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Roger Macie - Macie Video Service

Equipment maintenance and Repair. Dedham
781-326-3135, fax 781-316-8620, fixer@broadcastvideo.com

Technology Shop, David McCall
Lighting Director available with Grip/Lighting truck Editor/Graphics Designer with Beta SP Post/Graphics Suite
49 Sylvan Ave. Wakefield, 01880-3134
781 246-1145 techshop@nii.net, http://www.nii.net/~techshop
Jim Frances, Television Production
Complete Ikegami V55 production package include BVW 50, Lectrosonic VHForUHF wireless, Arri/Lowell/HMI Lighting. Over 15 years high-end experience including network, documentary, magazine, corporate/industrial and commercial.
617.527.1655 Fax: 617.527.1666 Pager: 781.845.8969 jimfrances@rcn.com
Ocean One Productions, Inc. Est. 1989, Dan Seminatore and Dan Fickes
Full Production and Beta Crews (400A Camera Packages). Network, Corporate, TV Commercials. Post Production: AVID MC 1000 On-line edit suite, Sony PVW LineFull Production and Crews (400A, 600 & DVCAM Camera Packages). Network, Corporate, TV Commercials. Post Production: AVID Meridian On-line edit suite, Sony PVW Linear Edit Suite. ar Edit Suite with DVE.
Boston 02116
Phone: 617-266-1117, Fax: 617-266-0376, Cell: 617-699-5852, semi@oceanoneproductions.com,
Ken Willinger, Ken Willinger Productions, Inc.
DP/Lighting cameraman, 20+years experience worldwide. Sony BVW D-600WS betacam SP camera, Full lighting including Kino Flo Divas, Arri tungsten, Joker HMI. 3 chip Toshiba lipstick camera, Sony PD 150 mini DVCAM camera and Steadicam EFP rig. Full Audio package. High-end production including network newsmagazines (NBC, ABC, CBS), Documentary (eg. PBS, National Geographic Television) and Corporate (eg. Boys Town National Hotline, Shriners Hospitals). Award winning (Regional Emmy, yr 2000, NPPA Documentary, yr 2000), hard working, easy to work with and cares about the product. Lighting is key!
P.O. Box 147, West Medford/Boston 02156
1-888-2GETKEN, 1-888-889-PAGE (P). Ken@Journalism.com
Jeff Kleinman, JK Productions
Specializing in imaginative visuals and well crafted images. Ike V-55 with complete lighting and sound package. Clients include all the major networks and news magazines.
15A Roberts Rd. 15A Roberts Rd. Cambridge, 02138
phone: 617-547-8013 and 617-547-4659 jk@shore.net
Gregg C. McAllister, TVN-The Video Network
producer/director,ENG/EFP & Multicamera flypacks for broadcast and corporate events, Media100 & Final Cut Pro editing, Betacam SP & DVC Pro, DVCAM, DV tape formats.
Gear: Sony 600 & JVC D29 with Betacam SP, DVCpro, DV, Letrosonics wireless, softbox, arri kit, backdrop, green screen.
phone: 508-881-1800,Fax: 508-881-7877, gregg@tvnvideo.com, website: http://www.tvnvideo.com
Gallo Productions, Inc.
Betacam SP Crews/Post-Production(Tape & Non-Linear). Duplication. Also S-VHS & 3/4", PAL/NTSC/SECAM Formats.
P.O.BOX 383 Gloucester, 01930
508.282.0444, Fax: 508.282.1444, http://www.galloproductions.com
Kevin Parker, Parker Audio
Audio for film and video serving Boston, Hartford and Providence. Full field audio package, as well as equipment for multi-camera shoots and sound re-enforcement. Multiple wireless. Over ten years of network, documentary, industrial and commercial experience.
Gear: Sennhieser, Lectrosonics, Neumann, Tram, Sony, PSC, Audio Development, Mackie...Etc.
North Brookfield, 01535
phone: 617-962-5059, kevin@parkeraudio.com, website: www.parkeraudio.com
Joe Vitagliano
Video/Film Crews. PAL - NTSC -FILM. BBC, ABC, NBC, CBS. The only PAL owner/operator in the Northeast USA.
Gear: Sony DVW 700 digibeta (PAL), Ikegami DV7 AW dvcam (NTSC), Ikegami V55 (NTSC), Ikegami V57 (PAL) betacam., Porta-Jib, focus dolly.
Wayland 01788
phone: 508-650-1246, fax: 508-650-1886, cell: 617-306-2246, jvitagliano@comcast.net
Douglas Weisman, Weisman Video Productions, Inc.
Production manager: Andy Jablon (cell: 617/293-2355), Toll free: 1-877-CAM-CREW
Broadcast, corporate, medical video field production. Specialist in aerial video production. Multi-camera productions and live/satellite productions.
