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Macie Video Service has developed this Web space as a one-stop, world-wide resource for serial numbers of stolen gear. Webmaster Danny Gallagher (Dan-o) sorts through correspondence to keep us on line and up to date.

If you find that equipment you have or know about is stolen, contact local police, explain the situation to them, and work with them to verify that the gear is in fact, still considered stolen. (i.e. the gear wasn't recovered, then sold, and not ever removed from our list.)

Don't be a hero. We didn't create this listing to follow it up with the "Net Tragedy" or "Net Obituaries." Let the "Real Police" take care of the work that the "Net Police" has started........(music up, freeze frame, and scroll down....)

Also, if there were no market for stolen gear, the incentive to steal would be greatly diminished. So if you see something on Ebay etc, contact the seller and ask for the serial number, then do a google search for stolen equipment sites and check the number. Don't EVER buy professional equipment without the serial number!!

Use your browser's find function to search this page by serial number.
And please [click here to submit] serial numbers and info on stolen gear!

Important - This site is a part of "broadcastvideo.com", so we are listing only equipment used in the high end, broadcast industry. Please no still cameras, industrial or consumer equipment.




PDW-700, HDX900 & BVW-400A, N. Vancouver, 12/21/2014

3 camera bodies stolen last night 21st Dec 2014 from a storage locker in North Vancouver, Canada.

Sony PDW700 Xdcam  S/N 13849
Panasonic HDX900 S/N C7THB0719 R
Sony BVW 400A  Can’t find S/N right now.

Thanks Stephen Taylor

Pan West Camera Inc.

2 Lenses, Solomon Islands, 11/5/2013
Angenieux 15-40 SN# 2007831
Fujinon 19-90 SN#7000075
Stolen on location in the Solomon Islands
Contact Rule Boston Camera with any information

Sachtler Head, El Segundo, CA, 8/11/2013

Hello, I had a Sachtler Head 15SB stolen. Serial#  15SB2550
I have pictures of the item and serial #. Police report was filed.

El Segundo, CA

Nikon Lens 7/19/2013

Item: Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S Nikkor Zoom Lens
Serial: 644725
Owner: Talamas Sales & Rentals
Location stolen: Boston area
Date stolen: 7-19-13

Please contact Talamas at 617-928-0788 with any tips!

Sony PMW-200, Toronto, 6/1/2013

Stolen Gear
Owner: plan9films
Location Stolen: Toronto, Canada near intersection of Ryerson Avenue and
Wolseley Street from a red Dodge Caravan
Date Stolen: Sunday, June 1, 10-11:30a.m.

Owner Address: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Model: Sony PMW200
Serial Number: 101586
2 x SBP-64B 64GB SxS Pro+ Cards

Also stolen at the same time:
2 Sennheiser Wireless mic kits
4 x sennheiser lapel micophones

1 x Drift170
3 x BP-U60 Sony Batteries
2 x BP-U30 Sony Batteries
1 x Sony 'Digital'Headphones
8 x NIMH AA Batteries

15" MacBook Pro laptop
2006 model

Darryl Kesslar
1926B Alberta Ave
Saskatoon, SK  S7K 1R9
p 306-955 NINE (6463)
c 306-717-2190

Canon 16-35mm lens, LAX, 4/26/2013 
I had my Canon 16-35mm lens, serial #3901221, stolen at LAX on Tuesday.  
Thanks for having this site!

Another big theft, Burbank, 12/25/2012

On Christmas night 2012, Band Pro's Burbank facility was visited by crooks instead of Saint Nick.  Burbank PD are on the case, but we would love to enlist your help in tracking down the stolen items, and with any luck, identifying the bums responsible.

Here's a list of what was stolen with serial numbers.  Please help spread the word.

Item                     Description                                                    Qty   SN

FGV-7D-PL           Canon 7D Camera with PL lens mount               1      7336
SO-HKSR-9001    Sony HD-SDI Expansion Board for SRW9000    1    10034
SO-HKSR-9001    Sony HD-SDI Expansion Board for SRW9000    1    10046
SO-HKSR-9002    Sony Picture Cache Board for SRW9000           1    10037

FUJI-TH13X3.5BR    Fujinon 13x3.5 Wide Angle Lens                     1    14600159

CA-KJ13X6BKRS    Canon KJ13x6B KRS 2/3" HD Zoom Lens       1    62010398

ZE-DP-5               Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 5mm                                  1    8937535
ZE-DP-5               Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 5mm                                  1    8938726
ZE-DP-7               Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 7mm                                  1    8939073
ZE-DP-10             Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 10mm                                1    8934301
ZE-DP-14             Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 14mm                                1    8935391
ZE-DP-14             Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 14mm                                1    8938639
ZE-DP-20             Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 20mm                                1    8938613
ZE-DP28              Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 28mm                                1    8939165
ZE-DP-40             Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 40mm                                1    8938165
ZE-DP70              Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 70mm                                1    8938738
ZE-DP-52            Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 52mm                                1    8938777
ZE-DP-52            Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 52mm                                1    8938172
ZE-DP-135          Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 135mm                              1    8937611
ZE-DP-135         Zeiss DigiPrime Lens 135mm                               1    8936659

SI-23327          SI-2k Power Supply for SI-2K Mini                         2    
SI-22600          SI-2K B4 Mount P+S Technik Mount System           3    

SI-CD-3D         Silicon Imaging Cinedeck 3D                                   1    CDKEST10323

SI-22710         SI-2K Gigabit Ethernet Cable                                  2    
SI-22711         SI-2K Lemo 8-pin to XLR 4-Pin Power Cable for SI-2K mini    2    
SI-22000        SI-2K Mini Camera Head With lens mount               1    401-0263
SI-22000        SI-2K Mini Camera Head With lens mount               1    401-0380
SI-22000        SI-2K Mini Camera Head With llens mount              1    401-0382

AB-TP-14-E              Anton Bauer Trimpac 14 Battery                  1    41182
AB-TP-14-E              Anton Bauer Trimpac 14 Battery                  1    10416
AB-QUAD-2702-E    Anton Bauer Four Position Power Charger 1    3229

AST-DM-3106    Astro 6" LCD HDSDI Monitor                              1    3415010
AST-DM-3106    Astro 6" LCD HDSDI Monitor                              1    3415015

AC-840-01       Chrosziel Mattebox                                              1    1162521.3
AC-840-01       Chrosziel Mattebox                                              1    1162521.50

1B-WRNGLR-DUDE    1Beyond Wrangler Dude SI Recording     1    183406

AB-QR-A200-E    Anton Bauer Wedge Mount for Sony DNWA225/DNWA220 Portable SX Editing Machine    2    

