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Ken Heinemann, Breken Enterprises
Have been doing Freelance for 29 years. Have done most every sport form Indy Cars to Hockey. I am very capable of lighting and audio also. Was the associate Producer of a motor sports syndicated show for 12 years. Also shot hand held for same show. Curentely I am the Production Manager for the PBS Series called Sound Stage. Which is in it's 6th year. Shot entirely in High Definetion Gear: Own my own Betacam BVW-600 and Sony Cine Alta F900 ver3 HD Betacam.
Gear: Sony F900 Ver3 HD Betacam / BVW-600D / Sony HDV-Z1U
219-322-0922, hd-tv@sbcglobal.net , www.tv-freelancers.com

Eric Seguim-Arnold, Seguim-Arnold Production Services
Looking for the right crew with the right attitude in Indianapolis or South-Central Indiana? Your search is over! We provide the best with an Ikegami or Sony Beta SP package and all of the audio and support goodies. Editing options include a mobile (that's right, we bring it to you!) Media 100. We also provide standard on or off-line editing with an Avid Media Composer 1000. Our new facility has a 40' x 60' studio with seamless wall!
308 South New Jersey Street, Indianapolis, 46204
Phone: 317-917-9314, Fax: 317-632-4546, eric@seguimarnold.com , www.seguimarnold.com
Bill Birch, Birch Productions
High End Video for Commercial, Corporate, Documentary, and Sports. Clients include Discovery Channel, ABC, Military Channel, Thomson, and other Top 500 companys.
Gear: HLV-55 Ikegami / Sony UVW-35/1400 / Horita TC Reader Shure,Sennheiser,Lectrosonic,Sony Audio Package Mole Richardson Lighting Package/ Matthews Grip Gear QTV Teleprompter Package (DC if needed for remote loctions)
3536 S. Homestead Drive New Palestine, 46163
phone: 317 861-9668, Fax: 317 861-5980, b.birch@gte.net
Charlie Wilson Productions
Production Manage, Direct, Shoot, Edit, 33 Years Professional Experience, 10 years Broadcast, ABC, CBS, NBC Sports, ESPN, Comcast, Alan Landsberg Productions, Lincoln Financial Group, Steel Dynamics, United Technologies, Various agencies.
Gear: Sony XDCAM EX3, Sony PD170 DVCAM, - Mole-Richardson, Bardwell McAlister, Colortran Lighting, - Final Cut Pro Studio 2 Editors (2) 1 portable - Azden, Audio- Technica Mics.
Fort Wayne
260-740-1028, cwprod@comcast.net
Bud Osborne, A-V-A Video Productions
We are a full-service video production company shooting in DVC Pro HD or BetaCam SP SD. We have a complete FCP Studio editing suite with the latest versions of all software. 30x50 insert stage with 12 foot ceiling and lighting grid. Our clients include: Microsoft, History Channel, Discovery Channel, NIKE, TruTV, Food Network, etc., etc. In business since 1980.
Gear: Panasonic HVX-200 with (2) Firestore 160 GB HDs. Letus 35 Extreme DOF adapter. (3) BetaCam SP 637 camera systems all with PVV-3s. Canon 12X W.A. Lens available. Lectrosonic wireless mics, AT Boom mic with windscreen, EV RE-50, Shure FP33 mixer. Data Video LED Green/Blue Electronic Green Screen. Cinekinetic Jib Arm. 32-track digital audio recording studio with Pro Tools software. (3) Arri Lighting Kits with Fresnels, open face lights and Chimeras. 5600K fluorescent lighting. Many other lighting instruments.
Indianapolis, 46220
317-255-6457, 317-253-6448, avaprods@comcast.net, www.avavideoproductions.com
Chris Blair, Magnetic Image, Inc.
Full-service advertising and marketing, including in-house production and post-production. Were founded as a video production company. Provide services such as branding, concept development, media buying and design, but specialize in high-end production. Four broadcast edit suites capable of mutliple channels of real-time broadcast quality editing. Also do multi-media production, including kiosks and info displays, web design, video encoding/compression and web player development, print design, trade show booth design/production, location-scouting, & scriptwriting.
Gear: Panasonic SDX900 DVCPro50 camera, mutliple Arri, Lowel & Photoflex kits, filters, gels & grip accessories. C-stands, multiple monitoring options, dolly & track, Century Optics wide angle adaptor. Jimmy Jib. 3 VelocityQ NLE with 4 real-time video & 4 DVE channels. 1 Blackmagic Design HD/Sony Vegas system. Facility has all shared storage. Projects can be moved without moving assets. Software: After Effecst CS3, Digital Fusion 4, Photoshop CS3 plus many plug-ins and utilities. Large video encoding jobs can be processed often overnight.
812-423-6088, 812-423-7488, chris@videomi.com, www.videomi.com
Clay Stahlka, Clay Stahlka Productions
Production Sound and Audio Post-Production on hundreds of Corporate Video, TV, Radio and Documentary and Feature Film projects. BSEE field-tech, wireless/satellite communications expert, ProTools, Final Cut Pro, Foley, ADR, Editing & Mixing. Hands-On most current gear!
Gear: Production Sound: TLA PM-1, SoundCraft mixers, Sennheiser shotgun and wireless mics, Tascam DA-P1, ADAT, Fostex D-90, full TC capabilities. Studio: ProTools MixPlus, ADAT, Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Beyer, AudioTechnica Microphones, Apogee converters, Lexicon, TC Electronic, Aphex, Ashly, Focusrite, PreSonus processing. Full Music Composition Suite.
Fort Wayne, 46825
phone: 260-482-3491, Fax: 240-337-6078, clay@claystahlkaproductions.com,
PentaVision Integrated Digital Media
Jon O'Sullivan - Exec. Prod., Bob Richthammer - Prod. Man.
PentaVision is YOUR premier Midwest full service production company experienced in regional, national and international production. Award winning producers/directors and production staff craft your project from script to screen. We have experience in all formats including High Definition. We can help you with sales and marketing, training and human resources, recruiting and fundraising, national programs and documentaries, and special events. Recent clients include Trading Spaces for TLC, Fantasy Camp for Fine Living (in High Def), Americas Most Wanted for Fox, ABC Sports, CBS Sports, Fox Sports Net, The Hallmark Channel, The University of Notre Dame and others. How can we help you?
Gear: Sony PMW EX-1 XDCAM HD camera, complete Betacam SP(D35WS 4:3/16:9, BVW 400A (Macie Video standard set-up), camera packages/Sennheiser,AKG,Lectrosonics, Tram, PSC and Shure audio support/LTM, Lowel, Chimera, Mole Richardson lighting,Matthews Doorway Dolly with track/ Listec, CPC Teleprompter System/C-stands, Shiny boards and other grip support. (We have a big black box!!). Stanton Jimmy Jib III w/Super and Giant ext.
South Bend, 46637
574-272-8365 - jono@pentavision.net,