Gear: Several Ikegami HLV-55 Betacam SP cameras. Ikegami DV-7A DVCam. Sony PD-150. Fly-pack multi-cam switcher package. Satellite uplink trucks.
phone: 617/926-2089, cell phone: 617/212-3610, Fax: 617/926-7965, doug@weismanvideo.com, website: www.weismanvideo.com
Rob Massey, Pulse Media, Inc.
HD, NTSC & PAL camera crews: BetaSP, DVCam, HDCam, Panasonic DVCPro50 Varicam. BetaSP Linear & Media 100 editing. 15 years experience in Broadcast, Documentary and corporate. Fiber feed studio and tape transmission. Any production support you might need. We're very well equipped and easy to work with !
Gear: BVW-D600, DSR-130 (D30& DSR-1), DSR-500WSP, Panasonic Varicam, Extensive Lighting & Sound kits.
Watertown, 02472
phone: 617-923-4646, Cell: 617-650-4280, RMassey@pulse-media.com, website: www.pulse-media.com
Larry LeCain, LeCain LLC
Network video cameraman. Recently, NOVA, HD Gorbachov for Turner movie. Shot and directed Bob Vila/ 18 years, David McCullough/ American Experience/ 11 years. 'GBH 10 years, Nova/ Frontline/ BodyWatch/ Adventure/ This Old House/ Victory Garden, 20/20/ ABC/NBC nightly and magazines/ NewsHour/ Oprah/ Psychic Detectives/ America's Most Wanted
Gear: IkegamiDV7AW DVCam/ Sony BVW600 BetaCam/ Sony Z1u/ Sony PMW-EX1. Documentary audio and lighting package
Wayland, 01778
508 353 4109, (508) 353 4109, L.Lecain@verizon.net
Michael Mulvey, Michael Mulvey Production Services, Inc
DP with four complete production packages with full audio, lighting and grip. nty years experience in the Boston/New England production community including production for network mags, high-end corporate, commercial, PBS and cable networks. Visit our webpage.
Gear: Panasonic HDX-900 HD, Panasonic SDX-900 24p SD, Ikegami DV-7W DVCAM, Ikegami V-55 Betacam, Panasonic 100A and Sony Z1. Also availiable with Stanton Triangle and Jimmy Jib III with lens heights up to 35 feet. Additional equipment, Firestore100, Canon wide angle HD lens, Panasoinc AJ-RC10G remote paint box, Sony DSR-11, Sound Devices 442 mixer, Shoepps, etc.
phone: 617-698-7979, mm@jibcam.com, website: www.jibcam.com
Joel Reidy
Freelance Audio/grip
17 Elm St., Hudson, 01749
phone: 978-562-5661, Fax: 978-562-5661 *51, jirkr@aol.com
Tom Fahey, Tom Fahey Video Production
Freelance network photographer specializing in magazine format production. Main clients are ABC, NBC and CBS. Full Betacam SP location package with extensive lighting and grip gear including HMIs. Known for lighting excellence and work in difficult and sensitive situations. Producer and client friendly, road-savvy, mature, professional and personable.
132 Ridgewood Road Milton, 02186
phone: 617-696-4590, Fax: 617-696-2449, t.fahey@comcast.net
Guy DeFeis, Vox Television
Lighting cameraman with 15 years exper shooting magazine, documentary, and promotional programs. Broadcast crews for local and international production.
Gear: Sony EX-3 HD, Z-7U, S-270 HDV, Ikegami HL-V55 . Shoot and edit on Media Composer, in house or on location.
phone: 617 923-9191, Fax: 617 923-9292, gdefeis@voxtelevision.com, www.voxtelevision.com
John Osborne, Osborne Associates
John Osborne, Osborne Associates Location sound mixing-recording. Broadcast, cable, corporate.
Gear: Audio packages: Mixers- SoundDevices, Allen-Heath; Recorders- SoundDevices, Tascam. Mics- Neumann, Schoeps, Sennheiser, Sanken, Countryman; Wireless- Lectrosonics. Studio condensers Neumann, AKG, AT. Transcriptions w time code & uplink. Boston
781-799-6750, osborne456@comcast.net
Al Ward, AWARD Productions, Inc.
Twenty years of experience. Full-service video production for broadcast and high-end industrial. Two full-time crews and four part-time crews. Also in-house HD editing suites, live-switch studio, and full-time producers available. Clients include: CNN, PBS, CBS, ABC, Harvard Business School, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, IBM.
Gear: Sony XDCam HD F-350, XDCam HD EX-1 / EX-3, DVCam D-35/DSR1, Betacam D-35/PVV3, Ikegami HL43
Boston, Billerica
phone: 978 667-3335, Fax: same, alward@awardprod.com, www.awardprod.com
Douglas Glazier, Boston Video Productions
Full-service EFP/ENG camera crews with over 20 years of Broadcast experience. Extensive Lighting and Commercial experience. Clients include: CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, Cops, Dateline, Frontline, 48 Hours, Discovery Channel. Highly maintained equipment.