SI-12PE-10    SI-2K to Mini 12p-12P Lemo Ethernet only, 10m    2    

AB-HYTRON-100-E    Anton Bauer Logic Series Digital NI-MH Battery             1    707401
AB-HYTRON-100-E    Anton Bauer Logic Ser Digital NI-MH Batt             1    103715LO6S

AST-WM-3208B    Astro 8" HDSDI Dual Link Waveform/Vectorscope Mon  1    3507005
AST-WM-3208    Astro 8" HDSDI Dual Link Waveform/Vectorscope Mon    1    3415008
AST-SM-3324    Astro 24" LCD 3D Monitor                                                       1    3504003

SO-F35         Sony Cinealta F35 Camera Body                           1    10133
SO-F35        Sony Cinealta F35 Camera Body                            1    10141

CDX-5500    Codex Desktop Transfer Station                             1    121011

CDX-P300    Codex Data pack 256 GB                                        1    111127
CDX-P300    Codex Data pack 256 GB                                        1    111192
CDX-3010    Codex Onboard Recorder                                       1    101070

STC-OB-1    S Two OB-1 On Baoard Recorder with Pwr Cable and Plate    1    120-001064

STC-FLASH-MAG    S Two Flashmag Solid State Magazines    1    100-001034
STC-FLASH-MAG    S Two Flashmag Solid State Magazines    1    100-001046

Please contact Brett Gillespie by phone at (818) 841-9655, or by email at brett.gillespie@bandpro.com with any information.  Any tips or leads will be held in the strictest confidence and are hugely appreciated!  Thank you. 

An arrest has been made, but it's getting more dangerous!
Oakland, 11/16/2012

Thank you to Mark Bell of www.engsafety.com for forwarding this article to us. Let's hope we see more stories of arrests and that this one will lead to the equipment getting recovered.

An arrest has been made in last week's robbery and attack on a crew from CBS-owned KPIX-5 in San Francisco (Market #6). Photographer Greg Welk had just finished shooting a noon live shot, Wednesday in Oakland, with reporter Anne Makovec, when “an unknown number of men rushed up, punched Welk, and grabbed his camera.”

A day after the KPIX incident, cops in Emeryville pulled over a car for a moving violation, smelled marijuana, searched, and found a gun and cocaine. The arresting officers alerted investigators in Oakland that the men seemed to match a description of the camera thieves. One of them, 19-year-old Delaine Lavert Phillips, was charged Tuesday with the KPIX robbery.

SAG-AFTRA union officials, who represent reporters at most of the Bay Area's major television and radio stations, have asked management to immediately hire security guards to accompany news crews when they are in Oakland. KPIX-5-CBS has already enlisted guards, and others are considering the proposal.

"The last attack was kind of the tipping point," said Len Egert, the union's executive director for Northern California. "There's a risk you're taking all of the time, but because there's been a persistent pattern, we're asking immediately for the security protection."

Tracey Watkowski, VP news for Disney's KGO-7-ABC in San Francisco (right), said her station is looking at private security. "It's scary, there's no doubt about it," she said. "But we're not going to stop covering news in Oakland."

Also on Tuesday, station managers met with Oakland police officials, including Chief Howard Jordan, to discuss the string of robberies, some of which have been committed at gunpoint. One veteran Oakland Tribune photographer, Laura Oda, has been robbed of cameras twice since July.

One reporter at a Bay Area television station, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said some news photogs are refusing to do stories in Oakland.

Manfrotto Tripod, Ocean City, 7/7/2012 
Stolen Tripod - Vinten head, Manfrotto legs - Ocean City, NJ 

While shooting on the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ on 7/7/2012, someone walked off with my tripod. If you come across this please contact me at 609-335-4140 or contact the Ocean City, NJ police department at 609-399-9111. Case number is 12-22186. Thanks!!

Manfrotto 542 A.R.T. carbon fiber
Serial number: 542N00136
Vinten Vision 100 light gray
Serial number: 06956
Tripod plate: 
Brand: Panasonic
Model: SHAN-TM700
My contact info:
Alex Cohen
AC Media Productions

3 AG-HPX370P's, Los Angeles, 5/23/2012 

AG-HPX370P cameras  sn LOTEA0140, LOTEA0111, LOTEA0078 
AJ RC10G  RCU shaders sn: LJA2868EL, LJA2857EL, LJA2886EL, 
EJA2839E1, 1KA3172EL 
FUJINON  lens: 
XT17X4.5BRM-K14  sn: A60610861, A60610836, A60610479 
FOR -A: HVS300HS switcher sn 13121082 

Please keep an eye out for the resale of these stolen items, we’ve provided serial numbers for everything but the tripods.   

Many thanks,

Catherine Craven
Production Gear Rentals
818 989-8640 Ph.
818 989-8644 Fax
818 720-3502 Cell

Catherine catherine@4pgr.com> 

Scarlet-X, Los Angeles, 5/7/2012 

ed Scarlet-X Body w/ Canon Mount & Side Handle Serial # 2367
Duclos 11-16mm Wide Angle F2.8 Serial PL Mount # 66012 
Canon 5D Mark III Body # 22021010159 
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 Serial # 140547 
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 Serial # 1799097

Travis MacRitchie
p. 310.773.4823 
f. 310.479.2240 

Announcer headsets and Monitor, Illinois, 1/28/2012 
Sears Center - Hoffman Estates, Illinois 
Lost/Stolen- 3 Sports announcer headsets and Studio Specialties intercom systems. 
The silver attache cases were contained kits for IFB and headset amplifiers for announcers for sports broadcast.   
After the basketball game the Headset and IFB/Headphone amp boxes were stored inside 3 cases. 
When they were to be picked up they were gone. 
These cases contained the following: 
1   Studio Technoligies Model 200 SN M220-00481 
1   Studio Technoligies Model 200 SN M220-00482 
1   Studio Technoligies Model 200 SN M220-00483 
1   Sennheiser HMD 26-600 SN 00302011 
1   Sennheiser HMD 26-600 SN 00301891 
1   Sennheiser HMD 26-600 SN 00301799 
Also missing: 
1   Curtis 19" LED Monitor LED1930A  SN 1106701304848 
If found please contact: 
Lakeshore Productions 
8625 Indiana Place 
Merrville, Indiana 46410 
Attn: Bob Liptack 
Chief Engineer 
The Studio Technolgies really has no use for anyone expect someone in the broadcast industry. Same hold true with the headsets. If anyone freelancing finds a new headset being used for a production please let me know. This was the second time these units were out and we would like them back. 
Bob Liptack 

Sony EX3, Somerville, MA, 1/28/2012

My Sony EX-3 was stolen Saturday night in Somerville. It also had a large Sony battery, and a 32 GB Wyse SxS card in it.
The serial number of the camera is 105756. The serial number of the battery that was on it is 0102161.

