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Amine Hachemi, Algerie Premiere
We can provide all services in Algeria we have 3 betacam SP camera 2 Sony DVCAM and 2 Canon XL1 we have 4 editing station and 2 analogic editing BETACAM we start like free lance from 1990.
phone: 00 213 61 50 71 47, Fax: 0021321 54 36 08, hmi_amine@hotmail.com, website: www.algerie-premiere.com


Melvin Akerman, Steve Akerman, Akerman Producciones
Providers of ENG NTSC&Pal Betacam-SP crew services (plus all the "additionals" that come with it) to a few large broadcasting companies (many are the Latin American version of the US ones -MTV, Nickelodeon, USA Net., etc.) troughout Argentina and South America since 1994. Our crews are fully equipped, meeting all of todays requirements for a remote production, and the crew members are trained professionals in their fields (and fluent bilingual communication). Competitive rates
Gear: Betacam SP (NTSC and PAL) Sony D-30 with PVV-3, Sony monitor, Panasonic plasma monitor, Sony handheld and lav wireless mics, battery operated Shure console, Steadycam, Jimmyjib, fressnel and Lowell Tota lights
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires
phone: +54 (11) 4866-5599, Fax: +54 (11) 4866-5599
steve@akerman.com.ar / melvin@akerman.com.ar /
steve@arnet.com.ar, website: www.akerman.com.ar

Situated at the Buenos Airess Hollywood, Digital Television develops its activities at a 1000 square meter structure. Television Sets, post-production equipment, Field and Studio Profesional Cameras, Satellite Uplink & Downlink in C-Band or Ku-Band,lineal and non lineal editing suites, design studios, animation and production rooms. With billingual staff we can help you in your Tv Show, Documentary, Video-clip, TV commercial, DVD or CBT.
Gear: 35mm ArryII/III/435, S16mm Arry SRII/SRIII, 3 DXC-D30 combo PVV-3 Betacam SP, DSR-1 DV-Cam, DSR-300 DV-Cam, Betacam SX A25 PAL-NTSC,Comprehensive lighting-audio package.
Costa Rica 5464, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, (1414)
phone: 4772-3003, Fax: 4772-3003 #111, info@dtg.com.ar, website: http://www.dtg.com.ar

Aldo Daniel Sanchez, Pro Natura Documental
Argentinal TV productions company. HD equipment video rent. Wildlife documentaries, locaton scouting in Patagonia.
Sony HDW-F900 with lens Canon 40x10. PanasonicMiniDV DVX 100-A.
Humaita 7059,Buenos Aires, C1408EGJ
phone: 5411-4641-8862, Fax: 5411-4683-7271,
info@pronaturadocumental.com, website: www.pronaturadocumental.com

Mariano Cristian Castillo , La CaLLe - Production & Services for TV
Independent production company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina dedicated to documentary production and press services for international tv networks ( CNN en Español, Univision, Telemundo, CNI 40, TVG, DW, Arte, etc ). Documentaries about nature, ecology and tourism ( with experience in filming in mountains, desert, jungle and underwater ) Press services for international news correspondent. Bilingual crew and competitive prices And the most important... 10 years of experience
Gear: Camcorders Betacam-SP Ampex CVR-400AP, Betacam-SX Sony DNW-7P, Digital Betacam DVW-709WSP; matte box with 4x4 filters; portable monitors 9´ Sony; portable plasma 5.5´ monitor; Sony, AKG and Sennheiser handheld, lav. and boom mics.(wired and wireless); fresnels and open face lighting; Jimmy Jib and many more. Digital postproduction ( 4 Media 100 with Betacam-SX / SP, DVCAM and other formats VTR`s )
Juan B Justo 2446 dto 4, (1414), Capital Federal, ,Buenos Aires
phone: 54-911-5312-5109, infolacalle@fibertel.com.ar / la_calle@msn.com

Alejandro Correas, AC Videopro
Providers of ENG NTSC & Pal Betacam-SP crew services (plus all the "additionals" that come with it) to a few large broadcasting companies (many are the Latin American version of the US ones - MTV, Nickelodeon, USA Net., etc.) throughout Argentina and South America since 1994. Our crews are fully equipped, meeting all of todays requirements for a remote production, and the crew members are trained professionals in their fields (and fluent bilingual communication). Competitive rates.
Gear: Betacam SP (NTSC and PAL) Sony D-30 with PVV-3, Sony monitor, Panasonic plasma monitor, Sony handheld and lav wireless mics, battery operated Shure console, Steadycam, Jimmyjib, fressnel and Lowell Tota lights Capital Federal,
Buenos Aires
5411-154-446-4487 - 553*958 nextel, acvideopro@fibertel.com.ar

Martin Errea, Errea Productions
Lighting Cameraman – DoP with 7 years of experiences for News, Docus, Corporate, Commercials. Full Bilingual Camera Crews for all Argentina’s territories and its neighboring countries (Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia). Excellent lighting skills. Clients: Endemol, America TV, Canal 13, Telefe, Electric Airwaves (UK), Seasons (Spain), Goodgate, Metrovias, Canal A, etc.
Gear: Sony PVW-D30P Betacam SP PAL and Sony DSR-300P DVCAM PAL Camcorders, also PD170P and HVR-Z1
(HDV). Accessories: Audio-Technica Shotgun Microphone with Boom Pole, 2 x Sony UWP-C1 Lavalier UHF
Radio Microphones, Azden 41HT Handheld UHF Wireless Microphone, JVC 9” Hi-Res Portable Monitor,
Lowel Light Kit with Gels and Accessories, Comfortable Car. Extras: Quest UDH-1 Underwater Housing
with Lights for Sony PD100 Mini-DV (on-request).
Buenos Aires
phone: (+5411) 4798-7536,
info@tvcameraman.com.ar, website: www.tvcameraman.com.ar

Daniel Roiz
Documentales / Videoclips / TV / publicidad
Gear: Camcorder SONY 400 BVW 400ap Betacam SP PAL B. Lente CANON J 14 (con Duplicador y Foco Interno)
Fuente de camara 220w. Platina de camara VCT-14. Microfono boom original con paraviento. Montaje original para baterias NP-1. Bolso Carry –On Camera Case PORTABRACE. Funda Shoulder Case with Rain Top PORTABRACE. Rain Cover Slicker Cases PORTABRACE. Correa de camara SONY. Cargador de baterías SONY BC-1WA para 4 baterias. Tripode VINTEN Vision PRO 130. Lentilla Gran Angular CANON WIDE CONVERTER 0.8x (W80 -IIIB) con 2 anillos adaptadores. Luz de cámara LOWEL PRO-LIGHT. Camcorder SONY PD 150 (pal b). Kits Sound and Lights.
phone: (011)4790-7891,

Marcelo Alejandro Quiroga
Marcelo Alejandro Quiroga HDCAM Camera Realizator in digital Systems of format broadcasting and professional. Editing in Platforms Mac and Pc in Average editing systems AVID Media Composer and AVID Xpress. ATC Canal 7 - 1987-1992 Estudios Pampa - Televisa Argentina - 1992-1995 ESPN Sur - 1994-2002 Pro Tv (Artear Canal 13)1996 Betaplus Broadcasting 2003-2006 Teleamazonas/Ecuador 2003 RCN Teleset/Rep. Dominicana 2004 Caracol Televisión/Colombia 2005 Colombo Films/Colombia 2005 - Congo Films/Colombia 2005 Newland Pictures - 2005 PolKa - 2008
Gear: SONY HDW F750/F900 CineAlta SONY DVW700/790 SONY HDV Z1 AVID Media Composer AVID Xpress Pro Adobe After Effects/Photoshop
Buenos Aires

549115476 2666, marceqb@yahoo.com, http://marceloquiroga-workprofile.blogspot.com

Rodolfo "Tano" Del Percio, Free Lance
20 years experience in International BroadCasting Television.NBC News, FOX News, RAI International, APTN. Cameraman and Field Producer. English Spoken, Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Gear: Digital Betacam Sony 900. Sony HDV Z1N
Buenos Aires
00541143823752, tanodelpercio@hotmail.com

Horacio Nadin
El Cielo Cine Argentina presents the new Sony Ex1 HD XDCAM & RED - available to rent, production services, and on-line content production. Based in Buenos Aires argentina with 20 years de experience making TVC for several countries, productions services, credits includes: Tv Show Sete Pecados for Brasil Globo Network, Nestle Gati-Dogui TVC, etc. Shooting in Film, Video and now in HD and RED 4K. Post services include digital capture from HD tape, SCRATCH color correction, edit, composition, print to HD tape. Try us you'll be surprise. Local cost for international standart.
Gear: Camera Sony EX1 HD XDCAM, Microphone Gear Lavalier, Dinamic Mics, REDONE Camera, Post Prodcutions : Scratch, 2K, Compositing & Color Correction, Edit, HD SR
Buenos Aires
54-911-4043-9450, 54-11-4781-9269, horacio@shortcutfilms.com.ar, www.elcielocine.com.ar 

Carola Iujvidin, IFIXITFixers in Argentina. Top Video crews for international productions. Corporate video. 15 years of experience.
HD cameras: Panasonic, Sony EX3, etc.
carola@ifixit.com.ar  www.ifixit.com.ar


AsiaWorks Television
AsiaWorks Television is Asia’s leading one-stop shop for television production and satellite transmission. Since opening our doors in 1996, our work has appeared on major television networks and specialty channels the world over, at international conferences and corporate presentations. With offices in Bangkok, Jakarta and Singapore, AsiaWorks provides professional camera crews, experienced producers and reliable broadcast facilities throughout Asia.
Gear: BetaSP,Digital Betacam, BetaSX, DVCAM, NTSC/PAL. SX Laptop Editpacks,FinalCutPro and more..
phone: +65 6225 0330, Fax: +65 6225 2224, dlom@asiaworks.com, website: www.asiaworks.com


Shaun Walker, Grinning Sometimes Productions
ENG/EFP Cameraman Studio Cameraman Multi-camera and single camera director Field Producer
1/125 Oaks Avenue Dee Why 2099 NSW
phone: 61-2-9971 1584, Fax: 61-2-9971 1584

Scott Richardson, Full Spectrum Video Pty Ltd
Over 17 years experience as a cameraman working all the major networks in Australia. Based in SYDNEY NTSC Betacam SP available.
123 Grose Road, Faulconbridge, NSW, 2776
phone: +61 411 282 808, Fax: +61 47 51 1918, scott@fsv.com.au, website: www.fsv.com.au

David Carter, DTV Productions
ENG/EFP Cameraman with Sony PVW 637 Betacam SP Camera/Comprehensive lighting-audio package. Based in the heart of Sydney, Australia. Broadcast and Corporate video throughout Australia and Asia.
P.o box 496, Rozelle Sydney, 2039
phone: +61 411 426 975, davec@amaze.net.au

Denis Forkin, Broadcast Video Productions Pty Ltd
Over 20 yrs experience shooting TV and Corporate Docos, Commercials, Sporting Programmes etc, throughout Australia and South East Asia. We use the best equipment available which includes a Sony BVW-600 Digital Camcorder etc.
10 Indle Street, Willagee 6156, Perth (western Australia)
phone: 61-8-9331 6165, Fax: 61-8-9331 6185, broadvid@ca.com.au

Wade Muller, A Wade Muller Production
EFP/ENG cameraman with Sony PVW-D30P BetaCam SP camera,working with all main networks in Australia and New Zealand,Digital BetaCam and BetaCam SX upon request.
phone: 61-417-624 029, Fax: 61-7-38412244

Graham Steele, Graham Steele Productions
Shooting services. Highest professional attitude. Australian Native with Aussie work ethic. I have the latest Betacam SP Cameras, PAL or NTSC. Also a VX 1000 DVC camcorder. Great lighting package, with chimeras, for the most complimenting images. Matte box & Tiffen 4 x 4 filters. Sachtler tripod. Can organise the best crews for Australian shoots. Have worked in over 20 different countries shooting documentaries, news, sport features, fashion, film, current affairs and industrials, for clients such as, BBC Television, Entertainment Tonight, ABC America, ABC Australia, E! Entertainment TV, SKY TV, A & E, Discovery. I will shoot anything you need at the highest of standards.
phone: 212 691 2092, cell: 917 743 8959, bushoyster@aol.com

Chris Young, CYV Productions
Camera Crews We have SP Beta and DVC Pro 25/50 camera crews and sound operators. All crews have extensive overseas experience from North America to Europe to the South Pacific. Specialist cameramen available for under water and aerial shoots. Linear On-line Editing SP Beta and DVC Pro on-line suite comprising of component switcher, 3D-DVE, Character Generator, Paint, Graphics and animation unit and rostrum camera. Non-Linear On-line Editing Discreet edit* v5.0 plus 3D studio on-line suite. Fully integrated with Discreet Combustion graphics/compositing software with 5 hours SP quality storage.
Gear: Hitachi Z1D digital / Sony BVV-5 Panasonic DVC Pro AJD700 25 mbit Panasonic DVC Pro AJD910 25/50 mbit 4:3 & 16:9 switchable All cameras with standard and wide angle lenses, tripods, monitors, lights and radio mics. Sound operator available.
330 Wattle Street, Ultimo,Sydney, NSW, 2085
phone: +61292123731, Fax: +61292123881, cyvideo@ozemail.com.au

Greg Dunstan, STS Media Pty.Ltd
20 years experience. We can supply SP,SX,Digital Betacam, Wide Screen 16:9 in all formats. Editing facilities. Fully equipped Cameraman and Soundperson at competitive rates. News,Commercial,Corporate,Doco's anything!! We can supply a crew anywhere in Australia and Asia. NTSC Betacam available by arrangement.
P.O. Box 362 Woodville, South Australia, 5011
phone: 61 419 950 800, Fax: 61 8 8347 3229, dunstan@bigpond.com

David Endres, Pro Shot Video Productions
Production Cameraman,experienced in Corporate, TVC's and Documentary.I have freelanced for all the major networks in Australia. Clients include ABC Australia,Channel 10 Network,Channel 7 Network,also documentary work in Malaysia for the government on a regular basis.I have a good knowledge of Australian outback locations, and I can work in closely with requirements for specific location shots.I am located on Australia's Gold Coast.
SONY D30 Digital Camera with Betacam SP (PAL) Recorder Fujinon 15x8 Broadcast Lens with Doubler Lecrosonics radio Microphone/Sennheiser 816 with pole/ME80 SONY 8"Monitor/BVW35-UVW 1800 Playback Redhead kit (4)+Gels, Lowel Sun Gun
phone: 61-755304082, Fax: 61-755304698, proshot@onthenet.com.au

leslie wand, rush
Rush Editing is a video production and post production studio located in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in corporate projects and independant video productions for cable, broadcast, and commercial release. Equipment includes Betacam SP, DvCam, mini DV, Hi8, cameras and sophisticated titling, vision mixing, 3d animation, etc.
Gear: sony bvp300 betaSP + sony dxc130 dvcam + sony evv300 hi8 comprehensive post production facilities, http://pages.hotbot.com/movies/rush
29 norton street,leichhardt, sydney nsw 2040
phone: 9569 0003, Fax: 9564 3661, hkaywand@mail.usyd.edu.au

Andy Postle, AGP Productions (Aust) Pty Ltd
Timecode DAT Equipment Features & Commercials. Provision of Location Sound facilities to Film Television Documentaries and commercials. 15 years experience in Audio from Studio Mixing to Location sound recording.Clients have included all the major networks in UK & Australia.
Gear: PSC Mixers/Lectrosonics Radio Microphones/ Sennheiser,AKG & Sanken Microphones.Sony DAT. Playback equipment.
(61 2) 9981 6660 Fax: (61 2)9401 4307 , agpproductions@optushome.com.au

Rocco Polistina, Rok Productions
Lighting and ENG Cameraman with Betacam SP and Digi SX with Wide Screen 16/9 and 4/3 working with all major networks in Sydney doing news current affairs sport and corporate video productions.Available for Olympic work and on call 24 hours 7days a week.Fully mobile
Gear: 2 BVP 90 Sony Camera's one with Betacam SP and other with Digital SX Betacam. Canon 20 times internal focus and wide angle lens.Lowell Lighting Kits.Full Audio Kit that includes shot gun and radio mics.
PO Box 225 Kellyville NSW 2155
phone: 61-0414-229-414, Fax: 61-2-9629-2528, rocco@rok.net.au

Dane Clark, Profile Productions
Production cameraman/film 13 year experience with Channel 7 Network Australia. Sport, Docos, Drama, Music film clips Film & Video. Specialise in Hot Head remote work, Wes cam in Good Year Blimp for Presidents Cup golf, Australian open, Greg Norman classic, Aust.Masters, NBC, Warner Studios, Fox sports, All Australian Networks, Camera crane on Deep Purple, Bee Gees, Silver chair concerts.
Gear: Jimmy Jib Triangle Mk4 32", DVC Pro AJD700, Sony 700 Digital Betacam, Matte box, filters, Autocue, Baby cue, Portable dolly, Lights, Remote helecopter with pan and tilt camera mount.
Walter Street, Melbourne
phone: 61 398744491, Fax: 61 398744591, profile@tbsa.com.au

Philip Roberts, Creation TV
Creation TV a television production service, 18 years' experience in ENG/EFP camera/sound/editing/script/set etc,. equipment available for assignments throughout Australia and Asia. Specialize in 30 sec TVC / Filmclips / Christian Productions.scrips.Check out www.home.3dnet.com.au/~filmbid
Gear: SONY BVW 35 SP,Sony Camera BVP-5P, 3CCD Docable Canon lens 13X. 1 mt multi Cable 5 mt multi Cable Sum Gun and Belt Charger MP I Charger BP 90 1x Red head Miller Tri– Pod (Fluid Head) Hand held Sony Mike Laple Mike Sony VHS offline with time code ONLINE Media 100 (PAL).
PO Box 4, Bilambil, NSW, 2486
phone: 0414586393, filmbid@3dnet.com.au

Paul Webb
Cameraman/Steadicam Operator with 12 years experience in Australia and the USA. Doco's,Corperate,Current Affairs, and all Sporting Features. Please email me for complete CV
Gear: Full Betacam SP camera package. Sony D30 with PVV3 Pal,Vinton 11 tripod,Wide angle lense, portable dolly & full lighting kit with Chimera's, pattern light and arri's
Jean Street GrangeBrisbane QLD 4051
phone: 61 417 776683, spidercam3@bigpond.com

Greg Marsh, IN-FOCUS Video Productions
Reliable COST EFFECTIVE cameraman/producer, fully equipped and experienced in ENG, Corporate, TVC's and Television Documentaries. 12 years experience. International clients include Deutsche Welle Germany, TVB Hong Kong and CNN. In Australia for ABC 2, NBN 3, ATN 7, TCN 9, TEN 10, Prime, Optus, Foxtel (the list goes one)
Gear: Hitachi Z-ONE-D Betacam and Sp Betacam, Panasonic 700 DVC Pro, Mini DV, Full professional sound and lighting kits. Sony SP Betacam and Panasonic DVC Pro on-line edit facilities with CG and Collage.
22 Jimba Close, Woy Woy. 2256 Gosford. New South Whales
phone: 62 2 43443660, Fax: 61 243443660, gizzmo@ozemail.com.au

Simon Hearn, Simon Hearn Productions P/L
26 yrs in the Industry, Documentary, Lifestyle Sport, News and Public Affairs Cameraman. Fully Insured, 4x4 Crew Vehicle. I freelance for all Australian TV Networks as well as BBC ,ITV Sky News Tv NZ and Discovery Channel.
Gear: SONY DVW 709WSP Digital Betacam, // Sony V1 HDV
Melbourne, Victoria
+61417 542409, simon@simonh.com.au, www.simonh.com.au

Mal Hamilton, Digibeta Video Production
Freelance lighting cameraman based in Sydney, Australia with over 25 years experience. Specialising in broadcast and corporate productions.
Gear: Sony Digital Betacam DVW700 (PAL) Widescreen switchable and Sony DXC D30 (PAL) Widescreen switchable with either Betacam SP (Sony PVV 3) or DVCAM (Sony DSR 1)dockable recorders.
109 Cattai Ridge Road, Glenorie, NSW 2157
phone: 61 2 96521874, Fax: 61 2 96521914, mjhamilton@hotmail.com

Michael Charles Cole, Mike The Mic
"...because you'd expect a guy named `Mike' to know a thing or two about audio." Experience in location sound for film, TV, corp/industrial videos since 1995. Speciality is EFP sound mixing, knows his way around a BetaCam. Owns an equipment package for EFP sound. Loads of experience with NAGRA's and DAT's with or without SMPTE time code. Good boom operator, too. Worked for CTV, TVOntario, too many corp/industrial videos to mention. Rates, reasonable; references, impeccable.
Gear: Shure FP-33 stereo mixer (digital compatible) Sony WRR-800-series RF lavaliere mic Sony ECM-55 hard-wire lavaliere mic Sennheiser K-6/ME-66 boom mic with 14' pole
73 Grenfell Street, Oshawa, ON, L1J-4W1, phone: (905) 728-6694, Fax: (416) 376-9625 (pager), zonker@osh.auracom.com

Peter Strain, Australia Imagine Pty Ltd
Full service production company specializing in remote area acquisition. Supplier of program material to major stations in Australia. Cameraman/director with documentary credits, extensive magazine and current affairs experience. operating bases in Broome in Northwest Australia, Sydney and Perth. Custom fitted 4WD vehicle based in Broome, high level Digital Cinematography style broadcast equipment with accessories customized for operation in remote areas.Will save you money and time with quality broadcast equipment packages and local knowledge.Mobile + 61 0407926826
Gear: Panasonic AJD910 PRO50 switchable for 25. Chroziel mattebox, filters, wide angle, 8-120 Fujinon with doubler, additional close up extender, radio microphone, Senheisser 416, Miller 50 tripod, Dedo light kit with field power batteries,reflectors, directors video assist. Betacam SP and DV backup,portable minijib.
PO Box 2998, Broome, 6725
phone: + 61 8 91922434, peter@australiaimagine.net

Stephen Clarke, Organized Mayhem Production
20 Year Veteran in the Australian Media, having worked for the Nine Network for 15 years before turning freelance 5 years ago. Specialising in the following: documentaries, Sport, TVC's, Lifestyle shows, Corporate,Training, and still the major networks in both free to air and pay. crew travel in a Chrysler Voyager.
Gear: Sony DXC30 Widescreen swithable with BetaSP recorder, 20 x & Wide Angle Lens, Sachtler Video20 Tripod, Dedolights, Extra lighting kit, Matte Box with large range of filters, dolly, reflector boards, Sound kit with radio Mikes, Wide screen field monitor, digital Edit suite and a Jimmy Jib Mk3 32' extreme
45 Pope Road Blackburn Victoria, 3130
Phone numbers: Mobile 0011 61411 616160 Office/Fax 0011 613 9878 5531 Email orgmayhem@optushome.com.au

Derek Pascoe, Shoot First
Lighting Camera DOP Documentary Broadcast Production Corporate
Gear: Sony Digibeta 709, Sony Sp 300AP DVC Pro Panasonic AJD 700 DVCam Underwater Housing All Production equipment
Sydney 2021
phone: 0407988339, Fax: 02 9363 9164, derekpascoe@bigpond.com

Roger Price, Viva Vision
SP Betacam and digital betacam, Chimera/Dedo Lighting and Camera supports, Camera Cranes, dolly and mini jib arm. Mini Word Prompter and 7" LCD Screen, 9" 16:9/4:3 Monitor. Great rates for Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra
Gear: Sony DXC D30WSP SP betacam (16:9/4:3) SP Betacam
PO BOX 97 Civic Square ACT 2608
phone: 61 2 6273 0822, Fax: 61 2 62324031, roger@vivavision.com.au, website: www.vivavision.com.au

Qualified camerman betacam digital non linear editing over 20 years industry experience, worked overseas. On major productions, sitcoms, dramas, sports and commercial productions. Single or multi camera. Fully equipped crews available in all formats. Transfers and duplications also available. Years of network experience including major productions overseas, olympic game coverage, award winning commercials, TV series documentaries and dramas, Grand Prix and all sports. Call or email us today! Quality product. Credits Calgary Winter Olympic, Soel, Davis Cup (SP) Night Heat, Courtroom, Check It Out (DR) Burger King, Nissan, Music Awards (CO)
Gear: Sony dxc 637, 537, 327ap dsr 300, sp betacam, dsr1, full lighting package, non linear edit suite.
P.O.BOX 260 Runaway Bay Queensland 4216, camtv1@hotmail.com

Grant Watson, Strauss Productions Pty Limited
Based in Sydney, Australia.DOP/Producer with 28 yrs. industry experience. Shoots and packages from 2 man crews through to full production crews for TVC, programs, dramas and corporate. Co ordinates international requirements in Australia. www.strauss.com.au
Gear: Sony DVW-709WSP Full digital Betacam, Cannon 4.5 to 49mm & 9 to 113mm lenses. Extensive camera support. Full lighting truck, 150W LTM Peppers througth to 12K HMI, Kinos. Basic sound compliment with SQN mixer, 816, 416, Micron & Sony radio mics. Sony BVW-D600P Camcorder also available.
PO Box 167, Round Corner NSW 2158
phone: +61 2 9899 1691, Fax: +61 2 9680 2871, grant@strauss.com.au

Ryan Mooney, Rhinovision
Over 10 years exp.comm.networks(Ch.9& Ch.10)News,sport,lifestyle,documentaries(7),corporate,media training Clients Ch 9,Ch 7, Ch 10,Fox,TWI, Sportvision,Copyright prods.
Gear: Camera-Sony D-30 (16x9,4x3) Recorders SX DNV 5, SP PNV 5 Cannon 20x lense / Wide angle lense Full production kit inc full sound setup
33 Mooloolah Is. Minyama Queensland, 4575
phone: )754783110, Fax: 07 54525517, rhino@fan.net.au

Paul Ree, Ree Productions Pty Ltd
Sydney based cameraman with many Australian and overseas clients. ABC TV trained and over 20 years experience as freelancer shooting documentaries, tv specials, drama and corporate films. Many awards won from Australian Cinematographer Society. An extensive CV can be obtained by email.
Gear: Sony 400ap camera, Sachler video 20P graphite tripod, 9" Sony monitor, 6" TFT monitor, extensive lighting kits, mini jib arm, dolly. etc.
56 Gipps Street, Birchgrove, Sydney. NSW. 2041
phone: (0) 2 9818 4908 or mobile (0) 418 416 704, Fax: (0) 2 9818 4908, reepro@bigpond.com.au

Dario Salpietro, Aremac Vision Pty. Ltd.
Having Left the Australian Broadcasting Corporation After 25 years of camerawork ( both film and video ) I am Now Available Should you need the services of a freelance lighting cameraman.. I have worked for all the major t.v stations plus travelled extensively overseas from europe to the Antartic.filming for various companies (documentaries, travel,corporates, ect.)
Gear: sp.betacam D30, Pvv5 back, full lighting Kit,Dolly ect
Melbourne Victoria
phone: 61-2-0395582191, Fax: 61-2-0395582191, aremacv@i.net.au

Matt Gormly, Matthew Gormly, Travelling Matt, Sydney Australia
ENG/EFP camera unit serving Asia & Australia. 10 years residence in Asia, Sydney native. Shooting international news & current affairs, documentary & entertainment. Credits inc: Reuters, APTN, Transworld Sport, Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, Sony Music.
Gear: Sony D30/PVV3 & D30WS/PVV3 camcorders, Sachtler HD CF legs, lighting & audio. www.travelling-matt.com
phone: 61-(0)409 509 287, Fax: 612-9386 9090, matt@travelling-matt.com

Toby Johnston, Video Australasia
Extensive local and international experience in network and corporate television. Also crewing, equipment hire and uplink services Australia wide. Network clients: Ch9,10,7 Australia, CNN, ITN, EBU, RAI, AP Corporate clients: Ansett Airlines, BMW Australia, Australia Post, Pfizer, Glaxo Wellcome
Gear: Sony DVW790WS Wide screen digital betacam Sony DX30 SP betacam, Sony BVW90 SP betacam Sachtler 575 HMI lighting, SQN sound kits,
387-389 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne VIC, 3205
phone: 613 96865366, Fax: 613 96865966, tobyj@videoaustralasia.com

Pete Hall, Blue Turtle Media Pty.Ltd
Pete Hall is an Adelaide based Cinematographer specializing in Television & Video Production. Categories covered include Commercial Production (Corporate & Retail), Documentaries, Corporate Documentaries, Educational/Training Programs & Multimedia Projects. He also possesses Producing & Production Management skills. Showreel & CV available.
Gear: SX/SP (16:9/4:3) PAL Broadcast Camera Kits, Widescreen Matte-Boxes, Tiffen Filters, Canon Image Stabilizing Zoom Lens, Wide Angle Lens, Field Monitors & Lighting Equipment.
PO Box 1006, Campbelltown, 5074
phone: 61 8 83650132, Fax: 61 8 83656048, pete@blueturtle.com.au

Brenton Dean, Camera Corp pty ltd
Multi award winning Cameraman / Cinematographer based in Adelaide, Australia. Over 20 years experience in the Broadcast industry working as a Eng/Efp Lighting Cameraman ADS 7, ADS 10, SAS 7, and the Nine Network Australia. Doco's, News, Current affairs, Life style programmes, sports, Commercials and Underwater filming services.
Gear: Sony SP Betacams, 637 and pvv3, Sony D35sw 16:9 or 4:3 and pvv3, Sony 700 Digital Betacam 16:9 or 4:3, Sony PD150 underwater camera and housing.
P.O. Box 253 North Adelaide, South Australia 5006
phone: +61 419807763, Fax: +61 0500898098, b.dean@cameracorp.com.au

Ross McLoughlin, The Communication Wave Pty Ltd
Documentary, TVC, News, Current Affairs, Sport, Lifestyle, Corporate, Training, Promotional. 25 years Experience.
Gear: Sony PDW F800 XDCAM, Sony DVW790WSP Digital Betacam, HDCAM, P2HD, DVCAM, RED, EX3
Sydney, NSW
6-1-414676819, videoross@bigpond.com

Stephen McHugh, Freelance TV Cameraman
Broadcast/corporate TV Lighting Cameraman. National & International clients include: BBC, ABC(US), Channel 9, Channel 10, RTE, SAT1, SKY, Nestle, Mastercard, etc, etc. Very broad experience in News, sport, documentary, lifestyle, etc.
Gear: Sony D30/BVV3 SP Betacam 4:3/16:9 and Sony BVP7/BVV5 SP Betacam camcorder. Fujinon standard & Wide angle lenses,ENG tripod, field monitor, ENG Lighting kit, ENG audio kit (sound recordist available), Playback adaptor. Digital Betacam on request.
phone: +61 411 551663, Fax: +61 2 9929 3220, stephenmchugh@hotmail.com

Nigel Fox, Foxprovideo
Location sound Tech based in Melbourne Victoria.
Gear: HDD 4 ch SD 442 Mixer 3 x radio, 1 duel diversity camera link All the normal stuff you would expect 15 years experience I have the biggest contact book in Aust so let me know if you need crew anywhere in the continent.
Melbourne Victoria
+61 409 3270340, +61 3 5282 3146, foxprovideo@gmail.com, http://www.ukscreen.com/crew/foxpro

Richard Fricker, Project Television Pty Limited
Offices in Sydney & Cairns. Complete NTSC services since 1987 - Betacam SP, DVCPRO, DVCPRO-50, MiniDV with underwater housing. NTSC Betacam SP edit suites - non-linear & analogue. Field Producer. Clients include Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Coca Cola, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBC, TV Asahi, Fuji TV, KBS, movie studios and more. www.ozemail.com.au/~projectv
Gear:SONY DXC637 - optional backs PVV3, or AJ-D90 (DVCPRO/DVPRO50 switchable) Field Monitor and standard accessories. VX1000 with underwater housing 3 x NTSC UVW-1800, Ampex CVR-50. Discreet Logic *edit, Premier 6, Final Cut Pro
P.O. Box 1356, Crows Nest NSW 2065, SYDNEY
phone: +61 2 9460 6000, Fax: +61 2 9460 6066, projectv@ozemail.com.au

Andy Munro, Soundo PTY LTD
Location Sound
Gear: Mixers SQN,PSC,Wendt Radio Mics 5 Lectrosonics diversity Dat Fostex time code and time code slate Microphones 416,816,MKH60,2 x VP64,5 sanken laviler lots of leads and conectors sex changes etc...
phone: 0414 567 396, Fax: (612)99572252, andymunro@mac.com

Tim Bradley, Minds Eye Films
Cameraman, Director of Photography, Tim Bradley in Sydney Australia with Red One and XDcam (Sony PDW F800) cameras. Tim works mainly on TV commercials, corporate videos, music clips and documentaries. Has has 20 years plus shooting experience. Tim was DOP for Ominlab the largest production/ post house in Australia for 12 years.
Gear: Sony PDW F800, Red One Camera kit, Matte Boxes and filters, Kino flos, LED panles, dedos, blondies, redheads, totas, Scrims, reflectors and heasps more.
+61 2 99706266, tim@mindseye.net.au, www.mindseye.net.au

Dan Flanagan, Digital Picture Company
Lighting cameraman with 20 years experience in documentary, drama,tv magazine (Science,wildlife). Extensive travel and experience on all continents .
Gear: Digital Betacam DVW709WSP, Canon 5.2-47mm Cinestyle lens, Fuji 8-160mmx2, 4 stage matte box, extras www.digitalpictureco.com.au
31 Willis St East Victoria Park Perth 6101
phone: +61 0412 584 532, Fax: Agent +61 (0)8 9277 1290, dpco@zip.com.au

Dion Isaacson, dynamite media
I am a Sydney Based cameraman with the experience and equipment to turn your great ideas into dynamite pictures! For more info check out www.dynamitemedia.com.au
Gear: Sony DVW-709WSP Camera
phone: 61 407 709 169, Fax: 612 9144 2694, dion@dynamitemedia.com.au

David Hogan, dmh productions
I am a Sydney based cinematographer offering innovative production services throughout Australia and the world. I have over 10 years experience in documentaries, commercials, sport, news and current affairs. Clients include NBC, CNN, BBC, Nine Network
Gear: Digital Betacam DVW709WSP Canon 7.8-164mm lens Canon 5.2-47mm wide angle lens Sachtler Video 18 tripod Full lighting kit Switchable monitor Varioius microphones
PO Box 909 Manly, NSW 1655
phone: +61 (0)418 410 340 Fax: +61 2 9420 4132, david@dmhproductions.com

Damon Chapman, Omnicam Broadcast Television Productions
Damon Chapman-International/ Australia Wide exp. 16 years TV Industry - Freelancing for 5 Years shooting/editing India, U.K., Solomon's, Award Winning Video Clips , Documentary, Programme as well Current Affair's and Sporting Events. Specialize in Feature stories / Slow Motion Shutter/ lighting, steadicam. Clients-Olmpics, US B'ball Doco2001-Goodwill 's,Ch-9, Ch-7, ABC, BBC, FOX SPORTS , CNN, NBC, ACA, Today Tonight, SKY, Bred To Win, In The Gig, SP USA
Gear: If I don't have it, I can get it, and use it -Sony DXC637/ BVV5 SP Back,709 Digital Betacam Widescreen, D30 with either SP Betacam or DVCAM back. PAL or NTSC Len's- Wide angle 6.8ml with zoom through .8 Wide Adaptor.Telephoto Len's 15 x 9ml with 2 x extender. Matt Box/Filters, Deedo Sungun Light portable 4x Lowel Light Kit (roadcase) & Audio- Mixer, Radio mics, Sony Lapels x 2 Seinnheizer ME66 Shotgun-Boom Crane/ Dolly's, jib-arms, stedicam Custom package deal to suite your budget! Worldwide!
Buderim, Queensland, 4556
phone: 0402031777, damonchapman@optusnet.com.au

Wayne Young, First Unit Productions
Over 20 years experience in Broadcast Television as a Lighting/Cameraman shooting Doco's, Commercials, Corporate Doco's, Sport and TV Programs both in Australia and SE Asia.
Gear: Sony DVW-709 WSP Digital Betacam. Sony BVP-550/BVV-5PS SP Betacam. Extensive lighting, Dolly, Mini Jib Arm,Satchler Legs, Monitor etc.
8 Garland Way Trigg Beach Western Australia
phone: +61 8 9246 9599, Fax: +61 8 9246 9599, firstunit@bigpond.com

14 years experience in the TV Industry shooting mainly in the Production area of Corporates, TVC's, Multi Media, Doco's, as well current Affair's and Sporting OB's. Have used all various types of Video Formats/ Digital Betacam, Sp Betacam, Sx, DVC- Pro, DV-Cam. Speciality is in the area of Blue Screen/Chroma Key work.
Gear: Sony D35 Wide Screen Sp Back,709 Digital Betacam Widescreen, D30 with either Sp Betacam or DV-Cam back. Wide angle Len's included 4.8ml, 5.2ml, 6.5ml. Telephoto Len's inlude 14 x & 15 x 9ml with 2 x extender. Matt Box/Filters, Lights include 2k's, Red Heads, & Audio includes mixer with appropriate mics.
Ashgrove.Brisbane, 4060.
phone: 0414 62 3434, vfusion@thehub.com.au

Jonathan Wilson, Sonic Boom
Location Sound Recording specializing in Doco, Lifestyle, Reality, Commercials, Sport.
Gear: Gear includes:- Cooper mixer, Lectrosonics radio mics with Sanken or Sennheiser mic heads, Mkh 60 , Mkh 70, AKG D230, plus all relavent bits`n pieces
phone: 0412 141 040, Fax: 03 9569 2252, sonic_boom@ozemail.com.au

Brett Daly, Reel Communications
Reel Communications is one of Canberra's leading Video production and 3D animation companies. Please see our new Website for full details of services offered.
Gear: Sony DXC537 head with Fujinon lens and Betacam SP PVV-1P back. Miller DS25 tripod, Lowel professional lighting kit, camera track, JVC 1010PN 9" field monitor, Sennheiser radio mics, Sony shotgun, field mixer etc.
Canberra, ACT, 2617
phone: +61 2 6242 4434, Fax: +61 2 6253 8179, reelcoms@netspeed.com.au, website: www.reelcommunications.com.au

Matt Guest, Oceania Imagery
Underwater High-def Camera Operator with underwater HD equipment based in Brisbane. Also experienced lighting Cameraman for television programs, documentaries and OB's working for ABC Brisbane, Nine Network, SBS and other broadcasters and production companies.
Gear: Broadcast HD underwater housing for: Sony XDcam HD PDW700, F900,750,730,700, Digi-beta 709,790 available for hire. Panasonic Hvx202/200 P2 hi-def/sd camera and Gates Hvx202/200 underwater housing with super wide-angle port, large 110mm Lcd monitor available for hire. Underwater lighting (high power)
Brisbane, Qld
+61(0)438 748105, +61(0)754 786858, info@oceaniaimagery.com, www.oceaniaimagery.com/underwater.htm

Michael Pattini, Camco Television
Digital Betacam cameraman based in Cairns. Extensive knowledge of local area including Reef, Rainforest and Outback . ENG/EFP, lighting and sound kit, Wally Dolly, Final Cut Pro editing, 4WD
Gear: Digital Betacam DVW700WSP, DXC-D35WSP/PVV3 recorder
+61 7 4054 4892, michael@camcotelevision.com.au, www.camcotelevision.com.au

adrian combes, widescreen video productions
full commercial production facility. specialising in commercial production. Our client list we produce work for includes a number of Full service ad agencies, Universities and Councils we are also a preferred supplier for Seven Queensland direct referal clients .
Gear: Sony DSR 300 DV cam , Sony DXC 537 Sp with 3 series back. dolly/jib and full light and sound kits 2 x nonlinear based edit suite.
phone: 07 54 795 855, Fax: 07 54 434 500, adriancombes@hotmail.com

Justin HANRAHAN, Just-A-Vision
An award winner lighting cameraman specialising in documentary, TVC, corporate, music clips, production and drama. Clients incl. BBC, Channel Four (ITN) UK, ABC Aust., Ch 9 Aust., Ch 7 Productions Aust., Bearcage Productions Aust, AsiaWorks(Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta) etc
Gear: Digital betacam 709WSP, Sp betacam, Extensive lighting and camera supports ie: camera cranes, dolly, wolly-dolly and mini jib arm. Full production matt box and filters to suit 4.8 wide angle lens, 20x long lens, 7" LCD Screen, 9" 16:9/4:3 monitor. Australia wide and specialised in Asia pacific
Sydney, NSW, 2097
phone: 61 0 412 311 523, Fax: 61 2 9971 8181, jayhanrahan@useoz.com

Anthony Gordon, Whitelight film & video P/L
International Film & Television Production Australia & South Pacific Broadcast Television High Definition, Bigital Betacam Acquisition & On Line Post - Cameras Crew, Sound Recording, HMI Lighting, Underwater Camera, Aerial, Location Management & Survey - Great Barrier Reef - Outback Australia. CREDITS with BBC UK - Granada UK - Discovery Channel USA - National Geographic - USA - NHK Japan - TVB China - ABC/SBS/Channel 7/10/V Australia
Gear: Our Great Barrier Reef Studio has SONY DVW790WSP - 2.5/575HMI's DP heads,Dedos,Fulls PSC sound Kit, 4WD, Communications, Underwater Housings for broadcast cameras, Tyler Accredited technician for Nose and Side mounts, some Grips lots of Location Production gear.
Cairns Australia Postal PO Box 1167 Cairns 4870
phone: 61-7-40391245, Fax: 61-7-40391689, tonygordon@optusnet.com.au, website: www.whitelightfilm.com

Nikki Holmes, Livewire Productions Aust.
Experieced lighting camera operator/editor.Specialising in Doco's, News,Current Affairs, Corporate and Sport. Working in Australia and overseas.Can supply experienced Producers, Soundo and editors.
Gear: Camera :Panasonic 910 DVCPRO 25/50 4x3 16x9 and SP Betacam. Portable Panasonic field edit pack 25/50 4x3 16x9. Full Light kit, Sound kit, Miller Tripod. Can supply any format.
Brisbane , Queensland, 4068
phone: +61 412 387 570, livewireprod@optushome.com.au

Peter Doherty, PD Productions
Melbourne basede freelance cameraman with 20years experience documentaries,corporate,current affairs,lifestyle,TVC'S,Sport
Gear: Sony 709WS digital betacam,Fujinon 4.8 x 10 wide angle lens,Fujinon 15xlens,Sony 9" widescreen monitor,7"LCD remote monitor,Sacthler tripod,softbox,2K,redheads,dedos etc,pipe dolly,jib arm
phone: 61418336563, Fax: 614395931451, pdproductions@bigpond.com.au

Daniel Marzolla, The Media Circus
Broadcast TV camera crew with over 20 years experience in television news, sports, current affairs, travel and documentaries. Past clients include all Australian TV networks, CNN, ABC America, ITN UK, BBC TV UK, RAI Italy, NHK Japan, Television New Zealand, ZDF Germany and more.
Gear: Sony Betacam SX WSP-9 and Sony Betacam SP BVP-507 PAL cameras. Plus full audio and lighting kits for ENG / EFP.
Sydney, NSW
phone: 61 2 99670799, Fax: 61 2 9967 0445, daniel@mediacircus.com.au, website: www.mediacircus.com.au

John Hayes, Adtech Video Productions
28 Years In TV. Freelance for ABC Australia 7,9,10 SBS NZ Networks, Local Gold Coast TV Show.TVC'S Corporate,Product Promotion ,Safety & Training Videos We edit all formates of Videotape Your Footage Or Ours
Gear: Sony D30 Camera Betacam SP Back W/a Lens 2X Sony Radio Mics 2x Hand held. Portable Sound Mixer, Boom Pole.Light Kit + 2 Spots,Sony 1800 Rec Player
phone and fax: 61 07 55 271 048, john@adtechvideo.com.au, website: adtechvideo.com.au

Barry Schutte, BS Video Productions
Do documentaries and corporate productions. Clients include PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Anglogold. I have 22years experience.
Gear: I have a Sony DSR-500 with radio mic and all accessories and as backup Canon XL1. I edit in Final Cut Pro HD.
Sydney, 2066
phone: 096194271703, barry@platpic.com

Rob Scheeren, Climax Pictures
Freelance lighting cameraman shooting on Digital Betacam and Betacam SP 16:9 and 4:3. Many extras including full sound kit available
Gear: Sony Digital Betacam DNW-700WSP, Sony D30 WSP with SP back, PD150 DVCAM, exstensive lighting kit, Wally Dolly, Cinekinetic Jib Arm, Sony 9" Monitors, Hermes wireless transvideo. Full sound kit with Shure stereo mixer, Sennheiser 416, 816, hand mics, lapel mics and vehicle.
phone: +61 413 755 999, Fax: +612 9980 7761, rob@climaxpictures.tv, website: www.climaxpictures.tv

Raj Gibson, Raj Gibson Cinematography
DOP Cameraman Australia New Zealand Hi Def, Digibeta, XDCam, Betacam SP
Gear: PAL Sony 637 Camera PVV 3 Betacam SP Recorder
Byron Bay NSW 2481
phone: 61419972392, Fax: 61266807155, raj@freelance-cameraman.net

Grant Lewis, Grant.G.Lewis productions
Freelance Cameraman/Editor(pinnacle)with over 15 years experience in TVC's,Documentries& special subject videos.Worked in Australia,PNG and Asia.Extensive show reel available.Have budget will travel any location.
Gear: JVC GY-DV700WE 3CCD 2/3inch Switchable 16:9/4:3,matte box filters , 2k Chimera & redhead lighting kit,fm &shotgun Mic.
Cairns & Gold Coast
phone: 0417 759 965, grantglewis@bigpond.com