Gear: Complete EFP/ENG camera crew package including Sony BetacamSP BVW-400 camera, full audio with Lectrosonic wireless mics, full lighting with Arri, LTM, Koblod and Chimera kits. Sachtler tripod, hi-res monitor, full grip package.
20 Colella Farm Road, Hopkinton, 01748
phone: 508-435-6440, dcglazier@hotmail.com

Noah Brookoff, Flashpoint Productions,Inc.
Full service Beta SP ENG/EFP and 16mm location and studio production including Director/DP/Editor,Audio Engineer,Producers,Writers,On-camera and VO talent.News,sports,documentary,magazine,high-end corporate,educational,commercial and original program creation.Complete Post-production featuring Media 100XS/BVW-75 2D/3D animation.Stock Footage and special effects and coming soon-DVD production.Cooperative relationships with mobil KU uplink,fiber,stage and dupe facilities.
Gear: Boston and LA based crews featuring Sony 507A/550(digital 4:3/16:9)DC30:Canon and Fujinon standard and wide angle lenses,filter kits,Sachtler,Lowell,Chimeras,Cinemills HMI,Lectrosonics,Trams,BVW35 and BVV-5, and location green screen.
32 Old Colony Way, Scituate, 02066
phone: 781-545-7767, Fax: 781-545-7767, GO FLSHPT@aol.com

Galen Trull, 2K/HD inc.
Independent freelance DP and owner operator of a Hi Definition camcorder production package.
Gear: Sony HDW 700A
7 Grasshopper Lane, Walpole, 02081
phone: 508-668-8309, Fax: 508-850-9810, galen2khd@aol.com
Kevin C. Kalunian, 20-to-20K Productions, Inc.
Network newsmagine programs, in studio and on-location audio recording services for Film, Television and Radio
Gear: I have several shotgun microphones and an array of lavs including Sony 66b, Sennheiser mke-2s and Trams oh and about a mile of assorted audio cables to configure the above. RFs and additional gear i.e., DAT are rented upon request. sony 4x2 stereo portable mixer and an FP 32a both rigged for ENG/EFP productions along with an ATI 4x4 distribution amp for feeding multiple tapes machines or external devices.
195 Erin Road, East Taunton, 02718
phone: 508 823 6758, kkalunian@aol.com
Rawn Fulton, Searchlight Films
Producer, director, cinema + videographer, editor. Complete project creation, management, + production. Worldwide video + film location work in all types of production - environmental, corporate, educational, artistic, narrative, sports, music. In-house editing - off & on line
Gear: Complete Betacam SP package - Hitachi Z-1C, Fujinon lenses, Sony BVV-5 back, with all customary support items - field monitor, Lisand stix, gels, doco + HMI lighting packages. Sound package with 4 ch in, 2 ch out mixer, radio & condenser mics, boom, etc. Media 100 editing system is now XR. Lossless image quality. 650 gigs total media storage capacity.
46 Fox Hill Road, Bernardston, 01337
phone: 413 648 9464, Fax: 413 648 9204, rfulton@crocker.com
Nat Heard, N.E Productions
I am a two time Emmy winning videographer with a Sony 400a package including complete light, sound, grip kit. I have shot for the networks, High-end corporate, Sports, Documentaries, Music. I have also directed/Produced Multi-camera events and music festival. I am willing to shoot with your gear.
Gear: Sony 400a Eng/Efp production package
P.O box 610038 Newton highlands 02161
phone: P: 800-204-1431, Fax: Cell-617-803-7285, Natvideo@aol.com
Bob Gifford, Gifford Productions
Digital production and post for corporate and commercial clients. 10 + years of experience.http://www.giffordproductions.com
Gear: Ikegami BVV back Beta SP.
950 Boyston St. #L3 Newton
phone: 1-617-796-7744, Fax: 1-617-796-7755, bob@giffordproductions.com
Tom Lay, Tom Lay Video Production
We've created documentaries, television series, video art and collaborated with performance artists. Travelled extensively in USA, Europe and South America. Received awards from trade groups in marketing, education, architecture and medicine. Our clients are: r&d, manufacture, high-tech and bio-tech, adverts as well as non-profits and legal. We've created documentaries, television series, video art and collaborated with performance artists. Received awards from trade groups in marketing, education, architecture and medicine.
Gear: Camera: Ikegami BVV-5 BetaSP also Sony DSR 300A DVCam w/Firewire. The required ENG package; boom, mics and lights. SONY: Edit: Avid
Arlington, 02476
617 823 9722 Mobile 617 823 9722, laygtom@yahoo.com
Andy Turrett, Location Sound
I work in the formats of Documentary, Drama, News, Corporate and Education. Clients Include: NBC, ABC, CBS,VH1, MTV CNN HBO, WGBH, ESPN, BBC, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Pepsi-Cola, Harpo Productions, Israeli TV, Court TV, E Channel, Parenting Magazine, Granada TV, Finland TV, Teachscape, Florentine Films, Motion Inc., Moving Pictures Inc., DDB Needham, Hewlett Packard, Dartmouth Medical, Yale University and more.