I was shooting for a documentary about a Somerville cop, so the police have at least been sympathetic. I've also informed the State Police since it happened on McGrath Highway in Somerville.
I was shooting time lapse shots of traffic around Somerville. There were also some pictures of Shriners Hospital on the card too.

If some one comes in to the shop with it, or if you hear of some one selling one in the Boston area, or any other possible leads. Please contact the police and myself!


(617) 767 - 1414

Canon High Def Lens, Iowa, 1/3/2012

Serial Number: SN1214298
Make: Canon
Model: HJ22eX7.6B IRSE HiDef
Year: 2008

Additional Info: Lens was taken from me at a political event in West Des Moines, IA on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012. It was in a black canvas Domke run-bag.

Tom Vlodektom@bigcameras.com

Panasonic AJ-HPX2000P, Atlanta, 11/29/2011

We had one of our CBS Atlanta News units broken into, in Midtown Atlanta around noon, on Tuesday 11/29/2011. Here is a list of the stolen items and serial numbers. If anyone sees them pop up online, or in a dark parking lot, a heads-up would be much appreciated!

Feel free to contact me here or at


* Panasonic AJ-HPX2000P SN: E8TKB1044

* P2 HD Camera SN: J0A2268GS

* Panasonic Viewfinder AJ-HVF21G SN:8A4142MY

* Fuji HD Lens HA18x7.6BERM-M58B SN:428284

* Lectrosonics SRA SN:490/UH400A SN:7599/UM400A SN:4670

* P2 Cards:

Panasonic AJ-P2C016RG ABE08F0246

* Panasonic AJ-P2C016RG ABE08F0247

* Panasonic AJ-P2C016RG ABE08F0248

* Panasonic AJ-P2C016RG ABE08F0249

* Panasonic AJ-P2C016RG ABE08F0250

Sony HDW-500, 10/9/11 

We have had a Sony HDW-500 s/n:10102 stolen by Koam Media Los Angeles

If you know the location of this machine, please contact Lori Carson760-200-3634 
or email:bvw@vidgear.com
We have moved: 
New Address: 79-405 Hwy 111 STE #9-373 
La Quinta CA 92253 

Lori Carson 
Broadcast Video Warehouse 

Red One, Hamburg, 9/9/2011
This equipment was stolen from a car parked at the parking lot of the "GHotel" in Hamburg on 9/9/2011.

1x Red one MX Camera incl. 1 SD Sn: 8471
2x Top mount incl. 4 rods
1x Redbase 19mm Bridgeplate
1x Red cheese plate
1x Reduniversal mount
1x Red cradle
1x Red Element HD-SDI/BNC Break out box
1x Red sidehandle
1x Red Viewfinder (incl. mount)
1x Red Pelicase
1x Red LCD
1x Red LCD cable 2ft
1x Red LCD Sunshade 5"
1x Red drive power supply

1x 10mm T 2.1 Super Zeiss 2 SD (156mm)

1x HD Schulz Carbon Tripod

1x ND 0.3 4x5.65 Tiffen IR hot mirror/Red
1x ND 0.6 4x5.65 Tiffen IR hot mirror/Red
1x ND 0.9 4x5.65 Tiffen IR hot mirror/Red
1x ND 1.2 4x5.65 Tiffen IR hot mirror/Red

1x Black Diffusion FX 1/4 4x5.65 Tiffen
1x Black Diffusion FX 1/2 4x5.65 Tiffen
1x Black Diffusion FX 1 4x5.65 Tiffen
1x Black Diffusion FX 2 4x5.65 Tiffen
1x Black Diffusion FX 3 4x5.65 Tiffen
1x Black Diffusion FX 4 4x5.65 Tiffen
1x Black Diffusion FX 5 4x5.65 Tiffen

1x Steadicam sn. 0020 (not printed on steadicam) consisting of: 2x Volt meters; 3x Support rods; 3x dovetail plates; Bracket for lens control unit; Gibbal; monitor arm; Spare plate for hard disc recorder; 4x Battery mounts; Docking bracket; Rig tools; Spare screws; 2x 4 pin XLR; 2xBNC)

1x Steadicam Arm BL II
1x Steadicam Vest
1x Marshall Monitor V-LCD70XHB-3GSDI-VM
1x camera cable Red
1x camera cable Sony
1x camera cable Arri
1x Pelicase 1700
1x Pelicase 1150
6x Battery TrimPac
1x BaerBel catgriller
1x BaerBel Sushi Server

1x MacBook Pro 15" Sn. W872560SX92
1x MacBoook Pro battery
3x HD 1TB Mini Raid Sn. A07533J43B027; -28; -29

Contact 2Pilots Filmproduction GmbH
+49221-9130153 or +49176-38865253

Thank you!--
Adrian Wolf


Büro – Clouth Werke
Xantenerstr. Tor 4
50733 Köln


2Pilots Filmproduction GmbH
Eigelstein 78
D - 50668 Cologne

fax +49(0)221 9139155 

Köln 0221-59811721 2Pilots Filmproduction GmbH Eigelstein 78 D - 50668 Cologne Germany fax +49(0)221 9139155

HDX900, 8/19/2011

Stolen from vehicle on premises during day 19/08/2012. Believe transmitted signal from key fob was cloned.

HDX900 serial number - D8TH30484 
Fujinon 22x7,6 BERM zoom lens - No. 230097 
Fujinon 4,8-48 ide angle zoom lens - No. 703101 

L Taylor joetaylor3@aol.com>; 

Sony HVR-M35U, 4/21/2011


Sony Z1E, The Netherlands, 4/15/2011

This equipment was stolen from the trunk of my car.
Date: 15-04-2011
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands


Sony HVR-Z1E (serial 1236437)

Sony 2NPF970/B Lithium L-series (accu) 3x
Sony HVL-20DW2 (light on camera)

Softbox LQM951

Porta Brace camera bag


SIEM LED Light with v-mount
Anton Bauwer vatting 130 Watt/h


Sennheiser  EW122OPG2 (wireless audio set)

Voice Technologies VT 506-EVO (Tram microphone)

2x AKG SE300B microphone
2x AKG CK93 microphone capsule

Audio cable XLR 90 degr. For Sony HVRZ1E
Audio cable XLR3F/ XLR3M 5 meter

Audio cable XLR3F/XLR3M for new rycote winshield

Manfrotto table stand black

If you have any information about this equipment please contact us: 


Tel: +31(0)639723413, Email: info@retmedia.nl, www.retmedia.nl

Sony Z7U and wedding package, 3/27/2011, Massachusetts

I am trying to spread the word across the web about theft of professional video equipment that took place between March 19 to March 24, 2011. I am a wedding videographer and had my cameras ready for the next shoot on the back seat of my car. The only places vehicle has been since March 19th are Raffael’s Walpole, Walgreen’s parking lot in Canton,  Home Depot and Costco in Avon.