Paul McGrath, Australia's Paul McGrath Productions
NTSC & PAL Cameras.Aerial Cameraman, Camera Operator, Director of Photography, Lighting Camera. www.pmp.net.au :Extensive international experience, covering everything from major news stories, sports, TV magazine, music TV, EPK, aerial's and all types of TV coverage.
Gear: NTSC Camera: Sony SP Betacam D-30/PVV3(4:3) PAL Camera : #1.Sony Digi Betacam DVW-709WS #2.Sony SP Betacam BVW-570WS/BVV5P
phone: +61 2 9360 2292, pmptv@bigpond.com, website: www.pmp.net.au

Tim Maloney, Axis Films
25 years experinced DP. Heads up a full service camera origination, post production company. Services Domestic and international TV, Government and Corporate Clients
Gear: Panasonic Varicam, Sony 709 Digibeta, HL75WS Ikegami DVCPro/50 SP widescreen SP.Interview lighting kits, DC monitoring, Camera Support
Melbourne, Victoria, 3205
phone: 61 39690 0312, Fax: 613 9690 0362, tim@axisfilms.com.au, website: www.axisfilms.com.au

Daren Clark, Around Sounds
ENG/EFP Soundie specialising in Documentary.Sennheiser,Sanken,Electrovoice,Lectrosonics mics & radios. A happy chappie & very reliable
Sydney, NSW 2203
phone: 0412 808 320, aroundsounds@optusnet.com.au

Jen Longhurst, Special Filter & The Sound Unit Pty Ltd
Over 20 years experience in television audio production. Sound Recordist and Audio Director working on Documentary, Music, Arts and Sports programming. Clients include Beyond Productions (AUS), Discovery Channel (USA), TCN 9 (AUS), MTV Australia, Keo Films (UK), Cordell Jigsaw (AUS), BSkyB (UK), NBC London Bureau, ATN 7 (AUS), Universal Music (AUS), Ovation Arts Channel (AUS).
Gear: SQN IVe Mixer, Lectrosonics 400 series digital hybrid radio mics, DPA & Cos Heads, Sennheiser 416, Beyer Hand Mics & Stereo Mic. Long & short Panamic boom poles. Various DIs, vocal mics (Rodes large diaphram condensor & Shure Beta 58s), instrument mics, and stands for recording music. Various accessories.
Strawberry Hills, NSW, 2012
phone: 61 (0)401 756 682, jen@zip.com.au

Jim Frater, Steadi-Vision Australia
Over 17 years experience as lighting cameraman. Shooting Doco`s,Commercials,TV magazine,Corporate`s and sport. Extensive overseas work and travel.. Worked for major networks in Aust. and Overseas..
Gear: Digi 709..standard kit, dolly, steadicam, matte box,dedo`s, red heads and portable lights..
P O Box 8262 Angelo StSOUTH PERTH 6151
phone: +61 (0)402 107 137, Fax: +61 8 93682852,
steadivision@iinet.net.au, website: www.steadivision.com.au

Pete Barta, Monkey Business Pictures
Based in Sydney, Australia. DOP/ Steadicam Operator with 15 years Industry experience in Television & Fim. Credits include TVC's, MVC's, Concerts, Programs, Drama or Corporate. Available to Co-ordinate International requirements in Australia or Travel Abroad!
Gear: Owner Operator: Steadicam® EFP Rig & Accessories, Sony DVW709 Digital Betacam Kit, Dolly, Mini Jib, Lipstick camera & Mini DV, Lighting various: Kino's, Dedos, Rifa, 2K's, HMI. HD Varicam or Panavision avail upon Request.
Sydney NSW
phone: +61407747009,
website: www.monkeybusiness.tv

Brian Reynolds, Broadcast & Location Audio
30+ Years Broadcast experience in AUDIO PRODUCTION.(7 Network) Audio Director, pannel operator, audio assistant, outside broadcast+ location sound.Technical & Mechanical Support for the film TV Industry (welding+ metal work)
Gear: Audio Technica AT4462 Portable field mixer (6 channel stereo),Sound Devices MixPre audio mixer (2 channel stereo), Sennheiser MKH60 shot gun mic,blimp+ pole,Sony ECM-77B lapel mikes,Electrovoice RE-50 omni Handmics, MiPro Radio microphone.As well as an wide selection of FX shotguns, omni and cardioid microphones, Audio Isolation transformers, breakout boxes and adaptors and cables.
P.O. Box 1160 Campbelltown 5074
phone: 61 419818125,

Peter Coleman, Peter Coleman productions
Experienced documentary cinematographer. Please visit my web sire for CV and full equipment list.
Gear: Sony HDW 750P HDCAM and full High Definition lens package. Sony DVW 709 Digital Betacam and lenses.
Aaton Super 16 kit and lenses. Extensive lighting and grip gear.
Sydney, NSW. 2107
phone: +61 438 303 441,
prcoleman@bigpond.com, website: http://www.users.bigpond.com/prcoleman

Norbert von der Heidt, Electric Images
Electric Images provides Steadicam, R/C Jib and Underwater film, video and photographic services to Australia and the Oceania region from it's base in Cairns, Australia.
Gear: Panasonic AJ-D910WAE DVCPro50 camcorder with Vinten Vision 10 tripod Panasonic AG-HVX202E DVCProHD camcorder with Miller DS-20 tripod Steadicam Master Series Broadcast rig Shure FP-33 Field Audio Mixer, shotgun and radio mics kit Varizoom MC-100 Remote Head with 7M Jib Lowel 3 x DP kit
Cairns, Queensland
+61 7 4057 9848, +61 7 4057 9848, electricimages@austarnet.com.au,

Christopher MacGregor
EFP/ENG Audio operator. Clients include ABC Television, Fox Sport, Sky, Global, Fremantle Media, Freehand Productions etc.
Gear: Sound Devices 442 mixer, Sennheiser 416, 816, Sony ECM77 etc
+61 0414557701, christopher@inyourface.com.au

David Batty, Rebel Films
Director/cameraman/producer 25 years experience especially in Northern and Remote Australia. Directed and shot many short and long form documentaries for broadcast. Also shot hundreds of news and current affairs stories for all domestic broadcasters. Intimate knowledge of indiginous Australia.
Gear: DSR 500 DVCam, Mini pro and redhead Lighting kit, Sennheiser shot gun and Sony radio Mic kit. Full post production studio and facilities. See website for further information.
Melbourne, VIC
+61393882788, +61393882910, batty@rebelfilms.com.au,

Torsten Joses, Insight Multimedia Pty Ltd
Expertise in direction, lighting and camera operation. Torsten has been in television for 20 years working with various video formats and film. He is multilingual (English, German) and has global work experience. Clients include major Australian and international TV Networks, Corporates include: 'Audi', 'Lufthansa', 'Red Bull' and 'Fresenius Medical Care'.
Gear: SONY D30WSP camera for Betacam SP (PVV3 recorder), Betacam SX (DNV-5 recorder) HDV/DV (JVC GY-HD201EB) camera. Both cameras 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio, with matte box, standard and wideangel lenses.
+61 414 452 120, torsten@insight-multimedia.com, www.insight-multimedia.com

George Mavroyeni, ABC Video Productions
Sound Recordist / Lighting Cameraman. Ex ABC TV Melbourne 20 years sound recording ENG EFP + 10 years freelance. Shooting / Lighting 18 years. broadcast, commercial, events.
Gear: PanasonicP2 HPX 502 HD Canon 6mmX48mm plus 9mmX162mm both X2 2X Canon XH A1 20X Lens HDV Sound PSC 4 Ch mixer {2X416 Sen 1X816 all with zeplins Sen} 3X UHF Radio Mics MK 2 Gold Mics VDB Pole + Gitzo Pole
0409 141 998, georgemav7@hotmail.com

David Cleverly, Digicrew Australia
Have been producing professional video since 1984 and have been shooting News, Sport, Lifestyle, Corporate and TVC's since 1990. Regular clients include all Australian Broadcast Television Networks and from 2005 until end of April 2009 was contracted to remain exclusive to Network Ten for News and Sport coverage in Newcastle and Gosford. Reliable, consistent, creative and happy to take direction. No attitude or out-of-control ego here.
Gear: Full-size Panasonic AG-HPX502EN P2HD Camcorder (Full HD or SD) with usual accessories, full lighting and audio kit as well as dolly and jib all packed very neatly into a late model 4WD. Full mobile ingesting, editing and FTP facilities as well meaning I can feed HQ vision from remote locations quickly.
Gosford, New South Wales
0427 627335, dcleverly@centralcoastmediagroup.com,

Ian Richards, TV WORKS
We produce TV Commercials, Documentaries, Animation, offer ENG acquisition and live filming of all sorts of events. Our filming expertise run the gamut from small studio-bound productions through to full-on Outside Broadcasts. From the smallest and most portable handicam to our state-of-the-art Sony PDW700 top-of-the-range XDCAM HD422 Camcorder, recording full raster 1920 x 1080 HD material.
Gear: Sony PDW700 XDCAM HD422, Sony PMW EX3,Dual Channel Radio Mikes, Sound Devices Mixer, Digi Dolly & 3 Metres of track, Red Head Lights, MAC Book Pro, Matrox MXO2. Plus two full edit suites with Black Magic Multibrigde Pro's.
Darwin, Northern Territory
0409892210, 08 81219263, ian@tvworks.com.au, www.tvworks.com.au

Jefferson Grainger, Grainger Television Australia Pty Ltd.
Cameraman/Director, National Geographic, Discovery, ABC, Ch 7, Ch 9, Ch 10, Tourism Australia.
Gear: Sony XD CAM HD, Panasonic DVCPRO 700, Z7
Sydney, NSW
02 94496074, 040912129, 02 94887970, info@GraingerTV.com, www.graingertv.com,

Joe Ferma, Crew Street Productions
Broadcast Services for Lifestyle, Documentaries, Current affairs, Corporate, Live television
Gear: New Sony PDW 700 XDCam HD422 / SD Disc Camcorder - records in 50i or 59.9i Sony DVW 970 WSP Digital Betacam with SDI Card both formats are either Progressive or Interlaced Litepanels LED Lighting Kit. Panasonic 17 inch 1760 HD LCD Monitor/ HDSI inputs Marshall 7 inch SD LCD monitor with sdi and composite
+61 433689975, joe@crewstreet.com.au, www.crewstreet.com.au

Carey Harris
Carey Harris is a freelance DOP/Lighting Cameraman with over 20 years experience in a diverse range of media applications, including TV Commercials, corporate videos, news & current affairs. Based in Newcastle, N.S.W., Carey is an owner/operator who specialises in both single camera and multi-crew environments; ready to go anywhere – anytime, fully equipped with the latest video gear, accessories and ancillary services:
Gear: 2 x Panasonic DvcPro50 AJD 910 Camcorders. 2 x Panasonic DvcPro50 AJ-D95 VTR machines with SDI Sony HD XDCAM EX Camcorder PMW EX-1 with matte box. Steadycam Flyer. Audio. Lights. Dollies. The whole shooting match!
Newcastle NSW
61 (0) 419 227 930, careyharris@bigpond.com, www.careyharris.com

Gavin Banks, Good Eye Deer
Specialising in HD (PAL & NTSC) acquisition with 35mm lenses. Based in Sydney / Newcastle, NSW, Australia. DOP / director / editor with 13 years industry experience. Credits include national TVC's, documentary, independent feature film, as well as corporate, educational, and numerous shorts.
Gear: Sony PMW EX-1 XDCAM HD Camcorder kit including Letus Elite 35mm adaptor, Zacuto rails and follow focus, Canon 5DMKii HD-SLR camera kit including Zacuto Target Shooter, Carl Zeiss and Nikon 35mm primes. TV Logic LVM-171W 17 inch HD-SDI monitor, Advanta-Jib lite (3m crane with pan / tilt head), Slider dolly. Lighting: Kino's, Redheads, 2K softies, cutters, reflectors and lighting grip. Audio: Wendt 2 channel mixer, Senheisser 416, Rode video mic, Zoom H4 stereo recorder. Computers / post: MacPro 2.6 Quadcore, Decklink HD extreme card, FCP Sudio 3, PS-CS3, AE7. 17 inch G4 Powerbook.
Sydney / Newcastle, NSW
61249659175, gavin@goodeyedeer.com.au,

Michael Harrison, Videofoam
Hello, I am a film school graduate working as a freelance videographer, having recently relocated from San Francisco to Melbourne. I have extensive experience as a DOP and editor for weddings, corporate, commercial, short films, music videos and sports. If you need something presentable to be shot and/or edited, I am more than willing to work at discount rates while I get moving in this city. I can provide my CV upon request. You can see my website at http://www.videofoam.com Hope we can work together! Mike
Gear: Panasonic HVX200 Firestore FS100 Wireless Lavalier Set (Azden WLT-PRO) Sennheiser Shotgun Mic (MKE300)
Melbourne, VIC
0401121253, Videofoam@gmail.com, www.videofoam.com

Noel Sadler, Skip Film Productions
I have worked within the film and audio industry for twenty years producing radio and TV program, TV Documentaries, Corporate Productions, and Music Video Clips.
Gear: Panasonic: DVCPRO 910 25/50, 14ft Camera crane with remote drive pan/tilt, Dolly’s, Radio microphones
Empire Bay NSW
0488 201 882, skipfilms@bigpond.com, www.skipfilms.com

Toby Heslop
Freelance Camera Op/DOP, Editor, Motion graphic artist, Producer. Clients include FOX US, Redbull International, Pepsico, Kimberly Clark, Sydney Olympic Park, Tango Communications, Fox Sports Australia, ChV
Gear: 5D HDSLR Kit, XDCAM EX, Experienced shooting on XDCAM F800 or RED, Extensive lighting and audio kit. 2 x FCP Online Edit Suites, Logic soundsuite, AFX/Cinema4D Suite
+61 403 245 710, toby@tobyheslop.com.au , www.tobyheslop.com.au

Jo Amundsen, Screaming Furs Productions
Producer director DOP senior Production Cameraman Location Director of drama, family CGI Drama and corporate, scriptwriter director commercials, corporate videos former 7 network producer 1982-89. Former Director media Federal Airports Currently director of the new US animatronic series “Furred” for Screaming Furs Productions in the US and Australia specialist animatronic and motion capture work, steady cam now mostly in drama production Will do corporate
Gear: Production truck with 2 Sony EX1 HD XDCAM, 1 SONY DVW790WSP Ikegami HL-DV57, and 1 HL83 - 2.5/575HMI's DP heads, Dedos, Microphone Gear Lavalier, Dinamic Mics, REDONE Fulls PSC sound Kit . XD HD editing,
Brisbane Queensland
61 7 3312 4492, screamingfursbroadcast@live.com, www.screamingfurs.com

geoff ellis, director of photography
20 years in the film & tv industry working on television commericals, documentaries & films in Australia & Overseas with over 20 asc awards.
Gear: Sony PDW800f HD Cinealta HD XD, Canon HD 10x4.5, Canon HD 22x7.6 lenses filter kit with over 20 4x4 filters, jibarm on west dolly 3 1/2 m, pipe dolly, Lighting truck with 1.5k HMI par,800 HMI, 150 HMI par,3x 4 bank kino's, 4xdedo's, 2xblondes, 4xredheads, 2xlite panels, 3xscrim frames,generator assorted light stands & C stands, 3xchroma key backdrops.
canberra ,act
+61 414651656, geoff.ellis2@bigpond.com, www.geoffreyellis.com.au

Rob Humphris, Elastic Pty, LTD
Highly skilled freelance dop with extensive cv including television, commercial and corporate work here and worldwide. With 25 years experience I've developed specific knowledge in lighting and equipment that will help you create spectacular images.
Gear: Sony pdw-f800 hd xdcam Sony 709 digibeta Fujinon and Canon lenses Sony 9" and Small hd monitors
sydney, nsw
61-2-411225305, hump@ozemail.com.au, www.robhumphris.com.au


Wolfgang Bachschwell, WBS Filmproduction
languages: german and english. Shooting (documentary and news), linear and nonlinear editing. - Mobile live-production with ob-van, mobile editing - Sound recording Clients: NHK, VRT, APTN, ORF, ZDF
Gear: Camcorder: Sony BVW-400 P w/accessories; - Off-road - ob-van "Puch Pinzgauer" w. 3x Hitachi Z-One DA cameras and BVW-50P vtr; mobile editing: Media100 or Beta SP. - Studio editing: Sony Digital Betacam, BetaSP, DVCam Nonlinear: Lightworks Turbo, Media 100 - Sound dubbing studio. web sight: http:www.wbsfilm.at
Franz Asenbauergasse 3 A-1238, Vienna
Tel: +43 1 888 75 66 Mobile: +43 664 530 59 96 Fax: +43 1 889 20 13 mail: wbsfilm@via.at

Hello I´m Joe Knauer, I´ve been working for international film productions as a sound recordist since about 10 years!! I´m specialised in outdoor recording and working in difficould areas (far outback, noisy cities, high mountains or....) but see more on my homepage: www.magic-sounds.com
Fully equiped soundgear for any kind of film work: Fostex Dat Recorder PD2, Nagra IV-S, experianced on Deva II, Stereo mixer, Mikrophones from Schöps, Sennheiser and Pearl Street, Mühlfeldgasse 5 A 1020 Vienna
phone: +43 664 11 22 132 Fax: +43 2242 311 61, joe@magic-sounds.com

Bernhard Höfer Videoproductions also my website has changed to:
ENG-Crews, Broadcastrental, PAL & NTSC Locationservice, Postproduction off- & online
Gear: DVW-700 WSP, BVW-400AP, BVW-400 A NTSC, BVP 70ISP, 90P Canonzooms: 2 Pcs. 15x, 2 Pcs. 20x, 3 Pcs. wideangle Canonzooms 4:3, switchable 16:9 Soundequipment: TLA-Soundmixers, Radiomics, etc. Lighting: basic 3x300W, 3x800W Tungsten, Headlights, Dedo, etc.
Vienna Austria Europe, Rudolfsplatz 8, A-1010 vienna
phone: +43-676-506 35 00, Fax: +1-43-86 97 146, bernhard@hoefer.cc, website: www.camera-team.biz

Manfred Lesiak, The Aedit
Beta-SP crews in austria and europe, PAL & NTSC Digibeta PAL & NTSC Editing DSNG-Truck in vienna-austria clients: orf, tbs, ard, cnn, cbs, fuji, arte, vox..
Gear: bvw 400a PAL&NTSC, bvp 90/bvv-5ps, dvw 700, 790
vienna, a-1010
phone: 0043-676-32 66 952, Fax: 0043-2236-89 24 83, office@manfredlesiak.com, website: www.manfredlesiak.com

Amir Esmann, The Camara Department
First Camera Crew place for ENG Video and Film Crews in Austria ,from Newsgathering to High Awarded DOPs .Just what your Production needs .Refernces : Microsoft Studios,CNN , BBC ,NHK ,Whitney Huston Production, ARTE ect.
Gear: BetaSP, DVCAM, DIGIBeta, HDTV Equipment with Crews .
phone: 0043 676 3703118, Fax: 0043 1 7133493, crew@chello.at, website: www.cameraman.at

Fritz Erjautz, film4profit
Fritz Erjautz, film4profit languages: german and english / Shooting: commercial, documentary and news, company- and promotion videos, live-production editing: linear and nonlinear live-production Clients: diff. TV-Stations in europe and asia (NHK), prod.comp.
Gear: Camcorder: High Definition Sony HDW-750P w/accessories;Sony Digital Betacam DVW-790WSP w/accessories; Betacam SP Sony DVW-600P w/accessories; Sony IMX and SX w/accessories; Studio editing: Sony Digital Betacam, BetaSP, DVCam. Kopernikusgasse 3 A-1060,Vienna
Mobile: +43 664 2056520, office@film4profit.com, www.film4profit.com

Werner Weißböck, X-trem production
Production - Postproduction - Video - On Air Promotion
Gear: Sony DVCAM DSR 400, JVC HDV GY HD 101, Sony FX1 1080i, Panasonic DVCPRO Camcorder and Recorder
Avid Chrome HD Editing Suite. Work for ORF, TW1, SAT1, PRO7 and others
phone: 00436507008671,
office@xtrem.cc, website: http://www.xtrem.cc


Anil.G, Creative Vision Co.W.L.L
Video production,corporate films, still photography
Gear: DSR 390P,DSR370P,EX1, Nikon D2XS
+973-39899453, +973-17235555, anilkuzhikala@yahoo.com, www.creativevisionwll.com


ENG/EFP/Film documantary soundrecordist, working as freelance with complete audioset for video and film audiorecordings. Specialized in 'human interest, nature and cultural-music documantary'. Clients in Belgium : Long list of freelance cameramen, VRT, VTM, Canal+, ...
Gear: Audioset : SQN-4S mixer, 2 sets wireless mics MICRON with Tram and PCS mic, Boommics : Sennheiser and Neumann, HHB Portadat with TC, Nagra 4S with Aaton TC block, Ambient TC system for sync with cam, complete list of acc. for all this.
Brandstraat 20, B-2870 PUURS
phone: ...32 38991194, Fax: ...32 38991757, tourne@village.uunet.be

Horst Mockel, Albedo
Albedo provides professional, multilingual EFP/ENG production crews with Pal or NTSC equipment throughout europe. We have 15 years of experience in working for the international production community. Top broadcast and corporate references. Please visit our website: http://www.albedopictures.com
Gear: Complete BetaSP and Digi-Beta kits Pal : BVW-300A, BVW-400, DVW-700, DVW-790 NTSC : BVW-300A, BVW-600 plus tripods, sound-kits, monitors, playback, light-kits, lightweight dollies and a lot of other toys... Other formats also available.
51, Rue d'Espagne,Brussels B-1060
phone: +32(0)25381746, Fax: +32(0)25382347, albedo@albedopictures.com

Tim Grantham-Hill, G-H Design
Portable at international Jazz festival (3x), camera work on Holland America line (maiden voyage) Le Havre-New York. Various studio productions with known Dutch presenters (Netherlands). Various sport and industrial events etc, etc. Interest in documentries, events, news etc, etc.
Gear: BTS LDK391 Betacam SP camcorder (SONY BVW300AP), with 14x6.5 zoom lens + 2x range extender, cameratop lamp, battery belt with 2x 12V @ 3.5AH batteries (1x for cam-1x for lamp or 2x for cam). 2x microphones, 1x on camera, 1x hand or boom with various extension cables. Digital playback adaptor with time code in picture for off line copies (VHS for example). Everything in flight cases, travel welcome, no problem. Hadewijchplein 6, Lommel 3920
phone: +32-11-551488, Fax: +32-11-551487

Frank Martens, kadrage camera crews
ENG/EFP cameracrews with equipment /specialised in commercials,documentary's,big sportevents,TV reports,videoclips my clients are :Belgium national TV: VRT/VTM/SBS6/MEDIA CENTRAL USA etc.. YOU CAN BOOK ME ON 0032/475658476 BELGIUM Look at the broadcast site: http://www.kadrage.com
Gear: EQUIPT WITH Betacam SP PAL)& Betacam SX(PAL)digi beta(PAL) and a big lightning set with: arri's,chimera's,hmi's & Mattbox with al lot of filters,monitor's,gripgear(focus dolly)and small crane etc..
weertstraat 13 3800 ST TRUIDEN
phone: 0032/475658476, Fax: 0032/11686961, frank.martens@kadrage.com

Wim Le Compte, Flux d'Image b.v.b.a.
Cameraman specialized in ENG/EFP work. From better news story's over human intrest, documentary, fiction to middle budget commercials.
Gear: Owner of Ikegami HL-V55 Betacam SP and Sony DVW-790WSP both PAL. I have all the lights you need for intervieuw and small sets. Doornlaarstraat 75, 2820 Rijmenam
phone: +32 475/38.70.77 Fax: +32 15/52.76.71, wim@cameragroup.be

Yann Figuet, Free Lens TV
All news and production services. News broadcast facilities. Visit us at: www.freelenstv.com
Gear: Cam Packages: Beta SP DXCD30 with PVV3 or Beta SX DNV7P, wide angle Canon wide angle 6x8, ENG Lens 14x8.5, Sony and Swit lithium batteries, Paglight, Vinten tripod, Sony monitor. Audio: FP33 mixer, VDB Boom, softie, Sennheiser 3000 series wireless diversity system with lavalier and plug-in transmitter. Tram Lavalier mic. MKH 416 or K6-ME66 short gun mic. MD421 / 431 / Beyer M88 dyn mic. MD25 hearphone. Editing: SX Laptop DNW A225P, PVW 2800 VTR, DVC Pro Player, online Pinnacle 25Mbytes/s broadcast station. Edit Car: Minivan fully equiped to edit (SX/SP/DVC Pro) Cam Stabilisator: Upgraded Glidecam V20, Wireless follow focus Bebob Charly Uplink: Fully redundant SNG Booking: Brussels
phone: +32 (0)2/741.68.32, info@freelenstv.com

Jan Viaene
ENG/EFP cameracrew: news,sports,documentary. Working mostly for Belgian TV's: VRT and VTM. Would like to work more often for foreign and international clients. Speaking Dutch,English,Français. Started in 1989.
Gear: Using PAL equipement: Betacam SP (Sony BVW300AP)and Betacam SX (Sony DNW-90WSP). Lights and access. for small sets and interviews (Arri 800W; 2000W; Dedo; Lowell-Tota; mattebox; filters; flags; grips; clambs; etc...)
't Kloosterhof 6 B8200 BRUGGE
phone: 0032 475444847, Fax: 0032 50394074, viaene.jan@skynet.be

John Sinnaeve, Printtakes
cameraman / dop : ready for everything
Gear: DSR 570 DV Cam / DVW 790 WSP / PD 170 /HDV Z1 back up SQN 3 mixer boom shotgun mike an 2 set wireless...HMI lighting / Tungsten
pose@printtakes.com, website: www.maw-nv.be


Joseph Keller, Magic Lantern Productions
News & Current Events, Documentaries & Corporate Videos. Over 25 years experience in Southeast Asia. Beta SP Cameras; 2 BVW-400AP Beta SP Edit Pack; BVW-70/75 Beta SX Camera; 1 DNW-90P Beta SX Edit Pack; 1 DNW-A220P Lectrosonics Radio Mics; VHF & UHF Arri & Sachtler Lighting Kits; 100W to 5K We cover Burma, Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam mainly but are able to be anywhere globally with a 24 hour notice.
phone: (60)-19-477-0602, Fax: (60)-4-422-2122, asian_cam@hotmail.com or Asian_Images@yahoo.com


Canadian Independent Camera Association, CICA.
Canada's association of video camera production experts.

Douglas Baird,  PALCAM Canada
Experienced broadcast crews for both PAL and NTSC HD projects. Documentary, educational  & industrial television production.  Clients include BBC, CH4, ARD, ZDF, ABC, NBC, Discovery, Nat Geo, CBC, CTV, etc. Visit us at   www.Bairdtv.com 
Gear:  Own complete Sony F800 XDCamHD and Sony F900 HDCam packages.  Sony F3/F5/F55 packages also available. Full lighting and audio packages.  Specialize in HD ENG/EFP single and multicam shoots.
Vancouver, BC 
604 838 4048,  dbaird@bairdtv.com,   www.bairdtv.com

Joseph L. Sutherland, Beyond Productions
Specialty/Documentary/Current Affairs/Rentals.
Gear: (HD)HDW700A, (BetaCam) DXC D35WS PVV3, (DVCam) DSR500WS
284 Greenwood Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M4L 2R7.
phone: 416)778-4228, jsutherland@sympatico.ca , website: www.joesutherland.com

Peter R. Jones, PRJVideo Freelance Audio Engineer. Location Recording.
613 741 3787 356 St. Denis St. Vanier, Ontario K1L 5H9 prjvideo@istar.ca

Jim Young, Jim Young Productions Freelance Betacam owner/operator. 20 years experience. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA. Commercial,corporate, documentary,drama,music,sports,variety. Certified underwater photog. Full lighting and audio pkg.
2080 Blueridge Crescent, Toronto Ontario Canada L1X 2N3
phone: 905-428-6925 jim.young@sympatico.ca

Jacques Desharnais, C.S.C. RVB photo inc.
DOP - Cameraman
Gear: BetacamSP, Dvcam BVP-550 camera package
Quebec City
phone: 514 941-7962, Fax: 450-674-7962, info@rvbphoto.com

Gary Theobald Productions Inc.
Highest quality Betacam SP equipment (Sony D600s and all related audio, lighting, grip) and top-notch crews. Full support services. Single or multi-camera productions.
P.O. Box 456, NDG Station, Montreal, Quebec, http://www.mandy.com/gtp001.html
phone: 514-485-4720, Fax: 514-489-7291, gtp@garytheobald.com

Don Purser, Beulah Films Inc.
24 years of shooting experience worldwide. Fully equipped or so my wife tells me. Betacam package, extensive lighting Package.Have worked with all the North American and European networks.
Toronto region
phone: 905-312-0909, dpurser@icom.ca

Frank Vilaca, Stonehouse Productions Inc.
Cameraman/Lighting: Sony BVP 550 Digital Betacam SP, lighting and grip package, mattebox & filters, and all that other stuff a cameraman needs. 14 years experience. TV Documentary, News, VNR's, Corporate Communications Live event coverage & sports. Call or E-mail for a competitive quote. I work out of the TORONTO area, but I have been known to travel to odd locations.
104 Douro Street, Peterborough, Ontario
phone: 1 (705) 749-0641, Fax: 1 (705) 749-3511

Keith Barbutza , Creative Control Communications Inc.
Betacam SP Shooting, Betacam SP editing, 3D Computer animation, Non-Linear Editing, Audio Post. Visit our websight at:
Gear: BVW-400A, DXC-637&537, D30, UVW-1800, PVW-2800....all depends on the customers needs and budget.
EDMONTON, Alberta, phone: (780) 463-3126, barbutza@home.com

Ralph Levin, RT Video
Production and Services with Betacam SP, SVHS, NEW Panasonic DVC Pro, editing D-Vision online Non-linear, shoot daily, Member of Canadian Independant Camera Assoc. Tons of ENG/EFP experience, speak english/french and german
236 St. Georgestreet, Suite 402, Moncton N.B. E1C 1W1
phone: (506) 855 4848, levin@fundy.ca

Thomas Hidderley, Soundteck Productions Inc.
Nagra Digital and Timecode analogue machines available with Sonosax Mixer, Lectrosonic & Micron RFs, Senheisser and Schoeps microphones. For the highest quality location recording for Film & TV. Operator has over 25 years experience in feature film and TV recording. Canadian & UK Citizenship
1330 Avenue Rd,Toronto, Ontario M5N 2G9
phone: 416-322-3120, Fax: 416-322-0271, thomas.hidderley@sympatico.ca

Steve Dekter, Permanent Images Video Production Inc.
ABC - World News (Peter Jennings) ABC Sports ESPN DreamWorks ( National Publicity * Almost Famous / The Contender, FILM FESTIVAL)
Mini Docs, Full,Feature Docs Network News,Infomercials,Pilots,VNR'S Industrial, Corporate, Medical, Political and Training Live Shows, City of Toronto. Live Webcasting
Gear: We own and operate state-of-the-art equipment in top working condition. New state-of-the-art Sony BVP570 IT features very high resolution, extended dynamic range, superb colourimetry, and sophisticated digital video processing with the latest software package.This camera is docked to a BVV5 Beta Sp. We also have others! In addition to the CAMERA, a new Ja16X8BIRS broadcast television lens completes the picture. This is the same lens introduced at N.A.B. 2000 (National Association of Broadcasters).
phone: 905 841 6144 / 416 254 5913, Fax: 905 841 5736, steve@videotoronto.com

Dave Sanders, Lighting Cameraman
Lighting cameraman with over 15 years experience in broadcast and corporate. Shot on 5 continents in over 40 countries. Visit the website for rate and package information.
Gear: BVW D600 Sony Betacam, extensive lighting and grip package complete with Chimeras and KenoFlos, Wireless Video System (handheld monitor), Script Boy™ (wireless timecode system) & PortaJib
phone: 416-407-9515, Fax: 905-271-8897, davesanders@sandersvideo.com, website: www.sandersvideo.com

Don Windsor, Image Production Services
Award winning D.O.P for Video and Film Complete Betacam Package including Lights and Audio Service Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and NW Ontario. 25 Years Experience in Comercials, and Video's. Have worked in all 10 Canadian Provinces, 38 states in U.S. South America.
35 Tidewater Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3X 1H2
phone: 204-792-1250, Fax: 204-253-6784, dwindsor@axiompro.mb.ca

Dan Semenoff, gigproductions
gigproductions.com - VIDEO PRODUCTIONS - GIG offers quality video productions and a fully equipped, Professional Broadcast Video Service. With 32 years of professional service in the Canadian Broadcast Industry.We are located in the center of Canada and cover Alberta, Sask and Manitoba.
Gear: Sony BVW 537A, Sony Z1U, Sony SX,
P.O. Box 7244, S7K 4J2, Saskatoon, SK.
1+306.933-0724, info@gigproductions.com, http://www.gigproductions.com

Scott Plante, Visualeyes
DP with over 15 years experience. Broadcast, Documentary, Corporate and SPecial event production services. Check us out at www.visualeyes.ca.
Gear: SONY BVP 550 Betacam SP (BVV5) package. Full assortment of lighting (ARRI, LTM, Chimera etc), grip (c-stands, flag/nets, silks, mounting gear etc.) and accessories (t/c sender/reader, watchman, pov cams, 4x4 filter kit etc.).
87 Steeple Chase Drive Ottawa, Ontario. K2M 2E7
phone: 613-591-8966, Fax: 613-591-8967, splante@visualeyes.ca

John Sandeman, Videocam Productions
Complete Digital Broadcast Production and Post Production Packages, including double ender kits and live hits on microwave, sattellite and fibre. www.videocamproductions.com
Gear: Digital Betacam Sony 700 series Betacam HDTV on request
223 Rebecca St. Suite 25, Oakville (Toronto), Ontario, L6K3Y2
phone: 905-849-1719, Fax: 905-337-1579

Michael Levy, Michael Levy Productions
Freelance Videographer/DP (ENG/EFP) Glidecam owner/operator (steadicam)... Credits Include: CBC, ESPN, CMT, Molson, IBM, Ford,...
Hopewell Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M6E 2S2
TEL: 416-783-1906 CELL: 416-543-3035 FAX: 416-256-1978 eMAIL; vidboy97@globalserve.net & vidboy98@hotmail.com WEB SITE: webhome.globalserve.net/vidboy97

Drew Burchett, Battage Communications
Award winning videographer (400a, 600) with over 8 years experience shooting editing ENG/EFP. Clients include BBS(Sunday Edition, CFCN, CFTO, CJOH News), CTV National News, Global News, KingWorld (Inside Edition), WTN (Jane Hawtin Live!, Take 3), CBC(CBOT, Newsworld). Corporate clients include AE Lepage, Regional Municipality of Ottawa Carleton, Corel systems, and others.
9925 Jasper Ave Suite 2307, Edmonton Alberta, T5J 2X5
phone: (403) 908 1105, cf735@freenet.toronto.on.ca

Paul Poirier, Freelancer
Full broadcast studio/field production. Multicamera Betacam SP studio/field. Satellite uplinks/downlinks or fibre out of province. Double-enders, a/b roll interformat editing and duplication, standards conversion, screening, ROSS 24 input switcher, on/off line editing, nonlinear. CBC CTV EBU PRIME DOME TSN NEWSWORLD ATV ASN G7 ...Full crews covering Atlantic Canada and beyond. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Suite #1, 272 St. George Boulevard, Halifax, Nova Scotia
phone: (902) 835-7299, Fax: (902) 835-7299, PaulPoirier@gmail.com

Mike Parsons, Michael Parsons Productions Inc.
Full HD/BCSP Production Packages (HDX 900,HDW-F900,D600,BVW570IS). Broadcast and corporate. 30 years experience as a working cameraman. Miles of credits nationally and internationally. CBC, NBC, BBC, Bravo, Discovery, HGTV, History Channel, TV5 France, TBS Japan, etc.etc. Ottawa/Montreal. Call or Email me for more details.
Gear: HDX 900, HDW-F900, D600, BVW570IS
Ottawa, Ontario, K1M2H9
613-558-2665, mpprodinc@gmail.com

Patrick J.C. Doyle, OPTICALLY Artistic VIDEO Ltd
Professional Video productions for Broadcast, documentary and corporate. Whether you are developing a pilot for television, a music video, or launching a new product or promotion, we can help. We have 8 years of broadcast experience. Give us a call.
#406-7 Vimy Ave, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3M 4P9
phone: (902) 471-3967, Fax: (902) 443-4741, oav@supercity.ns.ca

Paul Neal, worldcam
Lighting cameraman with twenty-five years experience in broadcast and corporate television production.
Gear: Sony F5, Canon C300, Panasonic HDX900 w/Nanoflash, GoPro Hero 4 Black, LitePanels, Kino Flo Divas,  Arris Fresnels and HMI, Sachtler Video 20P, EF lenses, B4 Canon 4.7 x 13, Canon 8x16, sliders, monitors and more.  Access to Prompters, Studio and crew.

randy krahn
phone: 416 336 2927

Paul Steinberg, Field Cameraman
Betacam SP owner/operator. News, National Sports, Promotional and Corporate productions. Comprehensive lighting package. For complete equipment list and booking info see http://www.interlog.com/~pstein/cameraman
#326-108 Goodwood Park Court, Toronto, ON
416.690.9279, pstein@interlog.com

Pierre Fournier, Connections Productions
Cameraman-Editor,experience on discreet logic edit(D-Vision) -Betacam sp and DVC-Pro shooting experience News,documentary and variety background clients include: History Television,CBC,Radio-Canada,TFO,TV5, Tele-7(Romanian Television)
262 Reade,Moncton, New-Brunswick, E1C 6S8
phone: (506)382-9323, Fax: (506)382-3980

Todd Craddock, Todd Craddock
"Life & Times" Terry Fox 1998 "Life & Times " Tony and Phil Esposito 1999 Discovery Channel " Storm Warning " 1998,1999 Discovery Channel "Sharks of the Golden Triangle"1999
Gear: DVW Sony 700WS switchable. Sony BVW D600 camera. Sony 400A EFP Package 3 ton Lighting ang grip truck, HMI,Tungsen
12237 64 Ave Surrey, BC
phone: 604-506-1477, Fax: 604-502-0885, t_craddock@msn.com

John Collins, J.C. Video Productions Ltd.
Full HD camera service. 35 yrs experience in documentary, series, corporate etc. Works for all US Networks, BBC and Japan. 09 Gemini winner (Canada's Emmy's)
Gear: Panasonic HDX900, Varicam, and PDW800 XDCam. Full Kino Flo Kit. Many accessories.
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 839-8350, (604) 987-1665, johncollinsvideo@telus.net

Craig Wadman, Wadman Empire Video
Craig is a freelance muti-media producer, with clients like: SHAW Cablesystems Canada and The Telelatino Broadcast Network. Productions in entertainment pieces, cooking segments, music videos, infomercials, news reports and training videos have come exemplify his work. Keeping his costs at a minimum and his quality at a maximum has become his motto!
Gear: DVC-PRO broadcast digital format camera, Steadi-Cam, non-linear editing suite, lighting with softboxes, all audio requirements necessary.
120 Spruce Ave., Richmond Hill, Ontario
phone: 905-707-0812, wadman@spectranet.ca

Patrick Rowan, Patrick Rowan Productions
location sound recordist with 20 years experience in broadcast film and video productions. Clients include: Entertainment Tonight, Showtime, HBO. CTV Television Network, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, PBS etc.
Gear: Sennheiser Mics, Micron Radio Mics, SQN Mixer ( 4s ) and assorted elements
91 Boulton Avenue Toronto Ontario
phone: 416 4637567

Jon Ritchie, Jon Ritchie Location Sound
Location sound recording for video and film. Full package including Neumann, Shoeps, Sennheiser mics and Micron RFs. Gear: Sennheiser MKH70, Shoeps MK41, Neumann KMR 81i mics. PSC M4 A+ portable mixer, Micron diversity RFs w/ Tram and Sanken lavaliers lavs. boom, windscreens etc...
Vancouver, B.C.
phone: 604-618-2066, jon_ritchie@telus.net, website: http://www3.telus.net/public/a6a47087/

Ian Kerr, Storm Films
Award Winning Film/ Video Director of Photography. Commercial and Documentary specialist. Clients include all Canadian and US networks, NHK, Televisa. Storm Films also provides production management and field production services for out of town clients.
Gear: Sony D600 BetaCam/ Arri SR2, Matte Box and Filtration, Extensive Grip/ Lighting Package, Doorway Dolly.
p.o. box 3913, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3Z4
phone: (604) 307 4198, Fax: (604) 684 9477, stormfilms@hotmail.com

Peter Warren, Peter Warren Videographer
International award winning videographer with fifteen years experience as a lighting cameraman. Clients include ABC World News Tonight, CNN, Reuters (Washington), NHK Tokyo and numerous other news organizations. D.O.P. for shows on Discovery Channel, History Channel and all of the Canadian networks. Many corporate and Industrial videos. Complete c.v. can be found on my web site at www.magma.ca/~pwarren
Gear: Coplete lighting and grip package can be found on my web site at www.magma.ca/~pwarren I use a Sony Betacam 400 or 600
7-249 Garneau St. Ottawa, Ontario, K1L 7T7
phone: (613)748-5997, pwarren@magma.ca

Dennis Allen, Dennis Allen Productions
Complete Video Production photography, scripting, editing
Gear: beta cam, ampex cvc50, cvr5, sound package, media 100 non linear editing, voice overs
#405, 5303-52st, Yellowknife NT, X1A 1V1
phone: (867) 873-6956, Fax: (867) 873-6952, dennis@ssimicro.com

Scott Imler, Saturn Production Services Inc.
We supply top quality camera crews to broadcasters, ad agencies,independent producers,and multi media companies.Our clients include ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX,TBS,CTV,CBC, TSN,etc. Corporate clients include Chevron, Kellogs, Nortel, Sprint Canada, Disney, Revlon, Apple Computers and countless others.
Gear: Our packages are complete and feature Betacam SP 400 and 400A's. Includes a full five light kit with small grip package. All EFP packages contain two wireless systems and Filmtech mixers. We can also supply teleprompter operators grips, and production assistants.Taking care of details is our business. Our crews are fully equipped and ready to travel.
151 Riverstone Close S.E. Calgary, Alberta
phone: 403-203-7666, Fax: 403-203-0353, saturn@cadvision.com

Rene J. Collins, Collinscraft Canada
7 Lighting/Cameraman in film and television with 20+ years production experience; Drama, documentary, CBC national and regional news, public affairs, commercials, light entertainment, CBC Sports. AMPIA and Can-pro awards. 7 Experience in High Definition Television, 35mm and 16mm motion film production training with Kodak & I.A.T.S.E. local 669 second assistant trainee program; Movies of the Week, feature films, comedy television series. 7 Associate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers and full member of the international Guild of Television Cameramen. Creator and manufacturer of the Red Eye wide angle adaptor, special effect lenses and filters.
Gear: 400A, D-30 wide screen, BVW 300 with clear scan Sachtler tripod Arri light kit Prodcution monitor Tram mics Various support gear for sound and lighting Unique selection of specialy video effect lenses, "swing shift",distortion enhancement and Red Eye wide angle adapters Various filters 7 pasanger 98 GMC Venture mini van
P.O. Box 160, Carstairs, Alberta
phone: 1 403 815-9844, Fax: 1 403 337-3387, rene@collinscraft.com

Blair Laframboise, Dragon Fire Enterprises Inc.
Bilingual (english and french) with over 17 years broadcast experience as location sound recordist, eng/efp camera, editing.
Gear: Sound equipment includes; FP33, sennheiser and sony mics.
6227 Tealwood Place Orleans (Ottawa) Ontario K1C 7K1
phone: 613-834-5581, Fax: 613-834-9267, drgnfire@cyberus.ca

Eric Fitz, Fitz Sound Inc.
Location sound recording for film and video. 13 yrs exp. in all types of production; feature drama and series to documentary and current affairs. CANADIAN & AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP.
Gear: HHB DAT, Nagra TC, Sennheiser...all the best gear.
118 Kingston Rd. TORONTO, ON M4L 1S7
phone: 416 698 8428, misfit@interlog.com

Dennis Rindsem, CamerAction
Video & Film - Corporate, Documentaries, & Current Affairs including large format.
Gear: Sony Beta 70 IS with 5 back - usual lighting kit, tripod, monitor etc.
78 Gatesview Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M1J 3G5
phone: 416 269-8965, Fax: 416 269-5401, rindsem@globalserve.net

Philippe Mercier, Audiophile inc.
Montrial based Location sound recordist, works in film and video projects.
Gear: High end audio gear, HHB time code DAT recorder, Cooper mixer, audio Ltd.wireless system / sanken mics MKH60 boom microphone with all accessories and cargo cases to service every film and video projects around the world.
3670 Marius Dufresne, Montreal, H2L 4A5
phone: 514-993-8600, phil@audiophile.tv, www.audiophile.tv

Ian Matheson, Ian G. Matheson Inc.
Cameraman / d.o.p. in Calgary, Alberta. Betacam, 16mm & 35mm production. IATSE 669 camera operator. Recent productions for History Channel, CBC `Life & Times', CTV Sportsnet. Corporate shooting for Canadian Airlines. National t.v. spot for "Subway".
Gear: Ickegami HL-45w 4:3 / 16:9 digital betacam docked with BVV-5 beta sp recorder. Full EFP package with lighting, 2 Chimera soft boxes, quick dolly, etc.
960 Lake Arrow Way S.E., Calgary, Alberta
phone: (403) 278-5033, Fax: (403) 278-5033, ianmat@telusvelocity.net