Gear: Sound Devices 442, Sound Devices 302, 16 Channel Automatic Shure Mixer, Schoeps, Sennheiser 416 & 816, Rycote Windjammers,
Sanken, Sonotrim, & Countryman Lavs, Wireless Lectrosonics UHF, Zaxcom Digital Wireless Camera Link (can feed 2 cameras), Wireless IFB Kit, JK Audio Phone Interface, 2-Way Radios, all necessary cables and more
Northampton , 01060
Phone: 413-585-5770 Cell 413-695-2616, aturrett@aol.com
Bob Montbleau, Advanced Video Productions
BetacamSP crews serving Boston,Eastern Massachusetts,Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire. Short notice same day service available. Full service Post- Production and in-house videotape duplication including BetaSP, DVC-Pro, Mini-DV, 3/4". Master Card & Visa accepted.
Gear: Ikegami HL-45 with Sony BVV-5 BetaSP,Sony BVW-50 BetaSP ( 90 minute field recorder with playback ). JVC-KY19's with BetaSP or Mini-DV recorders. Lectrosonic wireless with Tram mikes, Lowell light kits. Vinten sticks.
719 Cambridge St. Cambridge , or AVP, P.O. Box 7, Pelham, NH 03076
phone: 800-466-8287, Fax: 603-635-8628, avp98@msn.com
Peter Moll, Gray Matter Entertainment
Commercials, Corporate, Entertainment, News and Sports. 2 person ENG/EFP Crew shooting worldwide for a variety of satisfied clients including most major networks and many Fortune 500 companies. Also! Travelling non-linear suite.
Gear: Cameras include Sony EX-3 and SDX-900. Experienced RED and Canon 5D MKii shooter.
1-508-878-1285, 617-393-0022, pmoll@gmatter.tv, www.gmatter.tv
Joseph F. Forte, Forte Productions
I provide Broadcast Quality location video recording. I have shot for WGBH, NBC, HGTV, Inside Edition, Extra, Sports stories for ESPN, live feeds, commercials and corporate trade show and training videos. I am a D/P with 25 years experience and can light for any situation. I am familiar with using large or small boom arms and dollys. I am qualified in setting up and shadeing multi-camera productions. My camera package is set up to fly. Have camera will travel!!!!
Gear: Ikegami HL57 W/CVR5, normal 14x and a Wide Angle lens, Matte Box W/filters, Sony BVW 50, Ampex CVR 35, Lectro wireless mics. Arri Lighting Kit, Chevy SUV for comfortable long drive shoots.
PO Box 294 No.Uxbridge 01538 / Near Boston, Worcester
phone: 508 278-6170, Fax: 508 278-6170, joseph.forte@verizon.net
Boyd Estus, Heliotrope Studios Ltd.
Award-winning Director of Photography shooting BetaSP, DigiBeta, HD, NTSC, PAL and 16mm/35mm film. We can provide complete crew and equipment packages in all formats. Credits include PBS's NOVA, The American Experience, Great Performances & Frontline; the BBC and other UK Television producers; Unsolved Mysteries; Flight of the Gossamer Condor (Academy Award Documentary Short Subject); Eight Minutes to Midnight (Academy Award nomination Feature Documentary); and commercials.
Gear: Panasonic HDX900 DVCProHD High Definition camera with Panasonic LH900A LCD High Definition monitor. Sony BVW-400 BetaSP camcorder with BVE electronic shutter. Also have DVW790WS, DVW700WS-PAL, BVW D600WS available.
Newton Upper Falls, 02464
phone: 617 964 8181, Fax: 617 964 8030, boydestus@sprintmail.com, website: www.HeliotropeStudios.com
Dan Hnatio, Active Communications
Shooting and support services through editorial over the last 20 years. Strengths: DP, lighting, shooting, engineering.
Gear: 2 HL 55 with (CVR & BTS) BVV5's, 3rd camera(HL 55) 2 Full Rigs, Lighting /Grip (incl. HMI's) Lens options, filters, 44:1 Sports Lens w/ Vinten Mk 5 head & sticks. 3 Tri-ax units for cameras, studio dress; appropriate accessories.
268 Great Road, Stow, 01775
phone: 978-897-2679, Fax: 978-897-2397, dhnatio@world.std.com
Geoff Briggs, Productive Media, Inc.
Full service corporate and broadcast video production and post production facility with FCP-HD based component multiformat BetaSP/DVCAM/DVCPRO suites, voice over booth, Protools audio edit, 24/7 fiber feeds. Clients: Letterman, Raytheon, "e" network, US Defense Dept., Mass General Hospital, Villari's Martial Arts, Bertucci's Restaurants, John Doucet Film and Video, Assignment Desk, CrewStar, others.