Honestly, I don’t care much about cameras and other equipment. What’s important to me is - there are 4 videotapes inside the bag with somebody’s Wedding video. This really bummed me out and I can only pray and hope the tapes get returned. There are business cards inside the bag with the address and phone number of my business. I am offering a $1000 no questions asked reward for the return of tapes only. All confidential! Plus – keep the cameras! PLEASE!

Drop the tapes anywhere I will come to get them with money or transfer $$$ to any place in the world.

Just return the tapes.

The equipment inside the bags is following:

1. Two  Sennheiser EW112P G2 Lavalier wireless system EW112P EK100/SK100/ME2 - SEEW112PG2BJ

2. One Sennheiser EW500 wireless system COMBO (B) EK500/SKP500/SK5


4. Sony HVR-Z7U HDV Camcorder - SONPF970 / HVRZ7U / Z7U – Serial number S01-0111990-7 / S0101119907

5. Sony SOHDRFX7 - HDR-FX7 HDV Camcorder – Serial number S01-0326557-E / 326557


7. Two Frezzolini MRFIC-12P Dimmer Micro-Fill On-Camera Light - with Cigarette Connector


9. Other accessories.


Thank you!

2 Red Ones, Croatia, 1/26/2011





-RED ONE sn.1958

-Top mount x2, universal mount, top handle 19mm rods 30cm x2, 19mm rods 45cm, ET ARRI 19mm base plate, RED arm for 5,6’ RED LCD, ET SDI break out box.

-RED cradle with Bebob ML 120 hot swap adapter


-RED 5,6’ LCD

-ET EVF holder

-Mini xlr to XLR audio cable

-EVF cable

-LCD cable

-HDD cable x2

-Side handle x2

-Bondhus 3/16 and 7/32 tool


-RED raid 320 GB x2 with power supply


-RED battery x5

-RED charger

-Elpac power supply for RED




-RED ONE sn.4990

-Top mount x2, universal mount, top handle 19mm rods 30cm x2, 19mm rods 45cm, ET ARRI 19mm base plate, RED arm for 5,6’ RED LCD, ET SDI break out box.

-RED cradle with Bebob ML 120 hot swap adapter


-RED 5,6’ LCD

-ET EVF holder

-Mini xlr to XLR audio cable

-EVF cable

-LCD cable

-HDD cable x2

-Side handle x2

-Bondhus 3/16 and 7/32 tool

-Time Code cable


-RED raid 320 GB x2 with power supply

-Mac Book Pro, power supply


-RED battery x5

-Bebob charger




-16mm No:8871219

-20mm No:8888993

-24mm No:8889092

-32mm No:8889085





-40mm No:8878315

-50mm No:8889480

-65mm No:8878175

-85mm No:8878263

-100mm No:8877972

-135mm No:8870884


- adepter rings for MB-16, MB- 14


Equipment was stolen 26.01.2011. form Croatian production company. The fraudsters use the name of company All Together Films or Alltogether Limited from London .



Attached please find the passport photo of one of the fraudsters.


If you have any information about this equipment please contact us:

Davor Tunukovic

General Manager


Tel: +385 1 6184 731

GSM: +385 98 228 591

E: davor@tuna-film.hr / info@tuna-film.hr /

W: www.tuna-film.hr


TUNA FILM – E d.o.o.

Ulica grada Vukovara 269

10 000 ZAGREB




Red One Kit, Denmark, 12/4/2010

Red One Kit, serial number 427, was collected friday, on December 4th, from our facility in Århus, Denmark for dry hire by a company called "TD-kompagniet" in Copenhagen. It was due back Sunday, December 6th. We have yet to see it, and are unable to get in touch with the hirer. If anybody is offered a Red One matching this number for sale could you please get in touch me on this number +4541195777 or send me an email thecompany@thecompany.dk

The following have been stolen:
RED body numer 427
RED 300mm lens
RED 18-50mm lens
RED 50-150mm lens
RED charger
RED batteries x2
ARRI MB 20 mattebox + ND filters
RED Drives x 2

The equipment was packed in two black Peli-cases.

The same weekend "TD-kompagniet" in Copenhagen "rented" two Sony XDCAM ENG-sets from another ren tal house here in Aarhus,
one Sony PDW-700 XDCAM HD camera (number 60602), and one Sony PDW-800 XDCAM camera (number 10485)
+ some lenses - these cameras was never returned - just like our RED never was returned.

If you hear anything about RED number 427 - please call me.
Thank you for your help.

Claus Frandsen, producer
the company film
Gronnegade 77
8000 Aarhus
telephone +454195777
mail: thecompany@thecompany.dk
Such fraudulent hires have been taking place all over the Europe, USA and Asia for years. A bogus company w/ some charmy website, bogus address, using pre-paid cell phones, paying cash in advance, get the gear on Fridays promising to return 3 days later, but it never happen. Some people seems to be making a way of living out of this, at others expense.

Tripod, Philadelphia, 11/18/2010

Rob Marish- from Keystone Pictures
We had a tripod left on a street corner (outside a police station in Philadelphia on 11/18/10) while shooting some b-roll...and upon returning...found it missing. It is a Cartoni Delta # DL-3252 with 2 stage carbon fiber legs. I found..please contact us...Thanks

Robert Marish
V.P. and Director of Operations
Keystone Pictures Inc.

