiBeta SP | Sony Z1U HDV-DVCAM-MiniDV | Pana DVCPRO HD HVX-200 | Pana DVX-100A. Complete Field Production Equipped - Call for Pricing and Details. Equipped 1 Ton Grip Truck: http://www.colorado-videoproduction.com/images/1%20Ton%20Grip%20Truck.doc
303.523.4005, rich@ceroproductions.com, http://www.colorado-videoproduction.com 

Carl Hernandez, CineMan Productions
Audio Engineer/Sound tech & Lighting Specialist. 23 years experience in ENG/EPF & Studios. Clients Include Audio Eng. for Feature film "BACONHEAD" H-D Net,NewsHour With Jim Lehrer,ABC News,NBC News, CBS Cable, PBS, Howard Zuckerman Productions, SportsWest Productions, Entertainment Partners. Have Passport and prefer to travel. Also prefer Multi-day bookings. Expert Lighting tech and perfectly willing to assist DP in Set-ups.
Gear: Full Audio package includes Sennheiser 416 with Vbd Boom pole, all appropriate shock mounts and windscreens, 4x UHF Lectrosonics, E.V. RE-50 H.H., 2 SONY hardwired Lavs, Sound Devices 4 Channel Mixer, and all accessories. Or happy to use your gear.
Denver, 80219-3130
phone: 303-517-3795, Fax: 303-742-0531, cinemanproductions@yahoo.com