Gear: BVW-400A, DXC D30/DSR-1, PVW 130, FP-33, Lectrosonics, Schoeps, Arri & LTM lighting, 20x20 insert studio, many extras, including video projectors and PA systems.
Allston, 02134
phone: 617-254-1742, Fax: 617-254-2069 , info@productivemedia.com
Steve Andrada, andrada productions
Sony D-30 PVV-3 BetaSP camera crew Avid editing.
website: www.andradaproductions.com
Marshfield, 02050
phone: 508-367-4747, steve@andradaproductions.com
Bob Birkett, CrewBoston
Replete Location Package with Ikegami HL V-55 Camera. Roger keeps it looking great! Lighting/Cameraman since 1974 (Remember Image Orthicon tubes?) Check-out CrewBoston.com Super Bowl XXXV (CBS), Antiques Roadshow (PBS), 2002 Olympics (NBC) Network Sports/News, Sports Features, High-end Corporate.
Gear: Ikegami HL V-55 Fuji 5.5 wide angle lens Arri Lighting Packages, Grip galore 4 Lectrosonics UHF Wireless, 416 Shotgun, FP-33 Mixer Much more. . .
Concord, 01742
phone: 978-369-8944, Fax: 978-287-0466, Bob@CrewBoston.com, website: CrewBoston.com
Jim Capillo, CW Television Productions
20+ years of award winning shooting/production services! ENG/EFP rigs, 3-D service (Lightwave) and logo treatment. Multi-format(Betacam SP, Beta, M-II, D-2, 1", DV, 3/4" SP, S-VHS, Hi-8 and DVD) Studio & NLE Edit suites, Digital Audio Workstation with fully populated Synthesizer Room (Korg, Hammond, Kurzweil, etc.) Multi-track Audio Recording/Production.
Gear: Sony BVP 7 & BTS Beta SP (16X), Sony BVP-5 & BVV-1 Beta (14X), Panasonic WV-F700/AU-410 MII (14X), Panasonic AG-DVX100 DV with 4X4 Matte Box. Sennheiser Shotguns, SM-58's, Lectrosonics VHF Wireless, Sony/Samson UHF Wireless, light kits, tripods, more.
Gloucester, 01930
phone: 978.281.3237, jim@cwtvproductions.com,
John Follas, Emerald Productions
Corporate/industrial training, product/sales support, conference documentation, focus study groups. Previous clients include Skynews, MGH, Baystate College, Cadillac div. of GM, and Wonder Bread with extensive work in health care. 15 years in video production + 25 years previous experience as mechanical engineer, sales/marketing management and marketing consultant.
Gear: Sony HVR-Z5U DVCAM, HD, SD with Sony DSR-11 for extended length DVCAM field recording. Sony PD-150 DVCAM backup. Pro wireless & corded mics; camera and pole lighting from 20W-1000W including 600W softbox. NLE on Casablanca upgraded KRON with DVD burner.
West Harwich
508-432-6364, 508-432-6364, emeraldvid@comcast.net
Curt Fetter, Dvee Media Productions
A complete production solution for virtually any audio or visual medium - whether it be a high quality broadcast video, a theatrical film, an interactive CD-ROM or DVD, an on-line Internet movie, or perhaps a staged performance or corporate presentation.
We integrate and/or create custom digital video solutions and design interface for your diverse communication needs and interests.
Gear: Media100 XS, SONY UVW-1800 BetaSP, Panasonic AG-1980SVHS, SONY PD-150 DV CAM (wide angle lens, telephoto lens, 3pc interview light kit), Olympus Camedia C-4000 (4.0 Megapixel digital still camera).
Watertown, 02472
phone: 617.393-3705, Fax: 617.393.2201, curt@dveemedia.com, website: http://www.dveemedia.com

David W. Stone, Stream Productions
Video production, post production editing, duplication, CD and DVD mastering. Broadcast and Industrial video. Corporate sales, training and marketing videos from storyboard to post production. Web promotion and multimedia services. CD Business cards and corporate branding. Multiple crews and full lighting and audio systems available.
Gear: Sony DSR-300, Lavs, Shotgun and Wireless mics, Lights, Mixers, Non-Linear Digital Editing Suite, Dub Racks
Woburn 01801
phone: 800-551-2440, Fax: 888-937-9970, david@streamproductions.net,

David Owens, Video Assurance Company
Since 1985 providing Videographer/Editor. Corporate & Broadcast clients excellent ENG/EFG coverage. Experienced, Dependable, Educated and well traveled. Offering News, interview, b-roll, sports, event documentation, business conference/seminar coverage. Non-linear/linear editing. Varied client list includes Broadcast, Fortune 400, University and Theatrical Company listings. If you need it done fast and reasonably priced give us a call.