Multiple Pieces, Zuerich, Switzerland, 10/6/2010

The Following Equipment wos stolen from the Demoroom of a Swiss Distrubutor in the night from 6th to 7th of Oct.
If you find any of these Cameras or get one of these cameras offered please get in touch with (CEO of Schweizervideo AG)

Sony HXR-NX5E S/N: 210521
Sony HXR-FMU128 S/N: 210027
Panasonic AG-3DA1 Stereo (Tin-Lens) 3D Kamera S/N: HOTFA0076
Panasonic AG-HPX371E P2 HD S/N: EOTEA0019
Sony DVW-700WSP .S/N: 42081
Sony HDW-750P S/N: 40017
HVR-Z7E 1/3" CMOS XMOR-Chip S/N 211665
Sony HXR-MC1P Full-HD Mini Kamera S/N: 210311
Sony PDW-700 XDCAM HD . S/N: 60790
Sony PMW-320K S/N: 0100021
CANON XF305 Camcorder S/N 263049900017
Sony PMW-EX1R S/N: 401555
PMW-EX3 3-CMOS S/N 404101
Fuji A22x7.8B-DERD-S
Fuji HA13x4.5BERD-S48 S/N 157448
Canon XH-A1 S/N: 8947200110278
Canon EOS 7D Digital-Kameragehäuse, S/N: 0680500987
Canon XL-H1s 3-CCD S/N 834629900015
Canon XF300 S/N 4458B001
Sony PDW-F350L S/N 11213
Miller Compass15 Fluid Kopf mit 2-Stufen
Solo DV Alluminium System,
SONY HDVF-20A B/W S/N 100753
SONY BVF-20WCE//K S/N 41111
6 x APPLE MacBook Pro, 15-inch, 2.66GHz Intel Core
Intel Core i7, 500GB Serial ATA-Laufwerk
W894502664B, W89451AV64B,
W89451AY64B, W89451B064B,
W89451B264B, W89451B364B
ContourHD Actioncamera

Manuel Wenger
Director of Photography / CEO

phone: +49 (0)89 - 454 538-55
fax: +49 (0)89 - 454 538-59
mobile: +49 (0)151 - 156 745 68
mail: manuel@insane4frame.de

insane4frame GmbH & Co. KG
Stahlgruberring 3
D-81829 Munich

PMW-EX3 plus others, 7/15/2010

Stolen equipment from German company
please keep us informed if you have any information

Sony PMW-EX3, serial no. 403325
Sony HDW-M2000P/10, serial no. 46206
Sony DVW-709WSP, serial no. 40461
Sony DXC-D50WSP incl. CA-TX7, serial no. 430598


Panasonic AJ-D1400A, 5/3/2010

2 Panasonic AJ-HD1400A DVC PRO VTRs. SNs: D8TNB1541, D8TNB1540
8 Panasonic AJ-HPX500A Video Cameras. SNs: E8T500106, E8T500087, E8T500098, E8T500099
I8T500057, I8T500048, E8TS00081, E8TS00083.

Irfan Merchant
Owner IBC Systems
Cell:: 818-720-3250
E-Mail: merchant@ibcmerchant.com

Sony SRW-5500, Austin Texas, 4/27/2010

I’d like to notify you to be on the lookout of an SRW-5500, S/N: 14137 that was stolen.
On Tuesday April 27th a Sony SRW-5500, S/N: 14137 was stolen from our client in downtown Austin, Texas. The SRW-5500 included HKSR5001, HKSR5002 & HKSR5003 option boards and was all that was stolen from the facility.
A police report has been filed.

If you see or hear anything about this SRW-5500, S/N: 14137 please report it to:
Austin Police Dept, (512) 974-2000, or http://broadcastvideo.com/netpolice/

We would ask that you share with your staff who may be involved in used equipment or consignment sales or servicing equipment.

Thank you in advance for you assistance,

David Fry
817 W Howard Lane
Austin, Texas 78753

T (512) 251-7778
D (512) 628-0802
C (512) 789-9973
dfry@OmegaBroadcast.com, www.OmegaBroadcast.com

Sony HVR-Z1U, TRV-900, MacBook Pro, 4/24/07

Case Number: 07-66773
Reporting Agency: Tempe PD
Location: 1717 S. Dorsey Ln.
Offense: Burglary from Vehicle w/ Force
Date: 4/24/07

Sony HVR-Z1U Camcorder
Serial: S01-11151397
No Dashes: S0111151397, 11151397

Sony TRV-900 Camcorder
Serial: S01-1086991-K
No Dashes: S011086991K, S011086991, 1086991K

Apple 15" MacBook Pro
Serial: W86529ZSW0G

Maxtor OneTouch III 1TB External Hard Drive
Serial: 2CAD08CP

The Z1U plus add-ons (mics, cables, batteries, charger, camera bag, and more) appeared on Craigslist the following day for $500 (goods valued at more than $5,800 at the time) but the Tempe police claimed this was not sufficient evidence to issue a subpoena.

If you're in possession or being offered this equipment to purchase or rent, please contact the Tempe Arizona police department at (480) 350-8306.

Andrew Landini

Sony PDW-F800, Los Angeles, 2/1/10

Good Morning Colleagues,

I have attached a list of equipment that was stolen last night from one of our clients. The theft occurred at the Westfield Mall in Century City; and a police report has been filed. The Incident Report number is included; however there may be an additional report number this morning. In the event we receive an additional report number, you will receive another email from me.

We would ask that you share with your staff who may be involved in used equipment or consignment sales or servicing equipment.
The camcorder has the Macie Video Set up; which will display the owner name and contact info, so it will be difficult to sell domestically.

Thank you in advance for you assistance,

STOLEN EQUIPMENT REPORT Equipment stolen from the Westfield Mall 2-1-10
West LA Police Initial Incident Report #: 10020603956
*Will update the report # when we get it.
Property of Michael Simon, Inc. / Golden Colorado
Camcorder has Macie Video Set up which displays the owners information - name & tele #

Description Serial No.
Sony PDW-F800 Camcorder 10088
Sony HDVFC30R Color Viewfinder 10394
Sony VCT-14 Tripod Adapter Plate na
Noga T-Bracket na
Fujinon HA13 x 4.5BERMM Lens 443669
Fujinon HA15 x 8BERMM 10432
127mm Clear Slim Filter na
82mm Clear Filter na
Sennheiser MKH60 Shotgun Microphpne 26113
Lectrosonics SRa5P Dual Channel Receiver / B-25 60511
Lectrosonics UM400A Transmitter / Block 25 213
Lectrosonics UM400A Transmitter / Block 25 6490
Lectrosonics MCSR/5PXLR1 Cable x 2 ea na
Lectrosonics MCSR/5PXLR2 Cable x 2 ea na
Lectrosonics SRSNY Sony End Plate na
Lectrosonics SRUNI Universal End Plate na
Lectrosonics SREXT External End Plate na
Sonotrim Lavalier
Sonotrim Lavalier
Apple 15" MacBook Pro W884343U1GA
If equipment is presented for sale, please contact the West Los Angeles Police Department
first, then contact KAY BAKER at Telecorps Sales and Leasing @ 303-694-0143

Ms. J. Kay Baker
Vice President; Sales & Operations
Telecorps Sales & Leasing, LLC
Centennial, CO 80112
kay.baker@telecorps.com, www.telecorpssales.com
Main: 303-694-0143, Fax: 303-694-0173

5 Broadcast Cameras w/accessories, San Antonio, 1/27/2010

This equipment was stolen form our offices in a break in on 1/27/2010 in San Antonio, Texas.
Contact info below.