Steve Sealy, Denver Film & Digital
Specialize in video for corporate training, education and Foundations and Non-profits. Nominated for Emmy-- Best Single Camera Cinematography: CBS After School Special, 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth. Clients include: Center for a New American Dream, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Children's Hospital Denver, Foundation for Teaching Economi
Gear: DSR 500, Full lighting, sound, Dolly & grip package. Large insert stage. 2 AVIDs
Denver, 80216
phone: 303 274-9319, Fax: 303 274-9325, ssealy@denverfilmdigital.com, website: denverfilmdigital.com 
Robert Stookey, R.Stookey Productions
5 time Emmy award winning Director of Photography. Specializing in Hi Def. sense 2001. Clients include NBC sports, DP specialty crew Dew Action Sports tour 2005-08, Baja 1000 Of Road Race, 2000-08 NBC Oylmpic Feature unit 2000-08, HBO Real Sport's, ABC Monday Night Football, ESPN'S X-Games. And a hole List of others. If it's the 24p film look you want, I am the one to come to.
Gear: Sony F900/3 Cine Alta, Panasonic Vericam, Fuji 13x, & 22x HD glass. Sachtler Tripod's Micro Force zoom control, Sound Device, & Lectrosonics 411's for audio. Arri, Joker, & lite panels 3200, & 5600.
970-827-5289, rspd600@hotmail.com 
Eric Schwink, Stahl Group Productions
Freelance camera operator and production services. Action sports (Skiing and Snowboarding specialist, lifestyle pieces, corporate video, short and long form broadcast productions...15+ years.
Gear: SONY F-900H HDCAM Cinealta, SONY BVW D-600 Beta SP, SONY DSR-500WSL DVCAM, Bolex H-16 16mm Film Camera, Wide angle and long lenses, Sony wireless lavs, Full Tungsten light kit, HD and SD Edit Suites, Field monitor, Small jib, helmet/POV cam.
Vail & Golden
970-376-2722, eric@stahlgroupproductions.com, www.stahlgroupproductions.com 
Doug Berry, Telluride Production group
Full Network Beta SP and DSR-1 camera packages. EFP ENG cameraman. MSNBC, ABC, ESPN, MTV, CATV and many more clients
Gear: Sony D-30 with PVV-3 Beta SP back and Sony DSR-1 Digi Back. Full compliment of lighting and sound gear.
phone: 970.728.6503 Fax: 970.728.0581, tellphoto@greenclip.net, website: www.telluridecameraman.com 
John Bourbonasi, Bourbon Street HD
Variety of experience in commerical, documentary and sports production. 2003/2004 credits include: ABC, CBS, CNN, The Discovery Channel, The Disney Channel, INHD, NBC, Outdoor Life Network, Rush HD and World Sport.
Gear: High Definition Specialist and owner of both a Sony HDW-900 and HDW-700 HDCAM Camcorders with Fujinon 10x5 HD Wide Angle Lens and Angenioux 26x7.8 HD Telephoto Lens. Accessories include: Chrozeil Two-Stage Matte Boxs/Filters, Astro 6" LCD monitor with Waveform/Vectorscope, Joker 800/400 HMI Combo Kit, Arri Softbank IV Kit, Sony 14" HD Monitor and rear controls.
Colorado Springs
phone: 323-376-5707, johnbourbonais@hotmail.com,
Dan Dvorak, Dan Dvorak, Inc
25 Years behind the camera. Director of Photography, Editor, Producer/Storyteller. Multiple Emmy winner, NPPA Regional POY. News Clients: NBC, Today, Dateline, Newschannel, CNN, ABC. Cable: HGTV, Food Network, Discovery, Animal Planet. Corporate: GM, Pepsi, University of Colorado
Gear: Best of worlds! Sony F900/3 and Panasonic HDX-900. Fujinon and Canon lens sets, Lectrosonic wireless packages, Joker HMIs, Full tungsten and LED packages, Microdolly & Jibs. On the SD side: Sony DXC-D35ws/PVV-3 with all support gear. Want DV/HDV? We have that too! Cram it in a Suburban or load it on a plane and we're ready to go!
303.898.2532, dan@cameramandanhd, www.cameramandanhd.com 
Brook Aitken LA production
Brook Aitken Award winning Director Of Photography 17years exp. commercials, docs, TV shows.
Gear: owner Sony F55, 4k, 2k, 1080, slo- motion up to 240fps. Shooting Alexa & Red Epic- HMI/tungsten lighting, LED 1x1 light pannels, Kino flo, full grip support.
Credits include, Academy Award, "The Cove", Showtime, "the Years Project, HBO Real Sports, Nike/Jordan 7 years commercial spots, National Geographic, "Inside Cocaine. subs", Discovery "Pot Cops" &  "Everest" Beahr Grill, NFL Network Specials, NBC Sports, X-games, PBR, Money Gram, Dish Network, Chasing Classic Cars, Chuck Eats The Street, Toyota FJ, Jeep, Warren Miller Films, Cabelas, Grandmarnier, Scotts Miracle Gro, Electrolux, Outdoor CH "Shooting Gallery DEMO REELS- www.brookaitken.com
Arthur Levy, Apogee Communications Group
More than 30 years experience, network, cable, documentary, corporate medical, instructional. Director / Cameraman and Director of Photography. More than 70 awards including, Telly, Cindys, Freddies, Videography awards. Production and post productions services.
Gear: Sony BVW-400, BVW-35 deck, 2 1200 watt HMIs, complete grip and audio package,Sony Z1 HDV camcorder, Nagra 4.2L.
phone: 303.443.8473, Fax: 303.443.0500, acg47@aol.com, website: http://www.apogeevideo.com/production_site/index.htm 
KJ Sullivan, YouAreHere Productions llc
DVD Production specialist - 30 years experience in commercial photography and video advertising. Focus is on DVD advertising for Developers, Small Businesses and Municipalities.
Gear: Sony Z1U HDV w/ .7 Century Optics Wide Angle Studio and location mics - BLUE Dragonfly/ Shure KSM27, SM57, Groove Tube 4035 and others. Libec LS-55 & GITZO CF tripods. Canon 1Ds digital still camera w/ 24mmTS, 17-40mm, 28-70mm, 70-200mm, 1.4 & 2X TC; complete halogen lighting setup for interiors, Mac G5 dual 2GHz w/ PS, FCP, AE, DVDSP, Magic Bullet, digital post production, audio & voice-over capability w/ Roland VS-2400 & Marantz CDR-300.
Broomfield, 80020
phone: 720-936-2208, Fax: 303-410-9598, urhere@mac.com, website: YouAreHereDVD.com 