Gear: Field Equipment BetaSP & DVCAM, DSR130, DSR500WSL, PVV3, DSR1, DSR PD150, Canon lens including wide angle, Vinten Support, Mini Jib, Sony WRR/WRT Wireless, Shure FP42 mixer, Chimera Softbox lighting, VT3 uncompressed editing suite. Give us a call.
phone: 508-541-4545, Fax: 508-541-7227, videoassurance@aol.com, website: www.videoassurance.com
Hunter, New Hunter Video/Film Productions
We produce,direct,shoot and edit
Gear: Panasonic DVC Pro 700p
Northridge 91325
phone: 818-344-9731, Fax: 818-609-8388, mhunterdesigns@sbcglobal.net
Chris Bjork, Deadly Spider Productions
Complete production house for corporate, industrial & commercial market. Experience the commercial production, training DVDs, event coverage (not weddings)sales & marketing production.
Gear: Sony DSR500WS, jib arm, Sony wireless, Vinten, boom pole with Senhiesser shotgun, lighting package, Nonlinear w/Beta master
Taunton, 02780
phone: 401/447-5254, Fax: 781/294-1821, deadlyspdr@aol.com
Jason Longo, Jason Longo Productions
Documentary filmmaker with ten years experience as a cinematographer/editor, contributing to national PBS programs Frontline, Nova, The American
Experience, as well as national networks including TLC, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, and National Geographic Television. In 1999,
Jason edited “School Prayer: A Community at War” which appeared on the PBS series P.O.V and won a national Emmy award. Experienced in super 16mm, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, HiDef, and DV formats. Exceptionally strong handheld and lighting skills. Extensive international shooting experience.
Gear: Owner/operator of widescreen Betacam SP D600, DSR-570 and Sony Cine Alta 900 HiDef cameras. Full production package.
Boston, 02115
phone: 917.270.7331, jlongo@mac.com
Sid Levin, FirstFrame, Inc.
Three time Cine Gold Eagle receipient for DP & Editing - servicing broadcast and corporate clients since 1980 - including PBS, Paramount Pictures,
Discovery, TLC, HGTV, Apple Computer, Avid & IBM. HD/SD Broadcast formats with full service Avid Suite with 24P capability. Career began as an Emmy Award winning Associate Producer for Evening Magazine-Boston.
Gear: Own Ikegami V55, Ikegami DV7W, Sony PD150 - full field lighting including Arri and KinoDiva systems. Lectrosonic wireless, 4 channel field mixer and wireless monitoring. Avid Media Composer 9000 + AvidXpress DV Pro.
phone: 978 371 2520, sid@firstframe.com, website: firstframe.com
Joe Goldsberry, Media Concepts
Video Production and Editing. Clients include Compass Marketing, Abel- Womack, and Comm. of Mass.
Gear: Sony DSR390, Panasonic DVX100, Vinten & Manfrotto tripods, Sony & Lectroronics wireless, Lowell and Mole Richardson lights, FCP 4.5 G5. Also field editing on a P-Book G4.
phone: 508 586-9610, joe.goldsberry@mc-internet.com,
John Cameron, Alchemy Audio
Location Soundman with over 25 years experience/NOVA,The Americain Experience,Frontline,ABC,NBC,CBS News,BBC Science Films,UK Channel 4, German TV ZDF and ARD, Dateline,20/20,Primetime,60 Minutes, commercials and Corp programs,
Gear: Audio Package for TV and Film,4 Channel SQN mixer and 3 channel Sound Devices,6 Lectrosonics radiomics,Schoeps,Sonotrim,Sanken lav mics, Lectrosonics Wireless IFB system. Gear for live programs PA System with phone hybrids. Motorola Visar walkie Talkie system 12 units and much more.
Milford, 01757
phone: 617-899-7855, Fax: 508-478-2358, alchemyaudio@comcast.net
Jodi Silver, Jodi Silver Videography, LLC
Over 20 years experience. 12 years freelance. Director of Photography, Consultation, Editing, Crewing. Clients include: Harvard University, Fidelity Investments, Liberty Mutual, Sungard, Pyxis Productions and many independent producers.
Gear: Panasonic HPX2000 with AVC intra codec, Panasonic HPX 500 P2 cameras. Ikegami DV7 and two Sony D30s with Dvcam. 2 Sachtler 18. Lectrosonics and Sennheiser MKE2 microphones, mixers Dedolights and more.
617-328-3253, jodi@jodisilver.com, www.jodisilvervideography.com
Jerome Noonan, Artisan Productions
Beta Sp and DVCam package and crew serving all New England located in Western MA. 20 plus years experience-networks, documentaries, high end corporate.
Gear: Sony D-50WSL with both Beta SP and DVCam backs, lighting, audio, doorway and pipe dollies, matte box, filters, wide angle...
Longmeadow, 01106
phone: 413-565-3975, mail@jeromenoonan.com, website: jeromenoonan.com
Marianne Wood, Atlantic Video Productions
NABET sound engineer. 6 years freelance/ENG experience for national news bureaus
Gear: shure fp32 field mixer, boom pole, xlr cables, 16 channel mixer, omni and uni directional microphones, lavalier mic, etc.