George Hupka, Downstream Pictures
Experienced Director/Cameraman (HD, 16 & 35mm) with extensive documentary, broadcast, commercial and corporate credits. Clients include National Film Board, BBC, CBC, CTV, ABC, CBS, Discovery Channel, Life Network, TSN, Sportsnet, and more.
Gear: F-900R HDCAM, XDCAM-HD 700, Red One, SI-2K, EX-1, DSR-450 DVCAM, BVW-D600 Betacams, POV cameras. Fujinon, Zeiss & UniQoptics lenses. All video cameras have Chrosziel matte boxes, Sachtler tripods & Micro-Force zoom remotes. Arri 35BL4 35mm, JimmyJib Triangle w/Dutch & film kit, Dolly, Steadicam SK, Tungsten & HMI lighting, KinoFlos, Cooper & 442 mixers, Lectrosonics wireless, lots of accessories!
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
306-933-4995, 306-933-4985, george@downstream.ca, www.downstream.ca

David Chittick, insync communications
Pre and Post production. Predominately fund development and educational videos and films. However, commercials and info-mercials are also produced.
Gear: D-30 and 537 camera with PVV-1 back Arriflex BL and S
2331-23 Street, N.W., Calgary,Alberta, T2M 3Y1
phone: (403) 282-2639, Fax: (403) 270-0431,insync.ltd@home.com

Kelly Wolfert, Keen Eye Productions Inc.
Award winning Cinematographer. Alberta and B.C. Experienced internationally in production of documentary and Lifestyle Series. Sports/Entertainment and Commercial/Corporate. Clients include all North American Networks, Nat Geo, BBC, Discovery International, Aussie Networks and Several Asian and European clients as well. We are always up-to-date and own almost every current camera used for digital cinematography. Local in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Whistler. Several crews. www.keeneye.com
Gear: Sony Betacam D35-PVV3 recorder, Panasonic HVX200, HDX900, SDX900, RED One, Sony XDCAM HD 700
780.988.5900, 888.898.2067, kelly@keeneye.com , www.keeneye.com

Lisa Fryklund, Fryklund Cinematography Inc
Style and Substance. LisaFryklund has over 22 years experience in broadcast documentaries,
commercials, corporate video, sports, music videos and multi-camera events. Good Morning America, CBC Newsworld, CTV, BBC, Discovery, Life, Food, HGTV, History Television, CMT, Outdoor Life, ZDF, Fox. Extensive international experience. On-line resume (www.fryklund.com)and demo tape available.
Gear: Sony BVP-550 digital camera (900 lines res.), Sony BVV-5 recorder, Panasonic, SDX-900. Any
camera formant accessible. Fully equipped full size van with 4 light kits, monitors, playback,
filter package, dolley and wireless audio. Can supply sound recordists, production asssitants,
directors and other camerapersons. Steadicam, jib-arm, teleprompter, gyro-lens and film cameras also avialable.
CALGARY, Alberta
phone: 1-403-261-6626, Fax: 1-262-5604 ,
lisa@fryklund.comwebsite: www.fryklund.com

Igal Petel, Sonex professional audio services inc.
Sonex provides location audio services for film and video productions.Igal, Mike and Sean provide services in both Toronto and Calgary.
Gear: 4 input mixers, Digital Wireless systems, Comtek, etc..
Toronto, Ontario
(647) 654-3325, igal@sonex.com, www.sonex.com

David W. Scott, Mythic Pictures Limited
ENG/Doc Shooting, Full Post Facilities, Cyclorama Studio. Broadcast in U.S., France, China and Kuwait. Projects with PBS, TSN, CBC.
Gear: PANASONIC AJD-400 Package (DVCPRO) Lavs, Boom, Eng Light Pkg Full Post Facility with transfers to Digi-Beta, BetaSP, 1", 3/4"SP, Large-volume duplication to VHS. Linear and Non-linear suites. Studio facilities with Greenscreen cyclorama and talent lounge.
629 Eastern Avenue, Studio 13, Toronto, Ontario, M4M 1E4
phone: 416-469-4807, Fax: 416-405-9941, production@mythicpictures.com

Kevin Mills, Glass14
Full Service BetacamSP and D-Beta Packages available. Full compliment of Lights, and Sound. Regular Clients include, Discovery Channel, CNBC, ABC and CBC. Senior Field Producer also available. Please call for past client-sheet. If you need to edit, please consider our new Avid suite located at the new Paramount studio in Vancouver.
Gear: Sony DXC-D30 Betacam with PVV-3. Sony radio mics, Chimeras, Sinnhiezer shotgun mics. Wide angle lens. Petroff matte box with filters + many more extras. Complete edit suite with PVW-2800 and BVW-75.
Vancouver, British Columbia
phone: 1-604-760-6401, Fax: 1-604-929-5412, BCTV@ISTAR.CA

ARick Bremness, Polar Bear Entertainment Inc.
Production services Camera / Director of Photography / Betacam specialist Over 15 years of broadcast experience with extensive credit list. Our business is providing top quality hassle free service for producers, Customer Service is key for us, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Visit our web site for more details.
Gear: Our basic BetacamSP package includes: Sony D30 CCD Betacam SP camera BVP3 back Matte box with filters AKG shotgun microphone, Sony ecm77, PSC millimic lapel microphone Satchler 20 II fluid head, 3 stage carbonfiber tripod, 4 fixture lighting kit with soft boxUmbrellas, reflectors, grip clamps etc. Other Equipment:Sony field monitor, Sony XC 999 P.O.V.Camera, Gentner Double Ender Kit
4144 Ramsay Road, Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5R2
phone: 780-988-6397, Fax: 780-438-4054, rick@polarbear.ca, http://www.polarbear.ca

Daryl Gray, GrayCam Productions Inc
Production/camera services located in Fredericton, New Brunswick serving Eastern Canada. Documentary producer/cameraman/editor at CBC for 24 years. Also shot for BBC, PBS, CTV, History Television, Discovery, WTN. Credits include 26 episodes of World's Greatest Spas, Oceans of Mystery and Stories From Pier 21. www.graycam.com
Gear: Sony DXC-D30WS camera (4:3-16:9), PVV-3 SP recorder, Sachtler Tripod, Strand and Arri Lights, Chimeras, Lectrosonic Dual Diversity RF, Tram mics
26 Lewis Dr, Island View, New Brunswick, E3E 1A1
phone: 506-474-3849, daryl@graycam.com

Jeff Henschel, RoomTone Productions
Location Sound for Film/Video documentaries, sports and corporate
Gear: EFP and Nagra Field Package
North Vancouver BC V7P 3G2
phone: (604) 618-5333, Fax: (604) 984-1293, roomtone@axion.net

David Sidney, SidPhoto
"Images with an edge!" Specializing in contract assignments world-wide. Freehand is my forte. Hands on skill in all production aspects. Ten Years experience
Gear: Each assignment brings with it the necessary format and equipment to competently deliver your product. Most clients are very pleased with the images captured on the SONY D30 digital camera with a PVV-3 BetaSP back I use. It is a good camera for the moderate budgets. Graphite sticks, sony UHF wireless, etc.
777 Woodcrest Blvd. London, Ontario N6K 1P8
phone: 519-471-1773, Fax: 519-4718273, Sidphoto@hotmail.com

Suresh Rohin, East-West Productions
I shoot in Film as well as Video. My strongest asset is lighting. Speak French and English. Clients are CBC, BBC, Star TV, CTV, NBC, etc. I have shot several Commercials as well. Have travelled world wide.
Gear: I have Sony 600 with lots of lights including HMI's. I have a remote crane which goes up to 22 feet.
1782 Midland Av.. Toronto. M1P 3C2.
phone: 416-402 6563, Fax: 416=615 0800, srohin@yahoo.com

Robert G. Guertin, Communication Concepts Limited
Fully equiped with Topside and Underwater Betacam SP and Shure field audio package. Specializing in NATURE, TOPSIDE AND UNDERWATER Documentary, Dramas, Commercials, Corporate. Clients include, National Geographic, The South African Police Commission, The Canadian International Development Agency, NBC, TSN, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The National Film Board of Canada, The Discovery Channel. Ready and willing to travel worldwide. Visit our websight at: www.underwatervideography.com
Gear: -Betacam 537A with Betacam SP back. -Assortment of lenses from fisheye to extreme telephoto -Shure Audio Package and Parabolic microphone system -UNDERWATER HOUSING for above Betacam SP Camera Package -25ft Jimmy Jib with remote head -Mathews track and dolly -Chimera Light banks -Complete portable scanning system (for documenting photos and text documents) -Speed Razor non linear editing system 32 Glenalva Court, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2W 4P5
phone: 1-902-456-9956, Fax: 1-902-435-7687, robert@underwatervideography.com

Gerald Labrecque, G.L. Footprints Video Production Inc.
I'm the producer/cameraman of G.L.Footprints Video Prod. and for Canada 3000 Airlines Ltd.in Vancouver.I can travel free, me & all the production gear almost everywhere with no border problem. Specialize in broadcastquality documentary, outdoor, wilderness&wildlife videography. Clients are Canada 3000 Airlines, CBC (french/english news),Global, Rogers cable, Weather network, Ameriquimage,BTV, Showmaster prod.,TVA, Production Rivard. I have also a large bank of stock footage of Canada(coast to coast) Hawaiian islands, east coast Australia, Iceland,etc..
Gear: Sony Camera Betacam SP, DXC 537 / PVV1 • Canon lens J15 x 9.5b with 2X extender • Fujinon lens A8.5 X 5.5 BVM-28, super wide TV zoom. • Microphone Sennheizer wireless SK 50 uhf / EK 4015 • Sony lavalier mic. • Betacam SP player/ recorder deck UVW-1800 Sony • Tripod, lights, monopode, battery belt + 16 x NP-15 battery, monitor, special truck & car attachment for filming inside or outside the vehicle in movement.
16133 9th.avenue Surrey British Colombia V4A 1A5
phone: 604 725-0459, Fax: 604 541-9458, glfootprints@hotmail.com

Dave Smith, Dave Smith Cameraman Ltd.
Based in Toronto and travelling worldwide, Dave has been shooting for over 25 years. He works with independent and network producers from all over N. America. The recipient of several festival awards, Dave is known for his lighting and consistent picture quality. His credits span the spectrum; documentary, lifestyle, reality tv, medical, travel, aerial, celebrity interviews, sports, how-to, drama, corporate, and training. Please visit us at: www.davesmithcameraman.com
Gear: Sony PMW EX3 HD camera, Sony D50WS Betacam camera. Sony DXC50WS DVCAM camera. 2 monitors, matte box, filters, wide eye, Sachtler tripod. Lighting; 125 to 1000 watts, 4 Bank Diva lite, Chimera soft boxes, gels, grip equipment.
Toronto, Ontario
416-587-1372, dave@davesmithcameraman.com,

Douglas Munro C.S.C., DMCI/HDTV Productions Inc.
Over 20 years of motion picture and electronic cinematography experience. Emmy Awarding winning credits. Production and Post Productions services to broadcast and corporate clients worldwide in BetacamSp and High Definition HDCAM. Check out our websites: www.cameras.org and www.hdtvproductions.com Toll Free: 1-888-WE SHOOT (937-4668)
Gear: Full BetacamSP BVW400A package and Full HDCAM HDW700A package. Check out our websites for full details.
Bldg B8, Suite 117, 2526 Battleford Ave SW Calgary, Alberta.
Phone: 403 226-3727 Fax: 403-686-8915 E-mail: dmci@cameras.org

Bill Kerrigan, Kerrigan Productions Inc.
Cameraman, DOP / Clients: ABC, BBC, CBC, CBS, CTV, Fox, Global, NBC, NFB, Nickelodeon... / Experience: 20 years in 35 countries, Documentaries, Series, News, Commercials / Can Supply: Crew and NTSC/PAL Equipment .
Gear: Camera: Sony DXCD-30/PVV3, Sony DSR570 DVCam, Sony HVR-Z1 HDV PAL / NTSC, Canon J9aX5.2B4 / Sound: Sound Devices 302 Mixer, Sennheiser,Trams, Lectrosonics Wireless... / Lights: Arri, Chimera, Dedo, Kino Flo, Ianiro, Lowel / Grip Package, Dolly?
Montreal, QUEBEC
phone: 514 486 8456, bill@kerrigan.ca, website: http://www.kerrigan.ca

Arthur Raham, Three-Point Productions
Camera operator, videographer, director of photography, shooter etc. video, film, Hi-Def. Creative and fun to work with.
Gear: BVW-400 and all the toys
Edmonton, Alberta
phone: (780)459-2995, artr@netcom.ca

Carlos A. Esteves
Carlos Esteves csc is a Toronto, Canada based Director of Photography with twenty one years of diversified knowledge in lighting and camera. Experience ranging from corporate, commercials, documentaries, docu-drama to table top. A C.S.C. member.
Gear: Sony BVW 400A w/ Canon 16x8 and 9x5.2 lens. Chrosziel matte box. Tiffen and Schneider 4x4 and 4x5.6 filters. Sachtler Video Plus tripod w/high hat. Double ender kit. Sony HR field monitor. Arri 1K, 650, 300, 150 fresnel lighting kits. Dedo lighting kit. Strand 2K (Blonde). Kino Flo Diva-Lite 400. Chimera banks w/grids.Extensive Matthews, American and Manfrotto grip kit.
Toronto, Ontario
phone: 416-390-6059, website: www.imagesound.ca

Michael Rudenko, Freelance Lighting Cameraman
More than 20 years in industry. Eght years as Senior Cameraman Reuters TV Moscow Bureau(Visnews till 93). Shot for World leading broadcasters such as BBC, CBC, CTV, NBS, CNN,Global/Fox, ZDF, RTL, Sat1, Sky, NOS, RAI and many others. Member of CICA, The Canadian Corporate TV.,STLD(U.K.) Credits in news, documentary, TV drama, sport, music video, corporate and commertials.
Gear: Broadcasting Betacam SP SONY BVP7/BVV5(NTSC) ,Fujinon 8,5-119(x2)grade and others filters, legs, field monitor,sound kit (SONY/Sennheiser)veriety of lights including HMI and DEDO, grip. PAL equipmernt available upon request.
30 Hillsboro Ave , Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1S7
phone: 416 830-5031, Fax: 416 934-1537, mishrud@sturdynet.net

Jeremy Torrie, I.C.E. Productions ltd.
Specializing in electronic cinematography. Commercials, documentaries, music videos, low budget features. Clients include Global, CBC, APTN, PBS, A-Channel. Extensive International experience.
Gear: Gear: HDCAM -HDW-700A, Betacam SX-90WS, Betacam SX-7; full EFP packages for all cameras, including lights, matte boxes, filters, audio, Jimmy Jib, monitors, etc.
200-297 Smith St. Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 1L1
phone: (204) 953-2600, Fax: (204) 953-2610, jeremy@escape.ca

Patrice Puiberneau, Productions Puiberneau Inc.
Visual Story Telling for television Director of photography/cameraman, Located in Montreal Canada. Born in France, speak English 20 years in documentaries, news ENG, short-story. Have traveled through Europe, Asia, USA Have worked for CBS, CBC, Grand Nord, CTV, Radio-Cqanada, TQS, CFCF,Discovery, Life, Documentaries, Series, News.
Gear: Digital Sony DXCD-30, DXC-130 Camera, BVV5 Betacam SP, DSR1 DV back,DP150 DV cam Matte Box, Filters, Softbox Chimera, Sony Playback, Monitor, Full audio kit Trams, shotgun, mixer, Wireless Lectrosonic etc Production Van
phone: 514 767 9782, Fax: 514 767 3941, patviews@aol.com, website: patviews.com

Doug Kerr
ENG/EFP Cameraman based in Vancouver BC Canada. 24 Years experience. Active Video Journalist for a major network. Clients include CBC,CTV,CNN,NBC,TECH TV, and major corporations.
Gear: Sony D35WS switchable 4:3,16:9 camera with Betacam SP PVV3 deck. Cannon Digital Drive Lens. Chroisel Matt Box, Video 20 Tropod, Full light kit with soft boxes, Sony wireless and Sony Lavs , double ender kit.
Vancouver, British Columbia
phone: 604-468-9050, Fax: 604-468-9051, dougkerrvideo@shaw.ca

Tim Haid, Tim Haid Enterprises
All aspects of "EFP" sound recording, News, scripted material, magazine style interviews. Twenty years experience in broadcast, ten years @ YTV Canada.
Gear: Shure FP32 Stereo mixer + all accessories. Shotgun + wire-less, or DAT available upon request.
54 Weber Dr. Suite 2000, Georgetown, Ont. L7G 1C4
phone: 416-409-9235+905-873-9262, timhaid@hotmail.com

Jan Schabowicz, Tri-visual Productions
Lighting cameraman with decades of experience in film and video.Extensive global traveller-EU,US,CDN passports holder. Broadcast and corporate work range:news,sports,commercials, documentaries,TV-features for DISCOVERY,HBO,TSN,CBC,TVP and FORD,GM,SEARS,BEYER.Member of CICA,DPA.
Gear: Betacam SP(DXC-537A/BVV-5)or industrial Hi-8(EVV-9000)set-up Sachtler 18/carbon legs,tele/wide optics,filters,LCD 5'/7'HR monitors,Sachtler/Lowel lighting,grip,mics(lav,hand,shot).
49 Berl Ave., Toronto,Ontario
phone: 416-460-3010, Fax: same, jans_tvp@msn.com

Simon Paine, Freelance location sound recordist
Location sound recordist based in Ottawa, but i've been on location all across North America. From the Arctic to Texas, From St John's Newfoundland to San Francisco California. Whether it's Times square NY or the Tundra of the Yukon, I can get the sound you need. Specialising in ENG, News magazine and documentaries. I have also done many corporate gigs as well.
Gear: PSC M4 MK2 mixer, Lectrosonics wireless, Sennheiser shotgun mics, Sony lavaliers. I can pretty much cater to any of your audio needs.
920 Gladstone Unit 2, Ottawa, Ontario
phone: 613-791-3508, Simonpaine@yahoo.com

Brian Hart, Advanced Imaging
Located in Northern Ontario, Canada. EFP, Double enders, Live via Bell Fiber Optic. Documentary, industrial, sports. TVOntario, Discovery Channel, Dome Productions, NewsTheatre.
Gear: SONY BVP570 (70 cam,5 back) PVM monitor, 'scope, softlights, dimmers. Senn. shotgun, mixer, 2UHF & 2VHF wireless, 2 telephone hybrids, 4wd Van or Jeep.
P.O. Box 1434, Stn. B, Sudbury, Ontario
phone: 705-688-2380, bhart@nickel.laurentian.ca

James Cowan, MacFarlan Audio
Field Audio and Live Studio tech. EFP sound recordist, Boom and wireless for documentaries. Radio studio production tech. for CBC radio morning show.
Gear: Sennheiser MD480, Shure FP32, Beyer MC.5, AT dual diversity UHF, AKG270, Outland Patch & Gentner telephone hybrids.
P.O. Box 447, Hanmer Ontario
phone: 705-969-9857, macfarlan@sympatico.ca

Marlon Paul, MarProductions
1.Documentaries shot in war torn countries of Rwanada, Sudan, Haiti, the Congo, South Africa and Ugunda. 2. ENG cameraman news and current affairs for various clients including: CTV television; ROB television; CBC television - Toronto, Canada 3. cameraman for lifestyles, entertainment and adventure television series for CTV and LifeNetwork - Alliance Atlantis - Toronto, Canada
Gear: camera - Sony D30 with PVV3 recorder CHROSZIEL matte box Chimera lighting package Sony WRT28 wireless mics x 2 Anton Bauer battery package
Apt. 703, 801 King St. W , Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3C9
phone: 416-364-4125, marlonp@interlog.com

Herb Tyler, Herb Tyler ENG/EFP Inc.
Digital Betacam - 20+ years of network news worldwide... Corporate, Government, Electronik Press Kits (EPK), Exyensive travel in northern Canada, US, South and Central America Clients - ABC World News, Nightline, CBC, CTV, CNN, BBC, Entertainment Tonight, Disney Studios... Rates: full day $850.00, half day: 600.00 Located near nation's capital, 40 miniutes to Cornwall, 1.15 hr to Kindston, 45 min to Brockville, 1.30 Hrs. to Montreal, 3.5 hr. to Toronto
Gear: Sony DXC D-30, Digital Betacam SP, PVV-3 Back Chimera soft kit, Lowels, Peppers, Backdrops & frame Micron wireless
10804 Hulbert Rd, Brinston, Ontario
phone: 613-989-1444, Fax: 613-989-1836, htyler@magma

Alan Stuart Watson, FRAMELINE Productions
Alan Watson is a member of Local 669 I.A.T.S.E. Shoots include video inserts for film and series, EPK's, Commercials, Industrials and Eye Mag. DVD's include K-9 and Slapshot 2. E!,Showtime,E.T.,TV Guide,MTV,CTV,Global,UTV, MSN,CNBC,Discovery,5DTV,ROBTV,C-PAC. Jose and the Pussycats, Undercover,SU2,Andromeda,Dark Angel,Level 9,Smallville, Jeremiah. Experience also includes shooting for internet and documentary content.
Gear: SONY DXCD30WS-SP camera with Canon 20x and Chrosiel matte box. Lectrosonic 190 wireless mics(2), Sennheiser ME66, Sachtler 20P w/HD legs, Mole/Richardson lighting,SONY 9" field monitor, grips, bags, C-stands, flags, scrims, sun gun. Back-up is PD150 DVCAM with wide angle adapter. Other equip. avail. on demand. ALL EQUIPMENT CAPABLE OF 4:3 AND 16:9 formats.
402-7351 Halifax St., Burnaby, B.C. , V5A 4H2
phone: 604-649-9678, Al@AlanStuartWatson.com

Duncan MacFarlane, MACFARLANE Film Prods Ltd
Film and video shooting over 20 years in Toronto region,all across Canada and internationally. Clients include most major Networks,CBC,CTV (W5 over 10 years) ABC,CBS,NBC,MSNBC,A&E,Fox TV,BBC,WB's,everything from entertainment,EPKs',documentary,news sports etc.
Gear: Full BetacamSP 400 (w/clearscan) package,van load of lights and grip equipment etc.
Toronto region
phone: 905-477-8798, Fax: cell 416-712-1125, macfarlaned@sympatico.ca

Scott Fullmer, Snowmotion
Betacam D30ws/PVV3 Various DV CAMERAS Owner Operater From Banff Alberta Have Media 100 Edit Suites In Travel Cases Also Have Photosonics 16mm & 35mm Camera packages Shoot Mostly outdoor Adventure Skiing Snowmobiling Motocross
Gear: Betacam D-30ws/PVV3 VA 500 Playback Adapter Media 100 Edit System Ready to cut on site
phone: 604 932 9865, Fax: 403 760 8780, scott@snowmotion.com, website: http://www.snowmotion.com

Terry Woolf, Lone Woolf TV Production Services
26 years broadcast TV experience ?Documentary Producer/Director ,Shooter,Location sound recordist ?Extensive Arctic, cold weather, remote location and cross-cultural experience. Many awards including Canada's top documentary award, the Gemini. Worked extensively in Canadian Arctic. Worked on docs. in China, Europe, Africa, Greenland. Have gear will travel!
Gear: Camera-Sony BVW 300A SP Betacam (standard 14x 9 BERM Fuji lens with doubler and Fuji A8.5 x5.5BEVM ?28 wide zoom with doubler . 2 stage tripod with Oscar Heiler fluid head . 1 Cinekinetic Cine Saddle camera mount . Lowell 3 light ENG kit . 1 sungun portable light . various gels & diffusers Neumann 81i Shotgun microphone with hi wind Rycote . various boom poles and cables . 4 Sony ecm77 lapel microphones . 2 Tram 50 lapelmicrophones . 1 PZM mirophone . 1 Electrovoice 635A handheld microphone . 1 Sony WRR27A uhf wireless system . 1 AudioTechnica ATW100 uhf diversity wireless system . 1 Shure FP33 stereo portable microphone mixer.Sony BVW 22 Betacam player . Sony PVM 8041Q field video monitor . 2 way FRS handheld communicators . various shipping and field cases . Sony mini disc recorder
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2P2
phone: (867)873-4588, Fax: (867)873-5497, Terry @lonewoolf.com, website: www.lonewoolf.com

Dennis Joyal, Astonishing Picture Factory
Vancouver British Columbia Cameraman 17 yrs experiance in News / Current Events / Docs / Sports / Entertaiment / Corprate...lighting and sound skills...clients.. National Geographic Today, Discovery Ch , CBS, ABC,FOX,CBC,CTV
Gear: Camera package includes Sony D30 Digital SP Betacam..PVV3 backend, Vinten tripod...rf mics...shot gun mics...lighting kit..monitor..ect
Vancouver British Columbia v4a2c3
phone: 1604 5280290, dennisjoyal@hotmail.com

David K. Grant C.A.S. dkg sound
Sound recording and mixing for feature film & TV Clients incude:Paramount Pictures, Alliance Atlantis, Disney, CBC, CFTV, ESPN, NBC, NBA, Sony etc. David K. Grant: sound mixer, 20 years recording, Canadian & Bristish Passports, Toronto Based, Recent Productions include "Going Back" A war film shot in the Pilippines, directed by Sidney Furie, "The Last Debate" a political drama directed by John Badham, "SeaWolf" action adventure shot in Cuba, "Star Stalkers" Documentary LA & NY, Audi TV commercial, For further details see http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0975232/ (Search:David K. Grant)
Gear: Extensive sound packages including HHB timecode DAT's, Slates Micron Wireless, Nueman/Sennhieser/Tram etc microphones, Zepplins, Graffite poles, Comteks, Audio Developments mixers, play back systems, pelican cases ready for travel.
Toronto, Ontario, M6R 2M8
phone: 416 588 7587, Fax: (416) 588-7155, dkg.inc@sympatico.ca, website: www.dkgsound.com

Joe Babcock, Smiling Joe Productions
Location Sound Recordist. No Boundarys--Warner Brothers Nature of Things--CBC Fallout--Roughcuts-CBC Stormwarning--Discovery USA Animal Miracles--PAX, Life Network. Extensive international experience. USA, UK, China, Europe.
Gear: Cooper CS104 4 channel Mixer Sennheiser MKH 50, Sennheiser MKH 60 mics 4 Lectrosonics Diversity Wireless 4 Sanken lavalier mics Comteks
Vancouver, British Columbia
phone: 604 895 9392, smilingjoeproductions@hotmail.com

Richard Games, Richard Games Cinematography
Award winning cinematographer/editor with over 17 years experience with national and international television networks. Recent credits: Spirit in her Voice (Arts and Entertainment - Production manager, 2nd unit dp, and show editor) - 70 minutes CBC TV Canada, B&B Dream (assoc. producer, production manager, 2nd unit dp and show editor - 1 hour) HGTV Canada, Paradise in Peril (1 hour) - CBC TV Canada, Lorie Kane Skins (all portions for the US broadcast) Oxygen Network USA The Seal Hunt (20 min) - ProSeiben Germany, Prince Edward Island (1 hour) - CTV Canada. Member: Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC), National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), Canadian Independant Camera Association (CICA), and IATSE 667.
Gear: Sony Betacam SP 400 camera, Avid on-line broadcast edit suite, Betacam VTR's (3), Micron wirelesses, Lowell lighting, large and medium sized softboxes, Neumann shotgun mics, Sachtler tripod, Tram lav mics, Avenger grip equipment and two Avid portable viewing/logging systems.
Victoria, British Columbia
phone: 250 383 5922, Fax: 250 383 0795, richard@saltwater.ca, website: www.saltwater.ca/richard

Neil Scott, The Edge Cinematography
We provide complete camera packages with professional crews, for ENG/EFP productions. The Edge equipment packages are designed to give you creative flexibility, and maintained to deliver total reliability. Shoot XDCAM, Betacam SP in 4:3 or 16:9, or High-Definition. For your best shot in Western Canada… Take it to The Edge.
Gear: (2) Sony PDW-530 XDCAM complete shooting packagages with sound and lighting; (2)Sony DXC-D30/PVV-3, complete shooting packages with sound and lighting; (1)Sony DSR-PD150, complete shooting package with sound and lighting; Dedolights; 200w HMI; Fujinon A12x6.8 wide angle zoom; Canon WA-80II wide angle zoom thru adaptor; Canon J14A X 17B KRS-V Image Stabilizing Lens. The Edge also has full pre and post-production facilities to handle your project from concept to completion.
(403) 277-3893, information@edgecine.com, website: www.edgecine.com

Mike Sanders, Location Sound
Soundman with great attitude working in broadcast and corporate video.
Gear: Filmtech 4 channel mixer, 2 Neuman shotgun microphones, 3 Micron wireless mic's, Sanken lav's and other various equipment.
phone: 416-200-7932, mfsanders@hotmail.com

Michel Villeneuve, Mc.V productions Inc.
15 years experience, Shooting Docs, Commercials, Promo's and current events. Shooting In HDTV, Digital Beta, and Beta SP. Own Grip Package truck. 416 606 6602
Gear: HDTV, D-600 sony, and Grip package truck.
Toronto Ontario
phone: 416 606 6602, longlens@rogers.com

Chris Aikenhead, Moon River Productions
Over 30 years in film and TV as location sound recordist; also extensive credits as producer, director, writer, and editor on more than 150 documentaries, dramas, and educational programs.
Gear: Complete location audio package including Nagra, Sony DAT, PSC M4 mixer, Neumann mics, Lectrosonics RF, etc.
4024 Cambridge Street, Burnaby, British Columbia V5C 1G7
phone: 604.677.8000, Fax: 604.677.8001, cda@telus.net

kevin shepit
Producer / Cameraman Owner operator Documentaries Sports Reality Commercials Corporates
Gear: Sony D-30 with a PVV3 back.
Squamish B.C. V1A 1W7
phone: 604-905-8587, kevin@shepit.com, website: www.shepit.com

Ron Kolumbus, Cameraman/DP
A well seasoned traveller with over 15 years experience creating and capturing images. TV Series include: `High Point Casinos', `Taste of Life' and`Drifters'; as well as News, Sports and Current Affairs, including Inside Edition, The Oprah Show, and over 400 Corporate and Industrial productions.
Gear: Sony D-30 Betacam SP Camera, monitor, wireless mics, fluid head tripod, a large compliment of lights (15), jib and supporting grip equipment, as well as a variety of smaller format DV cameras and 16 mm motion picture camera.
Toronto, Ontario
phone: 416-518-0254, Fax: 905-829-9992, kolumbus@sympatico.ca

Joe Finlan
Specializing in location sound recording services for Documentary, Televison, EFP, and corporate/industrial shoots. Over 20 years experience. Extensive national and international experience - have worked in over 20 different countries worldwide. Recent TV/Doc projects: Foodies, FANatical, Road Hockey Rumble - Season 1, Highpoint Casinos of the World, Mission: Adventure, Drifters, Taste of Life, 1st Scientists, Bear Crimes, Eating Wild, The Nut.
Gear: Sound Devices 442 and Mackie 1604 mixers. Zoom H2 recorder. Mics by AKG(shotguns/hypercards), Scheops (shotgun), Sanken (boundary, lavs), Shure (dynamic), Countryman, Sony, Lectrosonics (lavs). UHF wireless systems by Lectrosonics. Comtek 216 system. Lots of ancillary gear.
London, Ontario
519-433-2045/519-280-0777 (cell), joefinlan@bellnet.ca

Stephen Adamcryck, Stephen Adamcryck Productions
Over 20 years world wide experience network documentaries/TV series. CV demo tape on request Based in Niagara region. Quick access to Toronto or US
Gear: Sony DSR-570 Package Full Audio and Lighting Sony Betacam SP Package
phone: 416 520 2747, ridgefilms@sympatico.ca

Dean Brousseau
Dean is a Cinematographer with over 20 years experience in 35mm, 16mm, digital video and Hi Def, shooting on Dramas, Docs and Commercials. Dean has experience shooting throughout the world and lives in Atlantic Canada, which offers great location opportunities and professional support to productions. Visit his website gallery to view video clips which will say more than words about the quality of work he will provide. In bringing your project to completion Dean only works with the best Atlantic Canadian video and film crews available.
Gear: DXC D-30WS Digital Camera (switchable 4:3/16:9) Including a PVV-3 Betacam Metal Recorder, Petroff Matte box and 12 Tiffen 4x4 filters
Sacthler tripod 7 x 7 & Hi Hat. Sony PVM 8042-Q Broadcast field Monitor AC/DC (4:3/16:9) Dedo x 4 light kit Chimera with 1k Broad Light & Lightools egg crate 1k Desisti Fresnel X 2 .500w ellipsoidal (leiko M type pattern projectors X 2-650w Strand open face cans. I also have a field audio kit as follows: PSC M4A 4 channel/stereo portable field mixer. Sony MDR V600 Headphones. Sony UHF wireless mic system. Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic complete with 12 ft. boom pole, zeppelin, shock mount and wind jammer.
phone: 902 456 2794, Fax: 902 850 2122, deanbrousseau@hfx.eastlink.ca, website: www.DBCine.ca

Paul Toth, Advance Media Inc.
Full Service Videography, Editing & Duplication. Clients range from MTV, ABC, WWE, CTV, CBC, corporate and more.
Gear: BVW400a SP camera package with wireless mics, lighting and more. 2 Avid Suites as well.
Calgary, Alberta
phone: 877-249-0601 or 403-249-0601, paul.toth@editsuite.ca, website: www.AdvanceMedia.ca

Martin Corley, Corley-Graham Communications Inc.
25 yrs Lighting Cameraman, Jimmy Jib owner Op.
Gear: Complete EFP Pkg, Panasonic DVC Pro AJD700 (or any other camera desired) Lights, sound and grip gear. Jimmy Jib from 6'to 30', Dutch Head and film stuff. Avid with editor.
Victoria/Vancouver BC
phone: 604 202 0635, corleys@shaw.ca

SAW Video Members, SAW Video
SAW Video is a independent video co-op based in Ottawa Canada we have many talented individules will to work on shoots or editing etc.
Gear: Canon XL1 Mini DV, Panasonic DVX100 Mini DV, Panasonic PVDV953 Mini DV, Sony DSR300 DVCAM, ony PC-101 1 chip Mini DV, Sony PD150 Mini DV, Sony UVW100 Betacam SP, Boom pole, Handheld microphone, Lavelier microphone, Shotgun microphone, mixer, Wireless microphone, Field Monitor, light kit
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 7B9
phone: 613 238-7648, james@sawvideo.com, website: http://www.sawvideo.com

Jim McKinlay, Workship Productions
Over 30 years in corporate Film and Video. International shoots a specialty, support contacts world-wide. Lead Director/Cameraman for Johnson & Johnson's "Workforce of the Future"... 8 weeks of North American and International shooting with over 300 interviews recorded. Please call for further references.
Gear: Equipment consists of SONY DSR-570 WS, Anton-Bauer power, SONY monitoring, Arriflex, Chimera and Lowel lighting, Sennheiser and Tram audio recording.
Toronto, Ontario, M1N 1A5
phone: 514.242.9906, Fax: 416.694.9141, Jimck@workship.tv

Roger Williams, Image Pacific Communications Inc.
Complete production services for broadcast and independent production
Gear: HD-F900, Digibetacam, BetaSP, Analog and SDI multi camera flypacks, 30'analog mobile. Support gear, Jib,
Vancouver,B.C. V6A 1J6
phone: 604-874-7513, Fax: 604-874-7513, website: www.imagepacific.com

Michael Doherty, Loose Chippings Productions Inc.
Providing Location Sound Recording services, television film, ENG/EFP. Extensive European & N.American travelling experience. -since 1976, film/video editor, sound editor, sound designer, sound recordist, musician/composer -drama, series, documentaries, educational, corporate, sports, commercials -clients include: CBC,CTV,Global,TVO,NHK,JTV,NBC,CBS Sports,20/20,ABC,Disney,Christian Science Monitor,etceteras
Gear: SQN-4S mixer, Micron Rcvrs/Trxrs, Sennheiser 416's & 816, Rychote grips, suspensions, blimps, covers, Tram lavaliers, VDB-L boompole, cases galore for travel
Vancouver, BC V6R 1V7,
phone: 604 812 5759 (messages), loosechippings@telus.net

Ken Lee, Location ENG Sound
Location Film and Video Sound. Over 25 yrs experience. US, Canadian and EEC passports all valid. Member IATSE 891 and BECTU (UK) For clients please see resume at www.cyberspace.org/~kudu/cv.htm. I also worked in the UK film industry for 16 yrs, clients BBC, CH4, Anglia, Yorkshire, amongst some and many freelance indy clients. I have worked every area going from Location Mixing and Booming on features, commercials, docs, corps, rock videos, freebies NO-LO's and some sound editing and post dubbing! My brother is a picture editor and my father a sound mixer also!! its in the blood! So standing by and ready to go!
Gear: PSC M4A Mixer 4:2 w/headphones, Short VDB Boom, Sennheiser MKH60 short shotgun mic with rycote etc, 4 Lectro 190's w/ Sanken 101 mics, clips etc. Breakaway cables for various camera configs. and adapters etc. Can back up to MiniDisc and digitize and email to post for transcription purposes
Roberts, WA, USA and Vancouver
phone: 604-339-0759,

Fax: 206-338-5721, kudu100@juno.com, website: www.cyberspace.org/~kudu/cv.htm

Sergei Bodic, Bodic Media International
Lighting cameraman/editor with 22 years experience in documentary,drama,tv-magazine and sports. Extensive travel and experience on all continents. Language: English,Serbo- Croatian,Macedonian and some Russian.Clients include ABC,CNN CBC,TVO,CTV and RTS.I am based in Toronto.
Gear: Camera gear:DSR-570WSL Sony DVCAM c/w CANON J16ax8wrs broadcast lens, BVW-400A SONY Betacam SP,Sachtler tripod(1800 head),Audio-mixer,Radio mics,Full lighting kit,Sony color monitor etc. EDITING: MEDIA 100 LX NON-LINEAR SYSTEM -c/v DV options,Graffity character generator & Boris FX. -G4/733 Macintosh comp.with 512MB,40GB system drive,2 segate 73GB HD.2-Lacie 19"data monitors,3-Lacie 160GB HD. -DSR-40 DVCAM -Recorder/Player
Mississauga,Ontario, L4Y3T6
phone: 905-282-9950, Fax: 905-282-9950, bodicmediaint@sympatico.ca, website: www.bodicmedia.com

Kelsey W. Smith, East Coast Cine Services Inc.
Kelsey W. Smith DP/Steadicam Operator. Providing great crews and service since 1987.Looking for a Great Crew in Atlantic Canada. Give us a call for a quote on your next project!
Gear: Sony DVW-700WS Digital Betacam with Canon AJ21 x 7.8W Switchable 4 x 3/ 16 x 9 with 2x extender * Chrosziel matte box with siders, eyebrow and follow focus * Various film set-up cards. Sony 537A camera/PVV1-A Beta SP deck with Canon AJ21 x 7.8W * Chrosziel matte box with siders, eyebrow and follow focus. Panasonic DVX-100A 24P * Chrosziel matte box with siders, eyebrow and follow focus. Modified Steadicam Pro.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3Z 1V9
phone: 902-499-3661, eastcoastcine@hfx.eastlink.ca, website: www.eastcoastcine.com

Jamie Ross, WestRock Images
Camera services for docs, commercials, sporting events. Clients include ABC, Fox, CBC, Harpo Productions, Sundance Channel, TSN and many more.
Gear: Gear includes Sony 400A, Panasonic SDX-900, full lighting package and some grip equipment.
Calgary, Alberta, T3L-2M9
phone: 403-816-8243, Fax: 403-282-7905, jamie@westrockimages.com, website: www.westrockimages.com

Bobby May Jr., Arqsaniit Productions Inc.
Professional Video Production in Arctic Quebec, Northern Canada, we rent production equipment, post production facilities, personnel and logistics in the rugged north.
Gear: Sony DSR-570WSL with Canon 19X IF lens, batteries, Vinten Vision 8 tripod. Sony HVR-Z1U HDV Camera, batteries, filters, with Miller DS-10 tripod. Sony DSR-250. Professional field audio equipment. Avid Xpress Pro HD NLE. Please contact us for full details
Arctic Quebec, Northern Canada
phone: 819-964-1802, Fax: 819-964-0825, arqproductions@magma.ca, website: www.arqsaniitproductions.ca

Corby Luke, ENGINEARS.
Enginears is an audio production company providing television production sound recording, audio post-production and music recording expertise. Live music recording, documentary sound and surround sound recording are specialties. High quality, flight ready gear. Great sounding, well equipped Pro Tools edit/mix suite.
Gear: 2 identical doc/efp kits, flight ready or guerrilla style ready. Include Sound Devices 442s, Sanken shotguns, boundry mics and lavs, matched pairs of Neumann mics, Holophone H4 mini (built in surround encoder) Also AKG, Sennheiser and Shure mics. 8 Lectrosonics and Sennheiser tranceivers, wireless composite video transmitter and 2 receivers. 8 pairs high quality headphones, 2 wireless. Complete 16 input, 48 track Protools system in flight cases. Also Mackie/Tascam DA-88 system.
Toronto, Ontario
416-879-6069, corbyluke@sympatico.ca, www.enginears.net

Bill Stampe, Cinepost Films Ltd.
Film and video production - producing, directing, shooting and editing.National and international clients in corporate and commercial production. 23 Years experience
Gear: BetaCam SP 537A, DSR 350 DV Cam, Arrie 16mm BL, Avid express Avid DV. Extensive 35mm Film experience
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
phone: 306 244-788, Fax: 306 244-7799, stampe@cinepostfilms.com, website: www.cinepostfilms.com

Dan Copeland, CD Video
Full broadcast studio/field production. Multicamera Grizly Adams Prodtions and Natural Resourses TV Various Documentaries Corporate and Municipal Productions Tech for Local Cable Station.
Gear: DVCpro 810 Hitach ZoneC/Pvv1 Betacam deck Sony HDV Z1U
Hamilton Ontario L8H 4J9
phone: 905 921 3571, Fax: 905 544 3159,
dan@cdvideo.ca, website: www.cdvideo.ca

Lewis Manne, Zap Productions Ltd
HDCAM Cameraman and Soundman with full ENG, sound and lighting package and HD & SD Online Edit Suite in Toronto Canada
Gear: Sony: HDCAM 730, Sachtler Tripod, Canon: 4.7x11 Lens, Marshall HD monitor, Complete Audio Package, Various Lights
Full Online Editing suite using Final Cut Pro HD with HDCAM(HDW M2000), Digital Betacam(DVW500), and all other formats.
Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1J1
phone: 416-598-3103, Fax: 416-598-9779, lewis@zapproductions.com, website: www.zapproductions.com

Michael Borlace, Kinescope Productions
Extensive experience in Engish and French on films, television, corporate video and commercials shooting in Toronto and Montreal.
Gear: Single system sound package for video and double system time code package for film. Cooper 4 mixer, Yamaha 16 channel mixer, Sennheiser lav mics, Lectrosonics wireless mics, Schoeps hypercardiod mic, Sennheiser shotgun mic, Tascam non linear recorder, Denecki smart slate.
Mississauga, Ontario, L4Z 2X5
(905 272-2612, mborlace@sympatico.ca

Malcolm Soosay, Blow The Mind Prod.
united nations correspondant, and freelance videographer/editor. television, films and documentary. actor, director, screenwriter.
Gear: jvc gy-hd100u and sony vx1000. russian super 16mm camera, sony super 8mm camera's. porta-jib, dolly tracks, monitors and lights. high definition editing suite.
Hobbema, Alberta
780 312-6694, malcolmfilms@hotmail.com, Facebook

David Lai, Visions by David
Award winning videographer and photographer available for worldwide travel. Visit my website for more details.
Gear: Sony DSR500ws DVCAM, Sony Z7U HDV, Sony Z1U HDV. Steadicam Pilot.
416-876-0888, info@visionsbydavid.com, www.visionsbydavid.com

Hamish Hamilton, Hamish Hamilton Photographic
Experienced documentary, live sports, music and series Camera Operator/Producer available in Vancouver and for travel. Specializing in action sports and live event. HD, SD,DV, P2, Firestore.
Gear: From Sony HDW-F900 to Panasonic HVX-200.
Vancouver, BC
604 808 5622, hamish@hamishhamilton.net, www.hamishhamilton.net

Stephen Taylor, Pan West Camera Inc.
Freelance Lighting Cameraman/DOP with 20 years experience in Lifestyle Television and Documentaries, Currently shooting shows for the 'W Network' and CBC. Also experienced in EPK's. Member IATSE 669
Gear: Cameras: Panasonic HDX-900, with full lighting package including 2 4' kinos, Diva and full tungsten kit, 7" HD monitor, Tripod, doorway dolly.
Vancouver, BC.
604 908 2562, steve@sjtaylor.ca, www.sjtaylor.ca

Patrick Brereton, Ear To The Ground Sound Ltd.
Vancouver based location sound recordist. 2009 Gemini Nominee / Two Leo Awards / Five Leo Nominations. 20 years experience with a complete sound package for all location sound requirements. Documentary, series and broadcast shot throughout the world. The Suicide Tourist (CTV Doc), The Wild Horse Redemption (CBC Doc), Confessions of an Innocent Man (CTV Doc).
Gear: Cooper CS104 mixer, Sennheiser MKH 50 and 60 microphones. Four Lectrosonic wireless diversity mics with sanken lavaliers. M216 Comtecks.
Vancouver, B.C.
604-805-6567, eartothegroundsound@shaw.ca