Larry Bilinski, Christopher Salvador, Doug Thomas, NewGroup Media Creative Media Communications
NGM is Northern Indiana's premier full service Media Communications Company offering services from concept to completion. Experienced Producer/Directors, Videographers and International Award winning Post Production Services on the Avid DS system. Shoot on location in the United States-very experienced International Production, as well. Client base includes Advertising Agencies, Corporate Communicators and Trainers, Medical, Broadcast, Higher Education,Religious and Public Relations Industries
Gear: SONY DNW90WS Power HAD/ Sennheiser and Tram Audio / Arri Lighting/ AVID DS System
South Bend, 46601
phone: 574 237 1025, Fax: 574 237 1035, website@newgroupmedia.com, website: Newgroupmedia.com

Ted Coats, Moving Pictures, Inc.
D.P. with the capabilites and attitude you are looking for. Creating high-quality video imagery for TV documentary, corporate, and commercial clients. Film school graduate with 20+ years of cinematography and videography experience. Verasatile shooting styles: documentary or dramatic...single or mulit-cam. Credits include 25 broadcast/cable networks.
Gear: Sony BVW-D600 WS (16:9/4:3) w/ Canon 21x7.8mm and 9x5.2mm lenses. Fisheye adapter, RM-P9 "paintbox", BVW-35 VCR, Chrosziel mattboxes w/ cine- style 4"x4" filter kit., Vinten Vision 100 tripod pkg., Full- featured 15-unit lighting and audio field packages.
phone: (317) 769-2227, Fax: (317) 769-2228, DPcoats@aol.com
Lee Nassau, DL Images
Over 20 years shooting for networks, cable programs and syndicated shows. Experienced in documentary, sports and corporate. Multiple crews, willing to work with your budget
Gear: Two HL V-55 packages, with matte box and filtration, Sony 600, Lectrosonics wireless with Shure stereo mixer, Neuwman & Sennheiser booms, Chimera soft lights and Arri fresnels. Two Avids. 60 X 30 studio with hard cyc & light gr
Indianapolis, 46268
phone: 317-388-8888, Fax: 317-388-8868, lee@dlimages.com, website: www.dlimages.com
Doug Kochenbach, SoundSpeed, LLC
Seasoned location sound mixer/recordist with 14 years experience in all aspects of production sound. Specializing in film sound and high end audio for video. Experience includes features, commercials, documentaries, TV series, network news magazines, independent projects and corporate imaging. Formerly serving the NYC/Phila/DC area for years, now based in Indianapolis and serving Chicago, Cincinnati, and Louisville. Complete film/video sound package.
Gear: Fostex PD4 DAT Recorder, Denecke TS-3 Smart Slate. 2 Schoeps MK-41, Sennheiser MKH-60 Shotguns. Tram, Sony, and Sanken Lavs. Wendt, Shure, and Mackie Mixers. Lectrosonics UHF Wireless Lavs, Wireless Handmic and IFB's for Program Audio monitoring by Directors, Etc. Time Code Transcriptions, Walkie-Talkies, Sony Minidisc Recorder, all the bells & whistles.
phone: 317 718-8211, doug@soundspeed.tv, website: www.soundspeed.tv
Randy Thomson, Cameras & Crew
Presser and switched Feeds to Fiber or Satellite Truck and sometimes just for recording and IMAG
Gear: (2)Panasonic HPX 500 HD cameras & Panasonic HD Switcher (still have the gear previously listed)
317-842-7757, 317-578-1512, Cameras-Crew@att.net , www.CamerasHD-Crew.com
Kyle Chudyk, KC Video Productions, Inc.
For well over a decade, we have been producing high-end Corporate & Broadcast (News/Sports/Documentary) programming. We can put the whole crew together for you with top-notch, Macie maintained gear.
Gear: Panasonic HDX-900 (two of them), records to tape and/or Nano Flash.  Sony F-355 XDCAM HD.  Panasonic HPX-250, P2 HD. Canon 5D Mark III with Canon lenses or Nikon primes.
We have all the audio gear you could ask for and a whole mess of lights (Tungsten, Fluorescent, LED, & 400w HMI).
317-413-5808  kyle@KCvideoproductions.com  www.KCvideoproductions.com 

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