Tom Robotham, DP, Robotham Creative, Inc.
Guild DP for film-look projects originating on either film or video. Specialized handling of HD and 24p camera origination to maximize film-look. Supervisions through post processing and color corrections.
Gear: Aaton Super16 package with high speed Zeiss and converted Nikon primes, from 9.5mm through 200mm, plus Cooke 10.6-60 high resolution zoom. Sachtler support. UVW1800 deck.
PO Box 539, North Scituate, 02060
phone: 617-817-5520, Fax: 617 8175520, tom@robotham.com, website: www.robotham.com/dp.html
Joel Coblenz, OnSight Productions
Director/DP with over 25 years of world wide award winning experience including the 2006 and 2007 national Emmy for outstanding achievement in single camera photography. Clients include NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN, Fox, Discovery, The Food Network, Corporate and Industrial. Credits include NOVA, Food Trip (James Beard award Winner 2007), This Old House, The Victory Garden, features of TODAY, Good Morning America, Sixty Minutes with ten national Emmy nominations.
Complete packages including Ikegami V55, Panasonic SDX900 DVCPro50, Arri tungsten lighting, Bron HMIs, wireless monitor and logging.

781 449 9661, 781 449 9661, OnSightTV@aol.com
Production Sound Mixing & Recording for Film and Television.
Gear: Sound Devices 4-input field mixer; Neumann, Schoeps, Sennheiser and Sonotrim mics; Lectrosonics digital hybrid wireless systems, Sound Devices 4-track digital audio recorder w/time code; Ambient smart slate; Gallery Metacorder multitrack software-based recording system. Serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
Mattapoisett, 02739
phone: 508.287.6735, mix@brentlestagesound.com,
Brian Webster, BWTV
Camera Operator/Audio/Editor. High Def Specialist, Camera Operator, Technical Director: End to end production solutions, ENG/EFP, Field Producer, Rally Amercia, Busch North Racing, Championship Ski & Snowboard Racing, Interview 16 years experience, long reference list, competence and excellent results.
Gear: High Definition: Sony HDW-f900, Z1U. Standard Definition: DXC-D30 Full production studio, two edit suites, full audio production.
phone: 603.781.0756,
Jim Billipp, location production
Description: DP with 20 years experience providing network, documentary, and corporate clients with beautifully lit interviews and creatively shot B-roll. Ikegami V-55 with complete lighting and audio package. High-end production for network newsmagazines; documentary for National Geographic Television, PBS and Discovery; corporate work for Anheuser-Busch, Staples and Teradyne. Fluent in Spanish, experienced with overseas production.
Gear: Ikegami V-55
phone: 617 680-2327, billipp@rcn.com
Mark Cavanaugh, VIP TV, LLC
Digital Multi-Camera Fly-Packs (Mult-format Digital Analog)
Gear: (4) Ikegami HC-D57W Cameras studio Configuration with MA-400A Multicore CCU's (NEW), O'Connor 1030S Fluid Heads, Echolab 5700 Optima 16 input 9 output SEG with (3) DVE's, Inscriber Broadcast CG, DPS Reality Clipstore (DDR), Echolab 5500 Optima 10 input SEG, Fujinion A24X11ERD Sport Zoom Lens....Multi-camera for Broadcast, Corporate General Session, Video
Conference & Concerts. We've been doing just that for 21 years.
Swampscott 01907
phone: 978-744-7711, viptv@comcast.net website: www.viptvllc.net
Thomas Lowe, Blackstone Filmworks Ltd.
Directing Cameraman , Jimmy Jib Operator, Under Water Housings , Sound
Gear: 1 Ampex CVR 400 (Sony BVW 400) Betacam SP Camacorder, 1 Canon Lens J13a X9B4 KRS-V SX12, 1 Sony BVW 400 Betacam SP Camcorder, 1 Canon 14Ax8.5B IRS SX12, 1 Sony BVP-7A Camera Head, 1 Sony BVV-5 Betacam SP Dockable Recorder
2 Sony GV-D1000 DV recorders, 1 Firestore FS-4Pro DTE recorder, 1 Ocean Eye Underwater Betacam Housing with Diopter and wide angle port, 1 Scubacam Surface Bag for Betacam w/Underwater Audio & Video Cables, plus all support gear.
South Dennis, 02660
phone: 508 4508469, fps24@gis.net
Lou Leta, Digital Video and Consulting
DVCPRO50 & DVCPROHD (Tape & P2) videography services. FinalCut HD with Kona Card editing services.
Gear: Panasonic SDX900 DVCPRO50 Camcorder Panasonic HVX200 P2 HD Camcaorder
Marshfield Hills, 02051
phone: 781-837-1116, Fax: 781-837-1193, lou@digitalvideoconsulting.com,
Rich Marino
Cinematography for television & independent films.