Jeff Samiei, Vision Dimension
Bilingual Professional Videographer/Photojournalist with over 15 years of solid experience Shooting for well known News agencies such as BBC,CBC, PBS,...specialized in Front Line News Coverage(Iraq, Lebanon,Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran...), Documentaries, Journalistic Assignment, Etc at Your service. By using our Services you wouldn't need to hire a Local Gide, Translator, Local Connection, and this way you can cut your expenses to one Third..!!! For more Information call :Phone:+1-416-573-2108 or email me at :jsamiei2000@yahoo.ca
Gear: Sony DVCam PD 170, Sony HD Cam,Lav Mic,Light kit,etc.
1-416-573-2108, 416-573-2108, jsamiei2000@yahoo.ca,

Jim Mulleder, Level Horizon Productions
I am currently a full-time freelance ENG camera operator that can operate any format. I have been freelancing for 12 years in the Vancouver area with my own lighting kit. I am an excellent Handheld operator but I also do hard camera. I love to shoot professional sports and live multi-camera music shows. I have some ped. experience in studio.I'd love to talk about your next project.
Gear: Panasonic HDX-900 Sony Ex-3 5 piece light kit and accessories
Vancouver, BC
778.888.4336, levelhorizon@shaw.ca

Alan Watson, Alan Watson Production Services
35 year production experience including sat truck ops and microwave ops; CTV, CBC, Global, BBC, ABC, Entertainment Tonight various industrial and documentary clients
Gear: SONY EX-3, 2 bank Diva kit, 4 head Arri kit, Sachtler support, ME66, Lectrosonic, Tram, Chrosiel Matt Box w/ doors and filters
Chilliwack, BC
778-772-7272, hd@inforapennyinvestments.com,

Ken Hook, 45 Degrees Latitude Digital Filming & Production Co.
45 Degrees Latitude is a full-service video production company that serves the video needs of business and government agencies in Ontario, Canada. Since 2003 we have been producing pro-video for DVD, web and Blu-ray. Equipped to be all-in-one 'run and gun' shooting. Ken Hook is the chief videographer and video editor using a Mac environment but also comfortable with PCs. Recipient of Videomaker Magazine 2009 'Best Educational/Training Video' and award of excellence by Production HUB for 'Best Orientation Video' in 2011. 
Gear: 2 Panasonic HVX200 camcorders, Firestore FS100, Sennheiser shotgun mic, Azden lavalier mics, boom pole, Azden FMX-42 mixer, 96GB of P2 cards, pro-lighting. Ontario
613-336-3211, kenhook@45degreeslatitude.com, http://www.45degreeslatitude.com

Voice Gajic Sound
Production Sound Mixer & Boom Operator out of GTA Ontario. 
Gear: Sound Devices 552 Mixer, Schoeps CMC6 Shot Gun Microphone, Lectrosonics 411/400 series Transmitter & Receivers, DPA 4061 Lav Mics, Ambient Timecode Generator, 9 IFB Comtek and more!
www.VoiceGajic.com   647- 466- 2666

Paul Christopher, Paul Christopher Films
Freelance Sony PMW F3 XDCAM EX owner/operator based on Vancouver Island, CANADA. Commercials, Corprorate Promos, Documentary, Tourism, Drama. Shoot with Discovery Channel, Daily Planet.
Gear: Full interview lighting and professional audio pkg. Highly creative natural storyteller. Gear in pelican cases + flight ready. Please view my work.
Vancouver Island
Phone : 250-850-7000, info@paulchristopherfilms.ca, www.vimeo.com/paulchristopherfilms

Caribbean Islands

David Mansfield, Caribbean Images, Ltd.
Fifteen years experience shooting documentaries specializing in underwater(Ikegami HL 55/Beta SP). Extensive knowledge of the Caribbean Islands and international shooting. Underwater stock footage library of the Caribbean, Florida, Galapagos and other locales such as Bangladesh and Albania. Clients include The Smithsonian Institute, Mobil Oil, National Geographic, Disney as well as numerous domestic and international broadcasters.
Gear: Ikegami HL55/BVV-5 SP recorder Custom made 'Gates' underwater housing Assorted lens Complete gear list on website: www.wrenvideo.com
PO Box 75, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
phone: 212 875-1507, Fax: 212 799-2496,info@wrenvideo.com


Welcome to Berger Associates, a full service Television and Production company established in Santiago, Chile. We offer Broadcast TV video services, Crew Services, Production, field directors producers, journalist.
Sucre 25 85, Santiago
phone: 56-2-2129157, Fax: 56-2-341 41 97, bergertvproductions@vtr.net, website: www.bergertv.cl

Percy Matas, VIDEOSTAR
Santiago - Chile based video crew services. Betacam SP NTSC & PAL. Digi-Beta NTSC. 12 years experience. English & french spoken and written (besides spanish, of course. Prefers to work on 3 person crew basis. May arrange car, plane & boat rentals.
Gear: Sony BVP 537 camcorder, Sachler tripod, Sony 12" monitor, 9 batteries, 4 x 800w Tota type lights with tripods & cables.
phone: 562 278 5904, Fax: 562 278 5904, pmatas@videostar.cl, website: www.videostar.cl

Miguel Marchand
Lighting Cameraman with 4 years of experience in: Documentaries, Commercials, Corporates. Fully trilingual (spanish-english-french).
Gear: Camera: Panasonic HPX170, Canon 7D, Mattebox, Follow focus, Redrock M2 Encore, Nikon Prime lens set, Libec LS55 tripod, 7" Marshall Monitor. Lighting: 575W Coollights Fresnel HMI, 2 Kinoflo Divalite 400, 2 Coollights LED 600 spot 5600k
(56-2) 247 4892 / (56-9) 970 6839, miguel@marchand.cl, www.marchand.cl


David Shadrack Smith
Working in China and throughout Asia...award-winning documentary cameraman and producer available for documentary projects and ENG. Experience includes documentaries for A&E, ARTE, BET, feature documentaries, and five years of shooting in the region for ZDF German Television. Beijing tel: (8610)6532-3575, New York tel: (718)855-5503, E-mail: shady@public.bta.net.cn

Hamdani Milas, Milas Film Productions
Award winning documentary director/cameraman. Based in Hong Kong and fully experienced in 16/35mm film and all video formats. 30 years experience, including 15 years working throughout Asia. Extensive China experience. International TV production and major corporate clients.
Gear: Sony Betacam SP 400A, lights
2/F, 42 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, SAR
phone: (852) 94624580, Fax: (852) 29821841, hmilas@netvigator.com

Shireen Choo
Freelance DP specialises in broadcast & event coverage, drama & Telemovie shoots.
Gear: DVC Pro AJ-D800E (Pal). All other gears available on request.
Singapore 408560
phone: 65-93848285, shirzch@starhub.net.sg

Rajakumar Arevas, Steadican
Freelance lighting cameraman with gear. Over the past 18 years, I have been shooting on film and video media.During my career I have travelled the globe extensively. I have worked in the foremost commercial capitals of the world and operated in the most inaccsesible wildernesses on the planet.My camera work has been featured in documentaries and television programmes produced for international broadcasters, such as the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel, Star Television, Fox, BBC, ABC, EBN and ESPN.I have won several awards for cinematography, including the US Creative Excellence awards. I am fluent in several languages - English, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Tamil and Hokkien (a Chinese dialect). I am based in Singapore and I am available for projects in the region and beyond.
Gear: panasonic Dvcpro50 sony spbetacam Bvw400 sony Dsr570 dvcam sony Dsr500 dvcam sony dsr370 dvcam
phone: 6596771484, arevas@pacific.net.sg , website: http://www.steadican.com

Justin Loh, mediascope productions
sound recordist based in singapore,asia. 8years in the business, work on feature films,corporate videos,tv drama,documentaries..etc. clients incl. discovery ch, mediacorp studios, Emi music singapore..etc.
Gear: filmtech 4 ch and sound devices 302 eng mixer. Lectrosonics 200 series ,sennheiser g2 wireless mics with countryman lavelier mics.K-tek fibre boom pole with sabken cs-1 /cs-3 and sennh 416 shotgun mics
phone: 97600679, justloh@singnet.com.sg , website: www.ukscreen.com/crew/justinloh

Experienced cameraman/editor covering news & current affairs across Asia. Past clients include ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, Nat Geo, The Discovery Channel and many more. Extensive international network experience - including, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.
Gear: Owner/operator with 2 full PAL and NTSC 16:9 Betacam SX camera rigs & widescreen Digibeta plus sound gear, 3 HMI's & plenty of tungsten lights + jib, dolly, edit gear, matte-boxes, filters, wide angle lens & lots of other production toys...
phone: +86-1305-1352-358, Fax: +86-10-856-25173, chrjack@hotmail.com

Lars Hoffmann, China TV Service Co. Ltd.
Our multi-lingual staff hail from all continents of the globe and boast backgrounds in sinology, anthropology, language studies and of course TV and film production. With rich experience in Asia, CTVS staff have been covering main events and breaking news in the region for many years. From the smallest project, to multi-faceted large-scale productions, CTVS offers everything from research and co-ordination to ENG crews, camera personnel, multi-camera set-ups, live broadcasts and tape playouts.
Gear: Camera: PAL: Sony Betacam SP BVW400P ,Betacam SX DNW 90 WSP, Digital Betacam DVW 790 WSP, HDW 750P (HD Cam 50i / 25p) NTSC: Sony Betacam SP DXC30, Betacam SX DNW 70 HDW 750N (HD Cam 60i / 30p) Postproduction: Editing Suite Avid Adrenaline Media Composer 2.7 with connection to MCR and fiber optic. Mobile Editing Avid Adrenaline Media Composer 2.7 with SDI Mojo ready to fly / packed in flightcases Live production: Mobile 5 Camera Flightcase Studio DSNG / KU Band / with 2x Camera DXC-D35WSP with CA-TX7 up to 3 cameras
008613681374926, 00861085324120, hoffmann@chinatvservice.com ,


hola!!!somos un centro de reparacion de camaras de video sony EXCLUSIVAMENTE, tenemos problemas de repuestos por que en bogota (colombia) NO SE ENCUENTRAN TODAS LAS REFERENCIAS les solicitamos colaboracion para esto, al igual que manuales de servicio y por que no, un amigo mas en estas LATITUDES. deseamos que esten muy bien. atte MARYLU GARCIA!!!!
phone:2353598, ingesony@anditel.andinet.lat.net
street: cr 20 62-65, Bogota, Cundinamarca

richard ward, britflick productions
documentaries to music promos and commercials. Show reel available on request Just recently moved from from London England fluent in spanish.
Gear: Sony bvp 7 beta sp camera Ampex recorder and bvw 15 beta sp dt deck digital post production facilities available. 3d visualisation animation-3d max, compositing- combustion.
Medellin cra 71 31 92 Belen Rosales
phone: 311 36 36 210, richworld@blueyonder.co.uk

Costa Rica

Videoproducciones del Istmo, Gordon Durnin
Betacam, production and post, 10+ years in Central America. Fully bi-lingual.
Address: Apdo 480-2350 San Jose, Costa Rica.
gdurnin@sol.racsa.co.cr, (506) 283-7296

Danilo Morales Mora, Gaia Producciones Cine y Video S.A.
Producción de documentales y comerciales en cine o video Elaboracion e guines para documentales y comerciales Edición no-lineal y post-producción y alquiler de equipo Cabina de audio
Gear: camara Betacam sp 400-A Kit luces Arri Microfono sennheiser y Neumann
Apdo 1465-3000 San Jose
phone: (506)231-6059, Fax: (506) 296-3639, gaiaprod@racsa.co.cr

Gustavo Paris, LCA Productions
Production & Production Services (since 1992) for TV Commercials & Documentaries in film (35mm-16mm), video (HD - Digital Betacam) & 2D – 3D animation; also Directors, Still Photography, equipment rental, location scouting and talent
Gear: Digital Betacam Sony DVW700 Aaton LTR 16mm
San Jose, San Jose, 1250
ph: 506-2256-4303, Fax : 506-2256-4306, Cell: 506-88201918, info@lcaproductions.com, website: http://www.lcaproductions.com

Edgar Ulate, CineDigital
20 años de experiencia como freelance en producción de TV, Camarógrafo y editor para noticias (CNN,WTN,Televisa,NRK y otras); 10 años en multimedia, animación y edición no lineal para
comerciales de Taco Bell,Firestone,BATCA SCJhonson y otros.
Gear: Equipo ENG: Camara BetacamSP BVW 400, Tripode Sachtler video 18 Monitor de campo Sony, Luces fresnel ARRI y KINO·s, filtros y matte box Tiffen, micrófono shotgun y lavalier Sennheiser Equipo de edición no lineal Velocity con Betacam SP Sony 1800. Estudio de audio con micrófonos Newmann TLM 103
San José,
phone: (506) 232-8146,
edgaru@racsa.co.cr, website: www.CineDigital.co.cr

Douglas Martin, FilmArte/DAM
High Definition Production Company
Gear: Sony F-900H/Remote control unit/P+S Technik PL Adaptor/Carl Zeiss Kit Lens (16-24-32-50-85-135)/P2 panasonic/2 NLE HD/Jh3 player/HD monitor 9" & 17"
San José
phone: (506) 253-2223, Fax: (506) 253-2223, douglas@filmartedam.com, website: www.filmartedam.com


Stankovic Alan, TV Mreza
phone: 386512303627, Fax: 386512330857

Tedi Brajkovic, INTERMEDIA
clients: Croatia:HTV,NOVA TV,NIT,TV MREZA...; Italy:MEDIASET, RAI,ANTENA 3... ; Germany: PRO 7, MDR ... ; music videos, documentaries, sport features, industrial films, news ...
Gear: camcorders: Betacam SP: JVC KY-27+SONY PVV-3p and SONY 537, Fujinon optical, tripods Sachtler, Sennheiser microphones, wide eye, monitor Sony PVM-9041 QM ; post production: non-linear editing system: MATROX DigiSuite, software: Incite, After effects,Wave lab...,recorders UVW-1800, UVW-1400 ; other equipment: Canare, Tascam ... ; www.inter-media.hr
DRSCEVKA 17b, PAZIN, 52000
phone: ++385 52 625 050 ; ++385 98 254 555, Fax: ++385 52 625 050, inter-media@inter-media.hr

Romulic Mario, Camera, Lighting
Based in Croatia (with easy acces in Bosnia), and travelling worldwide. Worked mainly in Africa, Central Asia and Europe.Shoot for world leading broadcasters such as Reuters, WTN, APTN, CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, NRK, ZDF, ARD, RTL, Sky News, Al Jazeera, ORF, TV Dubai, LINX News and many others. His credits span the spectrum: News, Nature documentary, Travel, Sports, Corporate. Also cover war in Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Rwanda, Kongo, Afghanistan... Feel free to call and discuss CV's and recent clients.
Gear: Cameras BVW-300P, DXC-D30. Sachtler lights and tripods, underwater camerabody, Wide angle lens, Canon Photo Lens FD 600 mm f:4,5 adapted for Betacam, Tiffen filters. Complete edit suite Final Cut Pro with BVW-70P recorder.
Varalja 1, 31327Bilje
phone: +385 (0) 91 1750 421, Fax: + 385 (0) 31 750 421, romulic@os.tel.hr

Boris Kavic, Freelance cameraman
Experiance ex Reuters TV cameraman capable to work under stress and on a short notice.Worked 8 years as Reuters staff cameraman covered wars in Balkan.For past 6 years work on freelance base for Pop TV, CNN, Sky News, SAT 1, TV Tokyo, SVT, NOS, RTL etc.Worked on a hard news and documentaries.Got a licence as proffesional diver. I can work as well as an editor.
Gear: Betacam Sony 300 AP, tripod Sachtler Video 18P,wireles mic. Sachtler light, Pag light. wide angle lens cannon J9,tele lens cannon J21,Sony camera DSR 400,DSR 170,dedolight master kit
phone: +38598388756, Boris_Kavic@hotmail.com


Mac McLean, MacPac Television Productions
MACPAC Television Productions is an independent Cyprus based company that specializes in Corporate, Documentary, Hotel Promotions, Music Videos, Special Events, Travel & Leisure and Sport. We are self-equipped with ‘High Definition’ Cameras and Non-Linear editing facilities. Our specialist teams include Underwater, Aerial and Robotic filming in HD. Since our in inception in 1987, we have provided our Production Services to most of the major broadcasters worldwide including, ABC, ARD, BBC, BFBS, BSkyB, CBC, CBS, Deutsche Welle, Euronews, ITV, NBC, Pro Sieben, RTE, SAT 1, UN TV, VOX TV & ZDF.
Gear: Cameras: Sony EX3, Sony Z7, with Prime Lenses & Matt Boxes supported by comprehensive Sound & Lights packages.
++ 357 22775951, macpac@spidernet.com.cy, www.macpactelevision.com

Czech Republic

John J. Moers
D.P./Camera Operator-18 years experience. Fluent in Czech.New York. Specializing in EPK production on 24p CineAlta. Equipment packages & crews available for worldwide travel. Based in both Prague and the New York area. RECENT CREDITS: "Jumper", "P.S. I Love You", "The Da Vinci Code" CLIENTS: Sony, Fox, Columbia Tristar, Universal, Paramount, DreamWorks, Warner Bros., Miramax, 20th
Century Fox, MGM, CBS, BBC, ET, & MTV.
Gear: Sony F-900 CineAlta, Sony Digital Betacam DVW-790WS (NTSC), DVW-790WSP (PAL)
Prague, Czech Republic and the New York Metro Area
phone: 011 420 602 266 597, CineAltaPrague@aol.com, website: http://www.mandy.com/home.cfm?c=moe00

Michal Krejci
DOP / Lighting cameraman with 28 years of international experience. Production genres: documentaries, documentary drama, corporate, current affairs, commercials, live productions and much more. Clients: National Geographic, Discovery, Travel Channel, Microsoft, Unisys, Accenture, Alcan, Oracle, BBC, CNN, RAI, EBU, ... and others
Gear: Ikegami HL-V55 (PAL)
Prague, 169 00
phone: +420 731 321 299, mk@taylor-film.com,

Jiri Zeiner, Cameraman
Camera Crew for hire. HDCAM, Betacam, DVCAM, NTSC + PAL. Lighting Cameraman.
Gear: Betacam Digital DVW 970WSP, HDCAM HDW-750P, NTSC version also available.
+420 606 55 22 44, produkce@cameraman.cz , www.cameraman.cz.


Mikael Kern, Mikael Kern Film
I am a freelance cameraman and Steadicam owner/operator. I supply HD, DVCPRO, DigiBeta, DVCAM and Betacam crews for all kinds of film, video and TV projects. Also HDV and DV. Mikael Kern Film cooperates with the best freelance crew in town. Production assistance, location scouting, crew services, editing, SNG uplink. Please contact Mikael Kern for availability, quotes, questions or requests. +20 years experience, born 1959, feel young...
Gear: HDX 900 DVCPRO HD camera w/sound and light. Varicam/ HDCAM/ XDCAM/ DV/ DigiBeta on request.
+4540580064, +4540654753, kern@kern.dk, http://www.kern.dk

Adrian Redmond , Channel 6 Television
Lighting cameraman / Director. Mainly documentary and features in Denmark and Nordic countries, Arctic production a sepciality - 15 years experience in Greenland, Alaska, Norway, Polar seas. Anytime, anywhere, anyhow!
Gear: Sony BVP5P / BVP50P / BVP7P with BVV-5 or Sony BVW400AP Arriflex BL16 (with Georg Jensen Sync) all with Vinten support and Arri matte box SQN or Opus sound mixers, Senheisser/Micron wireless Arrix l/w lighting kit + other gear Dolly / Crane / pedestals on stock full VHF/CB communications. Land Rover EFP trucks (various) Full TV studio, audio and post production facilities
Foerlevvej 6 mesing, DK-8660 Skanderborg
phone: +45 86 57 22 66, Fax: +45 86 57 24 46, channel6@post2.tele.dk

Bo Skelmose, Skelmose TV
News, sports, and nature documentaries through 50 years.
Gear: Sony DSR 570WSPL (DVCAM), Panasonic AJ-D910AW DVCPRO 25/50 (16:9), Sony VX1000 underwaterhousing to 30 m. Sony HVR-Z1E in amphibico underwater housing. Mobile editing DVCpro and DVCam. Editing suite with Matrox Axio HD.
phone: +4596488800 +4540378700
av@skelmosetv.dk, website: www.skelmosetv.dk

Procam TV Production
ENG/EFP Camera Crews in Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden.
Gear: Betacam SP PAL, Sony BVW-D600P, BVW-400P, BVW-300AP, DXC-637. Digital Betacam PAL, Sony DVW-700WSP. Home page: www.procam.cjb.net
Istedgade 19, 5th floor, DK-1650 Copenhagen V
phone: +45 33 24 13 11, +46 40-92 65 40, Fax: +46 40-92 65 40, procam@swipnet.se

Casper Thorsøe, Casper Thorsøe Video Production
I have over 20 years experience in the tv-world. I serviced North Europe with eng, efp, sng and ob teams. I have also a pack shoot studio, editing facilities, link feed and a down link centre. Please visit my homepage www.ctvp.com
Gear: Camcorders: Digi Beta - DVW-700wsp, Beta SX - DNW70P, Beta SP BVW400P and other similar cameras from Sony. 6-camera obvan, mobile edit van, digital edit room with GVG4000 mixer and kaleidoscope DV effect.
Amager Strandvej 24, Copenhagen S 2300
phone: +45 3295 1224, Fax: +45 3295 1233, ctvp@ctvp.com

Marcus Skogstrom, carma pictures
Broadcast shooting and editing. News, Sports or Documentary. Need a story shot and edited on location? Avid powered portable editing will make it happen; fast and accurate. Do you need a full crew, or just a cameraman? You'll get what you need, be it SP or Digi, more lights, 1 or 2 cam. Lots of travel experience (i.e. USA, Mexico, Russia, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Europe) Will work anywhere, Scandinavian based. 24 hour contact. 15 Min from Copenhagen, Denmark. Professional quality, fast and accurate.
Gear: Camera: DVCam 130 (DXCD30 WSP + DSR1P) 4:3/16:9 Canon J9, 15X Sound: Sony wirelesses (diversity), Shotgun, Boom, lavs etc. Editing: Avid powered laptop editing, portable deck, 9' Sony monitor hi-rez, wireless video All equipment functions "battery only". basic light package with Chimeras
phone: +46-733 125 800, Fax: +46-733 125 424, marcus@carmapictures.com, website: www.carmapictures.com

Jesper Fjord, Fjord Film
ENG/EFP Production in Denmark
Gear: Camcorders : Sony DVW 700WSP Digital Betacam ? Sony DSR 570 WSP DVCAM with Sound and lighting kit. ? Editing Avid MC 1000. with Digital Betacam DVW 500P and DVCAM DSR 1500P
Aarhus N DK 8200
phone: + 45 87 39 08 38, Fax: + 45 87 39 08 36, jesper@fjordfilm.dk, website: fjordfilm.dk

Rasmus Søndergaard, X-poze
Dokumentary, news, sports, Fashion, corporate movies etc. Filming and editing
Gear: Sony XD-HD Cam pdw 350, Final Cut/ Avid Laptop editing, Full Adrenalin/media composer, Fully equipped van
Copenhagen, 2860
phone: +4520821510, mail@x-poze.dk

Dominican Republic

Pedro Luna, Luna-Pro
Dominican Republic: We carry many broadcast camera including Digi-beta also decks Digital and analog.Satellite systems C,Ku Band
Gear: BVW-400A,BVW-D600,DVW700WS,DSR-130 DXC-537,DXC-637,BVP-70,BVP70IS W/TRIAX AND CCU
Auto pista Duarte # 64 San Francisco De Macoris
phone: 1-809-588-3334, U.S. 201-216-7430, Macanudos@aol.com

Maximo Sanchez, Servicios Multiples de Produciones
Coordinator of Production for commercial of TV and Films, Services of Casting, Manager of Lease, Production of Photographies.
Gear: Camera DVX100-A
José María Heredia #12, Gazcue, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
phone: 809-6710231, smdeproducciones@ejecutivo.com


George Jacob, MovieMedia
Script-to-screen services; documentaries, tvc's, corporates, training etc. crewing and line production for out-of-towners; in-house NLE facilities, gear and personnel. why us? 'cos we deliver and do it in a cost economical fashion!
Gear: SONY 537; SONY 637 with BVV backs. Panasonic DVX-100; DigiBeta also available. 2 Non-linear edit suites DPS Velocity 4-wheel drive 5 seater crew car.
United Arab Emirates
phone: (+971)04 268 3873; (+971)050 625 9504, Fax: (+971)04 268 4090, george@moviemedia.tv, website: www.moviemedia.tv

Eduardo Ferrari, Fuhao FZ-LLC (Advertising Design & Production)
News Reports, Corporates, Sport, shoot and editing on site.
Gear: PDW700, DSR450 & DSR 570, Sony Z1
+971506284986, +97165663062, eferrari@emirates.net.ae , www.wadoferrari.com


adel al dessouky
high film for video production
we are working as video production from 1984 and we made 300 documantry and news film with broadcast experienced and we have www.highfilm.com for our production and we are ready to shoot in egypt and midlest with betacam sp and digtel and dvcam with audio and lighting with exp crewe also we editing
Gear: 3betacam comera pal sony 537abk+digtel betacam pal+Dvcam sony dsr 200+300 and we make editing
12 gornata st roxy cairo
phone: 00202.2580500/0020122152584, Fax: 002024544468

Nader Gohar, Cairo News Company (CNC)
Camera Crew for Film&TV, Production Staff, Filming Permits, Custom clearence, Scouting, Lighting, Grip equipment, and Live transmission from anywhere in Egypt and Middle East, Offices in Lebanon and Jordan.
Gear: Camera Gear Sony DSR 370P. Final Cut Pro Non Linear Editing. Sony DSR-65/75 player recorder/Sony BVE 500 Editor- SX Editing. IGP SNG
4 Al-Galaa Street Maspero-Cairo 11221
phone: +20-2-5762601, Fax: +20-2-5770498, info@caironews.tv, website: www.caironews.tv

Berkane Angelique, APE VIDEO
Apevideo is an underwater video service company based in Egypt.
Gear: Camera Z1 Sony Hight Definition. Gates Housing. Monitor externe. Light Green Force 100 HID
Marsa Alam
phone: 002127438281,


M. Bryan Grimes, Network Five Productions
We offer full production facilities including pre-production, production and post-production. Betacam SP shooting kit comprising of DXC 537.... stock SP tapes.... Non-linear editing We are the only 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year production house in the North-West of England.
P.O. Box 51 Liverpool 69 3EE Merseyside, England
UK - (0151) 255 1335 New Jersey, US - (908) 335 0887
phone: UK - (0151) 255 1338 New Jersey, US - (908) 335 0069

Jon Bunch
Broadcast TV Cameraman for 25 years. Worked in US, Asia, Europe and Australia - now based in South East England. Totally experienced in all forms of television - News, sports (from American and Australian football to athletics, Test cricket and even lawn bowls), drama, music. Studio, OB, ENG, EFP, PSC. Helicopter and hot-air balloon documentaries catered for. Hi-8 and DVC equipped.
5 Fitzwilliam Rd., Bearsted, Kent ME14 4PY,
phone: +44 (0)1622 739364, Fax: +44 (0)1622 739364, JBunchCam@aol.com and Compuserve.com

Mark Slocombe, CreationVideo
DVCAM DSR-130, BetaSP BVW400, Final Cut Pro, Media 100 XR. London-based solutions for global clients. http://www.creationvideo.co.uk
Tel/fax: +44 (0)20 8987 9363 Mobile: 07 889 444 963 UK Enquiries: 0800 731 2945
38 Quick Rd, London W4 2BU, info@creationvideo.co.uk

Nic Small, ShootFirst
Freelance broadcast lighting cameraman with shooting kits and crew. Based in Brighton, on the south coast of England, within reach of London and the south. Experienced in many areas of broadcast television, including documentaries, arts, news, current affairs and sport.
Gear: Ikegami HL-DV7W 16:9/4:3 PAL widescreen switchable DVCAM camcorder kit. Sony D30 PAL camera kit with Betacam SP, DVCAM and DVCPRO (25/50) back-end recorders. Wide angle and standard lenses, lots of lights and tame sound recordists. Jib arm and track & dolly. Kit of minicams and mini-DV cameras with underwater housing. Edit suite and voiceover facilities and mobile editing with laptop. Take a look at my website!
Brighton, East Sussex, BN3 3JQ
phone: +44 1273 772990, Fax: +44 1273 774990, nic@shootfirst.co.uk, website: http://www.shootfirst.co.uk

Paul Thomas, Black Cat Productions Ltd
Broadcast Television and Corporate Video Production, complete range of services from shoot to edit. Betacam SP and DVCPRO camera crews. Non-linear digital editing. Small 4x4 OB Unit with 3x BVP-7A cameras, triax and Betacam SP recording facilities. Uplink facility an option. Based in the South of England covering most of the UK and Europe. Call (+44) 1825 723735
Newick, East Sussex
phone: 01825-723735, Fax: 01242-227765, blackcat@easynet.co.uk

Ridvan Ertug
Own Beta Camera for broadcast news gathering.
1 Aston Way, Potters Bar, Herts EN6 5NT
phone: 44+1707 643 072, 113047.3460@COMPUSERVE.COM

Merv Gagen, Monkshood Television
Freelance Lighting Cameraman kitted with BetaSP PSC and as much more as is needed on request. Has 20 years of UK broadcast television experience. PSC, O/B, Studio, Film - Sport, Drama, Doco, Concert, L/E, N/C/A. Has worked most of europe and much of the Far East. Is a good team member and likes a sense of humour.
King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 3HG
phone: 01553 883360, Fax: 01553 883361, mcg@monktv.demon.co.uk

Tim Exton, Tricky Pictures
Producer/cameraman experienced in news/features work around the world. Clients include Channel 4 and Channel 5 (UK)as well as many major European networks. BetaSP and DV kit available. Full CV/showreel available.
1 Grove Avenue, London W7 3ER
phone: (44) 181 567 1412, Fax: (44) 181 567 1412, tim@trickypictures.com

Martin Kelly
Production Soumd Mixer: Drama & Documentaries worldwide International Standards All formats catered for. Recent Clients: BBC TV, Dreamworks/Pattyson Meadows, A&E (New York),Channel 4 (UK), Channel 5 (UK),SKY TV, Discovery Channel,BT, Polygram FE, Proctor & Gamble.
Gear: Full Documentary & drama Kits Available including DAT Recorder PDR100tc, Diversity Radio Mics RMS 2020's.
6, Allen Mc Auliffe Hse, Approach Road, Bethnal Green, London.E2 9NA
phone: *44 70 500 96 603, Fax: *44 181 980 1419, martinkelly@motionpicturesound.freeserve.co.uk

Jonathan Young, Debrouillard Limited
Experienced documentary cameraman/editor with 35 BBC "Panorama" inc award winning programme credits,"Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends","Louis Theroux Meets.." wide client base - docs,current affairs,corporates,news,lifestyle programmes,US networks.Imaginative and co-operative broadcast television crewing,call for the an ingenious,resourceful and smart answer to your crewing questions.Based in Sheffield,Birmingham and London for crewing anywhere..US "I" class visa
Gear: Full crew,camera kits and Chrysler Grand Voyager vehicles.Sony DVW 790 Digi Betas (PAL),Sony BVW D600 SP cameras (PAL and NTSC),Sony A225 Beta SX laptop edit pack (PAL/NTSC),HHB Timecode DAT kit,lights of lights,Dedo'setc,live OB link talkback kits
74 Ashalnd Road, Sheffield, S7 1RJ
phone: +44 (0)7831 531 416, Fax: +444 (0)114 2200 668, jonathan.y@blueyonder.co.uk

Ron Kennedy, Media Impact Productions Ltd
Freelance Producer/Cameraman/Editor with considerable experience in news and curent affairs, Situated closed to the M25 in SE London.I have my own Avid newscutter which is available to other producers.
Gear: Cameras: Beta SP UVW 100,Beta SP 300 A and DVCAM Sony DSR 200. Avid NewsCutter with 32 Gigs
15 Cradley Road, New Eltham,London SE9 2HD
Mob: +44 (0) 7802 828666, Fax: +44 (0) 7947 799846, Sat: +88 21621131941, ronkennedy@btinternet.com, www.freelance-cameraman.com

Guy Littlemore, Guy Littlemore Lighting Cameraman/DOP
www.camera-crews.co.uk Crews 7 facilities for Broadcast film & tv Production on single & multi-camera loction shoots.
Gear: Digi-beta, Beta SX and Aaton 16mm film kits with additional HMI lighting, track & dolly
1 The Old Inn, Kingsweston Road, Bristol, BS11 0UW,
phone: +441179626811, Fax: +441179626856, film.crew@virgin.net

Mark Ewart, Lighting Cameraman
Single Man operation to full crews. BetaSP, Digi-Beta, DVcam,all formats catered for! Docs, Conference, Broadcast, Medical, 20 yrs experience in all areas of Film and video production. Ideally siuated in the centre of England, a perfect base for all areas.
Gear: Sony D30 WSP 16:9/ 3/4 switchable front end, dockable to: BetaSP / DVCam / BetacamSX. McJib Camera crane, Focus track & Dolly Location lighting + all the normal Xtras! Web site: WWW.markewart.tvheaven.com
phone: +44 1889 582611, Fax: +44 1889 585009, Mark_Ewart@bigfoot.com

Jon Lucas, On Location Broadcast Facilities
Freelance cameraman specialising in sports & dangerous location shoots worldwide. Steadicam operator. Experience with filming from motorcycles helicopters , boats, vehicles.Always keen to get the shot !
Gear: 400 Betacam, 700 DVCPRO, Avid, Digisuite, waterproof housings
On Location, Salisbury Street, Fordingbridge, Hnats, SP6 1AB
phone: +44 (0) 1425 654888, Fax: +44(0)1425 652111, jon@on-location.co.uk

Ian Dacosta
Based on the south coast of England(Southampton)freelance for 18 years working in mainstream TV & high end corporates. BBC & ITV are main clients working both in the UK and worldwide.Experienced in all fields of TV production from leisure & travel shows, network documentries and war zones like Bosnia & Kosovo. Lots of time spent filming at sea and from the air, will have a go at anything, friendly crews with kit for most shoots.
Gear: Digi Beta DVW 709, Beta sp Ikegami HLV55,mini dv with underwater housing .Audio 2020 radio mics track & dolly lights, grip equiptment.
phone: +44(0)2380 846416, Fax: +44(0)2380 846416, ian_dacosta@talk21.com

Ian Brown, INFOCUS Television Productions
Sport and Documentary production. Clients include BBC Match Of The Day, Trans World Sport, CSI Sport,Eurosport,BSkyB, Yorkshire TV. Coverage of Premiership football, Boxing, Lacross, Basketball, Rugby, Tennis. ENG, PSC & OB including Super SLO
Gear: BVW400, BVW50P portable playback, Steadicam owner/operator, Full sound kit including radio Mikes. Lighting kit and chroma key background
145 Carr Lane, Dronfield Woodhouse, Dronfield, Derbyshire. S18 8XZ
phone: (+44) 0114 2890 173, Fax: (+44) 0114 2890 830, ian@infocus.connectfree.co.uk

Byefocal Productions
Freelance Digi-Beta crews for London and the UK. Full One or Two man crews with Documentary Commercial Corporate Factual Sport News/Current Affairs and Lifestyle experience. Dry hire alson available so call us on +44 777 578 1070 or check our website www.byefocal.tv for your next project.
Gear: PAL 790-Digi-beta camcorder PAL 700 Digi-beta camcorder With full production kits including Lights Jibs Dollys Sound Kits complete with Crew Car and full insurance
phone: +44 777 578 1070, info@byefocal.tv , website: www.byefocal.tv

A Picture Perfect TV Production
A collection of some of the UKs finest Lighting Camera people and sound recordists. Shooting around town or around the world. NTSC or PAL. Corporate, Docs and Current Affairs. We are all very experienced, creative and good fun.
Gear: Sony 400AP (PAL and NTSC) Digi 700 PAL and NTSC. Lighting kits include: Dedos, Chimera, and a wide selection of Arris. SQN mixer, radio mics etc.
Fax: +44 (0) 208 7449244, call.crew@btinternet.com

John Whatton, ShootWithUs
NTSC shooting throughout UK & EUROPE to the highest standard / 95% US & Canadian clients.... Recent Broadcasters include ABC, A&E, Fox, CBS, Comedy Central, PBS,Access Hollywood. Corporate clients include HP,Microsoft,Accenture,Intel,Veritas,Citibank,Unisys,Avaya,IBM,BMC Software,Dow. ++ literally dozens of Producers. Visit my website for "The Full Monty".
Gear: Sony D-30 NTSC with PVV-5, Sony DSR-570WS NTSC [Other formats available. Canon Wideangle and Standard zooms. Mattebox with black & warm promists etc. Doorway dolly. Usual support package ; monitors/tripods/energy etc. Comprehensive Audio & Lighting incl. KINOFLO Diva.
phone: 01144-1483-893141, Fax: same, john@shootwithus.com, website: www.shootwithus.com

Derek Gruszeckyj, Derek Gruszeckyj Ltd
Lighting Cameraman, Director of Photography
Gear: Sony 300 Beta S.P.Camcorder (PAL), Tungsten Lighting, Focus Track & Dolly, Mini Jib.
162, Cubbington Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. CV32 7AH.
phone: 44(0)1926 773485, Fax: 44(0)1926773486, derek@derekg.co.uk

Phil Broom, Phil Broom Lighting Cameraman
DigiBeta and/or SP Kit, 5 seat Van, large selection of lights including the fantastic Kino Flo 400 Diva light. 90% of work is for High end BBC broadcast such as Omnibus, One foot in the Past & Crimewatch. Feel free to call and discuss CV's and recent credits.
Gear: Digi Beta 700, BetaSP. New Fujinon Digi power A22x7.8 lense, full lighting kit comprising of 3 x Arri 650's 3 x Arri 300's, Kinoflo Diva 400 and lots more. Track & Dolly, Mini Jib Arm. Call for more comprehensive list.
phone: +44 121472 0313, Fax: +44121 472 0313, Phil@Philbroom.co.uk

Marc Williamson
Broadcast Video Lighting Cameraman will also Camera Assist 30 mins from Central London 11 years experience working for BBC, Channel 4, MTV, VH-1, The Box Music TV, Kiss, Q, Microsoft, Honda, Thames, SKY News also Various corporate videos.
Gear: With or without equipment-DVW 700,DVW 790,BVW400.
14 Abbeyhill Rd , Sidcup, Kent , DA159AX. (30 mins from central London)
phone: 0044(0)7719019211, Fax: 0044(0)2083004957, marcwilliamson@yahoo.co.uk

Mike Hodder
Creative,highly motivated and well equipped Lighting Cameraman and Steadicam Operator with 15 years experience.Credits in film drama, documentary and numerous Television series. Offering extensive digital and film production kits with professional, friendly crew tailored to suit your requirements.
Gear: Steadicam film master rig with transmitters and follow focus motors and numerous extras,Full production kits including Ford Galaxy crew car as well as Sony DVW 790,DSR 500 cameras,Lenses include Fujinon 10X4.8, Video Transmitter and Receiver.
London, TW11 8BQ
phone: +44 (0)7968 395279, Fax: +44(0)208 977 1360, steadymike@yahoo.com, website: http://www.mikehodder.com

Scott Barnett, Eyecon Productions
Lighting Cameraman based in London with over 15 yrs experience in shooting everything from high end Documentaries to TV series.Recent clients include Discovery Channel,The Learning Channel,BBC,ABC(USA)Carlton,ITV etc....full Cv at www.eyeconproductions.com ....experienced at underwater filming and aerials.
Gear: Full Kit including a DVW-709 wide screen digital betacam.20 x ande 5.2mm wide angle lenses,heaps of lights(inc soft box diffusers)Matte box and full range of filters,pd-100 DVCAM and a underwater housing to suite.
15 Mustow Place ,London,SW64EL
phone: +44(0)7788656267, eyeconaust@hotmail.com

Doug Smith, Freelance Sound Mixer
A short description of 35 years in the industry? OK.. I've been most places, and done most things, and still love the process! I've recorded the greatest, and worked on some of the biggest projects, but love those tiny interesting shoots which are that bit more intimate! French & German speaking too!
Gear: SQN4II, SQN3, Sennheiser 816, 815, 416, Micron R/ms, Tram TR58s, Sony ECMs (I have so much kit lying around!)... Nagra IS, Nagra 4.2, DAT, Mini Disc, pro walkman etc etc
"Ivycott" East Woodlands, Newton Tracey, North Devon EX31 3PP
phone: +44 1271 858680, audiosmith@compuserve.com

A 1 Crews
A 1 Crews for all your Freelance Broadcast needs based in London UK we can offer staff including Lighting Cameramen,Sound Recordists and Camera Assistants with or without equipment.
Gear: DVW700 or DVW790 or BVW400
phone: 07719019211, marcwilliamson@yahoo.co.uk, website: http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/a1crews/

Richard Dzisiewski (Dz)
Tv lighting cameraman currently working with a variety of sports related companies which involve general sports coverage, live interviews and related features. I also have been involved with various documentaries and I am used to working abroad.
Gear: currently using Sony 709 WSP (switchable 4:3 / 16:9) with canon 21 x 7.8 irsd lens and matte box, sachtler 18plus legs, 2 x ecm 77b lapel mics, rms 2020 radio mics, sennheiser 416, arri junior 650 fresnel lights with fader box, monitor
phone: 07785 234959, Fax: 0161 448 7684, dz@hurryuponline.com, website: www.hurryuponline.com

Joe McNally, JOEMAC Ltd
We offer moving camera and lighting solutions to the film and broadcast TV market. We have Jimmyjib, Steadicam and lighting cameramen that are the best in the field. Recent credits include programmes for BBC, ITN, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, Pop Promos, Feature films, High end corporates. We aim to help you create compelling images to help your production. We have worked with most of our client base for decades.
Gear: We offer Jimmyjibs, Steadicams, dollies and track. We have lighting equipment ranging from dedos to HMIs. We have camera kits including BVW 790, D35, BVW 400. Full sound kits including radios.
phone: 07973 226532, joe@joesjibs.fsnet.co.uk , website: www.joesjibs.fsnet.co.uk

Mike Walker, Tapebank Digital Video Productions
Broadcast Quality sound and pictures specialising in Music Sport & Business communications. Using Sony DSR500wsp wide screen camera. Producing on Non linear to tape, CD or DVD.
Gear: Sony DSR 500wsp wide screen switchable DVCam camera with portabrace cover and Fuji 20x. Sennheiser 416 shotgun and Sony freedom UHF ECM77 tie clip mics. 3 Ianro reds with barn doors and stands gels etc. Studio 16 8 2 Soundcraft desk AT4033 condenser, compressors limiters, gates, enhancers, digital delays & reverbs etc.
Dewsbury West Yorkshire
phone: 01924 515100, Fax: 01924 515100, mike@tapebank.co.uk, website: www.tapebank.co.uk

Jeff Willis
London based location Sound Recordist working on Documentaires and Live News features. Hostile Environment trained and ready at short notice for work abroad. Credits from most major TV companies ready 24 hours. equipment racked on on/off road motorbike. 16 Years experience in Film and TV. Specialising in covering handheld camerawork.
Gear: Latest SQN4e Mixer. Sennheisser 416 and windjammer Two omni/ hand held reporters mics, can be linked to radios. Four Audio Ltd UHF diversity licensed radio mic kits with lapel mics. Comprehensive IFB kit Press Card.
phone: 0208 854 9933, j.r.willis@btinternet.com

Warwick Partington, JKW Productions
Experienced freelance multi-skilled director/cameraman with 20+ years UK broadcast & global corporate experience. From current affairs & documentaries, through news and sport including filming adventure sports in extreme conditions. Video shooting for broadcast, corporate and interactive web/CD-ROM applications. Creative, stimulating production that meets client's needs.
Gear: DVC Pro 700 & 610 cameras with full supporting equipment including lightweight tripods, Sennheiser gun & personal mics, boom, location soundmixers, 800W lighting kit, monitors cables etc. Discreet Edit* nonlinear edit suite 150Gb drive plus access to Final Cut Pro, Purple, Silver, Avid etc. If we don't have it we can get it!
Stratford Upon Avon & Cotswolds
phone: +44 (0) 1386 420287, info@media-training-masterclasses.co.uk, website: www.media-training-masterclasses.co.uk

Phil Hastie, Shoot2Edit Ltd
Freelance Camera Editor based in the UK. Clients include BBC, APTN, ITN, Carlton and Sky News. Extensive overseas travel with or without gear.
Gear: Full shooting kit wit choice of cameras. Sony DNV 90WS or Sony DSR 500WS. (PAL) Radio Mics, Gun Mics and large lighting kit. Canon lenses 15x8 and 9x5.2 c/w remote zoom and filters.
phone: +44(0)7831 382593, phastie@bigfoot.com

Simon Banks, Tallboy Media Ltd
Tallboy Media Ltd is an innovative video production company who provide total video production solutions for broadcast and corporate sector clients, encompassing camera crews, video editing, media training, video encoding, CD and DVD production
Gear: Sony Camera Digi-beta camcorder 709, Sony Camera PD150, Canon Lens 14x8.5 zoom lens, Canon Lens 5.2x9 Wide Angle Lens
London, SW8 5BL, UK
phone: 020 7627 5025, Fax: 020 7627 5093, info@tallboymedia.com, website: www.tallboymedia.com