Ikegami - DV7w w/viewfinder AA11462-A
Panasonic HPX-2000 w/viewfinder D7TKA0159 R
Panasonic SDX-900 w/viewfinder L5THC0766
Panasonic HDX-900 w/viewfinder
Canon J17ax7.7B4 WRSD 0032T767
Canon J22ex x7.6B4 IRSE 20711454
Canon YJ19x9 BVRS 60324540
Panasonic AG HVX-200
Fuji XA 17x7.6BRM 419544
AntonBauer Titan 2 Pwr. Sup. 246
AntonBauer Dionic 90 21513S0S5
AntonBauer Dionic 90 28630 S11S
AntonBauer Dionic 90 33787 T04S
AntonBauer Dionic 90 13281R076
AntonBauer Dionic 90 28629 S11S
AntonBauer Dionic 90 21511S05S
Anton Bauer Dual 2722 Charger SN 2000
Arri 650W Fresnel w/doors
Arri 300W Fresnel w/doors
Arri 300W Fresnel w/doors
Lowel Tota Light
Light Stands (4)
Porta Brace Cases

Thank you very much for this service.

Van W. Williams
envision! Broadcast - HD - Internet
www.envisionfilmvideo.com, www.linkedin.com/in/vanwilliams1, www.twitter.com/envision
4706 Shavano Oak, Suite 101
San Antonio, Texas 78249
210.492.4737 Studios
210.859.7338 Cell

Sony HVR-Z1U, 1/10/10

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. 10th January 2010
Stolen in house break-in.

Sony HVR-Z1U. Serial No. 1129742
Wide and Tele lenses
Senheiser MK416 riffle microphone
Usual accessories, charger, tapes.
All in a black hard instrument case, (detachable wheels were left behind).

Any information, please contact the Police on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos or email me at firespec@hotmail.com.

Panasonic AJ-HPX300P P2 Camcorder, Dallas, 12/21/09

Panasonic AJ-HPX300P P2 Camcorder B9TEA0008
Fujinon 17X HD CAC Lens & Lens Cap
XT17x4.5BRM-K14 (comes w/camera) A60600426
Litepanels LP Micro Light LP-Micro 00834
Anton Bauer Tandem 70 Charger 000000021828
w/AC Power Cord
Anton Bauer Hytron 50 Battery 000018344 W01S
Anton Bauer Hytron 50 Battery 000018345 W01S
Panasonic SHAN-TM700 Tripod Plate
Panasonic 16 GB P2 Card AJ-P2C016AG AAH09E0353
Panasonic 16 GB P2 Card AJ-P2C016RG ABE0812997
Panasonic 32 GB P2 Card AJ-P2E032XG AAR09H2130

All contained in a Porta Brace Bag ( Blue)
Please notify if any information:

Videotex Systems Inc
10255 Miller Road
Dallas, Texas 75238
Joe Dempsey
972-231-9200 ext. 112

Sony DSR-50, New York, 11/24/09

I had the misfortune of having my van broken into in NYC this month. I do have, as many of my fellow cameramen have, an equipment cage in the back, but I made the mistake of leaving some gear in the un-protected back seat.

Stolen: a Sony DSR-50 in Pelican Case s/n 12761 (DVCAM recorder)
Also taken: four Dionic 90 batteries. I only had two of the s/n recorded #14139ROBS and #14141ROBS.

I guess now that the economy is getting worse the criminals have stepped up their pace!
I learned the hard way, don't leave anything of value in a parked car- especially in an NYP space, they know we park there!

Please post this so no one makes the mistake of buying "hot" gear on E-bay.
Many thanks for this service,

Ted Yasi Video Production Services
23 Beechwood Ave.
Freehold, NJ 07728
(201) 647-4722

Sony PDWF350L, San Diego CA, 11/18/09

The following equipment was stolen from the San Diego State University Film School on 11/18/09
If you have any information on this equipment please contact the SDSU police department, Officer Matthew Maruster and reference Case# 09-2389. He can be reached at (619) 594-1990 or mmaruste@mail.sdsu.edu

Sony XDCam Digital HD Camcorder model PDWF350L
State# E028986
Serial# S01001-15597

Fujinon 1/2" x17 HD Lens for XDCAM model XS17x5.5BRM
State# E029043
Serial# 422801

Marshal V-R70P-HDSDI

Noga Holdit LCD Mount

Thank You
James B. Ray
Chief Engineer
School of Theatre,Television and Film
San Diego State University
619 594-6744

ARRI SOFTBANK IV lighting Kit, Burbank, CA, 11/9/09

While being shipped to my Los Angeles work address in last week of August 2009 FED-EX "lost" track of my ARRI SOFTBANK IV lighting Kit. (1-1K, 1-650, 1-300, 2-150). It was tracked to their SUNLAND, CA center, but was LOST after that. (Fed-ex eventually paid me the cost I paid for the kit in Sept 2006 - which was about $2700. ) I believe it was a person at the SUNLAND location that "misplaced" my kit. I am curious if these ever show up.

SERIAL NUMBERS for the lights:

1K - L1.76900.F-23085
650 - L1.79400.A-12706
300 - L1.79200.A-13205
150 - L1.79360.A-27892
150 - L179360.A.27787

Owner believed stolen at FED EX's SUNLAND, CA CENTER (Near Burbank, CA)

Sony PMW-EX1, Orlando, 11/5/09

Sony Pmw Ex-1 Stolen in Orlando fl / Nov 5th, 2009. Ser Number 10076.
This camera is hot . Beware.
CASE IS with Orange County Sheriff Dept
If you have any info Please contact the Sheriffs Office @ 407-836-4357 / you don't have to give your name.
Also stolen canon 5d Mark II with 24-105 zoom / 16-35 zoom lens at the same time Thank you

Panasonic HVX200, Texas, 10/27/09

From my office in South Austin was stolen....
Panasonic HVX200
serial# %H6TC00244

along with a 100gb Firestore

Daniel DeLoach

DSR570 WSP, Sydney, Australia, 10/21/09

Items Stolen:
Sony DSR570 WSP - 3CCD Broadcast DVCAM TV Camera
Serial: 40805

Sony DXF-801CE Black & White Viewfinder
Serial: 63079

Canon J21Ax7.8B4 IRSD SX12 - Broadcast TV Zoom Lens
Serial: 20314681

Item: IDX-E80 Lithium Battery
Serial: A302171

Item: Satchler Reporter 50H Camera Light
Serial: N/A

Police report completed
Please confirm safe receipt, and many thanks for setting up this valuable resource.