Sony D-30WS Betacam SP native 16x9 or 4x3 camera with lighting and grip packages.
978-807-9197, info@richmarino.com, www.richmarino.com

Brian Henderson
Photographer with experience shooting network news, documentaries, and corporate productions. Well traveled. Fast and friendly. Comfortable working as a one man band or on a large production. Happy to work with my gear or yours. Also available as an ENG audio tech'.
Gear: Sony D-600, Panasonic DVX-100A, JVC GY-DV500
(617) 767 - 1414, 2000LUX@gmail.com

Drew Pratt, Camera Operator/DP
Boston/New England/International
Gear: Panasonic HVX-200
541-554-7757h, hiangle@earthlink.net, www.hi-angle.com
Robert Jean, RJ Video
Professional DP/Shooter with over 10 years experience, specializing in Corporate/Industrial projects. Winner of National CableACE award and Boston Golden Slate. Editing experience in Final Cut Pro and Avid Express. Dependable and reliable, comfortable in corporate environment.
Gear: Sony HVR-270 HD, Sony PD-170, Lowell Lights.
508-272-5758, info@rjvideo.com, www.rjvideo.com
Tony Melfi, 800Kamerman HD
National award winning, world traveled DP. Clients include ESPN, ABC, CBS, DISCOVERY, VERSES, Tru-TV, NEW BALANCE, PUMA, and more. I work on Documentaries, News and Sports features, Commercials and Music Videos. Former ESPN staff DP. Over 18 yrs. experience in ENG/EFP production. Located in Central Massachusetts, an easy drive to anywhere in the Northeast!
Gear: Single and multi-camera Varicam 720p HD packages; Sony D600 Beta SP Packages. Full field audio packages including Lectrosonics wireless mics. Full Lighting packages incluing Diva Lite 400s and Arri Kits w/ full grip. And a mini-Jib. For complete look at gear options including Jibs, Stedi-Cams and Editing visit us at www.800Kamerman.com
508-450-6173, AVMelfi@aol.com, tony@800Kamerman.com
Thomas Chartrand, Shoreline Digital Productions, Inc.
Panasonic P2 User and Consultant. Commercial production, corporate video, network freelance. Full edit suite and sound booth. Work well as part of a team, or one-man run & gun. Portable onsite editing and back-up available as well.
Gear: Panasonic HPX-300, HVX-200, PSC portable audio mixer, Arri Lighting, Lectro wireless
Marstons Mills
508280-3421, 508280-3421, tom@shorelinedigitalproductions.com, www.shorelinedigitalproductions.com
Jeff Crocker
Location audio tech, for video and film, with 15 years experience. Clients include; Coca Cola, Turner Broadcasting, Home Depot, U.P.S., Fox, Speed Channel and many others. Broadcast...corporate...web...gladly serving all of New England and anywhere on the globe!
Gear: Sound Devices 442, Sound Devices 744T Hard Disk Recorder, Lectrosonics frequency agile wireless systems, Sanken and Sennheiser Mics., Denecke Slate, Comtek.
North Andover
978 809-7912, jeffcrocker1@gmail.com
Barry O'Brien, North Shore Communications Group, Inc.
Specializing solely in corporate communications and non-profit development: corporate profiles, overviews, interviews, product demonstrations, marketing videos and training - 20+ years of writing, producing and shooting. I give major discounts to non-profits, and donate 20% of our annual services to non-profits that benefit local communities. Final Cut Pro editorial services, streaming and DVD authoring.
Gear: Package suitable for most corporate shots: Sony EX-1, Arri Light Package, Sony shotgun and Sennheiser wireless lav, c-stands, flags, green-screen and background fabrics, grip gear.
Gloucester(North Shore), Essex
o: 978-282-8222 c: 617-967-1227, bobrien@northshorecommunications.com, www.northshorecommunications.com, reel: www.vimeo.com/nscg
Jeremy Rothman, Jeremy Productions, Inc.
Video production company located in the Boston area and covering New England as well as the US and international. Camera packages include both HD and SD cameras. 2 person DP/Audio crews provided. Larger crews available depending on production. Commercial/Promo, Broadcast, Corporate, Documentary, Reality, Sports and Industrials are some of the various genres we shoot. Some of the many clients include: ABC/ESPN, NBC, CBS, Extra, FOX, Travel Channel, A&E, Pfizer, Amgen, LG, RAI Italian network, SuperQuark (Italy's NOVA), Verizon, Lifetime, FX, Showtime and many others
Gear: Cameras: HD: Panasonic HDX900 DVCPro HD SD: Ikegami HL45W w/BVV5 Beta SP additional gear: Full EFP Lighting package with grip accessories additional gear: Full EFP audio package w/accessories Focus Enhancements Firestore FS100 250GB Hard Drive recorder for HDX900
310-291-3658, jrothman@jeremyproductions.com, www.jeremyproductions.com

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