Rick Torn, CRT Films
Production services from script to screen. Over 20 years experience in producing,marketing, training and communications for technical and engineering companies for example telecommunications, internet protocol and IT. All subjects tackled.
Gear: DXC35SP, DVW 700WSP, Lights, portable Chroma-key. Avid on-line media composer with 3D, Speed-razor/digisuite compositing station.
phone: +44(0)1785 241212, rick.torn@ntlworld.com

Jeff Williams
Lighting Cameraman,based Liverpool/Manchester NW England. News,Sport,Features,Documentaries and Drama. BBC,SKY,LWT,Granada,Mersey TV
Gear: Sony DXC D35 16/9 or 4/3 Camera Sony Betacam SP PVV-3P or Sony DVCam DSR-1P VTR Backs. Sony DSR 300P DVCam. Fujion Pegasus 3 lens, Canon J9 wide angle lens, Vinten tripods, Sennheiser UHF radio & 416 gun mics, Sony ECM77 lapel mics, Sony 9" 16/9 or 4/3 field monitor,Arri Lighting kits etc etc......
Liverpool, Merseyside L3,
phone: 07836 369634, jeff_williams@btopenworld.com

Tim Hirst
Experienced Cameraman, News, Features, Sport and Doco. Clients include: Sky News, Sky Sport, BBC Network News, ITN.Steadicam also.
Gear: Ikegami 400 docked with BVV-5 BetaSP/DNV-5Beta/SX.Digi-Beta available. Satchler Tripod, Tie Mics, Radio Mics Sennheiser 416, Lighting etc.
Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 5SZ
phone: 01384 341560/07831-440564, timvidcam@blueyonder.co.uk

Eric Trometer, Chronic Films Ltd
Chronic Films Ltd offers the following services in the UK, France and the Middle East: - fully equipped multilingual crews for TV, film and video - editing facilities with editor and basic duplication capabilities - production managing and location services for your projects.
Gear: CAMERA DigiBeta, SP and DVCAM, SOUND: mixer and mics, LIGHTS: portable for documentary use
Flat 3 - 93 Elm Park Gardens, London SW10 9QW
Tel: +44(0)207 351 6124, Mob: +44(0)7939 503 464, etrometer@chronicfilms.co.uk

Al Green, Sound Recordist
Freelance location sound recordist, based in Brighton on the South coast of England (London 1 hour). I have my own full sound kit.
Gear: SQN, 3 radio mics, etc. Compatible with all formats. Please see website
phone: +44 (0)7958 981 703, al@alsound.co.uk, website: www.ukscreen.com/crew/algreen

simon yousaf, psalm 96 productions
Single/Multicamera shoots,Nonlinear editing,PA systems rental,Music videos,Adverts,Concerts,Conferences etc .....
Gear: DVC PRO 615/215 Sony HVX 200 Final Cut Pro/Matrox
croydon,surrey, cr2 0dp
phone: 07710020227, Fax: 0208 7683861, simon.yousaf@btinternet.com

Steve Ross, S.R Effigy
A professional and highly motivated freelance broadcast and corporate lighting cameraman, who thrives on the creative challenge of a production, experienced in shooting with any size of budget and crew. Lit a huge variety of productions ranging from drama to documentaries and have worked with all broadcast video formats, especially Digital Betacam, for clients such as Channel 4 and BBC.
Gear: Access to all video formats. Owner Digi beta DVW790 kit. Lighting kit includes redheads, blonds and dedos. Additional crew can be arranged.
Bristol, Somerset, BS3 5BH
phone: 07813 278237, sr.effigy@virgin.net

Clive North, Clive North Photography
Documentary Lighting Cameraman shooting mainly science and history for BBC, Channel 4, Nova, National Geographic etc. Current US 'I'-visa.
Gear: Sony HD 750p HDCam with variable shutter and timelapse/picture cache boards. Sony DVW790 DigiBeta. Wide-angle and standard zooms for the above plus 800mm telephoto lens. Varied lighting kit including softlights and gobos. projector. Splashbag, ABC lightweight crane, WallyDolly, Microjib, directors radio-linked monitor etc.
Radstock, Somerset. BA3 4LS
phone: 01761 241538, clivenorth@btinternet.com, website: www.clivenorth.co.uk +

Luis Graham-Yooll, OnePointFour
Lighting Cameraman with experience of wide range of programming including documentaries, promos, award winning travel shows, design programmes and news (stories include Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and Gaza, N. Ireland, Angola and North Pole). Work for BBC, CNN, and NBC. Also linear and Avid editor. Speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese as well as English.
Gear: Own BVW400AP, Canon XL1, light kit includes chimeras, dedo projectors, also Microdolly, Cinesaddle.
phone: 0044 7808 064 200, luigy@onepointfour.tv, website: www.onepointfour.tv

Simon Parmenter, Sound Designs
Freelance location sound mixer with over 20 years experience for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, PBS, Discovery etc. SW London based but have filmed in over 40 countries and in 30 of the American States. Mostly high end documentaries and actuality factual shows.
Gear: Filmtech LSP4 and SQN 4S mixers. Schoeps, Sennheiser & AKG microphones. 5 channels of VHF & UHF Audio Ltd radio mics with Voice Technology and Sony ECM77 personal microphones. Maxon 5Watt walkie talkies + loads of bits.
Teddington, London, TW11 8AP
phone: +44 (0)20 8977 3454, Fax: +44 (0)20 8977 3225, sound@parmenter.biz, website: www.parmenter.biz

Pete Burns
Award winning Freelance Lighting Cameraman based in Nottingham England
Gear: Digital Betacam and Betacam SP shooting kits. Sony D-30 camera with Betacam SP or DVCAM. Full kit list and credits can be seen on my website.
phone: 00447774864382, info@peteburns.com , website: www.peteburns.com

Nick Viliesid MIEEE MGTC, NVBS
Camera Engineer and picture matching expert. Clients: BBC, PrimeTV, Procam, MTV, Endemol
Gear: BVW300P, (VX1000, Canon XM2),BVW50P, Sachler 20 and dedolights, Audio mixer and mics. Waveform monitor and quad split provided for picture matching.
Andover, SP11 0QB.
phone: 044 (0)1264 773718, nvbs@viliesid.com, website: http://www.viliesid.com

Michael Brennan, HD24 limited
Director of Photography experienced in High Definition. Europes first DP to jump into the deep end of HD in 2002. Now on my second HD camcorder. Experienced CIneflex HD aerial camera system operator with shoots in UK, Ireland Italy USA and New Zealand. 22 years as freelance cameraman and DP, shooting Documentaries, feature films, corporates and commercials worldwide. Australian and EEC passports.
Gear: Sony HDW f900H, 21x and 11x HD lenses. 2000mm prime 1000mm prime 400mm prime and macro lenses. HD 9 inch and 14inch crt monitoring 23 inch crt monitor Arri Follow Focus Range of grip equipment Compact travel kit including 800w and 200w HMIs. 20 years of accumulated bits and bobs for lights, grip and camera, including fireproof and blast proof housings Extrensive range of filters.
London and Melbourne
phone: +441883730043, mike@hd24.com, website: www.hd24.com

John Nettleship, JNV
Experienced in single & multi-camera work. News & documentary, features, factual, sport, live links, etc. Broadcast OB's & studios, concerts, conferences, etc. (Also sound recording & video editing
experience.) Single man or larger crew BBC Staff 13 years, Freelance since 1993. NVQ Level 4 in Camera Direction. 2001. Numerous clients: BBC, ITV, Sky TV + many corporates & international broadcasters
Gear: Digibeta: Sony DVW709WSP Beta-SP: Sony BVP507P (ie BVP7 docked to BVV5)DVCam: Ikegami HC400W c/w Sony DSR1-P (Can also dock camera to BVV5 for widescreen BetaSP)
Leeds,West Yorkshire,
LS21 3BR
phone:+44 (113)284 3515, Fax: +44(113)284 3515,
mail@jnv-tv.co.uk, website: www.jnv-tv.co.uk

michael bradbury, 3rd eye broadcast Ltd
UK video production company, camera and crew hire
Gear: Sony Z1e HDV camera, JVC 101e HDV camera, DSR 570 dvcam, DVW790 digi beta sp, BVW600.
Birmingham, B186NF
phone: +44 (0)121 693 9977, Fax: +44 (0)121 693 9976
info@3rdeyebroadcast.com, website: www.3rdeyebroadcast.com

Obi Emelonye, The Nollywood Factory
Nolly wood factory Obi Emelonye is one of a new generation of Nigerian film Directors taking the magic of ‘Nollywood’ to the wider world. With his multi-disciplinary approach to film-making, his relentless creative drive and an uncanny sense of artistic style, Obi has also marked himself out as one of UK's contemporary directors. He was at the final stages of being enrolled as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales when he abandoned legal practice to pursue his first love: film. However, he brings his stature as a lawyer and the attendant pragmatism to the chaotic world of film and productions.
Gear: HDZ1E , DSR570 , DSR 450,
447737688462, obiemelonye@thenollywoodfactory.com,

Dan Shaw, Engine Room Media Ltd
Panasonic Varicam and Jimmy Jib Owner Op. Extensive credits with 15 years experience
Gear: Stanton Triangle 40 foot Jimmy Jib, Panasonic Varicam AJ-HDC 27H Owner Operator, Other cameras Sony DVW 790WSP & Sony DSR500WSP. Lots of Grip, lighting and toys as one would expect with these cameras; Tripods, Filters, matte-boxes etc etc...
+44 (0) 7711266829, dan@cameracranes.co.uk , www.cameracranes.co.uk

Max Mitchell, Post Seventy Six
I can provide a wide range of digital video services from initial consultation through production and post production to delivery on a variety of different fromats and platforms. Over ten years industry experience, BBC trained and currently producing content for a number of blue chip corporate and agency clients.
Gear: Panasonic HVX 200, Avid Media composer, Adobe creative suite.
United Kingdom
07908246998, max@postseventysix.com, www.postseventysix.com

Neil Purcell, Neil Purcell - Lighting Cameraman
Lighting Camermman/Camera Operator - London - UK - 20 years experience - BBC, ITV, Ch4, SKY - Drama, live news and factual, children’s, light entertainment, Outside Broadcasts, major sporting events, pop videos, corporate and commercials. UK and Intenational. - Experienced with REDOne 4K, Sony HDCAM, DigiBeta, Panasonic DVCProHD 'P2', XDCam, DSR & HDV: Z1 and EX3.
Gear: Panasonic HPX500 & HVX 200, Lighting and Sound kit
+44 7976702798, mail1@neilpurcell.com, www.neilpurcell.com

James Bryant, Skeleton Productions
Skeleton Productions is a corporate video production company based in Nottingham specialising in web, training, & promotional video content.
Gear: Sony Camera Digi-beta camcorder 709, Sony Camera PD150
8450037720, info@skeletonproductions.com,

Michelle Phillips, Restrung Productions
Restrung Productions provides High Definition music videos to bands across the Midlands. We offer low budget starter packs through to live band performances and high end bespoke productions.
Gear: Sony HD V1, Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress Pro
Birmingham, West Midlands
07770722906, michelle@restrungproductions.co.uk,

Daniel Hagget, The Cameramen Ltd
Freelance cameraman. Worked for BBC on Horizon, Animal Planet USA, Discovery, Channel 4, ITV. 
Gear: Sony HDCAM F900, Canon C300, Canon 7D. Full lighting, and some audio accessories. 
+44 (0)7905 333 514, daniel@danielhaggett.com www.danielhaggett.com


Tom Sampson, Walkabout Television
15 years in Africa, Asia, working in news, docoumentary, sports, wildlife. Can work in difficult places and come out with pictures that the clients are happy with. Am also able to shoot and produce if clients are unable to travel to the location. Full SP kit, Sony D600 (pal) along with SX laptop edit pack, lights, radio mics, playback, and many other bits and pieces. Clients include, BBC, ABC, CNN, Reuters, APTN, CBS, ZDF, ARD, NHK, ABC(Australia), United Nations and many others.
Gear: SONY D600 (pal), Sony SX laptop edit pack, radio mics, light kit, playback, wide angle lens.
phone: + 251 1 61 36 96 home + 251 9 22 43 88 cell, walkabout_tv@hotmail.com


Tapio Sovijärvi, News Active
1-2 man crew for news, feature clips / programs and documentaries. We shoot primarily DVCAM (DSR-570) but BetaSP is also possible. We can also provide all necessary lighting, camera cranes, sound equipment and more cameras with operators if needed. Our clients include national broadcasting companies like YLE (www.yle.fi) and Channel Four (www.nelonen.fi) and many production companies.
Gear: Sony DSR-570WSP DVCAM, sound equipment with four wireless mics, mic boom, field mixer etc.
phone: +358-40-7173 040, Fax: +358-9-777 4271, tapio@news-active.net, website: http://www.news-active.net

Scott Lakey, Crew TV Scandinavia
Crew TV, We offer you Scandinavia's only NTSC/PAL Crews, Top Crews with Digibeta 790, Beta and DVCAM and even Steadicam, local producers, location managers, you name it. Satellite service, mobil editing, video camera rentals, light rentals, studio rentals, quick access to most any rig you may need to make a professional shoot. Best crews, top equipment.Competitive Rates, 24 hour Booking Crews & Equipment Scandinavias only PAL & NTSC Crews. Please visit us at: www.crewtv.com Clients include, BBC, Discovery, APTN, Survivor... What we dont own we can rent in quickly. We only use top broadcast quality cameras and support equipment and can supply all production gear needed for your project. Rates are based on what you need, why pay for a full crew when you only need a cameraman?
Gear: Digibeta 790 Betacam 400 AP Betacam D35 NTSC
Vastmanagatan 34
phone: +46 70 7787250, scott.lakey@swipnet.se, website: www.crewtv.com


Didier - Derek - Lacoste, DLCVIDEO
Film & Video Facilities company dedicated to foreign TV Networks in Paris runned by ex-ABC NEWS staff ( Paris-Baghdad-Moscow-Geneva). main customers include ABC NEWS, CNN, NBC, CBS, WTN, Reuters, Bloomberg, NVC NY, Edelman, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Yahoo, BBC 1 & 2, Thames TV, MTV London, Herald Tribune, ARD, SWF, ZDF, Arte, DreiSAT, Sat Eins, Rias Berlin, Viva Fernsehen, Noa-Noa, KRO, TV2 Denmark, CBC Radio Canada, TBS Tokyo, TV Osaka, Asahi, NHK, TTV Taiwan, TF1, France 2 & 3, La Cinq, RFO, KKC Guyane, Arianespace ESA , Chanel Parfums, Louis Vuitton, Moet & Chandon. client credit letters on demand in pdf format
Gear: NTSC: Betacam SP IKEGAMI HL 55, Sony BVW 400A PAl: Digital Beta Sony 790 WSP (4:3/16:9), DVC Pro 25 Panasonic AJD 800E, DVC pro 50 AJD 900, Sony HD X1 Digital Converter 4 standards with High Comb Filter Edit Paks: Beta SP/SX DNWA 225 ( dynamic tracking ) DVC 25 AJLT 85 OB Van : 5 cameras Triax Thomson TTV 1647, Grass Valley, Yamaha DM 1000
phone: + 336 88 88 60 40, Fax: + 331 45 05 20 83, didier@dlcvideo.com, website: http://www.dlcvideo.com

Roger Dunford, Soundguy
18 years of experience as a sound recordist in Broadcast TV and corporate environments, working for mainstream BBC and ITV companies in television and on numerous corporate productions,UK and worldwide. Relaxed and stress free attitude to all situations, and very fond of laughter and enjoying working. Active sportsperson and have been involved in many productions requiring physical input and fitness. Bases in both the UK and in France and totally bi-lingual in English/French.Numerous Credits.
Gear: SQN4 IV, AD261 mixers, MKH 416 and 816 mics, RMS 2020 diversity radio-mics, HHB Portadat with time code,Tram 50 mics, Sony ECM 55 mics,Portadat with time code, can patch into anything, connect to anything, record anything.
Francis Blanc Sports, Rue du Marquis,73120,Courchevel1650
phone: +33479081692, Fax: +33479081484, roger.d@genie.fr

Stuart Nimmo Cinecosse Europe
Multilingual Camera Crew with own DVW 700 WSP Digital Betacam, Great kit and a very willing crew with loads of UK production experience. Attitude? What can we do to help make it a great experience? We work on the continent with many BBC American, UK & European productions and in the UK for ARTE, La Cinq, and many European Production houses.
Gear: Sony DVW 700 WSP (with BBC adaptation), Sony 537AP + PVV1A back end, (exclusively serviced by BBC Engineering and Sony Broadcast UK).broadcast adapted Canon XM1 (unique, takes broadcast W/A lens) Dedo Lights, soft-lights, Matte-box and Panavision ND grads, Sony Broadcast monitor Vinten 100 studio wheels, All MS stereo, Audio Ltd 2020 radio mics etc, etc SHOW-REELS & C.V. etc on web site.
Rue De Richelieu, 75001
phone: +33 60 99 21 71 8, Fax: +33142612843 (pre warn), Stuart.Nimmo@GluedTo.tv, website: www.GluedTo.TV

Ed Jennings
Sound for film/video. 30 years at network level. Interviews, docs, politicals, multi-camera/location live remotes. Clients include 60 Mins, 20/20, GMA, Discovery, major PR firms.
Gear: SD/Sony Mixers, Audio Ltd/Lectro W/L mics(8), Comteks(20), Schoeps/Sennheiser Booms, Fostex PD2 DAT, TC slate & displays, Sanken/Tram/Senn/Countryman B6 lavs, On-Site DVD/CD recording, E/V hand mics, Boom Poles(4), Cassette/MD Transcript, Live Kit/IFBs
phone: (33), Fax: 1(801)749-9653 (US), soundman@verizon.net

Nicolas Renault, Images Factory
Service Producing for Broadcast TV and Corporate. Worldwide expirience: Europe, Russia, Asian, America, Brasilien, China. Production Crew and Camera Equipment Hire. Fluent in English, French, German, Russia. PAL & NTSC Cameras.
Gear: PAL-Sony BVW 400A, DVW 700WSP Camcorders. Canon J15x8 Internal Focus Lenses. Sachtler Video 18 Plus Tripods, Arri Lighting Kits, Sony 6" & 9" Monitors. NTSC-Sony 300A Camcorder. Camera & Studio Equipment : HDTV (HDW-750P), DigiBeta (DVW-790WSP), MPEG IMX (MSW-900P), Beta SP.

All news and production services. News broadcast facilities. Visit us at:
Gear : Camera Sony PDW-F800 (XDCAM Full HD) - Lens Fujinon HA 16x6.3 BERM (HD broadcast 2/3 - extender 2x) - Multi-format HD Color LCD Viewfinderviseur HDVF-C35W - tripod Sachtler 20 II -
DSLR Canon EOS Mark II (Full HD) - Lenses EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II USM - EF 24-70 mm f/2.8 L USM - EF 70-200 mm f/2.8 L IS II USM - EF 140-400 mm f/4,5 L IS II USM - Filters : Fader ND Mark II - Filtres polarisants circulaires - Filtres UV - 4 memory cards CompactFlash 32 Go - Viewfinder Zacuto Z-FIND-PRO3 - Follow focus Cine Focus SGPro - MatteBox - Eizo ColorEdge CG241W - Marshall V-R70P-HDA- Camera Sony HVR-Z7 (HDV) - Lenses Sony Carl Zeiss (12x - 32-384mm - f=4.4 à 52.8 mm et f=32 à 384 mm) & Sony Carl Zeiss grand-angle (8x - 24-192 mm- f=1.6 à 24 mm et f=2.4 à 192 mm) - HVR-MRC1 - tripod Sachtler 14 II - Camera Panasonic HVX200 (DVCPro HD) with 3 P2 cards 32 Go - Camera Contour HD 1080P - "Prompter People UL 8" - Steadicam Glidecam X-10 - Slider / Rail / Travelling DIY IGUS (Head Sachtler 14 II) - 2 Sony ECM-670 - Sennheiser MKH 416-P48U3 - BeyerDynamic M69TG - AKG C 414 B-XL II - 2 Tram TR50 - Senneheiser ME 2 - SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro - Mixer Sony DMX-P01 audio 4:2 - Marantz PMD661 - 2 BeyerDynamic DT48 - HF Sennheiser ew112-p G2 - HF Sennheiser ew100-SK - Plug-On Sennheiser SKP500 - Chromakey Reflecmedia - Kinoflo Barfly 400 + 1 Kinoflo Barfly 200 + 1 Kinoflo Barfly 100 - Boule chinoise 1KW (toiles grid cloth : full, ½, ¼, noir ½ - pied Manfrotto) - Kit Arrilite 4 x 800W ("Mandarines") - 2 Mizar MK2 (fresnel) 500W - 1 LTM (fresnel) 650w - "SoftLight" 1000W Quartzcolor
Phone : +33142047664, www.production@magister-films.fr

Website : http://www.magister-films.fr


Brigitte Schaller, interscreen ntsc services GmbH
Since 1981 europewide film&tv services, especially ntsc, mostly for american / japanese clients. Actual ntsc gear includes Sony VX 1000, BVP 7A, Ikegami 390s and HL 55s, all docked with BVV5s or PVV3s. from october 1st, 1997
http://www.interscreen.com Corneliusstr. 31, 80469 Munich,
phone: ...49 89 2015842 Fax: ...49 89 2015844 ntscEurope@aol.com

David Shipman, EuroCam NTSC - PAL
Frankfurt based video production company with 17 years experience in field recording for our broadcast and corporate clientele. Same cameraman and sound recordist the whole time (but we are available seperately if you wish). Our clients tend to be producers for major companies in computers, electronics, medical, consulting, and accounting firms. We would be proud to welcome you to our happy family.
Gear: Sony D30 with PVV3 deck, Sony Z1, Panasonic SDX-900, Panasonic HPX-2100 (P2)
(49)6051-828017, eurocamtv@yahoo.com, www.eurocamvideo.com

Tom Snopek, NTSC Production Services-Europe
Europe's Largest NTSC Production Services Company. 8 Cameras, 7 Recorders in 6 Different NTSC Formats. Work with all the Major US Networks, Television and Fortune 500 Companies from Pre to Post Production. Rentals, Production Personnel and Services. Single to Multi Camera ENG/EFP, Editing, Presentation, Satellite Uplinking. Member NYC-IATSE, ITVA, German & European Chambers of Commerce. Web Page coming soon under WWW.NTSC-Europe.Com. American Owned and Operated
Gear: Cameras: DXC-D30, DXC-D30WS, PVW-D30, PVW-D30WS, BVW-400A, BVW-D600, DVW-790WS Recorders: PVV-1A, PVV-3, BVW-50, UVW-1800/1600, PVW-2800/2650, DVW-A500/510
Wiesbaden, 65195
phone: 011-49-611-1840079, Fax: 011-49-611-1840084, ProNTSC@aol.com

Christian Mathiesen, Seequence
Camera Crews BETA SP / DVC PRO 50 Editing Van and Sattelite Up -Link. All crews have extensive overseas experience from Europa to South Africa and USA. All Cameras with standard and wide angle or large lenses.Specialist camera crews for sports events. Visit us at: www.seequence.de
Gear: Camera SONY DXC 30 P wsp 4:3 / 16 :9 BETA SP or DVCPRO 50 SONY Editing Van with 3 Mashines and Slomo
Hermannstr. 34 Bielefeld 33602
phone: 0049 521 1366550, Fax: 0049 521 1366551, 0ffi@seequence.de

Evan Herrick, Berlin TV Pictures
Offering NTSC and PAL Beta SP camera crews in Germany and Europe. Based in Berlin, Germany. American owned and operated with worldwide client base. 15 years experience in German television. Excellent knowledge of country and language. Clients include E! Entertainment, CBS, BBC, Carlton TV, ABC Australia, Deutsche Welle TV, Bombardier Aerospace.
Gear: Beta SP NTSC BVW 400A camera w/clear scan,Sachtler 20 Tripod w/fluid head,Sony field monitor,SQN 3 sound mixer, Sennheiser directional mic,2 lav mics,boom pole,zeppelin, Sachtler sun gun, lighting kit w/ three lights (Ianiro or Arri)
Berlin, 10967
phone: +49 30 6981 8341, evan@berlin-tvpix.com, website: www.berlin-tvpix.com

Peter Dix, The TENCAM Company
Freelance DP and cameraman covering docs, ENG and corporate. Clients: ABC,CBS,BBC, ARD, DW. Fluent German and basic French spoken
Gear: HD XDCAM 422, DVCAM NTSC / PAL, DVCPro 50, +sachtler18&20,SQN3,sennheiser lavs, 416, 421, sennheiser radios ,Arrilights 800W, arri fresnels 300W, 1K, Sachtler reportage 300W, chromakey backdrop, plenty of grip
phone: +49 7156 434512, Fax: +49 7156 434513, info@tencam.de, website: www.tencam.de

Sándor Mohácsi, L.E. Vision Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH
Service Producing for Broadcast TV and Corporate. Worldwide expirience: Europe, Russia, Asian, America, Brasilien, China. Production Crew and Camera Equipment Hire. Fluent in English, French, German, Russia. PAL & NTSC Cameras.
Gear: PAL-Sony BVW 400A, DVW 700WSP Camcorders. Canon J15x8 Internal Focus Lenses. Sachtler Video 18 Plus Tripods, Arri Lighting Kits, Sony 6" & 9" Monitors. NTSC-Sony 300A Camcorder. Camera & Studio Equipment : HDTV (HDW-750P), DigiBeta (DVW-790WSP), MPEG IMX (MSW-900P), Beta SP.
04107 Leipzig
phone: 0049.341.96368.25, Fax: 0049.341.96368.44, sandor.mohacsi@levision.de, website: www.levision.de

Uli Stumpp, Surridge Films
English owned crewing facilities based in Frankfurt. Multilingual crews also in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig, Cologne. NTSC and PAL equipment.
Gear: Panasonic HD Varicam, Sony 790 WSP, Sony 400 AP, Sony DSR 570. Full sound and lighting kit. NTSC and PAL.
Frankfurt, 60486
phone: +49 69 538690, Fax: +49 69 529194, info@surridge-films.com, website: www.surridge-films.com

Volker Striemer, striemerfilm production
Since 1997 Broadcast, Documentary, Corporate productions and shootings. Personal support , DoP and OP for Movie and TV. Family in HDTV. Many german television clients. More info at website.
Gear: We feature Digital Ikegami cameras (HLV-79 and HC400 - BetacamSP and DVCPRO50 - 16:9/4:3) PAL Equipment, Lowel & dedo Lights, Chimera, Light Crane, HMI 200, Full sound package with UHF wireless, Schoeps. 4x4 Filters etc. More equipment at website.
phone: +493085729793,
post@striemerfilm.de, website: www.striemerfilm.com

Keith Surridge, Camera Crew Germany
English owned crewing, facilities and production services company supplying English speaking crews in both NTSC and PAL. World wide client base for over 20 years.
Gear: Sony HDW-730, HDW-750, DVW 790WSP, D-30, D-35,DSR 570 WSP, BVW 400 AP. Panasonic DVC Pro 50, AJ-SDX 900. Avid and Final Cut Pro Edit suites.
phone: +49 69 538690, Fax: +49 69 529194
info@camera-crew-germany.com, website: www.camera-crew-germany.com

Bernhard Wrobel
Cameraman , Cutter & Photographer
Gear: I have filmed and cutted ca 6.200 movies, Reportage, Interviews, Sport, Culture, Musik, Holiday, Hotels,all..... Equipment: Camera Sony DSR 300, Sony PD 100 AP (DVCAM), wireless Microfon, Stative, Mikros Cut: Media 100 XS, Apple Foto: Canon D20, 2,8/70-200, 3,5/15-30, 2,8/28-70, 1,4/50 Please write me, I give informations, greetings.
phone: +49170.8333065, bernhard.wrobel@seepresse.de, website: www.seepresse.de

We provide you some broadcast-services based in Berlin, but flexible for germany and europe (inclusice east-europe). Our services are ob-van and mobile production units (2 to 12 cameras), camerateams and editing (AVID/Final Cut) - with competent and friendly manpower. We often work for international and national television, but also clients from industry and economy. +49/30/50173864, +49/30/50173865, info@zeilensprung-online.de, http://www.zeilensprung-online.de
Gear: OB-Vans with Sony (BVP-E30, DXC-D50), Ikegami (HK 388 W/P) and Grass Valley/Thomson (LDK 200 and better), Camcorders from Sony (PMW-EX1/3/350, Z1, DVW-709/790/970, DSR-450 and more), Panasonic (HDX900, HPX500, SDX900, HPX171 and more) and many accessories.
+49/30/53002630 , info@zeilensprung-online.de http://www.zeilensprung-online.de/?page_id=335

Gustavo Yánez, Tamia FILM
Broadcast Producion, HD, XDCAM-HD, XDECAMEX, Beta Digital, DV-cam in Europe and Sud America
Gear: Sony: XDCAM-HD 700, EXDCAMEX 3X, Beta Gidital 900WSP, DRS-500WSP Digital-Film: PS-L2 Avid HD Adrenaline
+4917175305074, tamiatv@aol.com, www.tamiatv.com

Frank Suffert, Tivoli Entertainment, LLC
Director of Photography, Line Producer, Director English speaking production service in Germany (Berlin or Munich based). 20 years US production experience.
Gear: REDOne, NTSC HD cameras, FinalCut Edit System with Kona 3 (4:2:2 HD I/O) and other packages at discounted rates available.
Berlin (Potsdam), Munich
+49-170-280-0070, frank@tivolientertainment.com, www.tivolientertainment.com

Rudolf Diesel, ScienceMedia
Freelance – experienced high-speed cameraman with extensive own equipment. Since 6 years exclusively dedicated to high-speed cinematography. More than 20 years experience in film production. Clients: Larger number of German, European and worldwide customers ranging from National Geographic, BBC, ORF, NDR, ARD etc. commercials, artists, science, industry, low budget...
Gear: the TyphoonHD 5 and PhantomHD Gold high-speed cameras with extensive gear - inclusive underwater highspeed camera. phone: +49 8152 989620,
Munich / Andechs
+49 162 3848735, info@highspeed-camera.net, www.highspeed-camera.net


Yanis Yanoutsos, Image Technology
12 cameras OB-VAN, 6 cameras OB-VAN, Super slow Motion OB-VAN
Gear: Philips LDK-491AP (Sony BVW-400AP), Sony BVW-507P (BVP-7P & BVV-5PS), SONY PVW-537AP with BVW-35P.
99 Korydalleos, Patras, 26443
phone: +30-944-777382, Fax: +30-610-422427, info@ittv.gr

Christos Batsogiannis, Quality-Vision (QualityTVcrews.com)
Greece Top broadcast facilities specialized in ENG/EFP crews, SNG flyaways,OB-Vans, field producers, Field editing, Steadicam and Cranes. For news, current affairs and documentaries and Sports.We serve news organizations BBC, ITN, SKYNEWS, CBS, CNN, ZDF, SAT1, RAI, ABC NEWS, RTL, SRG, RTP, ARD, DW TV, ATV, NTV, WTN (APTN), CNBC, NIPPON TV, TV ASAHI, EURONEWS, EUROSPORTS, AND REUTERS TV having provided services in Greece and the Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Albania, Fyrom, Romania, Bulgaria) Turkey, Cyprus and Mid-East.
Gear: Our Camera Kit's: Sony DVW 700 WSP, Sony DVW D-600 P, Sony BVW 400 AP, Sony BVW300 AP,Sony PVW-D30 P.....etc.
Box 67723, 151 03, K.PEYKI,Athens
phone: +30.937.044490 (24Hrs), Fax: +30.10.6148078 (24Hrs),info@qualitytvcrews.com, website: www.qualitytvcrews.com

Vasilis Stogiannis, Kiklos Efkrinias
zdf/ard/cnn/reuters/srg/reportaz,documentary Sports/albania/kosovo/iran/irak/turkey/From 1991
Gear: Sony BVW300ap/sony DVW700WSP DIGITAL BETA/SONY PVW-D35P...etc/steadicam/EFP/Full accessories:Monitors lights[lowel,arri]audio mixers...etc.Film/Arriflex 16SR-2 Two Magazzines 400'coaxial/
Athens 10555
phone: 00306945586360, Fax: 00302103475698, vasilisstogiannis@yahoo.com

John, Mallidis
Freelance cameraman located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Can travel around Greece or... the globe if needed. Specialty in travel / tourism documentaries.
Gear: SONY PMW-EX1, Macbookpro 17", Macpro 8-core 16GB HD editing system
+30 6945 750244, jm@cartesius.tv, www.cartesius.tv


Roberto de Leon Cornejo, New Vision
We do all kinds of shoting from comerciales, documentaries , news, etc. We also have a nonelinear editng station with broadcast quality. Clientes: NHK japan, BBC London, CNN Usa, Univision. Publicity agencies: LeoBurnet Guatemala, Young and Rubicam, DDB and Ogilvy.
Gear: Cameras: Sony Dxc 30 WS with anggeniux lens and PVV-3. Sony UVW-100BL, Panasonic DVC-PRO 700,Tiffen Filter Flex Matte Box with lots of filters, Vinten tripodes, Lowell lights, Arri 575 daylight, Batery monitors, and Media 100 XR Editing Suite.
11 Av. 15-22 zona 10 Guatemala City 01010
phone: 502-3681852, Fax: 502-3667222

We offer the largest experience in NEWS media covering, from south Mexico and Central America. Our Clients: CBS news, CNN, ABC news, TVE, Telemundo, Univisión, NHK, CBC Canada, NBC news. If you´re looking for historic footage of guatemala we have the largest archieve of the last 25 years in news, events, politics,tragedies, civil war.
Gear: SONY: BVW400, DSR570, DSR390 Backup Cameras: DSR30, DSR35 DSR150. We also have submarine equipment (75 feet)
phone: (502) 23315506, Cell phone: (502) 5317-8210, Fax: (502) 23315506
dvideoalfaro@yahoo.com , website: www.cameracrewguatemala.com

Hong Kong

John Elphinstone, White Light Ltd.
One of the most experienced news cameraman / editors in Asia, John Elphinstone has covered just about every major news story in Asia since the Tiananmen Square massacre of '89. Now with White Light Ltd, John Elphinstone can supply a full Beta SP 300 rig with a 2800 edit pair. White Light Ltd is focused on rapid response to any news event as well as acting as a video consultant to the finance industry.
Gear: Sony BVW 300Ap with full Sony audio rig, and PVW 2800 edit pair.
1253-a Telecom House, 3 Gloucester road, Wan Chai
phone: 852- 2824 2247, Fax: 852 - 2824 2247, elphinstone@whitelightimages.com

Justin Keen, Kiwi Film Ltd
Fully equipped betacam video crew services out of Hong Kong - serving all Asian countries. See us on www.kiwifilm.com
Gear: SONY Betacam BVW400AP and Digital Betacam DVW790WSP
phone: +(852) 2892 2320, Fax: +(852) 2581 9761, info@kiwifilm.com

Francois Bisson, Blitz Video Works Ltd
We can provide crew and equipment, rentals and arrange visas and gear access to countries throughout Asia. We are happy to advise clients on the best way to approach foreign officials and culturesand we know the best locations, after all, in the last 12 years we've shot in every country from Afganistan to Japan for clients ranging from Louis Vuitton to all the major US and UK networks. Your regular shooter may be great, but is he/she going to know what to do when your stuck on the border with a grumpy customs official?? Or where to get that really spectacular shot of Shanghai?Make your Asian shoot fun AND productive, go with the experience. Call Blitz Video (Hong Kong), much more than just a great crew.
Gear: Sony 709 Digital Betacam (PAL) Sony D35 & PVV3 BetacamSP(NTSC & PAL) DNW25P SX/SPLaptop Edit Pak Full range of lighting accessories Dollies, Jibs, large scrim frames, etc
#2E/38 Cloudview Rd, North Point
phone: INT+852 90972766, Fax: INT+852 25709722, blitzbisson@compuserve.com


Peter Szasz, Artine Film & Video productions
Full production facilities Betacam crew (with Sony 537, 400, 600, 700) Linear or non linear post production European and USA references.
Frankhegy u. 9. Budapest H-1118
phone: +36 309 403 686, Fax: + 36 1 246 8766, artlinefilm@hotmail.com

Attila Csoboth, Village Vibe Pictures
American cameraman/producer based in Budapest. Extensive experience in news features,documentary and art programs and industrial video. International credits include features for CNN, BBC, NBC Reuters. Shoots with sweet 400 AP or DXC30 Betcam kit. We also offer fixing and preproduction.
Meszoly U.5, Budapest, 1114
phone: +36-30-9620-677, Fax: +36-1466-8856, csobotha@.hotmail.com


Gísli Jóhannes Óskarsson, Heimildir og fræðsla
ICameraman, editor and teacher of science. Service News and sport apartment of Channel 2 and RUV broadcasting companies since 1987. Filmed: News, sport, nature, festivals etc. Procduced several documentary-, educational- and natural films.
Sony Betacam SP, BV5. Sony DSR 130P. Panasonic AG HPX 500. Panasonic AG HPX 171. Panasonic AE
354 893 0088, gosk@simnet.is


Hansal Mehta, Media Square Productions
Television and Video Production Services ; Linear & Non-Linear Editing Specialists; Specialised, qualified and trained crew. Directors, Cameramen, Sound Engineers and Editors. Qualified to meet the most exacting needs - world-wide. Call now for a showreel : Hansal Mehta, A-501/502,"Mercury", 4th Cross Road, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri(W), Bombay - 400 053
Bombay, Maharashtra
phone: (22) 6333537 Fax : (22) 6333536, hansal_mehta@hotmail.com

Manish M.Mehta, MVM Tele-News Agency.
Can arrange all facilities, Cameraman, Correspondent, Camera equipments, Edit equipments. I am My self Retaineer for Associated Press Television in Mumbai India.
Gear: Sony D-30 with or BVP-5/Pvv3. Viten tripod, Lapel Mic, Radio Mic. Audio Mixer. Sungun etc.
10, versova Link rd, Andheri (w) Mumbai- 400 053.
phone: +91 22 56989839 ; Cell : +919869030707, Fax: +91 22 26230746, aptn@vsnl.com

Rajendra Hedge, 3:4 PRODUCTIONS
Freelance Soundrecordist/Production Sound Mixer,Crew and Equipments facility anywhere in India.
Gear: AUDIO MIXER, Sennehiser Shot Gun Mic,Sennehiser wireless Mics
B-4 L.T.RD,Vaziranaka Borivali-West Mumbai Maharashtra 400092
phone: 91-22-8986167, Fax: 91-22-8984466, hegder@hotmail.com

Kamaljeet Negi
Kamaljeet Negi - New Delhi - India based media professional. Cameraman - Director shooting docus, news and entertainment for broadcast television. Trained as Steadicam operator. Providing crew to international television channels in Europe and US.
Gear: Sony D-30 with 3P beta recorder, Portable light kit.
New Delhi, 110003
phone: 91 118 4527198, kmalcam@mailcity.com

Amo Chaugule, Ambi Creations
Production House, Camera Crew, Pune, India Corporates, Multinationals, Foreign TV Channels, Production Houses and Crews
Gear: Betacam-SP (Sony D-35/D-50), Digibeta (BVW 700), DVCam (DSR 390/400), HDV (HVR Z1) NLE AVID, FCP, Edius Pro, Premiere Pro
Pune, Maharashtra
+91-9822522134, +91-20-25813034, ambicreations@gmail.com, http://www.ambicreations.com

Hari Surendra, Highlite Video
Over 10 years of experience in docus, travel, industrial, sports and corporate films with own gear. Willing to travel anywhere in the country.
Gear: Sony DXC-D35/PVV-3P BetaSP Camcorder with Fuji 19X lens. 6.5mm Wide Angle lens, Sinnheiser shotgun & lapel mics, Vinten vision10 tripod, portable light kit etc.
#493, 7th Main, Hanumanthanagar, Bangalore, 560 019
phone: +91 80 6679016, Fax: +91 80 6524546, highlite@rediffmail.com

Kunapareddy Srinivas, Videovilla
Produced documentaries, presentation, advertisment commercials,technical films for companies like Bharath Dynamics Limited,Indian airlines,Ballapur paper industries,Bhel,southcentral railways etc.
Gear: DXC D35 with 3p recorder, DXC D30 with 50P portable recorder, DSR 400 DVCAM. With all nessesary accesories and Tiffen 4x4 filters.
phone: 23755804, 55781888, 98480 49073, sricamera@hotmail.com , website: www.videovilla.in

husain, newswallahs
newswallahs is a UK based tv production house with an office in new delhi. its headed by an ex-bbc producer, we specialise in south asia specific programming. we can provide with customised packages to suit your needs.
Gear: sony d35 with 3p recorder.
A9, south extension-2, new delhi, 110048
phone: +91-11-6262270/71, Fax: +91-11-6162272, pervaiz@newswallahs.com

Rajeev Prabhu, SHOBHA ARTS
Film & TV Program Production House, in operation since 1980. Based in Pune, India. Handling varity of productions from documentries, children films, TV serials, industrial & corporate films and full length feature (commercial) films. Working on all formats upto 35mm Cinemascope. Inhouse manpower to undertake total or partial production services like research, direction, scriptwriting, laisoning, production management, photography, audiography, editing and post-production. Worked for major Industrial houses like TATAs, Tetra Laval, Philips, Kirloskars, Cummins, Crompton, Venkatashwar Hatachries, etc, for the Govt. of India, Tanzania, UN Agencies, World Bank, Commonwealth Fund, etc. plus Indian and Foreign TV Channels.
Gear: Sony HDV Z1 and HD Cameras, Avid based Video Editing, 24 Bits HD Sound recording facility available for dubbing / song and background score recording / re-recording.
Pune (100 Kms. from Bombay), Maharashtra State, 411016
phone: 91 20 5654902 / 362, shobhafoundation@indiatimes.com and

Manish Joshi, Magnum Opus Media Production Co.
Production of Creative and Effective TV Commercials & Infomercials,design on digital formats.The Projects are telecasted on All Satellite and Cable Stations of India.
Gear: PD-150/DSR-500 Cameras,Matrox RTX 100 & Avid DV Xpress Non linear Editing set ups,Hi End 3D Graphics Design Workstation and now proposed for Final Cut Pro G-5 Edit suite for better and better...
phone: 98931-65058, magnumopus@mail.com

Sahni, Rusun Vision PVT LTD
Sahni-Mumbai-India based media professional. Cameraman - Director shooting docus, news and entertainment for broadcast television. Trained as Steadicam operator. Providing crew to international television channels in Europe and US.
Gear: Sony Dvw 790 wsp Dxc D50/D35/D30with 3P beta recorder, Flied Recorder Dvw 250P, Portable light kit, Multi camera set up Analog or Digital Track Chain up to 16 Cameras
New Delhi, 110003, rusunindia@yahoo.co.in

Jeremy VIctor, CBN Multimedia Pvt. Ltd
Based in Hyderabad, India, with 8 years of experience in Camera, lighting, sound. Worked with many International reporters, DOP for daily show on national network. Loves travelling.
Gear: Cameras - Sony D30, D50, DSR 390 with widelens, filters, monitor. Lights - all wattage. Sound - Sony ECM77B
West Marredpally, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, 500003
phone: 91 40 65440162, 09848046864. Fax: 91 40 23554930,

Bangalore based Cameraman with own gear & Production House for CorporateFilms, Documentaries & News with an experience of over 16years. Independant &Joint Production, Multimedia, Crew and Equipment services. Prompt & Professional service assured.
Gear: Sony DVCam DSR 370P/570P kit Sony DVW 790 WSP DigiBeta Camcorder Sony PD-150/170 MiniDV kit Fujinon A8.5x5.5BRM Wide angle lens Canon J20a X 8B3 IAS lens with 2x extender SQN 3-4 Channel Mono/Stereo Mixers Shure UP4 Wireless System PAG Lights Arri compact 1200 HMI Gobos, KinoFlos, Inkies
phone: 91 80 26716600, Fax: 91 80 26603435, hari@highlite.co.in, website: http://www.highlite.co.in

Raghu Bharadwaj, Onshoot Productions
All formats of Video Camera, Lights, Audio Equipments with complete crew having 8 years of shooting experience in Advertisement film, Documentaries, Corporate Films, Music Videos, Product Launch A/v., Still Photography - 35 / 120 / 4 X 6 / Digital - Inclusive of Extra's/ Junior Artists / Model Co-Ordination / Locations / Permissions / Accomodation / Transportation.
Gear: 35mm / 16mm / Super 16mm Film Camera's HDv Z1 / FX1 All DV Cams's - DSR 390/ 400 / 450 / 500 / 570 All Beta Cam SP
Kino Flo 4 Banks / 10 Banks Soft Box - 2 KV Lights Par Lights - 12 KV All Tungsten Lights - 1KV to 5 KV Lights We Co-Ordinate and Complete Production for YOUR Shoot.
Bangalore, Karnataka, 560086
phone: +91-98452 51853, onshoot@gmail.com, website: http://onshoot.greatnow.com/index_files/page0005.htm