Best Regards,

Daniel Shaw

Panasonic LH1700W HD Monitor, 8/12/09 Dallas, Tx (Knox /Henderson area)

Panasonic LH1700W HD Monitor, serial # 16TWB2527 with Blue Shipping Case

There were various stickers on case, and a thin Plexi sheet velcro across face of monitor.

Please contact:
Paul Gore 214-929-5295

Panasonic HVX200P, Hawaii, 7/30/09

On Thursday, 7/30, approximately between 10am and 10:30 am my rental car was parked at two different malls in Thousand Oaks Mall. I had left my Panasonic AG-HVX200P on the rear seat floor behind the driver's seat. The model number is Panasonic AG-HVX200P and the serial # is H7TC00458. It contained 2 16-GB P2 cards and had the extended (140 min.) battery on board.

I would appreciate any help I can get in recovering this camera because I am out of business as a result of this theft.
John Dobovan
JD Pro, Inc.
P.O. Box 61487
Honolulu, HI 96839
(808) 955-0955, 721-1755 (cel)
Location Video Production, Digital Post, award-winning programs and travel-related content

Sony HVR-Z1U, San Fransisco, 7/11/09

My Sony HVR-Z1U was stolen from our locked office in Soma, San Francisco. The thieves apparently had building access and used a crowbar to gain access to our unit then immediately stole our temporary security system, a laptop, a bike and a camera bag containing the Z1 and several accessories (lenses, cleaners, gels, etc..).

Serial Number: S011115639C
Rewards are available for any leads.

Cheers and thank you,
Joe Lumbroso

Panasonic AJ-SDX900, Texas, 3/30/09

March 30, 2009 at approx 6:05 to 6:30 PM CDT from Albertsons Parking Lot in Denton, Texas. Camera was fixed with rail mounting hardware for a Cavision Matte Box. Cannon J17ex7.7 B IRSD lens attached. When color bars are active, TCS Production will display over bars. Gold mount system.
Camera was in a Porta Brace camera bag, camera plate and tripod shoe were in the bag. 2" 16:9 EVF.
SN: I5THC0118 (Camera)
SN: 20915703 (lens)

Marshall 7" 16:9 / 4:3 lcd monitor, Cavision matte box all in the same case.
2 Anton Bauer 14 pro pac batteries.
SN: 156668 & 156667

Contact the Denton, Texas police. Case number 09004193.
940-349-8181 Detective McCoy.

Thank you.
Joe Turner
TCS Productions
972-248-2068 Office
214-232-1190 Cell

Panasonic AJ-HD1800 HD,
San Diego, 2/17/09

On Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009: A Panasonic AJ-HD1800 HD DVCPro High Definition Video Tape Recorder (Serial Number E8TNA0160) that was rented from Video Equipment Rentals, San Diego (VER Barcode #FM4533, 3430 Hancock Street San Diego, CA 92110 619-299-8336) was stolen from the Petco Park television compound.

Any information please contact:
John Turner

DSR 300P, 2/16/09 


The following package was illegally acquired by someone using the name Gavin Meki: 
Sony DSR 300P camera serial no: 40966
Canon YH 18 X 6.7 IF lens f1.4 with 2 x extender serial no: 02806A
On board Sony radio mic system CA-WRR 855
4 x BP90 Lithium ion batteries and charger serial no: 401025. Tripod base plate.
Rain cover. Flight case. Porta Brace soft location case.
The fraudulent proof of payment was faxed from the premises of Franc Elis. 
SHOULD YOU BE OFFERED THIS GEAR, please proceed as follows:
Show an interest
Arrange to see the gear
Immediately contact the following people:
Randburg Police (quoting ref no: 409/02/2009) 011 449 9000
Ralegh Greenwood 011 781 2090, 083 281 7621
Garry Hodgson 011 463 5844
We would be extremely grateful for any assistance that leads to the recovery of this valuable gear. 
Ralph Stutchbury

Sony HDW-F900R, SRW-5500, Russian airport, 2/3/09

1 Sony HD Camcorder Model# SO HDW F900R Serial# 10721
1-Canon C-Lens, Model# HJ11X4.7BKLL serial# 33877
1-Battery Adapter/Anton Bauer
4-Anton Batteries with charger
1-Chosezeil Follow Focus Adapter
1-Sony HD Confidence Monitor

1-Sony SRW 5500 HDCAM VTR serial# 10015

1-AVID Media Composer HD Editing System Serial# F002E1BF

2-One TB Drive Arrays
1-MAC 32 in Cinema Display
1-Samsung HD Monitor PAL/NTSC
2-Genelec Pro PB Monitors
1-Road case (Anvil)

Richard Mank
Travelers Investigative Services
Specialty Investigations Group
44 Bedford St.
Middleboro, MA 02346
Bus (508) 867-6312
Fax (800) 436-1386
Cell (832) 633-0294

Email: rmank@travelers.com

RED One Package and Cooke Lens, Boston, 12/24/08

First, what was taken:

RED One serial# 1746 includes: CF Module, Base Production Pack, RED Viewfinder, RED LCD Monitor, Element Technica Video Breakout box, Element Technica EVF Support Bracket

Cooke 18-100 Lens serial# 789291

Also stolen: 320GB RED Hard Drive, 4 RED Camera Batteries, 2 RED Battery Chargers, A&J Cases with BOSTON CAMERA engraved on the valance plus cables and accessories

2 Film Tools Car Mounts, 1 large 3 suction mount and one single car mount

Some details of what happened that might help to prevent it happening to someone else.
The equipment was being rented by a new client who called themselves B and H Films although on some of the paperwork it also appeared as Band H films. The names given for the Rental Application were Rich Robinson and his partner Rachel Robinson. They were in town to do a T-Mobile spot, and they hired 3 locals over craig's list as Production Assistants. Their insurance certificate was checked and valid. They listed one of the local PA's hired as well as another local Rental House as references. Since both were part of this job, they were able to corroborate a relationship with the client.