Suzanne Popovich Chandler, A Point of View Productions, LLC
"Exceptional eye for composition & portrait lighting". "Excellent hand held documentary shooter". "TV photographer whose creativity is unsurpassed". "A keen sense for client relations". 24 yrs exp as TV photojournalist/DP. CREDITS-CBS’ 60 Minutes, CNN Presents, Xcel Energy Corp Comm, The Swan, America’s Most Wanted, live nat’l news remotes, local commercials, gov’t agencies, non–profit fundraising productions.projects I have worked on and/ or myself have Rec’d Tellys, Emmys, Communication Awards & National Peabody.
Gear: Own a Sony 400 SP Betacam, PD 100 and Sony Lipstick cam; shoot DigiBeta, HD, DV. DVC Pro, Digital still photographer as well using the Nikon D2X . Ext. equip pkg :4 HMI lights, dolly, 5 Chimeras, variety backdrops plus green screen.
Denver, 80439
phone: 303 674 6234, Fax: 303 674 6234, suzannepov@mac.com, website: www.camera-crew.tv

Edward Thacker, CineAudio
ENG/EFP Audio engineer with extensive experience with run and gun and reality TV. From filming crab fishing on the cold Bearing Sea to helicopter rescues with the US Coast Guard, I've done just about every type of audio situation you can imagine.
Gear: Wendt X4 4 channel mixer. 4 Lectrosonics 211 Diversity wireless systems with Sanken, Tram, Countryman and Lectro lavaliers. Sanken and AT condenser mics with Rycote blimp and various wind protection devices . Breakaway cables and Portabrace bag. NP1 Lion batteries for long run times. Sony ENG headphones and various connectors and extras including military cables and waterproofing for the wireless transmitters.
Boulder, 80304
phone: 505-577-5517, swingwobble@yahoo.com 
Bruce Borowsky, People Productions
We've been producing corporate and documentary video for over 20 years; we have the experience to shoot your images the way you need them.  Our prices are very reasonable, and we offer top-notch customer service.
Gear: Sony DSR-300 DVCAM camcorder. Sony HDR-FX1 HDV camcorder.
Boulder, 80302
phone: 303-449-6086, Fax: 303-449-9526, bruce@peopleproductions.com
Mark Weiler, Weiler Production Services
Weiler Production Services was formed in early 1991 after many years of freelancing while also working full time in the corporate world. Weiler Productions has nearly 30 years of experience behind the camera. Client list includes Discovery Channel, History Channel, BBC, Coors, Boston Market, HGTV, The Weather Channel, Blues Traveler, Eagles, Dave Matthews Band, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, John Mayer, Santana, John Denver, Indigo Girls
Gear: Cameras * Sony BVW600WS betacam * Sony DSR450WSL full size DVCAM with 16:9, 24P and 30P * Panasonic AG-DVX100 mini-DV with 24P * Sony BVW300A betacam with clear scan mod * Sony or Panasonic HD cameras available upon request Audio * (2) Lectrosonic 190 wireless mics * (2) Tram lav mics with misc. clips * EV 635 hand-held mic * Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mic * (2) Motorola walkie-talkies * Approx. 75ft. of mic cable * Headphones
Highlands Ranch
303-470-5696, web@weilerproductions.com, http://www.weilerproductions.com 
Joe Baran, Workingman's Film
Over 20 years experience lighting and shooting commercials, corporate video, documentaries, television series, sports, and live music on both film and video. I can bring lots of ideas to the table on any shoot. http://www.workingmansfilm.com/home.html
Gear: Sony FW900 Cine Alta camera, w/ support. Canon HJ21x7.8 zoom w/ Preston control. Astro on-board monitor. Arri SoftBank kit w/ Chimeras, Diva 400 kit, Joker 400w HMI w/ Chimera. Also, Sony EX1 package w/ 54gb SxS media for maximum shooting time and minimal download breaks.
Boulder, 80303
(303) 883-5992, joe@workingmansfilm.com, www.workingmansfilm.com 
Victor Sieff, VS Video PRoductions
Video Production Company with over 20 years of experience offering high end high definition and standard digital video production services.
Gear: We feature the Panasonic HPX-300 P2 camera and provide video crew services throughout Colorado. Back up cameras: HDV Z1U, Standard Digital: Sony DSR-250, Cannon XL-1
303 671-7308, 719-694-2706, victor@vsvideoproductions.com, http://www.vsvideoproductions.com 


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