Sarit B. Tarafdar, broadcast media
Kolkata based,22 yrs shooting experience. Offering Complete Digital Betacam shooting packages, Sony D600, Sony D30, Folding cranes, advanced wireless audio gears, Mole Rich, Chimeras, and much more. Special packages for wildlife photographers or birds photography, Locational assistance. We also help to make hides. Call today for rate.
Gear: Sony BVW 600,Sony D30, Sony BVW300, Sony PD100 DVCAM, Sony BVW50, Sony BVW35, Sony UVW1800,Lectrosonics, Nuemann, Sennheiser, Sachtler, Vinten, Folding crane. We also offer PD-170, SONY VX2100 for news coverage, including night lighting gears.
+91 9903002808, fleetst_journal@hotmail.com

Ajit Naik
Videographer for Shell,Citibank,SAP,L&T,Reliance,BBC,CNN,SkyTv,Reuters
Gear: Sony :DVCAM DSR450WSP camcorder Panasonic: DVX100 and AJ-HDX900 1080i/720pDVCPRO HD camcorders Canon HV30PAL HDV camcorder.
+912226371290, ajitnaik31@rediffmail.com


Frazin Khosrowshahi, Roya
director of photography and lighting cameraman with 25 years of experience in documentries and fiction 35 mm 16 mm and video
Gear: sony dsr 570 wsp with vinten vision 250 light
phone: 9821

Mohammad Reza Eslamloo, Hatim TV production
High end energetic cameraman, Director and producer with a creative edge.25 years of news and production experience. NBC, Dateline, Today, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Fox, CNN, PBS, PressTV and many corporate credits. Make your next project a fun and efficient success.
Gear: HD Packages / Panasonic SDX900 DVCPro 24P-16:9-4:3 / Sony BVW-D600 Beta SP(Macie Uniform Standard!) / Complete Sony Z1U 16:9 or 4:3 HDV Pkg / Lenses-Canon 20x8 and 11x4.5 wide angle, Multi K5600 Joker HMIs, Honda 2000w Generator, Porta-Jib, Scriptboys, Arri and Lowell light packages, Sachtler 18 Plus tripod, Portable Microdolly, complete 4:3 DV package with lipstick camera, clamshell recorder, '06 Chevy Express AWD Production Van with Nav, Sat Phone, Internet. and also expert camera crew for 35mm film productions
+9821-88883004, +9821-88883004, stayyeb@gmail.com, www.sallcom.org


Gerry Duffy, Duffy Video Services

We offer Betacam and DVCAM 3 chip shooting with NTSC and PAL kit complete as single or two person crews, throughout Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. We are idealy situated on the East coast of Ireland midway between Dublin and Belfast.
Gear: Sony DXC-D30 Betacam NTSC camcorder,the ONLY NTSC kit in ALL of Ireland. Comes complete with full Audio and Lighting package operated by a highly competant crew with a terrific sense of humour.
58 Dublin Street, Dundalk, ( No Zip codes here )
phone: + 353. 42. 933 1212, Fax: +353. 42. 933 0777, dvsvideo@iol.ie

Niall O Sullivan, QDB Sound
Sound recordist servicing Film and TV ,has worked with most european broadcastors ie.BBC RTE Channel 4 SKY Reuters .
Gear: Fostex pd4 SQN 4s series iv Sony Radios with ecm77s Sennheisser Mkh70 Kit With Boom etc... Mackie 1604 Mixer Soundscape Audio Post Production suite
2 Westbourne House ,Westbourne Road,Terenure,Dublin 6w.
phone: 00 353 1 4905567, Fax: 00 353 1 4905567, Qdbsound@iol.ie

Alan Grattan
Broadcast: Rte, BBC Northern Ireland, TV3, TG4.... Corporate: Coca-Cola, Heineken, Pepsi, Van de Burgh Foods...
Gear: Sony DXC-D35WSP (4:3/16:9 switichable) with Betacam SP PVV-3P backend Arri Red-head Lighting Kit with gels Vinton 10 Tripod 6' Color Monitor Wide-Angle Lens/Mattebox & Filters available on request
Hawkfield, Newbridge, Co. Kildare
phone: +353-87-2933318, Fax: +353-45-431599, alangrattan@eircom.net

Mark Ronaghan
Cameraman/Editor with extensive experinece of News, Current Affairs, Documentaries and Sports programmes. On location editing can be provided.
Gear: DVCPro 800 camcorder. DVCPro LT75 laptop editor. Arri red heads. Sennheiser radio mics. Sacthler video 18 tripod.
Moynehall, Cavan
phone: +353 86 8169878, mronaghan@hotmail.com

tony mc cann
cameraman/editor, ex-reuters ireland, news,features,vnr's, documentaries, holiday programmes.
Gear: sony bvw300a sp PAL. full kit plus sound
phone: +447718317961, anthonygmccann@aol.com

John Morrissey, Frontline Television
Full crewing facilities throughout Ireland and Great Britian. Former BBC Staff offering Production and Post Production at our offices or on the move using portable edit facilities. Extensive experience in programme , Commercial and News.
Gear: Cameras include Digital Betacam DVW 790 WSP, Betacam SX DNW 90 WSP/ SP BVW600 and DV Cam DSR 500, with full accessoeries incl. lights monitors, backgrounds , radio mics etc etc. Avid on/off line, media 100, Betacam SX portable suites, graphics suite and Voiceover recording Boothes
Belfast, Northern Itreland
phone: 0044 2897 531004, john@frontlinetelevision.co.uk, website: www.frontlinetelevision.co.uk

Eamon Taggart
I work for everyone, everywhere, I have a large amount of equipment Digi DVC Pro SP just have a look at my web site.
phone: 00-353-86-2570398, Fax: 00-0353-1-2823830, eamontaggart@compuserve.com , website: www.eamontaggart.com

Klaus Kappis, Aveire Media
Camera Crew Hire, Cameraman, ENG Sound Operator- All Ireland Covered
Gear: DVW 790WSP, DIGIBETA - DVCPRO Panasonic 615 - SQN4S etc.
Mountshannon, Co. Clare
phone: +353 85 1538998, info@aveire.com,

John Dix, dixpix
Lighting Cameraman
Gear: Red/HL-DV7
Birr, Offaly
00353868480723, dixie05@eircom.net 

Keith Durham Steadicam Operator
Owner  operator. Full MK-V Nexus rig with complete accessories, remote focus and video, Garfield Mount. Can fly any camera from dslr, hdv, Red to 35mm Film.
ph: 00353 872 500894      www.keithcamera.com


Amos Michaeli
Over 22 years of experience in news industry. 15 years staff cameraman of WTN in Israel. Currently freelance cameraman. Documentary, News, Industrial. Graduate of NYU film School 1977.Clients: CNN, ABC, TVE-spain, ARTE-Germany and others.
Gear: Sony Beta SP 600 or 400a. full Light and sound geer for any kind of production
box 124 Zur Hadassah 99875
phone: 972 2 5330487, pegdura@netvision.net.il

Yoram dafni, IVI Productions Ltd.
Yoram Dafni is a Director/Camerperson specializing in the production of Video and TV films since 1980. Multi Screen Shows, Theme Park Specials, Marketing, Corporate Image, Training , Multimedia and Documentary films for distinguished customers in Israel and abroad.
Gear: Sony 600 and 400 PAL, Sony 300 NTSC. Lighting kits, EasyJib crane, Doorway Doly
9 Bodenhiemer st. Tel Aviv, 62008
phone: 972-3-6050160, Fax: 972-3-5463520,ivi@netvision.net.il

Leon Yosi, Leon Production
I carry 18 years of camerawork experience, I shoot and produced documentaries and feature stories for many leading tv channels: Channel 4 UK, DR1 Denmark, ORF Austria, Etc. Advice for free, Please call or E-mail, 24 hours
Gear: Sony Beta SP 600 with lights, sound and all accessories
phone: 972 52 530290, Fax: 972 9 8665001, yosileon@bezeqint.net

Ahmad Budeiri
experinced excutive director and feild producer ,worked for 17 documantries on various issues .produced many news shows .experinced in the middles east
Gear: dvcam 570 and 700 with full gear and crew
phone: +972522253175, ahmadbudeiri@hotmail.com


Duilio Ringressi, Rainbow Films

Director of photography, english speaking crew, specialized in art documentary. See my web site at www.rainbowfilms.it
Gear: Sony HD Cinealta (on domand), Sony 790 Digital Betacam, Sony DSR 570 DVCAM
Via San Zanobi 104/b 50129 Florence
phone: 39 055 486614 - 39 329 2263986, Fax: 39 055 486614, rafilms@tiscali.it, website: www.rainbowfilms.it

Luca Scamperle, Click & Clip
Rai, TMC, MTV, Mediaset, Telepiy, Canal Jimmy...
Gear: Digital Betacam Crew with DNW 700 PAL
Via M. Melloni, 4 - 20122 Milano
phone: +39 03356353933, Fax: +39 0226306605, cvsmi@interbusiness.it

Fabio Sanfilippo, PIXEL cine-tv pictures
Troupe for cine-TV & hi-end productions. We work in SONY HDCAM CINEALTA, digital BETACAM, BETACAM SP/normal. Post-production and on-line editing with AVID Media Composer Adrenaline HD.
Gear: Camcorders: Sony HDW-F900/3 HDCAM Cinealta multi-frame-rate worldwide cinecorder, DVW-700WSP digitalBETACAM PAL, BVW-D600P BETACAM SP/normal PAL. SD LENSES: FUJINON A15x8BEVM, A10x4.8BDERM (16:9/4:3). HD LENSES: Fujinon HA17x7.8BERM, HA13x4.5BERM, wide-angle attachment WAT-H85. ACCESSORIES: remote controls cameras, CHROSZIEL matte box and follow focus, power supply by ANTON BAUER, tripod and baby tripod by CARTONI with fluid head C20S and Beta. AUDIO: boom microphone BEYERDYNAMIC, # 3 set of SENNHEISER UHF/VHF wireless microphone broadcast series, ENG field mixer PSC M4 MK2 (4 Ch). VTR: SONY HDW-2000/20 - DVW-A500P - BVW-75P
92100 Agrigento (AG)
+39 0922 596998, +39 0922 596998, fabiosanfy@hotmail.com, www.pixelonline.net

Sergio Benvenuto, Welcome Studio s.a.s.
Rent a camera whit Light -Director or Troupe complete for TV News & Documentary
Gear: Sony HDCAM HDW730 P NTSC, - DVW700WSP Digitalbetacam, Sony BVP E10 P Broadcast camera digital,optical canon 15x8 - 5.2x9 BCCTV sound fp33a shure a sennheiser set radio & cable mic
Nerviano -Milano Italy EU-
- mobile +393920806787,Fax: +390331416738
welcome.studio@virgilio.it ,

website: www.welcome-studio-di-sergio-benvenuto.com

Sandro Avila, The Movie Company S.r.l.

Full Service BetacamSP Packages available. Full compliment of Lights, and Sound for news and corporate. Our offices are located in Rome,Venice,and Padua. Our main clients are: Rai-Radio Televisione Italiana, RTP-Radio Televisao Portuguesa, ARD Germany, SWR Germany,Design For Living-Canada, and many others...
Gear: 6 Sony DXC-D30 Betacam with PVV-3 or cvr5. Sennheiser radio mics, Chimeras, Sennheiser shotgun mics with shure and PSE mixers. Wide angle lens. Petroff matte box with filters + many more extras. Complete edit suite with PVW-2800 and BVW-75. 2 Digital edit suites with FAST Silver and 2 with Matrox digisuite and Speed razor.
Via Degli Scolopi, 19 Roma - 00135
phone: ++39 0348 4128066, Fax: ++39 06 233200125, avila@libero.it

Massimo Vincenzi, Video Project
Work for Italian TV and for EUROSPORT, ESPN. Full service video crew available in all northern Italy. Please visit our website at www.videoproject.it
Gear: Camcorder DVCPRO Panasonic AJ-D610WA 4:3/16:9. Full DVCPRO N.L. editing and DVCPRO to BetacamSP dubbing also available. Handset and clip-on radio mics, professional quartz lighting equipment and Cartoni Beta tripod.
via Torelli 10, 46020 Borgofranco sul Po (MANTOVA)
Phone: +39 3386983300, Fax: +39 02700548303, videoproject@videoproject.it

Sandro Mazzanti, CMS Video srl
Post-production full digital broadcast with AVID Symphony Win,AVID Xpress Win,AVID Xpress Mac,AVID Xpress DV Win,DIGITALBETACAM Sony
Gear: Camcorder BETACAM SP Sony dc 30 + sony BVW 5, Digitalbetacam Sony DVW A500P,Betacam BVW 70P,Betacam UVW 1800P, Betacam BVW 50P
Bologna, 40139
phone: 003951490880, Fax: 003951495332, cmsvideo@cmsvideo.it, website: www.cmsvideo.it

Andrea "Andy" Galeazzi, ANDY'S CREW
Based on MAILAND & ROME, we serve major broadcasters and production companies in & out of ITALY since 1985. (DREAMWORKS-DISCOVERY-CNN-ITN-WTN/APTN-REUTERS-SKYNEWS-RAI-MEDIASET-MTV-TMC-TELEPIU'-BBC-RTL-NHK-TVE-ARD-ZDF & others). We are able to move & shoot everywhere around the globe in DVCPRO HD, BETA SX, BETA SP and DIGITAL BETA formats. Also, specialist-leader on STEADICAM & ANDY'S SKYCAM systems (free fly or wire system for indoor & outdoor uses).
Gear: HD/SD-ENG/ESP/Documentary crews with Panasonic AJ-HDX900 DVCPRO HD camcorder (All 1080/720 formats) DNW-9WSP beta SX camcorder (4:3/16:9), BVW-D600P/BVW-400AP beta SP camcorders & DVW-709WSP digi beta camcorders-Canon & Fuji wide/tele zoom lenses-Sachtler tripods-Anton Bauer/Sachtler power and portable lighting systems-Arri 1000/650/300/150 watt lights and accs.-Lectrosonics/Sennheiser/Electrovoice/Shure audio wire and diversity wireless systems-Sony portable editor DNW-A220P beta SP/SX player/recorder units and monitors-CRANES, STEADICAM and ANDY'S SKYCAM FF or WS model systems.
MILANO 20128
+39 335 6640380, +39 02 2562590, andyscrew@tin.it, www.andytech.it (only ANDY'S SKYCAM FF system)

Antonino Crascì
Servizi Video: Riprese e Post_Produzione Digitale
Video Aziendali - Eventi - Cerimonia - Video clip musicali - Collaborazioni TV ed Internet - Reportage.
Gear: Camcorder ,Sony DVCAM DXC537 - DSR 300 - HVR S270 HD Editing : DPS VELOCITY 3D - EDIUS HD. Mic RF :Sennheiser. Light : IANIRO Tripod : Libec.
CARINI ( Palermo ) Sicily
+393283298441, antoninocrasci@tin.it, www.visualvideo.it

Mauro Comodi, MGvideoproduction
Production video & TV Facilities, troupe ENG & camera crews, editing facilities, OB van, experienced crews since 1990. We supply Betacam SP, Dvcam, DvcproHD, Hdcam camera crew - specialized in news, documentaries, sport, commercial. NTSC and PAL and Spanish and English speaking crews available. Tsr.ch Television Suisse Etb Euskal Telebista Spain Antenna Gr Tv Greece Nickelodeon Sky Italy
Gear: Panasonic Varicam AJ-HDC27F DVCPROHD Sony F900 HDCAM Cinealta Red One 4k Digital Cinema Jimmy Jib 9 mt Steadicam Sony Dsr PD 170P DVCAM Sony DSR130P DVCAM 3CCD 2/3" Canon Yj 12x6,5 KRS MiniJib Dolly track
Perugia & Assisi, Umbria
+393382084070, info@mgvideoproduction.it,

Giorgio Ariu, Aspect, Imaging & Services
English-speaking crew. 10 years' experience in events coverage. Fast, presentable, reliable. Very helpful for shooting in downtown Rome and Vatican.
Gear: Sony BVW300, JVC GY-DV5000P, Betacam SX. All PAL only.
Rome, 00125
phone: +393383070283, Fax: +3906233204232,
g.ariu@aspectroma.com, website: www.aspectroma.com

Gaetano Adriano Pulvirenti, Bellini Broadcasting Service
Bellini Broadcasting Service was founded in 1991 by Mr. Gaetano A. Pulvirenti with the intent to promote and produce video productions of all kinds. The company supplies many of the nation-wide TV networks with the necessary facilities such as EFP (Elettronic Field Production), ENG (Elettronic News Gathering) and IPTV (Web Tv). Troupes in order to produce news services, reportage, back stage, TV and Movie auditions, casting, spots, sports coverage, locations, institutional videos, interactive streaming video, Web TV, video magazines and video clips. Whatmore, various documentaries have been produced, most of which have had international recognition. RAI - MEDIASET - REUTERS - BBC
Gear: Sony BVW 300 - Ampex CVW 300 - Panasonic AG-HVX200 - APPLE PowerPC G5 Dual-core a 2GHz
Viale Castagnola n° 16/8 - Catania (Sicily)- 95121
phone: +39 347 9913144 (Mobile), Fax: +39 095 577143 (Phone/Fax)
mgs@bellinibroadcastingservice.com ,
website: www.bellinibroadcastingservice.com


Andy Painter, alterNative media

alterNative media is a two-person video team based in Kyoto, Japan. If you saw the footage on Killer Whales captured in Taiji, Japan on your local news or on CNN Interactive this February, then it was shot by us! We are both trained anthropologists, especially interested in documentary production--with fluency in the Japanese language and local knowledge to spare. We shoot both Betacam SP and digital formats--editing both linear and non-linear (Media 100). If you want to get creative, quality work done in Japan or elsewhere in East Asia, drop us a line. alterNative media is the smart alternative.

Mily Togasa, Globe Net Productions K.K.
Full service Betacam SP ENG/documentary production company. Globe Net serves as Japan production bureau for the Discovery Channel. Also provides support services for dozens of broadcasters including A&E, BBC, CBS, ITN, NHK, ORF, Paramount/Viacom, RTL and many others.
3-4-15 Higashi Azabu, 5th Floor, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106
phone: 81-3-5563-1551, Fax: 81-3-5563-1552, globenet@gol.com

Robyn Tomlin, DV TV (Japan/Canada based)
Freelance Broadcast Journalist. Documentary video maker. Past documentaries aired on Japanese TV and other Asian networks. Non-linear studio.Taping,editing,narration (Japanese or English). Also possible to distribute other producers video documentaries for broadcast in Asia.
2-3-39 Jomyoji, Kamakura
phone: 0467-23-5254

William Word, virgin earth, inc.
virgin earth, inc. is Tokyo's oldest and most experienced production company. Experience in features, TV commercials, rock videos, corporates, multicamera, news & satellite production. Clients include Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Buena Vista Home Video, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and many others.
Gear: CVR-400 ßetaSP camcorder, with lighting and audio package, Media 100, etc. Film, Digi Beta, other packages available as needed.
Inui Heim 505 61 Ichigaya-yakuojimachi Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
phone: 813 3208-1581, Fax: 813 3208-1588, vetokyo@aol.com

Based in Kobe, Japan (near Osaka) ASIA-PACIFIC is a full service production company. The combined expertise of our staff spans more than 40 years of professional production experience including news, documentary and motion picture film, videotape and new media. Cleints Include all Major US Television Networks as will as numerous private producers, corporate, government and international clients. See our web site for more information. www2.gol.com/users/app
Gear: Sony BVP 90 Camera w/ BVV-5 Back, Full ENG/EFP Package, Fly away Edit System BVW 75.
3-17 Higashi Maruyama Cho, Nagata-ku, Kobe 653-0886
phone: 81 78 691 2450, Fax: 81 78 641 3394, app@gol.com

Michael Goldberg, International Videoworks
Location: Tokyo, Japan. NTSC & PAL crews, coordination, satellite, graphics, edits, etc. for news, documentaries, sports and corporate videos. Do visit our Website to evaluate the quality of our work: www.ivw.co.jp
Gear: Camera: Sony BVW-400A set: Canon 14 x 8.5 lens; remote zoom control; Oskar Heiler tripod; Sachler 18+ tripod; short tripod legs; high hat; Sony BVM-8044QD (16:9 / 4:3; NTSC / PAL) monitor; PVM-9020 portable colour monitor; BVW-25 for playback. Sound: Sennheiser 416 shotgun & windscreens; boom; 2 x Shure 63L handmics; 3 x Sony ECM-77 tiepin mics; Shure FP-32 stereo mixer; headphones;1x Ramsa UHF diversity wireless mic set; TC-D5M audiocassette recorder; Gentner phone patch (for live-to-camera interview, extra charge). Lighting: 2 AC kits- 3 x 650W Pulsar (Redheads) & 3 x 500W Ryudensha lights; 1 Chimera; 2 x C-stands; 1 Cine-60 belt light; filters & gels; collapsible reflectors; AC drums. Vehicle: Nissan Homy GT-Cruise van.
Nishiogi-minami, 2 - 20 - 8 3F; Suginami-ku; Tokyo, 167-0053
phone: +813-3333-5335, Fax: +813-3333-5344, ivw@gol.com

Asiahire Tokyo Ltd.
Broadcast TV Services in Tokyo, Japan. Crews, Equipment Hire, TV Production. Sony HDCAM, Digital Betacam, DVCAM, Beta SP. PAL & NTSC. Clients: Japan EXPO 2005, Suzuka F1 Grand Prix, Tokyo Motor Show, Pentax Camera co.
Gear: Sony HDW 750, DVW 790 WSP, DSR 570 WSP, BVW D600, BVW 400A, D35/ PVV-3 WSP.
Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-0005
phone: +813 5288-5434, Fax: + 81 3 4496-4222, asiahiretokyo@hotmail.com, website: www.asiahiretokyo.com

Randy Schmidt, American Ronin Productions
Network caliber video cameraman (CNN, Reuters, BBC, etc.) available for hire. Please check my website.
Gear: BVW-600 Betacam
phone: 81-3-5561-0307, Fax: 81-3-5561-0307, randy@americanronin.com, website: www.americanronin.com

ITM has experiences in TV productions for domestic and foreign broadcasters for more than 20 years. We are able to provide crew & equipment, research & coordination, editing & post-production and satellite uplink & transmission. Clients we worked for recently: APTN, BBC, CNBC, EBU, Entertainment Tonight (ET) and more. TOYOTA, Mitsubushi Motors and DELL for corporate assignment.
Gear: Digital Betacam SONY DVW-700WS NTSC Betacam SP SONY 400A PAL&NTSC DV Cam Ikegami HL-DV7W NTSC
Ginza, Tokyo 104-0061
phone: +81 (0)3 3549 0600, Fax: +81 (0)3 3549 0606, itoh@itmtokyo.com, website: http://www.itmtokyo.com

rolf marquardt
tokyo based film and video production; 16/35mm betacam ntsc and pal; multilingual stuff
tokyo, 1670041 suginamiku;
phone: +81-(0)90-2904-5664, info@camera-japan.com, website: www.camera-japan.com

George Van Horn, B-Sharp, Ltd.
We a pair of Nagoya-based camaermen, one American and the other Japanese. We have experience in event and documentary and promotion video productions. Our clients are event/reception halls, independent producers, local businesses and professional associations. We can produce whole segment, especially World Expo2005 coverage, which is in our backyard. We can also do any pre, post or production news work, from location scouting and model/actor/voice recruiting to shooting to editing.
Gear: Sony DSR390, DSR250, DSR150, Lowel ToGo98 Kit, Sony Wireless mic kit, Senheiser mic, Monfrotto tripods, Glidecam, Desktop and laptop FinalCutPro- based NLE system.
Nagoya, Aichi
phone: 81-90-6465-7143, george@b-sharp.co.jp

Anthony Trotter, Trotter Productions
State-of-the-art support for broadcast television, documentary, corporate video, and live events throughout Japan and Asia.
Gear: PAL / NTSC Sony HVR-Z7E/U/J, Sony HVR-Z1U, Panasonic AG-DVX100, State-of-the art lighting, and audio gear including the Sachtler FSB6 custom tripod system for ultra-high angle shooting. Sony lavalier / wireless mics are used as well as AudioTechnica and Sennheiser shotgun mics.
(0)90 8114-4716, anthony@trotterproductions.org,


We offer a complete package for the producer or journalist who has no crew or gear. We'll do everything from arranging air and hotel bookings, shooting permits, ground transportation, translators/fixers, shoot, edit, and satelitte transmission all with only one invoice! Vivid has over seven years experience working for CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, ITN, C4, ZDF, NHK, CBC, BRT, RAI, SAT 1, PRO 7, PARAMOUNT, TRANS WORLD SPORT, WORLD VISION, UNICEF, UNDP, UNHCR, WORLD FOOD PROGRAM, COKE, AND CITIBANK. We've worked on five continents for producers who want results not excuses! Extensive experience in arduous situations such as Sudan, Cambodia, Albania, Peru, Bangladesh, and Congo.
Gear: NTSC gear includes DNW 9WS SX and BVW300, PAL gear includes DNW 90WS SX, DNW 9WS SX, BVW 400AP, BVP 507 and DXC 537. Lectrosonics UHF and VHF radio mics, Sennheiser gun mics, Sony ECM 77 lapel mics, SQN 4S mixers, assorted boom lenghts Sony 8" monitors, Sachtler tripods, Sony DNW 225 laptop editors, Avid editor, BVW 75p edit machines, Steadicam PROVID, Sachtler 300w lights, Arri 800w lights, Ianro red heads and blondes, c-stands, flags, silks, diffusers, dubbing room, viewing room.
Flat #8, Longonot Place Apartments, Henry Thuku Road, NAIROBI
phone: 254-2-213-064, Fax: 254-2-212-435, vivid@africaonline.co.ke

Abdul Qayum Isaq, Wildebeest Production c/o Africa News Network
Crew with Gear or Crew with out Gear . We cover News like on other crew will, with 30 years in this Business can arrange almost any coverage from East & Central Africa, Middle East and with our New DSNG on the road you NAME it.
Gear: Camera / Editing Sony BVW 600 DNW 9WS DSR 370, BVW 507, Sony DNW 225 DNW A100 DNE 50 with
laptop, Both NTSC and PAL equipment and much more….
Kenya / Canada
phone: 254-20-530299/1-905-477-0742, Fax: 254-530279
aqisaq@yahoo.com, website: www.wildebeestproduction.com

Lee Kanyare/Steve Njoroge, The Bigger Picture Company
I have produced videos for UNFPA (Namibia and Uganda), UNICEF, USAID, CARE INTERNATIONAL, ACTIONAID, NETHERLANDS REDCROSS, and FAMILY PLANNING PRIVATE SECTOR. In Kenya,Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Swaziland,South Africa and Namibia.
Gear: Camera Sony DSR 300 DVCAM, Sony PD 170. Sachtler Tripod, Steadicam and AVIO Casablanca NLE
phone: +254720973709, Fax: +254204451870,
biggerpix@lycos.com, website: www.biggerpict.com

umbe a. adan, Soyama Productions
Location Sound Mixer/Recordist,origionaly from Africa, now based in LosAngeles, and I am the member of local 695 sound union & IATSE. I am specialised in Doc. & movie sound.
Gear: Diva V, Fostex pd6 & 4, I have lectrosonics 411s' hybrid wireless configuration, Sen. Mkh30,40, 50,60,70, 416 & 816. if you are the director want big studio audio on location, I will be glad to work around your budget. my job is to be 100% supportive to put sound wheels on your visual for better screen ride. I am also willing to travel.
phone: 011-254-721780367,

Dan Adeli, Visual Works Ltd
I have seven years intense experience as a cameraman/producer, working on documentaries, hard news, features, tv programmes etc for clients such as Channel 4 UK, CBS, CNN, Christian Aid, Mediasat,ABC, CBC, SABC, GoK within Kenya and the wider East and Central Africa. Willing to
travel wide and far.
Gear: SONY DSR 250, DSR 300, DSR 570, BETA SP, PD 150/170 PANASONIC High Definition HVX 200, DVX 100
phone: +254 20 216933 / 317175 Cell: +254 722 239085, Fax: +254 20 248338,
dan@visualworks.tv, website: www.visualworks.tv

Kuala Lumpur

Sham Abas, Zaklin Vision
Broadcast and Corporate TV field, Stringer for Malaysian leading private TV station
Gear: Betacam SP DXC-637P/BVV-5PS
phone: 016-2881364, shamslba@tm.net.my

Azhari Acak, Acak Camelight Sdn bhd
video & film equipment service..
Gear: DSR 400,Sony XDCAM F350L,Sony HDW900,Panasonic P2,
+60122271949, acakcamelight_tv@ymail.com .


fahed abou ghanem, light & shadow production
Dop , jimmyjib & steadycam operator ,editor .
Gear: editing (matrox digisuit) - camcorders (dvcam307 , dvw700 )
jeser al bacha ,beirut
phone: +9613806099, studio_lightandshadow@hotmail.com


Yann Figuet, FREE LENS TV
Yann Figuet is a freelance cameraman fully equiped, editor and steadicam operator and worldwide available. You need to shoot in Brussel, Luxembourg or Paris? We organise all you need and we don't bill any transportation for these locations. Yann is also available to shoot worldwide.
Gear: - Beta SP DXCD30 with PVV3, lithium Sony batteries, wide angle lens Canon 6x8, ENG Lens Canon 14x8,5, Vinten tripod - sound equipement: senneheiser mics, wireless Sennheiser diversity equpmt with Tram mic, Shure FP33 Mixer - Editing: SX Laptop DNW225P, VCR PVW2800, Media 100 On line - Edit car equiped with computer, satellit receiver, SX Laptop, Beta SX VCR, to edit "on the road" - Glidecam V20 for smooth shots in all conditions All equipment with ATA Carnet
Luxembourg, Paris, Brussel
phone: (+352) 484748 or mobile (+352) 091484748, Fax: (+352) 484748, info@freelenstv.com


alvin yong, camstars photo

Crew specialise in news and feature coverage. Has worked with major news agencies, tv stations. Arrangement for other audio visuals equipments. Special requests such as reporters, fixers, translators,interviewee (govt or private), transport etc.
Gear: Cameras: Panasonic AJ-D800E & 400 and DV Cameras: Sony 637 & 537AP attach to BVV5PS Accessories: vinten 12, satchler caddy tripod, red heads, neck mikes and others
19, Jalan Jaya Baru 3A, Taman Jaya, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur
phone: 6012-3581729, Fax: 603-91002830, camstarsphoto@yahoo.com


making tv ads Documentary
Gear: Sony DSR400,D30,D35,D50
00960 968099, tvshiyaz@hotmail.com, www.videomaldives.com

Hussain Adil, Touch Media Company Pvt. Ltd
A full house professional video production house, offering both equipment and facilities rental and production service to both International clients and local as well. We are ONLY the company who could offer full HD equipment with Sony XDCAM PDW-F330 HD camcorder.
Gear: PDW-F330 XDCAM HD Camcorder, Tungsten Lighting kits, Tripods, PowerMAC Quad-core with workstation, Apple Final CUT, Adobe Premier CS4, AVID. also sony DSR-400P, PD-170P.
+9607778210, +9603008090, info@touchonline.net, http://www.touchonline.net


PAUL PRECA, Freelance Malta
Location sound recordist/boom operator for film and t.v. Sennheiser mics. : 416, 816, MKE 2, Micron Radio Mics. Fostex DAT recorder (24 f.p.s./25 f.p.s.) SQN 4s location mixer.
10, Anglu Mallia Street, B'Kara , BKR 05 ,
phone: 442114, Fax: 415801

Ray Galea, RG Videoproductions
Filming and Editing of Tv Productions,Adverts,Sitcom, Drama. Freelance cameraman steadicam operator works on any model Beta,Dvcam cameras
Gear: Own Sony DVcam DSR 300,DSR 390, Glidecam,Sony wireless mics wrt-807a,wrt-805b etc...
Phone: 356 21801896, Fax: 356 21801896, rgvideo@hotmail.com, website: www.rgvideo.com


Mohamed Ould Mohamed Salem, Elivya Productions
Production and co-production of documentary related to the life in the sahara region.
Gear: Camcorder AJ-D610WB
BP 1848 Nouakchott
phone: 222 - 525 1641/525 5136, capecinter@mauritel.mr


Jose Noriega, Signal Video Film & TV
Production and Post production services in Mixico Betacam Equipment 2 Avid Media Composer 1000 Translation and dubbing services Mexico TV Video Film Television & Radio commercials Theatrical & Non Theatrical productions Corporate and Motivational videos Infomercials Voice Casting Documentaries Graphic and Multimedia Design http://www.signal.com.mx
Av. Fuentes de Satilite 148 Piso 2 Jardines de Satilite
phone: 52 5 3435650, Fax: 52 5 343 5658, video@video.com.mx

Fully equipped film and video production company. Producción y Post-producción, en cine y video digital, comerciales, video clips, programas de televisión, presentación de productos, copiado múltiple, animación en 3-D y 2-D, efectos especiales, morph, colorización, edición no lineal, clymation, compositing, sets virtuales, blue & green screen, renta de equipo, experiencia de más de 15 años. The Total Production process: Post Production, Two "fully loaded" non-linear edit systems, Mobile Crews.
Gear: BetacamSP DXC537 Crew All rates are based on a two-person Betacam SP production package (ENG) with lights, audio and transportation for 10-hours. Travel and stock extra. * 8 hour day ** Audio package additional
Encino Grande No. 98 Col, Tetelpán. D.F. 01700
phone: 55850197, sarg@prodigy.net,mx

Ignacio Pena / Enrique Meludis, Proalpha
In Guadalajara Mexico we offer 2 diferent options ( A and B ) in the same company. A-1 Rental services in PRODUCTION equipment are charged by day including all the type of personal you require for broadcast and A-2 POSTPRODUCTION we have 3 suites including 1 lineal a/b roll betacam sp / 3/4 sp with Dve and CG and 2 non lineal suites. They are charged by hour and you can operate or have our own people to postproduce. B-If you need the full or part in the film or video comercial or documental, we are specialized by having the experience on more then 4,000 film and video comercials and more then 400 documentaries.
Gear: Production:2 complete betacam sp packages with Sony DXC 537-PVV3 Lighting:Fresnels, open face, softs 5K 2K 1K Grip. Complete truck with full grip and lighting equipment. Postproduction:lineal suite a/b roll betacam sp and 3/4 sp with dve and cg. 2 non-linear suites media 100 XE with after effects, photoshop, elastic reality, infiny-d
Mayas 3157 Col Monraz. Guadalajara Jalisco 44670
phone: 523 641 9401, Fax: 523 641 9405, proalpha@megared.net.mx

Ari Palos, Dos Vatos Productions
Director of Photography, Cine-Videographer in Southern Mexico. Broadcast directing experience, feature cinemotagraphy, and videography with complete video camera package, and non-linear editing system. 12 Years experience in production and bilingual. I will create nicely composed and exceptionally beautiful images for you. I work well under pressure and am a good team player.
Gear: Sony DXC-D30 With Sony PVV-3 Field audio package with operator Light kit. softlights.
011 52 951 6 55 38, aripalos@hotmail.com

Gerardo Primo, Primo Producciones,S.A. de C.V.
3D Animation,b rolls,on location recording,Steadicam
Gear: (2) sony DXC 537 W/PVV1A (1)steadicam SK
Monterrey,Nuevo Leon
phone: 83385013, Fax: 83385013, gerardoprimo@hotmail.com

Ricardo Díaz, Saurio Films
Providers of production services ranging from scouting to postproduction and motion graphics. We have a lot of experience working with international crews from Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. Saurio is a very flexible environment for providing both the material, human and organizational needs for any kind of production.
Gear: Panasonic Varicam, 2 JVC HD100U´s, 2 mac based postproduction non linear editing systems plus lights, monitors, audio etc.
Guadalajara, Jalisco
(5233) 10586118, saurio@sauriofilms.com


Hans Peters, HPM Productions

Beta SP Ikegami HL-V55 camera crew
Parallelweg 8, Oosterbeek, 6828 EK
phone: 00 3126 3337447, Fax: 00 3126 3332333

Willy Schmidt, Digicam facilities
Amsterdam's number 1 videocompagnie We have top of the line equipment availble Sony D BVW 600 and D 700 and Ikegami V55 . Avid on line editing availble. We can do the job for you in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe . Very experience free-lance camera and soundmen who work for us. See our homepage www.digicam.nl
Schippersstraat 7 1011 BB Amsterdam
phone: --31-20-6234353, Fax: --31-20-6276839, Digicam@digicam.nl

Ray Kril, Black Eye International
Full service- ENG in the Netherlands and north Europe. Have worked with Crews Control, PBS and Assignment Desk for productions from USA Industrial as well as broadcast. web site for balck Eye projects: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/rayobei
Javastraat 84-3, Amsterdam, 1094 HL
phone: 31 20 6931899, Fax: 31 570642424, rayobei@compuserve.com

Richard Janssen, Levend Geluid, Licht en Beeld
On-line broadcast video editor (lineair editing)
Gear: Levend Geluid, Licht en Beeld is a sound hire company based in The Netherlands, Europe.

Hans Vernhout, Cover Multimedia Produkties
Very experienced lighting cameraman. Easy person to work with. High quality shoots for Dutch tv (documentaries, shows, news), corporate producers and USA and UK clients, like Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, The Media Staff - LA, Media Motion - Houston, Communication Works - Kinross GB, Myriad Media - London. Also non-linear editing SD and HD available (uncompressed, full resolution).
Gear: Digital Betacam Sony DVW-790WSP camcorder (4:3 and 16:9 widescreen). Extensive audio (including MS Stereo setup, 2 UHF diversity wireless microphones) and lighting equipment (including 2x Arri 575 HMI fresnel, 2x Arri 1kW fresnel, Chimera softbanks, Dedolights aspherics2 with projectors, gobos, dimmers, colorfilters, reflectors, grip, mattebox with lens filters, Canon zoom control, Westcott chroma key, etc. Dolly and mini-jib available. All equipment 220V and 110V compatible.
Langeweideweg 51, 6716 PR, Ede
phone: +31 318 690989, Fax: +31 318 692270, h.vernhout@chello.nl, website: http://www.cinematov.com

Brian Dragtstra, BDAV Producties
3 Full operational E.N.G. teams, 24 hours / 7 days a week for news, documentary, stock-image and any other shot you can think off. Look at our web page at www.bdav.nl (dutch only)
Gear: Sony PVW-D30, DXC-537+PVV-1 (2x) DSR-500WSP (2x) and any lower level camera (DV-professional). UVW-1800 (2x) UVW-1600 (2x) and UVW-1200 with RM-450 (3x). Also 2x Non-lineair HD-edit station (AVID lookalike) and any lower norm recorder (DVC-Pro 50/25 - DV-Cam - DV - etc.etc.)
Wieringerwaardstraat 92, Amsterdam
phone: +31 20 6373611, Fax: +31 20 6371259,info@bdav.nl

sabine kramer, sabine audio video & film productions
audioengineering e.n.g. for dutch public and other tv stations like NOS, NPS, TROS, IKON, VARA, Teleac, Socutera, NMO, KRO, RTL4, RTL5, SBS6, Yorin, etc. International: ARD, ZDF, WDR, VRT, TRT Ankara, etc. Ask me for my reel and I gladly send it to you..
Gear: audioportable mixer sqn 4 s, sennheiser mkh 416 p 48, re 50, rms send. and receiver non diversity with sanken mic, furry, boom, beyer and sony headphones, portabrace, etc.
den haag, 2571 TK
phone: (011) 316-5173 7466, sabinekramer61@hotmail.com

Gaby de Haan, Gaby de Haan Sound Productions
English, German (and Dutch)speaking LocationSoundRecordist based in the Netherlands. Working on Commercials, Feature, Documantary and Corporate. Own transportation.
Gear: Deva 4track location harddisk recorder, Fostex PD4-DAT, HHB TC PortaDAT, Neumann, Schoeps, Sennheiser, Shure, EV microphones, Micron and Lectrosonics wireless with Tram, Sanken, DPA and Countryman mics, Sounddevises, Sonosax, Mackie, and Soundcraft mixers, Lectrosonics IFB, Denecke TC-slates and lots of smal gadgets for whenever there's need for.
Purmerend (20 min. from Amsterdam)
phone: +31 (0)299 479 864, gabydehaansoundproductions@xs4all.nl,

Rene van Dalen, Van Dalen Videocompany
We work with the best Camera and Sound people in the Netherlands.Ask around we are the best and got the fastest service around the clock.
Gear: We have all the professional equipment for rent you need. HDcam - DVcam Sony 570 or Ikegami HL-DV7 or PD150 - Digibeta Sony 790 or 700 WSP - Betacam SP Ikegami HLV-55 - Avid - etc. We work with - BBC - WDR - ZDF - TV5 - etc. call 24 hours a day.
phone: 0031-653-366977, vandalenvideo@wandoo.nl

Michael Ballak, Camerawork
Allround cameraman.
Gear: Sony 790 WSP cameraset, light, sound. Steadicam SK. MPV wagon with navigation on board.
phone: +31 653 381 539, m.ballak@chello.nl

edward snijders, submarines
underwater videography in freezing, tropical, fresh, seawater or under ice, anywhere, anytime.
Gear: hope you can make an exception for my gear: 'only Sony FX1 HD, an obvious choice for underwater videography. Lighting by u/w Hartenberger power lamps
phone: +31 45 524 2555, esnyders@home.nl , website: www.submarines.nl

Amir Bar - Internationalsound
Professional freelance location sound recordist, based in Amsterdam near Schiphol airport and RAI, I speak English, Spanish, Dutch and Hebrew. Worked for: BBC,TROS,NOS,VPRO,CBS,ARD,WDR,TV5 and more.
Gear: Sound-devices mixer,VD Bergh,Rycote,DPA,Sanken,Tascam DR-680-8ch. recorder,Audio-Ltd. 2040 wireless sets, Sennheiser, Neumann vintage KM 84 / 83 stereo set and Neumann RSM 191 and more.
+31653443742, info.amirbar@gmail.com

New Zealand

Joe Morgan, New Zealand Beta SP Operator

Full Kit Sound/Lighting. Experienced crews New Zealand wide Our work has appeared all over the world NHK, Canwest. ABC etc...... Email us for a rates card or visit our homepage http://www.dvp.co.nz
17 Sir William Pickering Drive Christchurch
phone: 64+3+3812283, Fax: 64+3+3810027, info@dvp.co.nz

Ivars Berzins, Pacific Crews Ltd
Shooting Downunder? Look no further. Pacific Crews represents only the best, hand-picked freelance crews around New Zealand, Australia, the South Pacific and Asia. All of our crews are either known to us or have been screened, so we can GUARANTEE you professional results everytime. Satisfied international clients include CNN, BBC World, ZDF Germany, FR 3 France, Channel 9 Australia....
1 Ninian St Kelburn Wellington
Phone +64 4 475 7585 Fax +64 4 475 7515 Mobile +64 21 776 963, ivars@pacific-crews.co.nz

Mark Chrisp, Gisborne Video Production
ENG Camera Work, Post Production, Television News, Documentaries, TVC's, In-House, CD-ROM production
Gear: Digital Hitachi Camera Betacam SP BVV-5PS Docable Canon Lens, Lights, 4WDrive Audio Mixer, Shotgun, 2x Radio Mics
Non-Linear & Linear Edit Suite PVW series Decks, Perception, Aladin
P.O.Box 131, Gisborne
phone: +64 6 867 3905, Fax: +64 6 867 3905, gvp@clear.net.nz

Geoff Mackley, Rambocam Productions
TV News Cameraman, Mountaineer, Caver Adventure Cameraman, Stormchaser and Volcano Photographer Stock Footage Video / Still Photo Library Volcanoes * Severe Weather * Emergencies * Rescues Nearly 20 yrs experience ,Video and still photography, Specializing in difficult and dangerous jobs,from the side of a cliff to the eye of a hurricane.If I can't shoot it...no one else will be able to! Clients include: Granada TV "Eye of the Storm", NBC Dateline National Geographic, RTL Germany,Risk" an extreme sport doco,etc... My footage of exploding volcanoes,hurricanes,cyclones, and rescues are shown on news bulletins worldwide. Website: http://www.rambocam.com
Gear: DVC Pro 800 15+8 Fujinon Lens etc.... Full equipment list on website.
3 / 66 Ballartat St, Ellerslie, Auckland
phone: +64-25-329-248, Fax: +64-9-5797-887, geoff@rambocam.com

Paul Richards, Nutshell Productions Limited
Friendly Experienced Cameraman Owner Operater based in New Zealand. Shooting expensive Corporate, Documentary, and Commercials. Fully equipped with most formats and the best lenses, lights and grip equipment.
Gear: SONY Betacam DVW 709WSP camera, SONY XDCAM 530P, SONY DSR 570P, Ikegami HL-45W, PDX-10WSP. All PAL Cameras. High Definition available. NTSC available
phone: +64-9-3786-089, paul@nutshellproductions.tv, website: www.nutshellproductions.tv

karen simpson, kms freelance videographer
15 years experience as a camerawoman/editor. chief cameraperson at tv3 network nz many o/s trips as shooter/cutter such as tahiti riots,nelson mandellas inaugration and many more. specialising in lighting. clients...channel 10 brisbane tv3 network nz inside nz documentaries tvnz gardening shows 60 minutes 20/20 bbc northern ireland screentime productions nz & aus greenstone productions nz gibson group
Gear: beta sp 300ap camera vinten tripod 2 redheads 1 tota light video sender with portable monitor(palm size)
po box 112019 penrose auckland
phone: 09 5252 899/025 6142340, Fax: 09 5252 899, k_simpson@clear.net.nz

Steve Sinclair, Southcam NZ Ltd. (Crazyhorse Pictures)
Ex ABC Australian trained ENG camera and film (drama) camera. Also sepmeg 16 and 35 sound recordist. Current clients are TV3 etc now in NZ.
Gear: Sony DXC-D30 with on-board DNW-5 Betacam SX back, Sony BVP 7 plus Canon J18 Lens, DSR-500WSPL Canon YJ18xKRS. DSR-VX1000E. Miller and manfrotto tripods. See website http://www.southcam.org/
P.O.Box 25, Roxburgh, Otago 9156
phone: 64211278672, Fax: 6434468160, southcam@world-net.co.nz

Brian McCausland, Image Productions LTD
Over 30yrs Experience in TV Corporate Docos & Commercials and Sporting Programs
Gear: Sony PDW 355l HD plus Beta SX and DVCAM
16 Logie Place Christchurch 8006
phone: 03 389 5265, Fax: 03 389 4767, 1image@clear.net.nz

Mark Potter, Trademark Pictures
Freelance Television Camera operator with 20 years experience, shooting mainly TV shows, and documentaries. Have worked internationally including throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific.
Gear: Sony 570WS DVCAM camera, Sachtler tripod, Fujinon standard and wide angle lenses, Sony 9" field monitor. Access to all HD cameras and equipment.  Lectrosonics radio mics, Full range of lights.
+64 21 630301, mark@trademarkpictures.co.nz, www.trademarkpictures.co.nz

Grant Finlay, UltraSound Ltd
Location Sound Recordist - New Zealand /Auckland based.Audio for doco's,real TV, drama etc.. have recorded on all formats; DAT,miniDV,Digibeta,etc... Check out my home page for more information and credits
Gear: SQN4s, Sennheiser 416/816/MKE-2,Neumann KM81i,Lectrosonics 201(x2)Trams,Beta Box. Anything else can be supplied,just ask!!
25 saint clio street , Christchurch, 8004
phone: ++64 21 943997 / ++64 9 5773034 , grantfinlay@yahoo.com, website: www.ultrasound.orcon.net.nz

Chris Brokensha, Kaleidoscope TV
TV Cameraman / DOP based in Auckland, New Zealand. Over 28 years experience in all aspects of television production. Our facilities include 3 cameras, lighting and audio equipment. Our crew is available for Broadcast, Commercial or Corporate video production and post-production.
Gear: Sony PDW-700 XDCAM Camcorder, Pal or NTSC, Sachtler quick release tripod and full lights kit. Full HD or SD. Other formats also available. 17 Innisfree Drive, Ellerslie, Auckland phone: +64 9 589 1177, mobile: +64 21 882 739, tv@xtra.co.nz
Gear: Latest Sony PDW700 HD XDCAM Camera, monitors, wireless video link, wireless and cabled microphones, lighting kit and production vehicle.
+6421882739, tv@xtra.co.nz,

Martin Cowan, TV MEDIA Limited
15 Years Experience in broadcast.News: LE : Corperate & Conference
Gear: SONY DSR570WSPL DV CAM: Fujinon ENG lens: Vinten Head/Legs: DEDO lighting kit: SONY ECM lapel mics: Reporters Mic: Full Edit facilities.
Bay of Plenty
phone: +64 7 552 5522, Fax: +64 7 552 5522, martin@martincowan.tv , website: martincowan.tv

Karl Schodt, Shotz Ltd
Director of Photography with 16 years experience in film and video ,avaliable with a variety of cameras, all in house. Ready to shoot.
Gear: Digital Betacam DVW709P, XDcam PDW-539P, Betacam SP D30P, Arri SR 2 16mm, and DVcam PD 150,
all avaliable along with a selection of grip, lighting and sound equipment. Ready to shoot with an
experienced Director of Photography.
phone: 64 9 576 8890,
karl@newzealandcameraman.co.nz ,
website: www.newzealandcameraman.co.nz

Tim Lucas
South Island based cameraman. Television and corporate.
Gear: DSR450WSP, DSR300AP and PD150P cameras. 2 x radio mics + shotgun mics, Lights etc
Christchurch, 64 03 337 6140
phone: 64 03 337 6140,

Aaron Davis, AZA SOUNDZ
Freelance Soundrecordist / Boom Operator / Camera and Lighting Assistantant for Doco's and Drama's 14 years experience
Gear: SOUND GEAR, 744T Harddrive and compact flash 4 track recorder, 4 Channel Mixer Stereo, 6 AKG microphones, Lectrosonic 201 x2 radio mics, 1x Senhieser radio mic, 1x denke time code slate, Transtec Coms, 3x Various booms, Mic stands x2, Ditty box with various spares, cables, adaptors and batteries, IDX MP1 Charger, 4WD Jeep Chereko, Active American Work Visa Expire 2010
phone: +640212042000, azasoundz@hotmail.com

Lloyd McFadden, Teleimage
Full production facility's for TVCs, Corporate,Children's Television, News,Broadcast Program Production,Documentary's, DVD bulk duplication Equipment Hire,Crew Hire
Gear: Panasonic HPX502 HD card camera Panasonic AJ-SDX900 dvcpro 25 / 50 sd camera 4x3 & 16x9 4 x Sennheiser radio mics onboard Lights,large green screens,dollies,jib arms,Tracks, limpet mounts,microwave links,2x Avid edit suites,8 x UHF radio telephones 2X 4WD Vehicles
0274 341 814, teleimage@xtra.co.nz, www.teleimage.co.nz

Ben Ruffell, Composite Pictures Ltd
Freelance cameraman / DP. Shooting credits include Corporate Videos, TV Commercials, TV Shows, Music Video's, DVD's, EPK's, News and Current Affairs.
Gear: Sony PDW-700 XDCAM HD 422 Camera (SD Option Installed) Sony PMW-EX3 Camera Contour HD Helmet Cam (720p 30fps) Canon 5D Mark II Lighting, Grip, Sound etc. all available.
Queenstown, South Island
+6421814836, ben@ruff.co.nz, www.ruff.co.nz


John DuMontelle / Tifani Roberts, Latincam - Central American Television News & Documentaries
Latincam is an EMMY award winning television news team with more than 20 years of experience. Eighteen years of local and network television news photography in the United States; based in Managua, Nicaragua since 1996 covering news & documentary assignments throughout Central America. WE UNDERSTAND DEADLINES! Our company is known for being able to work with a variety of people under adverse situations, consistently delivering a high quality product to meet our clients needs and budget specifics. Visit our web site for a complete list of clients and services.
Gear: Sony 400 SP Betacam, Sachtler & Vinten Tripods, Sony ECM-44B & 77B Lav Mics, Lowell ENG / EFP Light kits, Boom Pole w/ Sennheiser ME-80 Mic, Shure FP-32 Audio Mixer, Lectrosonics Wireless Mics, Shure & Electro Voice Mics, GKC IFB Talk-Back System,Anton Bauer Nicad Batteries, Anton Bauer Quad Charger, Sony AC Power Supply, Tiffen Series 9 Filter System, Anton Bauer Ultra Light on Cam, Sony Color Field Monitor; ALSO AVAILABLE: Live satellite up-links for "talk backs" & tape feeds: Editing (Beta, ¾ inch, Hi 8) with or without "effects" capabilities; Multiple camera shoots: Additional ground transportation w/driver: Private home and/or hotel reservations
phone: (505) 882-6036, Fax: (505) 277-4762, latincam@cablenet.com.ni, website: www.latincam.net



Tv and Film production. Equipments/Vehicle/Crew Hire. Location Scouting,Post production facilities. DSNG Crew etc
Gear: SONY DV CAM DSR 300, DV CAM DSR 750, HD CAM SONY Z1, CANON XL Series, Crane Cameras etc
info@locationafrika.com, www.locationafrika.com

Aduloju john, rods and cones ltd
the production, co-production and facilitation of award-winning and, above all, memorable feature films, documentaries and television commercials. Film and television production
Gear: Sony betacam sp uvw-100 Sony betacam sx PAL/16:9 Sony Z1E, Sony V1e, Sony Dsr-570, Panasonic HD-Pro200, Sony PD-170.
ikeja, lagos
+2348075888808, john@rodsandcones.tv, www.rodsandcones.tv


Haakon Grimelid, Real Picture Vision
Well, I am only 20 yers old, but making things with my camera is realy my life. Paradise for me is walking in the wildlife making nature documentaries. So if you need video pictures from Norway, uncut on a BetacamSP tape, just contact me.
Gear: Sony BVW-400ap BetacamSP camera, Canon 14x lens, sachtler tripod, antonbauer digi trimpacs and digi propacs and all equipment I will need for making a documentaries, naturefilm or ENG.
Schivesgate 12B, N-0259 Oslo
TLF: +47 23271131, Mobil: +47 90793344, betasp@frisurf.no

Martin Weiss, A Bit of Magic
Experienced with ENG, EFP and documentary. Clients include BBC, ABC, ARD, NRK amongst many more.
Gear: DSR-570, mikes, sound, lights, editing, etc.
phone: +47 6254 0106, Fax: +47 6254 0101, website: www.abom.no

Bjorn William Lindgren, Unlimited Film Production AS
Freelance cameraman for 20 years. Worked for all major television companies, Wartime experince - Bosnian war. BBC, CNN, LWT, Reuters, NRK, SVT, YLE, DR...
Gear: Digital Betacam DVW 790 and DVW 700,Beta SP 300 and 400, Avid Composer with Digital Betacam / Beta SP, Autocue, Steadicam, HMI, Porable Bluescreen, Wireless sound, Underwater camera...
1545 Oslo
phone: +4790020909, Fax: +47 94027558, production@unlimited.as, website: www.unlimited.as

Axel Dietrich, Camera Crew Norway
17 years experience in film and television. Freelance Cameraman for 10 years. Worked
for all major german television companies in Germany, and in Norway for NRK, TV2, TVN and
internasional: german tv: ARD, ZDF, Deutsche Welle, RTL, Pro7 - Arte, DR, Discovery Channel, swedish,
danish (DR),belgian, italian, french tv, Al Jazeera, Reuters. I have a list of good sound and
cameraman. I also do research and easy interviewing for ZDF and Danmark Radio.
Gear: Complete Equipment: Sony Betacam SP DXC D30/PVV3, lenses + tripod, Dedo kit, Chimera, diff.
lights, Sony and Sennheiser Microphones, Wireless and Mixer, Monitor
What I don't own I can easily hire locally. All formats.
phone: +4799708119,

Meidell Olsen, Meidell Photo
D.P, filmmaker, TV, Documentary. Experienced cinematographer/ photographer. Worked with all main Norwegian broadcasters, TVnorge, TV2, NRK,TV3,TV2zebra etc. Easy to work with, Technical, creative.
Gear: Full production kit, lights, grip,cam, etc. NEW: Panasonic AG-AF 100 w/ equipment -AG-HVX200AE -Redrock adapter + lenses -Firestore disc muc more....
+4791819202, rmo@filmskaper.no, www.filmskaper.no


Yasser ali, DiamondWave
We are famous private producers in Pakistan...Lahore Runnin Under Mr. Ali Ejaz (Pride Of Performance) famous film / tV star, Producer Director Programmes and Films We are willing to contribute to international projects. We have professional Non-linear Edit Siute. Shooting Editing on Non-linear Professional high end suite Shooting on Digital and betacam cameras. All Video Special effects and Animations
Gear: Only Digital and BetacamSp 637
41-D New Muslim Town, LAhore
phone: 92-42-5866653, yssr@hotmail.com

Muhammad Zaheeruddin, Timeline TV Studios
Its a pool of top notch professionals from the field of electronic media productions. Documentaries, Drama, TV Commercials, newsreporting etc are our specialization. my personal expereince is of more than a decade with TV channels, Production Houses, advertsising agencies as freelance director and employee as well.
Gear: Sony DVCAM 370P and one Sony DVCAM 390P, Sony DSR 45p VTR, and Sony Betacam 2800P VTR, Targa 3000 card, 03 NLE suits. and Complete ENG
Islamabad, Federal Capital, 44000
phone: 0092-51-2101327, Fax: 0092-51-2290859, timeline_tv_studios@hotmail.com

Fayyaz Adrees, WideAngleFilmz
Lahore,Pakistan based cameraman with over 9 years of experience. I offer my services as a DOP/self Camera operator for TV and tries to give the best for TV commercials, tv dramas, short films, documentaries and current affair news. Skills: Creative work and dramatic angles History. I've worked with many foreign film crews like i have done 6 assignments for BBC.Also work with ESPN, GOLDERNERA PRODUCTION (USA),LONGSHOT PICTURES(CANADA),ABC CHANNEL(USA). I have the experience of working with foreign crews.Worked for BBC, Espn starsports. My mission is to give and achieve whatever to the best of my knowledge on the technical side and I can work in any part of the world with great excitement and devotion. I can work anywhere in pakistan and also can travel worldwide if require.
Gear: We have cameras like Sony Z1 HDV,Sony DSR570,dSR 400,SOny DIgibeta. We can provide crew,staff,locations,transport etc
0092 300 4290457


Marc de Banville, Canal Valley, S.A.
Experienced French Free-lance based in Panama. Have worked for 15 years worldwide. Central-America/Bosnia/Kosovo/Irak/Afghanistan/Asia. Now covering mainly Latin America. Speaks French/English/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese Journalist and cameraman- One man unit. Mainly documentary maker. films in
Gear: Sony HVR-z1E PAL/NTSC Sennheiser Evolution 1 & G2, Sanken CS1 lights & more
phone: +507 317 10 24, Fax: +507 65 94 68 24,
marc@canalvalley.com, website: www.canalvalley.com


Camera & Crew professional. Freelance Cameraman, assistant, soundman and transport. Clients: The Discovery Channel, The National Geographic Television, PBS, The Learning Channel, Animal Planet, CBS NEWS (USA), ABC News (USA), BBC London, CBC Canada, NTV Japan, ARD Alemania y TVE. References: Peter Spry-Leverton, Steve Talley, Desmond Smith, Mark R. Day, Sonia Ruseler, Josefina Towsend, Lucia Newman, Robin Benger, Larry Doyle
Gear: Sony HDV, Panasonic HD, SONY BVW-600 Betacam SP, DIGIBETA PAL SONY DVW-700SP, SONY Betacam SX, DVCPro Panasonic, Porta Jib, ARRI Lights. Sachtler tripod, portable monitor, lenses, Stock Footage.
51 1 999977748, 51 1 6530399, juzamu@hotmail.com, www.imagenesperu.com

Fernando Valdivia, Teleandes Producciones
Documentaries, scouting, especialized in jungle. Our clients: WWF, THE NATURE CONSERVANCY, CHANNEL 4, DEUTSCHE WELLE, and others.
Gear: Camcorders: Sony DNW 700 BETACAM SX, VX 2000. JVC GY DV 500. Matte box Chrosziel, filters. DAT Tascam DA P1. Accesories for expeditions.
phone: (511) 247-8142, Fax: (511) 247-8142, fernanval@teleandes.tv, website: www.teleandes.tv

Henry Giron, Bebeto Producciones
cobertura de noticias, documentales , instucionales, video clips, alquiler de camaras de video, fotograficas, tripodes, luces sonido y edicion final cut
Gear: Sony IMX MPEG MSW-700P ,Panasonic AJD-910 DVCPRO 50, Panasonic DVCPRO HD HDC-27 varicam y HPX-500 P2 HD Backup:Sony HDV HVR-Z7 y Panasonic DVCPRO HD HVX-200
511 999186106, 511 4465758
bebetoproducciones@gmail.com, www.bebetoproducciones.com


Schelfthout Jean Paul, TFBS
European cameraman/director of photography, in the Philippines. Over 25yrs of international experience. Clients: RAI1, RTP, TVE, VRT, RTBF, NOS, BBC,...private Cogestra, Janssens Pharma, Subaru,Nobel, CBR, ... Wendys, Pfizer, Zonta, Filmday, Discovery, Atalas Media ....Production assistance, non-linear editing.
Gear: Sony BVP 300. OB Van up yo six units. Arriflex 16/S16
Manila, 1000
phone: 639193688980, j_schelfthout#hotmail.com , website: jps.dreamstation.com

Director Mom Aston, Developsmart Asia Productions
Full production team, Commercial, Infomercial, In house Studios, Green Screen, Full HD, SD, from NTSC to PAL, complete set up, speaking fluently French, Italian, German, English, Spanish- pioneer producer of International DRTV Infomercials, TV ads, Commercials, from scratch production, with fullfilment within Pan pacific Asia. From creative, to shoot, to post to commercialization, to airing.
Gear: Panasonic HVX500 , HVX 200 PAL/ NTSC, 2 Ikegami SP PAL V55; 6 Ikegami Full Studio Sets HK355 PAL incl. CCU etc. -15 Sony Betacam Rec deck, Full light setup Arri, Genset, Full Audio highend tapeless Rec decks. 3 Steadycam - 7 travel Sachtler /Viten heavy duty tripods. Studio Dolly Vinten Nitro. Panasonic DVCpro AJ-200E, -415E, -800E - Canon XL1 setup with 14'ft Jib and remote control - 20 CRT Broadcast screen SONY / Panasonic. In house dub room for voice over with Digidesign recorder unit - 8 Editing suites ( 2 Final Cut , 6 Premiere Pro )-
+6327037740, +6324271760, clopphill@aol.com, www.clopphillproduction.tv


Radek Gorka, Say-Yes Film Studio
Film Studio founded by Director, DoP, SFX Supervisor - Radek Gorka. Commercials, Videoclips. Full service, gear rental.
Gear: HDCAM Sony HDW-750P + full support equipment. Postproduction - Off-Line/On-line Standard Definition PAL Off-line/OnLine HD/2K
phone: +48 605 SAY YES, Fax: +4822 891 17 86, say-yes@say-yes.com.pl


Carlos Dantas, Cinevideo Productions
All Service of News … Successful television newsgathering relies on finding crew with the expertise and flair to supply eye-catching images. The News Crew Company delivers. Technology: Our crews are fully equipped with the latest broadcast standard equipment, including wide-angle lens, diversity radio mics and lighting kit. Broadcast shooting and editing. Regular works for national TV All Service of News ENG and Documentary Work Production Cameraman, producer experienced in Corporate, Music videos and TV shows.
Social, Commercial, Industrial, Sport and Cultural Events... Languages, Portuguese, Brasilian, Castilian, Spanish, French, Italian and English.
Gear: SONY 1 Câmera PDW 350 XDCam HD 1080 CINEALTA 16:9 or 4:3, 1 Câmera PDW 330 XDCam HD 1080 CINEALTA 16:9 or 4:3, 3 Câmeras EX3 XDCam HD, 1 Câmera DXC D30 hit DSR 1P Digital Power DvCam, 1 Câmera DXC D30 Betacam SP, BROADCAST LENS, 1 Fujinon Wide Power 10 x 3.5 hit 2 extender Wide Angle, 1 Fujinon A 15 x 8 BEVM -28 AT hit 2 extender. 1 Canon IJ 12 x 6.5 B 4 KRS-A sx 12 Wide Angle, 1 Canon HD 19 x 6.7 B 4 IRS hit 2 extender Tele.
+351 914242999, cinevideo@netcabo.pt

António Malheiro, ARTEMIS-Video Productions
Experienced Documentary and TV news reports cameraman. Broadcast shooting and editing. Regular works for national TV.
Gear: Sony-DXCD30 WSP + DSR1P, DSR 500 WSP. Non-Linear editing.
Lisboa, 1050
phone: 351969017900, afm@netcabo.pt

victor ferreira, produtiv@
i've been working with BBC, Aptn, RTP, TVI, sport tv
Gear: dxc d 35
phone: 351 244 824617, produtiva@clix.pt, website: http://planeta.clix.pt/microludo/

Eduardo Alexandre Sousa, Flavour Productions, Lda.
ENG and Documentary Work Production Cameraman,experienced in Corporate, Music videos and Documentary work.Like to "paint with light ".
Gear: DSR500, Broadcast Canon Lens,Vinten, Kino Flo, Arri Kit, Lastolite Reflectors/difusers, CamALign charts, Warmcards, GretagMacbeth,Mercedes Vito Van, Sony Field Monitor, Matrox Digisuite DTV MAX, Betacam PVW-2800, BeyerDynamic Boom and Mics.
Urb. Horta do Ferragial, LT 14, rch dto - ALGARVE - 8000 FARO
phone: +351 289802183, Fax: +351 289802184, flavour@flavourproductions.com, website: www.flavourproductions.com

paulo albergaria
Lighting cameramen eng\efp
Gear: fujinon 15x(16:9\4:3)+ikegami HL-45W+ sony BVV5, schatler tripod,sony video monitorPVM9",lights and mics package. pal sisteam
phone: 00351919860384, palbergaria@iol.pt

Jorge Medeiros, Videocontacto
3 ENG Teams XDCAM HD 4 Non Linear Edition Stations HD,Speaker Booth Digital Audio Mixer w/ CD and DAT Betacam Digital, Betacam SP, DVCAM and HDV Decks 3 DVD Authoring Workstations w BluRay Primera Automated DVD Duplication DVD Duplicators Audiovisual Equipment Renting: Video/Data Projectors/Screens/Audio Systems/DVD Players Clients: Assignment Desk, Chicago Business News TV, London CBC-Canadian Broacasting Company Crews Control, USA Deusche Welle - Germany Instant News Service, Brussels Leonard Film, Germany London International TV, London NDR Fernsehen, Germany Puzzle Films, Paris
Gear: Sony EX3 XDCAM EX, Sony Z1, Miller Trpods, Marshall Monitor, Lowell Lights, FCP 7 MacPro 8 Core 16Gb RAM, BlackMagic Multibridge Pro2, JVC HD Monitor, VO booth,
S. Mamede Infesta
+351-229065383, +351-229065385, videocontacto@mail.telepac.pt , www.videocontacto.tv

Paulo Feliciano, Azores Productions - PFA Lda
Award Winning Television Productions in the Azores since 1990 with single or multi-camera crews and editing studios for ENG, Documentaries and TV shows.
Gear: Sony DVCAM kits: DSR-390P + DSR-250P + DSR-170P + Z1., Light Kits, Sound Equipment, Crane and Steadycam.
Angra, Azores, 9700-028
phone: +351 962816086, vitec@paulofeliciano.com , website: www.paulofeliciano.com

Puerto Rico

Eduardo Collazo, MCG
We do all kind of news production and post-production... in puerto rico....
Gear: sony 300A, media100 xe, arri lights...etc.
PO Box 471, Mercedita, 00715
phone: 787-848-4364, Fax: 787-848-4364, gioweb@hotmail.com

Ernesto Izquierdo, ARIZ Television Producers
SPecializes in the production of TV shows and mini-series for local TV stations. Digital editing suite and mobile unit equipted with 5 cam (jimmy and steady). Serving Puerto Rico as location finders and betaca, digital and 16mm cameras for rent. http://www.worldofariz.com
Gear: Sony Beta cam VVV3, tripod, set of 4 1000w lights, microphones (inalambric or boom), batteries, etc anything you need for your shooting in PR
PO Box 2015, San Juan, 00936
phone: 787-250-7011, Fax: 787-250-7935, tito@worlofariz.com

Eric Delgado, P.E.S. Films
We are a fully loaded production house in San Juan, Puerto Rico.Check this out!!: 60' X 90' Studio with 400Amps per line & 15 tons AC. 35mm. & 16mm. Cinematography & Digital Broadcast Cameras, Remote Unit and crews for ENG & EFP's, Production, Direction & Photogaphy Direction services. On line Betacam Sp Editing. Media 100 xr in G3 466 mhz at 233 backside 1MB cache and 512MB of ram, and leaving you without time for coffee... an "ice" card. And to talk about tv crews, we have worked for Ricky Martin and Sony Puerto Rico, Ovaltine National TV Spots, Ford Modeling, and many local
Gear: ENG: Hitachi 2010A Digital Camera head with BBV-5. Full EFP services, 4 digital cameras are also availabe in flight pack and remote versions, ccu's ect. Online SP editing, 2000 sony series w/ DFS-500 digital video mixer. 2 Compositing Suites and 3D animation all in a G3 loaded and finely tuned with after effects, form-z, electric image,
Tres Monjitas Industrial Park, Hato Rey, San Juan, 00918
phone: 787-753-1349, Fax: 787-753-0978, eric@pesfilms.com

Fernando Quinones, Steadiview Camera Department
1 or 2 man Betacam SP Crew in Puerto Rico & Caribbean We had been doing works for companies such as, "MAyor League BAseball" FOX 54321, E! entertaiment Television Etc. Call us to give you full description & discount packages for multiples days.
Gear: DXC-D35WSL with BVV-5 Betacam SP Gear. This pkg. will include Tripod, Batteries & Accesories such as MAtte boxes & filters as requested. Aereal Photography is also available call us. Sound Shure FP-33, boom & wireless mics.
San Juan, 00936
phone: 787-602-6251, Fax: 787-720-3661, steadiview@hotmail.com, website: www.steadiview.com

Manuel Marquez, Media Wrap Inc.
We are a production company. Doing a good work with a good price!!! WE shoot: Freelance News Camera crews for the Networks and foreing TV Stations, VNR'S,Corporates Videos, Documentaries, Making Off, TV Shows, TV Spots(beta sp format. Also we have Audiovisual Services,we are Specialized in teleprompter and speech prompters with great and exerienced tecnitians.
Gear: WE have Sony DXC-537, 637 docks With Pvv1 and Pvv3 betacam sp. Also we have a Hitachi 2010A dock with a pvv-5 sony betacam sp,Hitachi, ZONEB & ZONEC w bvv-5 recorders,Wireless Senheiser & Samsom microfones sets and lavalieres,shure mixerFP-33, AudioTecnica Boom,(4 frenel)arri lights,lowell kit,(1000,500,750,750); lowell vip kit w umbrellas.sony & Panasonic field monitor, 6 Antom Bawer 60 &100 watts, baterry fast charger, 3 sony ac-500, Mackie mixing console 1402vlsPRO,6 shure58 mikes and much more....
PO BOX 361602 San Juan . 00936-1602
phone: 787-648-2334 Fax: 787-789-8981, mediawrap@centennialpr.net

Ruben Dominguez, Multi Vista
Single or Multiple Camera Shoots, Full and Half Day Rates. Under Cover Investigations,Director of Photography. Producer / Director, Field Audio, Teleprompter,Make-Up and Hair, Post Production, Adobe Premier 6.0 Editing suite, field producer Spanish and English. Network / Broadcast, Electronic News Gathering, Electronic Field Production,Documentary,Video News Releases, Cable. Corporate,Sales, Marketing, Training, Public Relations. Industrial, Medical, Sports, Music Concerts / Festivals / Demos. Commercials. Under Cover Hidden Camera
Gear: 2 Cameras Sony DXC 327a Hyper Head, with PVV 1 Betacam Sp, with Canon yh18x6,7 krs sy14 IF lenses. 1 Camera Sony Bvp 70 with Bvv 5 Back. 1 Sachtler Hotpot system with Panorama fluid Head. 1 Gitzo Brevette tripod. 2 Lectrosonics 200 d wirless Mic system. 1 Shure FP410 Intellimix Audio field Mixer. 1 Boom Pole. 1 Chrosziel 4x4 Matte Box. 2 sony field monitor
Extension Villamar calle 3 casa DO-95 suite 3 Carolina, 00979
phone: (787) 564-9081, Fax: (787) 268- 6685, multivista@earthlink.net

Mario Barrera, mbtelevision
I've worked in photography, film and television for more than 20 years, I have experience doing all sort of programs/commercials/corporate videos/tv series and documentaries, shooting for local tv stations/corporate companies and international broadcast companies.
Gear: ENG Hitachi 2010a Digital camera head with BBv-5,Porta Jib, Arri lights, portable monitor, etc
Toa Baja, 00949
phone: 787-364.0238, mbtelevision@hotmail.com


Chris Thompson, Red Hot Barrels
12 years international experience in over 40 countries, specializing in sports, commercials and high end corporate work. Have vast experience in travelling quickly and efficiently with kit.
Gear: Sony DVW 709 WSP, Sony D30, canon J20ax 884 wide angle lens, canon J33ax15b4 lens, sound gear, radio mikes, lights etc.
phone: 974 598 6085, redhotbarrels@hotmail.com


Horia Matei, hmtv
Full coverage of news/sports/cultural events. Do you need a correspondence from Romania, an original script about a Romanian story, do you need archive/fresh pictures about Romanian events, do you need assistance for your crew in Romania, or the neighbouring countries ? Here it is !
Gear: Betacam SP, DVC pro, Sony 300A, media 100xe, arr lights...
#191,Calea Dorobantilor st, Bucharest, 77710
phone: ++, Fax: ++, hmtv@usa.net

Alex Goldgraber, Dokument video film
Experienced German TV ARD correspondent. Full coverage of news/documentaries. Well established contacts for any kind of production in and around Romania.
Gear: Sony Betacam SP 300 Camera, full accessories, BVW 35 portable recorder, 6 kW lights, editing and satellite liasons. (Equipment not available for rental)
Sos. Stefan cel Mare 58/39/54, Bucharest, 72134
phone: +40 94 529697, Fax: +40 1 2102517, agoldgraber@hotmail.com

Istvan SZAKATS, Novosapiens
Novosapiens is a full feature video, film and 3D animation studio focusing on communication and digital design. We have been servicing the advertising, film and TV production market for over 6 years. Clients: Popcorn, CDV, ITEA, Elektroweigl, RCS, RDS, Soft Records, Nova Music, Transilvania Bank, Dacia Felix Bank, Rombat, Unita, Sistec, Mikotronic, Radiotel, Farmec, Hiparion, RIP Impex, Cosmo, TVR1, TVR2, Prima TV, Creative Media, ACT Theatre, Cluj National Theatre, Plus Computers, Bahia Blue, Euroholding...and many more.
Gear: 35mm Konvas 1M, 16mm Bolex H16, Betacam SP Sony BVW-400, DVCAM DSR-300, lights, tripods, accessories.
3400 Cluj-Napoca
phone: +40 724 510464, szaka_tutu@rdslink.ro, website: www.novosapiens.com

Andreas Höhn, SC VideoLink SRL
Film Production Tools for Cine & TV
Gear: Sony High Definition F900H, Sony HDR FX1, Mini35 mm and Pro35 mm Adapter,DVCAM, Online HiDef Editing Suite 4:4:4. Light, Grip and Crew.We also have office in Germany, Munich.
phone: 0040 21 2569064, Fax: 0040 21 2569165, andreas@videolink.ro, website: www.videolink.ro

Cosmin Tiglar, Working Class Production
Creative and experienced lighting cameraman and editor working for documentaries, short films, corporate videos and video news releases. Also we provide stock footage from Romania.
Gear: Sony DSR-370P DVCAM camcorder, Sony DWV-790 Digital Betacam camcorder, BWV-35P portable Betacam SP recorder, Sony VX2100 DV camcorder, Sachtler 20 tripod, shotgun mic and wireless lavs, Ianiro and Dedo lights, Chimera Video Pro.
300108 Timisoara
phone: +40722628698, info@productiefilm.ro, website: http://www.productiefilm.ro

Lucian Blaga, Magma Advertising
Video Production in Romania !
Gear: 6-10 cameras ob-vans DXC D 30 or 35, sattellite uplink, HDV , DV, DigiBeta, SP video
production, studios, lighting...you name it....anything you want for a half of the price !
Bucharest, 70000
phone: 0040721576576, Fax: 0040216686403,
office@magma.ro, website: www.magma.ro

Anatolie Cashenco, SC Digitvideo
video and audio production company based in romania. Rent video,audio equipement and filming
Gear: Sony Digital betacam DVW 790 WSP Soundevices 302
Bucharest, 020715
phone: +40745931070, Fax: +40213450878, anatoldigit@yahoo.com, website: www.anatoldigit.ro

Tedy Necula, ROHDFILM
I'm a film producer/director who started from independent film. i can offer good scriptwriting and also Production services in Romania.
Gear: We have all kinds of gear starting from 8/16/35 film cameras but especialy HD. (hvx200) Cinema lens adapter, All grip stuff: crane, dolly, steady, lights. Audio: Sennheiser, Sony DAT, lavaliers, shotguns Our specialisation in post production is making the film look on video. Apple, avid and matrox equipment
+40788413323, masterdirectortedy@yahoo.com.


Anatoly Petrov
I live in Vladivostok - a key to the Far East of Russia. 25 years experienced cameraman. Documentaries and news shooter. Worked for Russian TV, BBC, TV Asahi. Can work as coordinator/fixer. Fluent English.
Gear: NTSC: Sony DXC-537 with betacam SP back, BVW-40 edit recorder, monitors. PAL: DV Canon XL-1 with MA-100 adaptor, 3x wide zoom mikes: Shure, Sony shotgun, UHF wireless, lav, boom. AC ligts - 2 x 650wt. Honda portable generator 300wt, charger. Libec 50 tripod
phone: 7(4232)215102 e-mail: tolya@vladivostok.ru

Oxana Selekhova, TVdata
Our dependable & skilled crew handled assignments for many notable television broadcasters from all over the world. These include Zud Deutsche Rundfunkt, ARTE, France-2, France-3 and Russian national TV channels. Our camera crew has been involved in major historical, social, sports, and arts events. Whatever angle you're coming from, we will endeavour to fulfil your vision. We speak German, English and of course
Gear: Fully equiped camera crew for Film & TV Productions. Equipment: Sony Digital Betacam 707; Betacam SP-600; Sony DSR-PD170 -DVcam (16:9-4:3); Canon XL 1S - professional quality MiniDV Camcorder with 3 CCD technology; full range of lighting and sound gear. Professional Studio 30 sq.m. equipped with Chroma Key blue background 2,50 m high & necessary lightening. Voice over facilities.
phone: +7(095) 502-6511, Fax: +7(095)290-1938, info@tvdata.ru, website: http://www.tvdata.ru

Fyodor Mozgovoy, Panic Film Moscow
Video production company specialising in documentary, features, corporate video and commercials in Russia and ex-Ussr. ENG and documentary crewing, rentals, in-house production facilities, supervision. Vast experience with international broadcasters. Clients include BBC, ITN, ARTE, GEO, TV2 Norway, RTL4 Netherlands and others.
Gear: DigiBeta Sony DVW790WSP, Betacam SP Sony BVW400AP, Sony HVR-Z1E, wide range of accessories, lights and grips
123056 Moscow
phone: +74952542271, Fax: +74952540252,
fyodor@panicfilm.ru, website: www.panicfilm.ru 

Taras Rynza
English speaking lighting cameraman and DoP. 18+ years of experience in documentary, current affairs, sports and corporate filming. I offer a freelance crew services in Russia.
Gear: Own Equipment XDCAM HD. Available: C300, RED EPIC, PMW-500, lighting plus KITs.
+7 926 3703448,


Horea Salajan
ENG Cameramen, VT editor and producer. Currently based in Sarajevo with easy access to Belgrade and Zargreb. Also available for work in Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and Moldavia. Equipment: Betacam SP and soon DVC Pro.
16 Brasov St, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 3400 c/o Stoneleigh, Blackmore Road, Fryerning, Essex. CM4 ONP. U.K.
phone: 00 40 64 154969 / 00 44 1277 35 37 34, Horeas@aol.com


Robert Anderson, Freelance Location Sound Recordist/Mixer
Location Sound Recordist/Mixer based in Edinburgh, Scotland,UK. The majority of my work is for the major UK networks, BBC, ITV, CH4 & CH5. I prefer documentary as I delight in recording peoples stories, however I also do a fair amount of Corporate and Commercial's. Details of recent credits are available on my website.
Gear: Sony DMX P01 Digital Location Mixer, Micron SDR770 Radio Microphones, Sennheiser MHK418 (stereo), MHK416, MHK60 and all the usual extras.
+44(0)7971 516109, robert@recordist.co.uk , www.recordist.co.uk,

Roddy Jamieson A.B.I.P.P., Eastside Productions
Freelance Camera and Avid Edtor
Gear: Sony DXC637 with PVV3 SP Back end. Vinten Vision 8, Sennheiser Rifle Mic and Rycote Kit. Sony ECM77. Arrilite 800 lighting kit. Digi Beta or other formats available.
25 Eastside Drive, Westhill, Aberdeenshire, AB32 6QN
phone: 44 (0)1224 746808, Fax: 44 (0)1224 746808, estv@eastside.fsbusiness.co.uk

Andy Baird
I do news, docs, features, etc, mainly for broadcast but also for corporate clients. But I also do OB's for SKY and BBC, or boom op. in studios. And I'm a FLOOR MANAGER!! I'm used to foreign clients such as Canal+ France, Discovery Channel, etc, and I'm sensitive to all programme types, after more than 25 years in the business. Living in Scotland, I've got waterproof skin! All my details can be found on my website www.andybaird.co.uk
Gear: SQN 4S Series III stereo mixer. Audio RMS 2000 personal radio mic. Micron 101 personal radio mic Sennheiser MKH 416 short gun mics x 2. Sony ECM 77B personal mics x 3. etc.
Kyle Cottage, Kyleswell Street, Kilwinning, Ayrshire KA13 6BJ, andybaird@icscotland.net

Gordon Ross, i2i Television Ltd.
Gordon Ross - Lighting Television Cameraman. Clients include BBC, ITV, Scottish Television, Sky Television, Discovery Channel, NHK Japan, CNN, NBC, Entertainment Tonight Programme...to name but a few! Documentaries, Dramas & Promos. Also experienced in aerial filming, Experienced diver & underwater filming as well as qualified Hang-Glider pilot.
Gear: Sony Cameras including Digital Betacam 790,DNV90 Betacam SX & BVW600 Betacam SP camcorders. Canon J21, J15, J11 & J9 lenses, Sachtler 20 Tripods,Assorted Filters, Lights of most sizes up to 3K. Range Rover Vogue & Jeep Cherokee 4 x 4 crew vehicles. CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR ALL THE DETAILS!
The Studio, Bankhead, Strathaven, (Near Glasgow)
phone: 00441698 794100, Fax: +44(0)141 644 0400, crews@i2itv.freeserve.co.uk website: www.i2itv.com

Andy McLeod, Television Lighting Cameraman
Freelance Television Cameraman and commercially trained underwater cameraman based in Scotland. Full digi-beta kit and crew available as well as full underwater facilities. Clients include BBCTV, Channel 4 TV, Discovery Channel, National Geographic.
Gear: Sony DVW 790 Wide-screen Digi-Beta kit with lights, wide angle lens and crew vehicle.
Ardalanish Cruickness Inverkeithing Fife
phone: +44 1383 411099, mail@andymcleod.com

Mike Haggerty, Mike Haggerty Lighting Cameraman
Scotland based Lighting Cameraman 20 yrs experience Own Digi Beta Kit, experienced diver, extensive lighting and sound kit, Large crew vehicle equiped with All H&S extras.
Gear: Sony 790 WSP Camera, Canon lenses, Satchler trypods, Extensive Lighting Kit inc 1.2 HMI & geni for remote shoots, Full Sound kit inc Micron radio mics
phone: 00 44 (0)141 570 0730, Fax: 00 44 (0)141 570 0730, mike.haggerty@btopenworld.com, website: www.mike-haggerty.com

George Mitchell
Sound Recordist. News, documentaries, current affairs, features, natural history, sport etc. Recent clients: STV, Lucid, Images of Light, BBC LTS,
Gear: SQN Mixers, full compliment mic's: 416's, 418, 816 etc. Audio 2020 radios (3 channels), lots more.
0141-956-6753, 0141-956-1785, geo.mitchell@btinternet.com , www.georgemitchellsound.eu

Andy Halley, Images of Light (Scotland) LTD.
Lighting cameraman specialising in quality features accross all broadcast genres.Clients include BBC,ITV,CH4,CH5,Sky with many foreign broadcasters and production companies.Holder of American Visa until 2007.
Gear: Cameras:-Sony 90 WSP SX Sony Betacam 400AP Also includes sound equipment with radio mic facility/a range of lighting up to 2kw/range of Tiffen filters. Volvo V70 crew vehicle.
phone: 00 44 780 303 1722, Fax: 0044 141 621 1945, andrewhalley@images-of-light.com,

Neil Goodwill, Video Goodwill
Cameraman and Editor. 19 years experience. Previous work includes Dundee City Council, Asda Supermarkets, Dundee College, International Beatles Week in Liverpool and various music promos. Full DVCAM kit and crew available.
Gear: Sony DSR-500WSP, Sony DXC-537AP docked with DSR-1P, Sony DXC-327AP/CA-325. All the usual accessories and location sound equipment.
Dundee, Tayside
01382 228562, videogoodwill@supanet.com, www.thebestof.co.uk/dundee

Ex-BBC staff lighting cameraman based near Glasgow extensive filming experience with own gear on tv progs such as "Top Gear","Crimewatch" "Blue Planet","Panorama"
Gear: Panasonic hdx-900 hi-def PAL/NTSC Camcorder,Sony digi beta,Sony DSR-450 DVCAM Camcorder,tracks,kino-flo lights
01360 550035, paul@pr-pictures.co.uk, www.pr-pictures.co.uk

Dave Miller
Freelance Broadcast Lighting Cameraman / DP with over 20 years experience.Based in Scotland. Film / HD / Video can supply full crew and equipment
Gear: HD / Sony DSR 450 Angenieux HD Standard lens.Canon j9x5.2.Canon 300/600mm.Video Sender.SonyLCD Monitor.IDX Battery.Arri Lighting Kit.Dolly Track Kinoflo extensive filters etc.
+44(0)7831-345659, dave@dmille.com, www.dmille.com


Nicoué Eric, Dk Films
cameraman freelance news, commercials, documentary...
Gear: Beta SX; BetaSP 600; Sony DSR 500; Canon XL2; Sony HDV Z1; Sony PD 150; ... Sound gear and lightning equipments...
00 221 479 65 79, dkfilms@orange.sn


Kyme Hallion, Hallion Productions PTE LTD
Leading Asia broadcast service with contracts with BBC, CNBC, WTN, Reuters, plus ABC Australia.
SP/SX Betacam equipment with Australian cameraman/editors, plus Avid editor. Homepage: www.hallion.com.sg
STA Tower 1 No 1 Hillcrest Road # 11-111, 288893
Tel : 65 4679559 Fax : 65 4639559 Email: hallion@singnet.com.sg

Alan Chong, Clear Sound Co.
Location Recordist / Post Audio Engineer ( Digidesign Pro Tools )
Gear: Shure FP 33 ENG MIXER, Nady VR661 w/Sennheiser MKE 2 Radio Mics,Nady ENG12 Plug on Transmitter for dynamic mics, Vdb Fish Poles, Rycote Shotgun accessories, Sennheiser MKH 416 Boom Mic, Shure SM 63, Beyer M58 handheld Dynamic Mics.
Blk 34,Telok Blangah Way,#03-1058. 090034
phone: 96820135, alchong@cyberway.com.sg

 Josh Talbot, Freelancer
Australian Sound Recordist,based in Singapore for work worldwide.Extensive experience (over 14 yrs)in Audio/Camera fields,ENG/EFP/O.B,Foley,Studio Boom,Live On-Air Studio mixing.Fully equipped broadcast quality Sound kit.Wireless mics,4 channel Stereo mixer Sennheiser shotgun,dynamic mics etc
Gear: Broadcast Audio kit includes: PSC Stereo 4 channel mixer Sennheiser shotgun w/Rycote windshield VDB Boom pole(with remote fader) 2 x Shure 100 channel diversity radio mics Lectrosonic radio mic Shure SM63L mic 2 x Lapel mics Audio connector kit w/ adaptors,XLR sex changers,P48v to 12vT power adaptor,Rca to XLR,too many to mention. etc
phone: (65)9447-5117, Fax: (65)6464-9211, cas_sound@mac.com

Isaiah Tan, Visualise Media Singapore - Corporate Digital Video Production Services
Visualise Media, Singapore - Video Production Specialists in digital videography, non-linear video editing, from conception to completion of corporate video projects.
Gear: DVCAM - DSR300 DV - PD150 Full lighting/audio recording setup
phone: 96920678, isaiah@visualise.tv, website: http://www.visualise.tv

Dixon Liw, DXNMedia Services
Freelance ENG cam operator & broadcast video editor competent with Avid & Final Cut Pro. Done online/offline editing for Nat Geo, Discovery, Disney Channel, StarSports, ESPN, MTV, Mediacorp & many more... Steadicam Merlin operator, trained Combustion artist, post production supervisor, 10+ years experience in broadcast video industry.
Gear: Sony HDV, DVCAM, Digital Betacam/SP/SX/MPEG-IMX Sony: HVR-Z1, HVR-A1P, DSR-PDX10, DSR-25, DSR-V10P, J30-SDI Post: AJA IoHD on Final Cut, edit up to SD 10bit Uncompressed or HD 1080-50/60i resolutions
+65 96350447, dixon@dxnmedia.net , http://www.dxnmedia.net


Andrej Kaluza , Lumen Films
Cameraman regularly working for Dutch, Austrian, belgian and Dutch Tv-channels. Language skills Servocraotian, croatian, slovenian, italian and english. Able to work indepently in the making of nature and environment shots. Competitive price
Gear: Sony Digibeta 790 with all accessories like Sachtler tripoid, SQN mixer, Sennheiser 416 microphones, RMS receiver and transmitter+ furtheron PD-150 camera with tripoid and all necessary sound equipment
phone: 0038656569730, hofstudio@yahoo.de

Blaz Oman, Studio B
: SONY DSR400P and DSR570P, DSR PDX10, JVC HD GY110, minicams, Sachtler tripod, sound and lightning kit. Minicams. I can work as well as an editor (also mobile editing on powerful laptop).
info(at)studio-b.si, www.studio-b.si

South Africa

Stephan Aucamp, Famous Blue Raincoat Productions
Lighting Cameraman, Betacam and Digital Extensice experience on documentaries and investigative reporting. Shot for Carte Blanche and Point Blank, the two foremost South African Journalism programmes. Would love to work in the US, Canada, Europe or Australia.
10 Boulognerd Richmond Johannesburg 2092
phone: +27 11 482-5066

JJ Le Roux, Sound Perfect
Extensively worked in both the local and international markets as professional soundrecordist. Clients include BBC,Channel 4 and Korean Broadcasting Services.Vast expierence in doccie's, drama's and corporates.Have a very good knowledge of the rest of the continent and will travel.
Gear: Gear include, sennheizer 416, 816, SQN4s mixer.Radio mic's x 2 microns with tram lavalier's. RE 50 handheld.
Po Box 384 Melville, 2109 Johannesburg
phone: +27 82 881 0870, Fax: +27 82 131 881 0870, oublejay7@hotmail.com

William Hobbs, Camerasaurus SA
Videographer, Camera-Director, Multicam Director. Experience in productions for local and international production houses.(21 Years) Current affairs, documentaries, variety- and music, action sports, commercials, high-end corporates. Clients:Sky, Rai TV, NHK, BBC, Unesco, LWT, 2010 Productions, British Aerospace, SABC, M-Net, Eurocrew. Your equipment needs our concern. We tailor equipment to suit your needs and budget. Will source additional crew, equipment, land arrangements anywhere in Southern Africa Will travel. Use a favorable exchange rate and visit Sunny and Friendly South Africa for cultural diversity and splendor.
Gear: Equipment include Sony DSR 400 camcorder, lights, monitor, Sennheiser 416, Sennheiser Radio Lapel, RE 50 Handheld Sennheiser Me 66 and all the usual stuff. Also available, Sony HD Cameras and RED -One.
+27828802285, wimhob@iafrica.com ,

Coetzee Zietsman, Clapperboard Film and Video
ENG Current Affaires and News production. Also documentaries. Specialize in Producing and Camera work, Betacam and DV. Clients include APTN, Reuters, South African Broadcasting Corporation and others including international relief organizations. Covered stories throughout the African continent and in Central America, USA and Europe.
Gear: Panasonic EZ 35, Sony 400,
14 Peter Road, Tres Jollie, Roodepoort
phone: 2711 795 2313, clapper@mweb.co.za

Philip Vail, 1mancrews
Freelance cameraman based in Johannesburg, latest productions include Carte Blanche, miss world 2008/2009, rpm tv, national geographic - sharkville, Ingenious Africa. I have my own ENG kit and I try use the latest camera's on the market when possible.
Gear: Sony DXC D-30/35/50 with DVCAM PVV 3 & 5 recorders, Sony DSR 450 , Sony DSR 500, DSR 570, Sony DVW 790 digibeta, Sony DSR PD170, Sony HDW 750 HDCAM, Panasonic AJHDX 200P2 /500P2 / 900 , Canon XL1H, Canon 5D & Canon 7D,
0824163716, 1mancrews@polka.co.za

Leon Hagen, Lighting and Camera
Lighting Cameraman with own gear offering PAL Digi Beta or SP Betacam. Twenty years experience on Documentaries, Corporates, Magazine, Travel and Sport. Clients include SABC, MNET, SUPERSPORT, BSKYB, SKYNZ and TVNZ. Filmed extensively in Africa, Europe, USA, Australia.
Gear: SP Gear: DXC D30-P with PVV SP Recorder with Fujinon A20x8.6 Lens. Libec Tri-Pod, Sony Color, Monitor, Lighting and Sound Gear. Digi Beta Gear: DVW700WSP 16:9/4:3 Canon J15x8.5Lens with wideangle, Tri-Pod, Sony Color Monitor, Lighting and Sound Gear with radio lapels and stick mic radios.
phone: 27 82 448 5299, Fax: 27 11 477 8072,

Jacques Nortier, Platvoet Productions cc
Fully equipped environmental & wildlife cameraman for extended productions. Extensive environmental & wildlife knowledge. 12 years experience under various conditions. Specialising in desert and semi-desert environments.
Gear: AJ 910 DVC Pro50/25, Fujinon A20x8.6 whith 1.8 Teleconverter,16:9 Matt Box,Filters, Sachtler Horizon Plus, 3 x 800w light kit, 9 inch field monitor, Full sennheiser sound kit, Land Rover Hard Top, Long range feul tank (1400 km), Roof mounted camera platform, Safari Dome Tents, Solar panels,12v - 80L Fridge, Garmin GPS III plus, Recovery kitt, Kevlar Royal Gutz expedition canoe - payload 380 kg
phone: +27(0) 83 325 3648, platvoet@mweb.co.za

Mike Burts
I Am A freelance cameraman in Siuth Africa. I have own equipment. I shoot documentaries, Wild life, Corporate, and music videos
Gear: Sony DXC 35 WS with a Beta and a DVCAM back. PD 150 with a wide angle attachment. Century wide angle adapter (extra wide). Fujinon wide zoom through adapter. 2 x different pencil cameras (one is usable for underwater shots). matt box (fits both the DXC 35 and the PD 150). skateboard dolly with straight and curved tracks. All lighting, audio equipment and support.
phone: +27 11 833750047,

Gugulakhe Radebe
Multi-skilled technician based in South Africa. Cameraman/Editor. Wide experience in covering breaking stories.
Gear: Panasonic adj800 dvc-pro, PD 150 (back up. Plus all the accessories that come with. Can run and handle 2 radio mics. Editing equipment available on request.
phone: +27 82 453 0842 :+27 11 433 8054, Fax: +27 11 726 3718,

Jonathan Chiles
experienced cape town based sound recordist, specializing in human interest documentary. i also have experience working on big budget features, commercials, and high end corporate. i am very motivated and enthusiastic and a good team player. i have worked in southern africa as well as the uk and usa.
Gear: sound devices 702T hard disc recorder; sound devices mixers; sennheiser condensor mics; Lectrosonics 411 wireless w cos 11 and countryman; wireless sound to camera; MS stereo etc.
Cape Town
+27 79529 5506, jon@soundspeed.co.za, www.soundspeed.co.za

Maciej Kwiecinski, Trolleywood Video
Johannesburg based Independent Videomaker. Training at Wits University and Tisch School of Arts, NYU. Cameraman with extensive experience producing for MNET, SABC, WDR, Current TV. International work experience in Poland, UK, USA. Editor with 17" Macbook Pro for cutting on the go. FC Studio 2. Please view full CV here: http://vimeo.com/10519875
Gear: Sony PMW-EX3 32GB SxS, 8GB SxS Sachtler FSB6 tripod 17" Macbook Pro. 4GB DDR2 Ram. Final Cut Studio 2
Johannesburg, Gauteng
+27 (0)744334968, maciej_k24@hotmail.com, www.vimeo.com/mistamacha

Dudley Saunders, Lenz Lizzards
Dudley Saunders is a documentary and actuality programme cameraman with over 20 years experience.  Has worked for the BBC, Sky CNN etc and some of his work in Liberia won the Rory Peck Award. 
Gear: Has 5 rigs including P2, PD150's etc.  Comfortable with HD and Downloads.  Can do pickups in South Africa and send abroad.
27(0)824541627; lenzlizzards@gmail.com


Jose Angel Sanz Wollstein, Animal4s House
We are a group of freelance associated as "Animal4s House". We work for European TV4s, and we also publish with different magazines. We can offer you Digital underwater and terrestial shooting with the best resources. Our specialty is underwater shooting. We have 7 years experience in documentals all around the world. We can assist you in pre-production, production and post-production (NLE, Computer animation...), offering our crew, SP/D1/DV3ccd cameras, etc. We hope to be your link to the spanish video scene.
c/ Orense, 29 Madrid MADRID 28020
phone: 34.91.591.18.89, Fax: 34.91.555.04.10

jose boyer, jose boyer eng s.l.
lighting cameraman 10 years experienced, fully video,audio and lighting equiped. broadcast alive 8 years experienced in supertele lens (canon 70x, angenieux 62x, fuji 55x) some broadcast alive credits spanish football leage 93-98 spanish basketball leage 99-00 500cc moto world championship 00 also dedicated to lighting interwieus,news coverage,institutional video..... some credits as eng: warner brothers press junket( all the warner's talentls have been lighting by me since 1997 in their spanish press junkets)
Gear: sony bvp 570 beta sp with canon j 14x8.5 if rondord f4 head complete eng audio equipment( shure,shotgun,whirless...) complete eng lighting equipment( chimera,freshnell, dedo, overhead....)
av/ cardenal herrera oria 173, madrid 28034
phone: 34609770129, joseboyer@mixmail.com

Pablo Redondo Gil, CCD TV Producciones
News,Sports,Institutional,Magazines. TVE-RTL-Tele5-CanalSur-Telemadrid. Cameras,Non Linear Editing,Lighting,Sound.
Gear: 3 Betacam DNW7P SX Camcorders , 2 Betacam SP BVW507P camcorders , Lavalier Mics SONY , Gun mics seenheiser , Wireless Mics , Shure audio mixer , Lighting , etc...
C/ Parque Bujaruelo 27 Alcorcon (MADRID)
phone: +34609080382, Fax: +34916101418, ccdtv@wanadoo.es

Peter Eksell, XL Sonido
Location recordist and audio post in spain. 25 years experience. Swedish, english, spanish, danish spoken.
Gear: Nuendo-based Audio post studio. ENG-recording gear.
phone: +34 649110768, eksell@gmail.com

Brian Puchaty
Over 29 years experience in international news and news programming. Clients include CNN, ABC, Fox, ESPN. War zones, wildlife, features, sports, you name it. Granada (34) 629 643 742, bpuchaty@hotmail.com
Gear: Sony PMW 500 HD Camera (with Macie setup), Sony 90 WSP SX (16:9 and 4:3) Linear and FCP Studio 2 editing available. Full lighting and sound kit.
(+34) 629 643 742, bpuchaty@hotmail.com

Raul Cadenas, KTP
Lighting Cameraman based in Madrid, 12 years experienced working with international crews in Spain and worldwide. Covering news and making documentaries in Europe, North-South America and Africa. Clients are ZDF, ARTE, NHK, RTBF, CNN, REUTERS and APTN as well as International TV Production Companys. 3 years experienced with HD cameras.
Gear: Sony BVW 300A (NTSC) fully equiped. 2 Starlite with Chimeras, Dedo-light and Fresnell Soundman with sound kit: Shure and SQN mixer, Sennheiser boom and tie mics, wireless mics
phone: 0034619249393, monok@mixmail.com

ole pedersen, OleP film/tv
Danish cameraman and editor living in Madrid for 6 years. 25 years experience in international news and sports programming. Filming football for TV3Denmark and UEFA at the Champinos League games. Fully video,audio and lighting equiped. . +34 679 75 75 22 E-mail: olepfilmtv@hotmail.com
Gear: Sony Dvcam DSR-390, JVC GY-HD251 And laptop editing, AVID mediacomposer
+34 679 75 75 22, olepfilmtv@hotmail.com

Janusz Szczerek, Shooting Box
Cameraman, Broadcast Crew, and camera, sound, lighting and grip equipment hire in Spain. Operating from Malaga / Spain and London / UK. Over 20 years experience in UK and Spain.
Gear: SONY DVW790 Digital Betacam • SONY DVW35WSPL 16:9 / 4:3 Digital Camera with BETASP PVV-3/3
and DVCAM DSR-1/1 back-end VCR. Wide angle and standard lenses. Lots of lights. SQN 4 stereo mixer,
lots of microphones including radio connection. Two dollies. Final Cut Pro editing suite. For
details se www.shootingbox.com/shoot.html ("SHOOTING" page).
Malaga & London,UK
phone: + 34 952 259 068,
janusz@shootingbox.com, website: www.shootingbox.com

Göran Gester, Camera Crew Madrid
CNN, TVE-Spain, SVT-Sweden, YLE-Finland among many
Gear: Canon C100 (w/ Ninja2-records prores), nice light and audiokit. Editing bay Final Cut Pro, very fast ftp-connection.
+34 661 61 81 98, goran@gester.nu, www.gester.nu 


 Ashraf Idres, Sudanese Broadcast LTD
We are a private company experienced in working with a variety of clients for different broadcast purposes. We can shoot whatever needed, pack it professionally and feed or ship it to any destination.
Gear: Our equipments are 2 BVW 300 Camcorders, 2 DVC 300, and editing facilities BVW 75 recorder and player + Matrox non linear editing facility + Lights + other accessories.
Kharoum - Omdurman
phone: 0024912234205/003971053562414, Fax: 009713908771, gurashiidres@hotmail.com


Scott Lakey, Crew TV Sweden
Crew TV is a Swedish based full production facility located in Stockholm, Sweden. We cater to international and local clients offering top quality service, Scandinavia’s best crews and top equipment at competitive Rates. 24 hour booking. Scandinavia's only NTSC and PAL equipped crews. HD, HDV, Digital and Analogue formats. Worldwide service.
Gear: Sony HDCAM, Panasonic P2, Digeta 790, DVCAM 570 and Z1
+46 70-7787250, scott@crewtv.com

Taubert Productions
Betacam SP crews and package 400A & 600 (pal). 14 years experience in broadcast, corporate and industrials. Experience of work in about 50 countries. Can also help out with contacts, research etc. www.taubert.se
Box 11031, S-161 11 Bromma, Stockholm
phone: +46 705 260 760, +46 8 260 760, Fax: +46 8 260 761, michael@taubert.se

Staffan Nordstrom, Video4U
Swedish Freelance Videographer based in Skegrie (20 km south Malmo, Sweden, 40 km east Copenhagen, Denmark) offers PAL, Beta SP (Sony BVW 507 + BVV 5)DV productions(Canon XL1)and CASABLANCA editing for broadcast, DV,S-VHS,VHS,Hi-8. Seenheiser mics, Sony DAT, Redlights, Easy-Jib. Weddings - Partys - Documentary - News - Sports. Quality for reasonable fee.
Box 9, 211 41 Malmo
phone: +46 40 164070, Fax: +46 40 164272, video4u@usa.net

Paul Patricius, INTERFORMAT AB
Shooting and editing, long News experience Beta, DVCPRO, DV Multicamera System.
Bergsunds Strand 31, S-117 38 Stockholm
phone/fax:+46-(0)8-6585830 Home page (videostreampowered):http://www.interformat.se

Bengt Lvfgren, Housebars productions
A small documentary production company. Works with Beta, DVC-pro. Efficient and extremely wellsuited for environmental, humanitarian and other kind of fields.
N.Hamngatan 4, 411 14 Gothenburg
phone: 0046-31-13 84 52, housebar@algonet.se

Erik Fernström, Erik Fernström Film-Video AB
wildlifefilms for scandinavian TV-stations Specialized in man and environment , hunting , fishing. Clients like Swedish Television Channel 1 , 2 and 4.
Gear: Betacam SP -Sony BWV-300 Betacam SX - DNW-9WSP Standard 16mm Aaton-7
Box 3433 , 83293 Östersund
phone: +46 63 37371, Fax: +46 63 37371, info@wildlifefilm.com

Ulf Hjulfors
Sony Betacam SX,637
Channel 4 Sweden (Tv4) SVT (Swedisch Television) Teknikhuset i Umeå Ab

Jonas "yoda" Wikström, On Location
DOP,Videographers,sound,editors commercials,corporate movies,TV,musicvideos.
Gear: Digitalbetacam 790P,700wsp,700p Betacam SP 400AP,D30,637 Avid mediacomposer
Eklandagatan 12,Gothenburg, s-41255
phone: +4631201025, Fax: +46201045, crew@onlocation.se

Anders Ohlsson, Procam TV Production
ENG/EFP Camera Crews in Malmo, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark.
Gear: Betacam SP PAL, Sony BVW-D600P,BVW-400P,BVW-300AP,DXC-637. Digital Betacam PAL, Sony DVW-700WSP. Home page: www.procam.cjb.net
Jespersgatan 14, SE-214 45 Malmo
phone: +46 40-92 65 40, Fax: +46 40-92 65 40, procam@swipnet.se

Matthew Gormly, Travelling Matt
Cinematographer working in all popular film & tape formats, providing a full crew service. Extensive experience, past & present operations in Asia, Australia & Europe. Specialising in Commercials, Documentary, Entertainment & Blue-Chip Corporate. Credits: Sony Music, National Geographic, Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV Sports, Transworld, Reuters, APTN, ABC 20/20. Please visit us at: www.travmatt.tv
Gear: Sony 790 Digi-Beta, Sony D30WS/PVV3 SP Betacam, Sachtler carbon legs, Soft Box/Dedo/Lowell light kit. Standard sound kit. Radio mics.
phone: +46-(0)702 8888 06, Fax: +46-8-556 37288, matt@travelling-matt.com

Bjorn Stomberg, Photographer
I have been working with film/television since 1985. Depending on the size of the job I have a network of experienced production staff and the technology in Scandinavia, to perform any job.
Gear: accessible in Gothenburg, Sweden. Digital betacam, sony 700, 790 camera. lense: ,j9; j15; j21; j33 and up.... HD sony, cine alta 24p. Light Sound
phone: 0046 708 15 02 10, bjorn.stomberg@work.utfors.se

Jocke Hellman, Deville Production
Your ENG-cameraman in Stockholm.
Gear: Beta SP pal 1:Thomson BVW 400 AP/Canon J13 Beta SP Pal 2: Ampex 507/Canon J13 (other formats? e-mail me..) Red Heads and Tota-lights Sennheiser microphones Vinten tripod
phone: +46 705436767, Fax: +46 8391144, jocke@hellmantv.se, website: http://www.hellmantv.se/en

Marcus Skogstrom, carma pictures
Ligthing Cameraman/DP, 1 or 2 man ENG crews. Location shooting/editing/liveshots. News, Documentary, Magazine shows. Lots of travel experience (25+ countries). Camera , lights and editing, all in one place. Producers and sound persons available. A crew to fit your needs. Also "Hostile environment training" completed.
Gear: Sony XDcam 530 (IMX Disc) and Sony DSR-500. Canon J17 and Canon J9, Mod 3000 video
transmitter, Mattebox, tungsten and HMI lights, Field mixer, Sen 416, 4 wireless, chimeras/dimmers, Sony 9in Hi rez monitor. See website for more info.
phone: +46-733 125 800,
marcus@carmapictures.com, website: www.carmapictures.com

Peter Degerfeldt, Blue Sky AB
aerial & specialist filming. Features, commercial, documentaries, imax, stereoscopic 3d, red 4k wescam
Gear: wescam red 4k, wescam 35mm, wescam hd, cineflex, wirecam
+46705-189597, +4621-189597, peter@bluesky.se, www.bluesky.se


Julien CASSEZ , Mozaic.prod
Julien CASSEZ is a freelance cameraman fully equiped from camera to editing on location, worldwide available, based in Zurich, Switzerland. French, english or German speaking. International Press-card. From SNG possibilities to multi-cam production with-in three (3)hours altmost every where in the country ! You could test us :-) Ask for us service
Gear: Betat-SP400AP, Sony 90SX(16/9 mode)+ Sony Laptop edit, Sony IMX, Sony 790Digi-Beta, Sony PD170 DVCAm, Ikegami DVCPro50 on demand. Sound equipement(Radio mike) Satellite-car SNG SUI44 (Swissnews.AG) Dolly, travelling, steadycam, light, blue-box, teleprompter, internet stream, DVD.
from Genf to Zurich, from Basel to Davos.
phone: +41 79 638 20 34, julien.cassez@gmx.net

Louis Mouchet, NEOVISION
24 years experienced and fully equipped film-maker / videographer. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, working world-wide.
Gear: Camera Sony Z1 Pal/NTSC switchable and DVcam /HDV 1080i switchable. Tripod Sachtler DV 6 DVtech multirig pro Standard ENG lighting kit : 3 direct & 1 soft lights Teleprompter PR-Q.-GEARDDVPRO
+ 41 (0) 79 357 54 17, + 41 (0) 22 741 12 08, louis@neovisionprod.com, http://www.neovisionprod.com/louis

Samuel Gyger, Outdoor Pictures
... samuel gyger is a independent cameramen for documentaries and tv-series. he lifes in the swiss alps. he has been working as a cameraman for several years, studying and assisting in vancouver, canada. he is adward winning mountain cameramen - also does a lot of aerial work.
Gear: Sony - all high end formats 730 up to 790 panasonic dvcpro hd
0041 79 505 65 03, samcam78@mac.com, www.samuelgyger.ch

Paolo D'Argenio, DKPVIDEO
Theaters, Events, Spot etc.
Gear: Sony SxS camera (2 pieces) PMW-350L with Canon HD-GC series lens KJ-10X4.5B IRSE and KJ-22X7.6B IASE with remote. Steadycam PRO
0764760100, dkpvideo@sunrise.ch , www.dkpvideo.net


Jonathan Chan, Goodspeed Communications
Goodspeed Communications, Located in Taipei, Taiwan, provide broadcasting video equipments rental and Post production for users around the world. clients: Discovery, National Georgraphic documentary etc.
Gear: Sony F900 HD, Panasoic 900 HD, Kino Flo lighting , Crane, Matte box.. Apple Final Cut Studio,
02-2345-5407, 02-8780-8744, goodspeed8@gmail.com, www.taipeiweb.tv


Philippe Decaux, Phileas Foghorn Freelancers
27 years covering Asia for TF1, ARD, ABC,etc as freelance cameraman-producer for mostly documentaries. Also work on corporates. Best knowledge of Cambodia, Thailand and Burma with political connections to allow easy going production of docus. Fluent in English, Spanish, French, German. Demo VCD upon request
Gear: DVCPRO 910-PAL with 2 Canon Zoom Lenses, plus super wide. Vinten tripod, PAG mini arc-light, SQN3 mixer with Sennheiser mikes and 2 wireless Sennheiser kits, DVCPRO laptop editor plus Matrox DIGI suite. Many accessories for shoot and edit to go by. Cherokee Production car.
Bangkok 10330
phone: 6618453654, Fax: 6622553040, foghorn@asiaaccess.net.th

Meindert Bontsema, Freez Frama
Betacam-SP complete set Read my homepage for info. For shoots all over Asia 20 years experience in all fields.
Sony DXC30 with docked Sony BVV5 (PAL) Canon J 13x9 2 BRS lens with extender and zoomable wide angle. More listed on homepage.
phone: (661) 8450543, meindert@loxinfo.co.th

Eric Seldin, Thaicam Production Services
20 years' experience in ENG/EFP camera/sound/editing.
Gear: NTSC/PAL BetaSP, PAL Digibeta, and PAL DVCAM equipment, plus BetaSX laptop and FCP Mac-based editpaks, available for assignments throughout Asia. Conversational abilities in English, Japanese, Spanish, and Thai. Ability to find a good meal anytime, anywhere.
7/F, Maneeya Center Bldg, 518/5 Ploenchit Rd, Bangkok, 10330
Ermail: eric@thaicam.net Tel/Fax: +662-652-0639 Mobile: +661-844-6965, Website: http://www.thaicam.net

Cameravision Ltd.
Broadcast TV Services. Crew Hire, Camera Equipment Rental, Video Accessories Hire. Experienced news crews with local knowledge
Gear: Sony D30/PVV 3 800L Resolution Camcorder, (Canon 15x8 (X2) Internal Focus Lens), Superior Low Light Capability. BVW 35 Portable Beta SP Recorder. BVV-5 Beta SP Dockable Rec. Toshiba 'mini-cam' 700L Broadcast Quality miniature video camera, 1mm ultra wide angle lens (excellent for interiors and tight spaces), 2mm (wide) and 4mm (standard view). For an online demo please contact us.
Level 23, C.P. Tower, 313 Silom Road, Bangkok 10500
phone: (662) 231-8042, Fax: (662) 231-8121, cameravision@hotmail.com

Urban Backang, Effect Production
Professional videographer, 18 years experience working with, News, (1 year in Kosovo) Documentary, Sport, Commercial. We cover all Asia. I have very good contacts in Asia. Clients: CBS News, BBC, SVT, ARD, TV4, NRK, YLE, Eurosport, Discovery channel, IEC in Sport, EBU, Ericsson mobile, Nokia, Texas Instrument, SEB and many more.
Gear: Gear: Sony BVW 400 ap (Pal), Canon Zoom lens J15a with extender, Reporterlight Sachtler reporter 50H, Tripod Vinten Vision 10, Sound: Sony wireless tuner WRR-855, Transmitter WRT-822. And we have wired sound to. Lightkit, Monitor, Transport, Translation, Food, Accomandation.
Bangkok, 10310
phone: +66 (0) 9 440 1015, effectproduction@yahoo.se, website: http://welcome.to/effekt

Ivor Fitzpatrick, Cameravision Ltd.
Broadcast TV Services. Camera Crew and Camera Equipment Hire. PAL & NTSC Cameras.
Gear: PAL-Sony BVW 400A, DVW 700WSP Camcorders. Canon J15x8 Internal Focus Lenses. Sachtler Video 18 Plus Tripods, Arri Lighting Kits, Sony 6" & 9" Monitors. NTSC-Sony 300A Camcorder.
Bangkok 10500
phone: +662 8633170 Ext. 2018, Fax: +662 8630660, cameravision@hotmail.com, website: www.cameravisiontv.com

christopher jackson
Extensive experience in South Asia and South East Asia. Clients include CNN, APTN, Discovery Channel, PBS etc.
Gear: DSR-370 Pal, Miller tripod, Mac G4 editing, Shure audio mixer etc etc + PD-150 kit with fish-eye lens, Glidecam, etc.
phone: 66-1-732-6091, chrjack@hotmail.com

Glyn Jones, Bkk Crew Bangkok Thailand
Glyn Jones Bkk Crew selectively shooting location interviews, features, live inserts and documentaries. I am the only freelance lighting cameraman shooting on HDCAM here in Thailand
Gear: Sony HDW730s High Definition camcorder kit, fitted with Canon HD ENG/EFP style lenses with Schneider Polariser recording on to HDCam High Definition 59.94i format and 50i format, SDI output, fitted picture cache board, four BP-L90A Packs, Hd Monitor, Sachtler 25 Arri ligting + Kino Flo Interview Select 3NT S120 Kit, jib etc Also available a Sony HVR-Z1U HDV Kit
phone: + 66 (0) 2 758 9113 + 66 (0) 9 021 0503, Fax: + 66 (0) 2 758 9473, gj@bkkcrew.com, website: www.bkkcrew.com

Maurice Spees, Visualantis
Freelance fully equipped Dutch DDP, cameracrew+soundman &steadicam operator. 10 Years experience in Audiovisual work for Dutch, German and other European Networks. Broadcasts and Independent productions. Specialized in Documentaries and promo commercials and Music Videos. Delivering full Post production and authoring of DVD's. Low cost services.
Gear: Panasonic HVX200E DVCPRO HD, native, Sony Z1 for NTSC, Full Apple studio FCP setup and motion graphic design artist.
Chiang Mai, 50200
phone: +668-404-18049, Fax: +6653-212459, maurice@visualantis.com, website: www.visualantis.com

Asiahire Bangkok Ltd.
Broadcast TV Services. Sony HDCAM, Digital Betacam, DVCAM, Beta SP. PAL & NTSC. Crews, Equipment Rental, TV Production.
Gear: Sony HDW 750, DVW-790 WSP, DSR-570 WSP, BVW D600, BVW 400A, D35/ PVV-3 WSP.
Bangkok City Tower, Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120
phone: +662 8630-660/M, +6689-0679856, asiahirebangkok@hotmail.com, website: http://www.asiahirebangkok.com

Marc Laban, AsiaWorks Television Ltd.,
Asia-wide camera crewing, editing ( analogue & NLE), satellite uplinks, and associated production services. All major International broadcasters, corporations & development agencies.
Gear: Sony DigiBeta 970, DSR 570 and 500 DVCam, Sony D-600 Beta-SP ( NTSC), Sony D-35 and D-30 Beta-SP (PAL & NTSC) cameras. Sony Z-1. Full light kits ( Chimeras, Dedos, HMIs). All soundmen full equipped with boom & 416, wireless mikes, and Sony ECM-77 neck mikes.
Apple G-5 Dual Edit station with X-Raid.
Bangkok, 10330
phone: +66-2-255-5915, Fax: +66-2-255-5919, newsroom@asiaworks.com, website: http://www.asiaworks.com/

Guilad Kahn, Aasia Video Photo Production
Experienced cameraman - producer, formerly of APTN in the middle-east and international conflict and crisis situations, I am well accustomed to working as a one man band and leading teams in difficult and stressful situations. I work well under pressure and have excellent organizational skills as well as experience in field production, sound, editing, and satellite broadcast with various systems.
Gear: Sony DSR 450 Sony Z1u. Canon pro DSLR kit (5D) And full range of accessories. Manfrotto Tripod. Canon pro DSLR fullr pro kit
+66896732102, gk@guiladkahn.com, www.guiladkahn.com


Mohamed Ben Ali, SVP ( Service Video Productions)
Film & Video Facilities company dedicated to many broadcast TV such as : france2 , TV5,TF1, ALjazeera news; Al jazeera sport, Dubai TV ,Al jazeera children ,Tunis 7 , Canal 21,Hannibal TV , Nile TV, Nesma TV.....
Gear: post productions audio protools, 3 stations of post production avid, 5 DVCAM recorder ,BETACAM SP recorder , DIGITAL BETACAM recorder , 5 CAMCORDER, DSR400 sony ,DSR 500 sony, DSR390 sony , CAMCORDER DVCPRO, CAMCORDER DIGITAL BETACAM , CAMCORDER BETASX, CAMCORDER HDCAM, CAMCORDER HDV , CRANE ABC 10 meters , steadycams (video, film), mixer audio .........
Tunis, Tunis
00216 22 207 106
00216 71 281 708
svp_productions@yahoo.fr, www.svp-productions.com


Productions / Rental
Gear: Full production facilities Betacam crew (SonyBVW-400,PVW_D30,PVW-637,DVW-700)&Jimmy jib Triangle,ENG Lighting,Audio,Mini camera
Birlik Sk.No:14/2 80600 1.Levent-ISTANBUL
phone: +90 212 2845890-2828890, Fax: +90 212 2828812, info@kaproduksiyn.comwww.kaproduksiyon.com

ali nun, turkish commercial television servisces
producers, camera team,camera thomson betacam sp broadcast + sony bww5, trranslators, fixers, translators,story ideas
yazanlar sok 11/ 15 kavaklidere ,ankara
phone: +90.312.467 45 62, Fax: 90.312. 467 19 80, an02-k@tr-net.net.tr

Mubin Baris, kameraman.tv
Experienced freelance cameraman in Turkey,available to work, with great technical support since 1988.
Gear: DVW-700 sony and full prodiction facilities. http://kameraman.tv
phone: +90-532-5732668, kameramanbaris@hotmail.com

Erkan Umut
16 and 35mm cinematography, videography, aerial shootings, equipment rental services available. More than 15 years in service; excellent documentary work on 48 countries and long experience in music-videos. Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Technical Consultant, and Lecturer of Cinematography at the Istanbul University/Faculty of Communications.
as DoP*Turquie, le volcan cracheur de lames-La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse/France 3 Sud*Le Grand Tour of Europe-Kenneth Richter Prods./National Geographic Society*Barış Manço ile 7den 77ye (Turkey's longest run & most popular doc.)-Manço & Manço Prods.*Three Fishes-Frank Suffert Prods.*"Countless" Turkish Music Videos for most famous Turkish singers*EMLAK Bank-TMC Müzik*Istanbul METRO (Underground)-Municipality of Istanbul*ANATOLYA Drinks-HİT İletişim*MIGROS Shopping Centre-Böcek Yapım*LYKIA WORLD Holiday Complexes-Böcek Yapım
Sehit Mehmet 38-5 Besiktas 80680 Istanbul
phone: +90 533 433 8 433, Fax: +90 212 227 03 09, erkanumut2@yahoo.com

Yavuz Oztop, Karma Productions
We provide creative solutions and quality services with our deadline oriented crew. Karma is specialized on corporate videos, commercial videos, music videos, 3D animation, television and radio productions..Karma is an address built on a foundation of innovation, service, and integrated resources.
Gear: Sony DXC 30 camera, Sony PVW 2800 VTR, non linear editing suit and rental equipments.
Abdulhakhamit Cad. Baysetr Ishani No:80 Kat 4 Daire 4 Beyoglu Istanbul
phone: + 90 212 297 9717, Fax: + 90 212 237 3703, yavuzo@karmayapim.com, website: www.karmayapim.com

Cihan KAHRAMAN, Pozitif Life Production
Pozitif Life Production, Tanitim Filmi, Egitim Filmi, Televizyon Programi, Kiralik Kamera, Kameraman Hizmetleri,Prodüksiyon Hizmetleri
Gear: Dvcam Sony Dsr Pd 170 P Betacam Sony BVP 550 Camcorder Kameraman Website http://www.geocities.com/kameram_cihan
phone: 0212 252 41 01, cihan@pozitiflifeprd.com, website: www.pozitiflifeprd.com

kubilay bayar
for hire, tv cameraman, sony bvw sp 400 ap camera, lighting, 2 anton batteries, mic,tripod, charger, lcd monitor
istanbul, 34413
phone: +90 535 337 27 69, kubilaybayar@mynet.com

Sedat Kocak, inline production
inline productions provides production and rental services. We are specialized in High Definition productions and we are experienced in working with international partners. We provide full crew for productions such as documentaries, commercials, and company films.
Gear: Sony F900 CineAlta High Definition Camera, Sony WSP 790 Digital Camera, Jimmy Jib Triangle, Dutch Roll, Lighting Equipment, etc.
phone: +90 216 339 54 34, Fax: +90 216 545 56 74, inline@inline.com.tr, website: www.inline.com.tr

ismail bozkurt, su production
Experienced freelance cameraman in capital cıty of Turkey--, Ankara. if you need a young and experienced lighting cameraman here i'm. abouth news i have a valid press card (if you want to make shot TBMM,prime ministry... you must have a valid press card). i can use all types of video cameras and i'm an operator and an owner of jimmyjib (triangel-jim stanton) and steadycam (provide 2 plus). available to work for news or documantery,film,video clips etc. all around turkey, with great technical support, since 1993.
phone: +905352401522, Fax: 00903122833747, imbozkurt@yahoo.com

Memet Aksakal
I am working as a freelance fixer for foreigner media in Turkey. I am based in Istanbul but I am often in Diyarbakir and can work anywhere in Turkey and in Northern Iraq. I speak Kurdish, English, Turkish, German and Persian. I also can arrange camera crew and equipment and can help you to get filming permission. If you are planing to film a documentary or a news programme and would like to know more about filming in Turkey, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to write you back.
Gear: Sony DVW-790P Body, Sony BVF-V10CE Viewfinder, Angenieux Zoom T15X8.3 Lens,Sony PVM 9041 Monitor -JVC GY-HD 111 PRO HD Camera
-905367339936, memetaksakal@yahoo.com,

Ali Yagci, Freelance
18 years of camera, sound and production services ,, Bi-lingual crew..
Gear: Own gear Panasonic AJ-HDC27 HE Varicam HA 17x7.6 Standard lens , Astro Monitor, Vinten ,Sachtler, Tripods Sony Digibeta 700 4/3 Sony DXC30 , Standard lens ,Wide Angle lenses,Chroziel mattebox.. Shure FP33 field mixer, Lectro wireless,, Senn MKH 418 p etc.. We do have access to Sony HDcam 900 ,750 , Major primes , Steadycam, Jimmy jibs
+905444741924, turkishcrw@aol.com

adil yalcin, alfavizyon productions
Alfavizyon has been shooting documentaries, music videos, promotional and corporate films, commercials , educational / medical videos for many years. We have our professional crew for video ( Betacam, DV, DVCAM and HDV/ Full HD ) and film (16mm and 35mm) We can easily get shooting permits for all historical sites in Turkey as well as private and public locations.
Gear: Our services include all pre-production and production facilities; project research and development, budgeting, location permissions for entire Istanbul Turkey, technical crew (director, producers, location managers, camera and sound men, etc.), equipment rental (film and video), transportation and lodging. Sony z1, panasonic hpx 500 arri lighting, tascam azden sound equipment, HD editing all video accessories minijip steadycam
+90 212 2346693, +90 212 234 6691, bilgi@alfavizyon.com, www.alfavizyon.com

Ozgur Ascioglu, Cameraturkey Productions
Freelance Producer-Cameraman based in Istanbul. Cameraturkey Productions support the best equipment and experienced English-French speaking crews with reasonable prices. Based in Istanbul, ready to move to any place in Turkey.
Gear: Sony EX1/EX3 XDCAM HD, Sony DSR400/570 DVCAM, Sony Betacam SX,SP and DigitalBetacam, Panasonic P2 AG-HPX300 and any other camera sets are avaible. A wide selection of lightning sets, steadycam and JimmyJib is also avaible. Mercedes Vito(VIP)-Sprinter, 4x4 Suzuki and Land Rover Defender vehicles are ready to go. English and French speaking crews.
+90 536 864 46 47, ozgura@cameraturkey.com , www.cameraturkey.com

Munir Akdogan, Akdogans Consultancy
Fixer & Location manager, problem solver. Arrange all permits. Hire kit, crew, helicopters and boats. Source a hard-working team including drivers with cars/vans, interpreters, lighting cameramen, directors, sound operators, production assistants & stills photographers.
Gear: Sony Pro Handheld HDV, Sony DSR400/570 DVCAM, lights & accessories. We can also source any camera you are comfortable with.
+90 5324142982, info@filmingturkey.com, www.filmingturkey.com


Derrick Kibisi, talking film PRODUCTION
An established foreign film/TV crews fixer in based in Kampala, Uganda . Previous clients:-NHK Japan,Pinstripe Media Pty Australia, Cairo Video Support Services(VCSS) Egypt,Camera Creations UK,Pacific Television UK,Channel4 London UK, Mentorn TV, Delta Bay Bangladesh, Southern Africa Agency Japan Inc, TV Man Union Inc, Japan, Mainichi Broadcasting Systems, Inc(MBC) Japan
Gear: CAMERA SONY HVR Z1E & SONY DSR 250P Sony field Mixer Sennheiser boompole + microphone

+256792 902991, dkibisi@gmail.com, http://www.mandy.com/home.cfm?c=big232


Alex Lazykin, Alexey Popov, Aberration GROUP/Digital Mix
Broadcast and corporate TV field and post production Video equipment rentals.3D animation.We design and produce all our own video boxes, newsletters, and promotional pieces.
Gear: DV,Betacam SX and SP cameras (DNW-90, BVW-400 and D600) Media 100 and non-linear editing.
270020, Odessa 13 Utesova, str.
phone: 38(0482)263436, Fax: 38(0482)263436, tv.dm@vynet.com.ua

Yuriy Zachepylenko
TV Camera Crew in Ukraine. I provide crews, logistics, and equipment to foreign Clients organizing shoots in Ukraine. I’m based in Kiev, and work all over the Ukraine and able to cover other CIS countries (Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Russia, Moldova and others). Please chek my works at http://cameracrew.com.ua/
Gear: Cameras: Sony HD CineAlta HDW900R, Red One, DVCAM, XDCAM
info@cameracrew.com.ua, http://cameracrew.com.ua/

rozhanovski igor, telemist
Our company offers the whole range of SNG, Driveaway, Flyaway, VSAT, Uplink, Downlink, Fed Point & OB van services. Today we have 8 new mobile satellite station of various types and one super OB VAN whit Uplink. OBVAN is supplied cameras BVP-E30PH/U Sony. One TV camera BVP-E30PH is executed on broadcasts system D-Cam (Gigawave).our OBVAN can be extended up to 12 TV cameras. It allows the two-level mixer Kayak DD 2 M/E Production Switcher (GVG)Also is present symbolgenerator PP8424 Clarity 100 SD TG (Pixel Power).FOR SNG SERVICE Our Dive Away/ Flyaway provide: Live Standup (Uplink),Live position / Live shot,Tape Playout (UpLink).Play out operation is possible by:Betacam, SP, SX, Digital Betacam ,and DVCAM and other format.Fed Point by your request is possible.english-speaking crews on all trucks.
+380679299272, barrrada@gmail.com, www.sngtv.net


Peter Scheid, Peter Scheid Film
German freelance cameraman based in Ho Chi Minh City, working mostly in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Andaman Islands, West Papua. Tbosiet for filming OFFSHORE on oil rigs and marine construction places. Filming from Helicopters.
My clients for corporate videos such as Talisman Energy, Adidas, Abbott etc. Shipyards, Pharma Companies, Transport Companies a.m.o. Documentaries and Reportages in Africa and South East Asia for German, British, French, Japanese, American, Austrian, Singaporean a.o. TV Senders.
Gear: JVC HD 250u and HDV Sony Z1, FX1 Cameras, Sachtler Tripods, Portable Sachtler Crane with Monitor (5 Meter) with Sachtler Tripod, Steadicam, Underwater Housing, Wireless Sony Microphone, Sennheiser Shotgun, Lights, Compendiums, Splashbags etc.
Ho Chi Minh City
+84 - 918921258, peterscheid.film@gmail.com,

Virgin Islands

Todd Hecht, FilmVI.net
Full service Video Prod. in the caribbean. ABC, CBS, Inside Edition, CBC, NBC, Unsolved Mysteries, ATT, American Airlines, ESPN, BET, Discovery, ETC.
Gear: BetacamSP UVW100B, Lowell Light kits, Sienhouiser Shotgun mikes, Sony Muli Mike Lavaliers, Avid Edit Suite(not DV) Microdolly portable dolly.
St. Thomas, 00801
phone: 340-774-4080, Fax: 340-777-1143, Info@filmvi. net, website: www.filmvi.net


Glyn Jones, The Spot On Video Company
Broadcast cameraman with Betacam SP and Betacam 16x9 Betacam SX shooting kit.Loads of kit including - Micron UHF Radio Mics, 416,small jib. 2 man crew available. See.www.camera-crew.net for full list - Tel. Mobile UK 44-777 167 5422
2 Beatrice Square, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, North Wales UK
phone: 0128 688 2828, Fax: 0128 688 2661, gj@camera-crew.net

Tim Ward, Channel 405
Cameraman/Crew for WALES UK. ENG and documentary type programmes for Wales, UK and beyond. Strong technical background , we especialy like filming cars, aeroplanes, ships and other techie stuff. TV for the Anorak Fringe!!
Gear: We use Widescreen switchable Sony DSR500 DVCAM. Can edit on NLE system too.
Aberystwyth, Ceredigion
phone: 07970 209063, Fax: 01974 241435, channel405@fsmail.net, website: tba


Branimir-Bata Grulovic, Advance-video production
Providing crews end editing Most recently: ORF Austrian TV, DRS Swiss TV ARD, Germany TV and etc.
Gear: 1. JVC KY 27E/SONY BWV5 2. Ikegami HC-400/SONY BWV3 Editing SONY 2800 + non linear
Delovi 71, Belgrade, 11231
phone: + 381 (0)63 217 547, grulovic@eunet.yu

Zaja Mirko, "GM SPECTRUM" media
Founded in 1996. as broadcasting company in private ownership. "GM SPECTRUM" media&production, main activity is profesional production wnd postproduction: making of advertising, comercial and political events etc. (Serbia, Croatia, BiH, Montenegro).
Gear: SONY: XDCAM PMW-EX1 , Digital Batacam DNW/700, Betacam SP DXC-30/PVV-3P or DSR-1P dockable back, BVW/35 portable Betacam SP r/p. PANASONIC AJ-D400 DVCPRO camcorder. Full accessories: Vinten pro tripod, monitors, lights, microphones etc... Editing: Non-Linear FCP 6.2 HD on Mac pro G-5. EQUIPMENT RENTAL!
+381 (0) 63 8 102 301, zaja032@nadlanu.com

Vuk Cetkovic, Hill-video production
Work for state tv, happy tv and i have 17 years of experience.
Gear: Sony Betacam SP BVW-507AP camcorder. Full accessories: Pro Vinten tripod 25, monitors, lights, microphones, audio mixers, microportes etc
serbija & montenegro 11000 belgrade
phone: 0038163355765, vukcetkovic@yahoo.com

Michel Bisson, Michel Bisson Productions
I am a freelance DP / Cameraman out of Toronto Canada. I have over 20 years production in Movies, Commercials, Corporate to TV Shows. Owner operator Sony HDW-F900 CineAlta & Panasonic HDX 900 Cameras with Full Support gear. Triangle Jib 30'ft with hot head, Dolly-Track, Porta-Jib, Full Lighting and Grip Equipment. To find out more about me and see videos of my work please check out my web site at http://www.michelbisson.ca
Michel has been shooting for over twenty years, and has worked with just about every major network in North America. From TV Series to Commercials, Movies, Documentary, Corporate and Sporting events, Michel has done it all while traveling the World.
Gear: -SONY CINE ALTA HDW-F900 24p High Definition Multi-Format 1080p & 1080i -PANASONIC HDX-900 DVCPRO HD 24p High Definition Multi-Format 720p & 1080i -FUJINON HD WIDE LENS Zoom Wide Angel HA13 x 4.5 BERM HD -FUJINON HD LONG LENS Zoom Telephoto HA22 x 7.8 BERM HD -PANASONIC MONITOR High Definition BT-LH1700Wp 16x9 17” Monitor -OCONNOR TRIPOD 1030-C Fluid Head with Sachtler Standard Legs, Baby & High Hat *PORTA-JIB *Great in difficult or tight locations
Toronto, Ontario
1-416-346-3912, 905-649-3888, michelbisson@me.com, www.michelbisson.ca



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