All new clients are COD. The Production Assistants came in on Wednesday December 24th to pick up the equipment. Since they are local crew, they were known by the employees. One of them had a check from the company which did not draw any red flags and they left with the equipment and met two other people identifying themselves as Nick and Christina in another town who took possession of the equipment. One of the local crew members had previously met Nick and Christina when he was hired for this spot so still no red flags. He described them as both African American in their Late 20's or early 30's, driving a Red Pontiac Vibe with North Carolina plates.

We were contacted by one of the local Production Assistants on Saturday December 27th. This was the scheduled shoot day and only the local crew members appeared on location. Since then we have been in contact with the police, insurance companies, everyone involved and other local contacts trying to put all the details together. The job was scheduled to return on Monday December 29th and, of course, did not.

Any info, please contact dunn@rule.com

Sachtler tripod, California,11/24/08

Hello again!

I have had a thief steal some more equipment.
Stolen from a shoot in a San Dimas, CA bowling alley near Los Angeles. Missing is a Sachtler 18II fluid head and carbon fiber tripod. Serial no.: 182241
Thanks for your help and being there for you customers!
Looks like this is going to happen every 11 months like last year.
Best regards,Kurt Kuykendall
Phone: (281) 495-3691

Panasonic HVX200, New York City - West Village, 10/24/08

Stolen from inside shop at corner of Greenwich and Jane st. by a team of Hispanic males, the first approximately 5'8" heavy set, lighter completion with a mustache, straight short black hair with brown leather jacket, having the appearance of a delivery man and his partner also hispanic male approximately 5'7" thinner build. This took place inside a boutique apparel store. The subjects must have watched us load onto the hand cart from the truck parked about a block and a half away, the producer remembered seeing them on the street prior. Typical distraction theft, first subject creates the distraction and the second snatches as both flee before anyone notices. Reported to NYPD 6th Pct.

Panasonic HVX200 serial #B8TCA0356
2x 32GB P2 cards (Serial #s AAF08A2473, AAF08A2478 )
Lectrosonics UM200/UCR200 wireless system
Sennheiser ME-66 shotgun mic
Sony ECM-77 lav mic

Thank you.

Canon Wide Angle Lens, 9/14/08

Stolen En Route from south Africa to Venice on the 14th September 2008.
Canon HJ17 EX7.7B Wide angle lens. Serial number 1012482.

Please Contact Gavin
+27119002197, +27829280107

Panasonic Varicam, Houston, 9/13/08

The following equipment has disappeared from our studio during the recent Hurricane. Either prior to the storm while we were packing things up and securing them in another part of the building on September 12th. Or after the storm while we were running around assessing the damage, September 13th-17th. Our facility was open and occupied throughout the storm, providing shelter and power for many in the immediate area. However, there might have been times when the individuals there might not have seen others entering and exiting the premises.
If you see any of the items please contact us immediately. Thank you.

Panasonic AJ-HDC27VP VARICAM Variable Frame Rate DVC PRO HD Camcorder s/n – G1THA0005
Panasonic AJ-HVF27P Viewfinder s/n – F1A0004MY
Camera Case:Grey Thermodyne Camera Case International Rolling AJ-HT900P, labelled PANASONIC
Canon HDTV Zoom lens HJ18x7.8B–II IRSD s/n SPB-BK214 -
Sony Quick release camera mounting plate
Chrosziel CWAH S16 Compact wide angle Matte Box w/ 2 sets of extension rods, black carbon fiber and brushed aluminum
Handheld handles/Grips that attach to the rods. 10
Tiffen 4” x 4” lens filters Sunset grad 1, Cool blue grad 1, Polarizer, Clear ND 3 grad, Clear ND 6 grad, 1/2 Warm Pro Mist,
1/4 Black Pro Mist,Ultra Contrast, Twilight Grad, Pro Mist 1
Lens Shade Hood & Rear Lens Cap Cover
DVC PRO Cleaning Tape Strap Flathead Screwdriver & Allen Wrench
Steve Goyette
South Coast Film & Video, Inc.
Houston, Texas 77081
steve at scfilmvideo.com

Sony HDW730SPAC2, 9/10/08

The following items were removed from a locked room inside the GE Healthcare Institute between late afternoon Sept 10 and 6AM Sept 12. Please contact me via the information below.

Camera: Sony HDW730SPAC2, Serial: 17009
Lens: : Canon j17ax7.7b4
Charger/power supply:: Anton Bauer "Tandem" 8475-0067, Serial: 000000013211
Battery: Anton Bauer Hytron 100

Peter Walchli - Program Manager, eMedia Operations
W 262 574 8866
C 414 507 4155
F 262 574 8788

Panasonic AJ-HPX2000P, Des Moines, 9/4/08

On September 4, 2008, a person or persons entered our studio during daylight hours and removed an HD camera and a P2 GEAR system, still in their cases, from the studio where a setup was being made. Perhaps the receptionist was at lunch and others were at work or in the restroom. Nothing else was taken, so the intruders appear to have had an idea of what they wanted. We are absolutely dumbfounded. This place seems like a low-crime area in a low-crime city. But maybe no city is, anymore. Watch who you let into your place of business, and control the front door!
We now have video sureveillance/recording, and entry door keypads.

Panasonic AJ-HPX2000P serial# H7TKB0539
Five 16 gig P2 cards
Fujinon 2/3" xoom lens
Microforce V-F2 zoom control
Panasonic AG-HGP10 P2GEAR w/monitor serial# H7TN00003
Plus many accessories and cables for above.

Bob Hufstader
Associate Producers, Inc.
Des Moines, IA 50320-1850
515 285-1209

Sony PMWEX-1, New Jersey, 7/22/08

Stolen July 22nd, Newark Airport, C terminal sometime between 6am and 8:30am.
Stolen from checked luggage.

Sony PMWEX-1 serial #10166 CNN ID tag 3685
Sony Wideangle Converter
Lectrosonics UCR 100 Reciever serial #6624 CNN ID Tag 3894.
There were 2 16GB SxS chips in the camera.
BEC Wireless Mic Mount (made for PD-170.

These were the only items taken, all parts were attached to the camera.
Any information about this camera can be directed to me at my cell# and/or email or Det Robert Medaglia, NY/NJ port Authority Police.

HVX200, San Francisco, 7/25/08

Panasonic HVX200 S/N BTC00096
Panasonic 16G P2 Card S/N AAE07G0748
Firestore FS-100 S/N 25555

Hi, the above gear was stolen from my residence in San Francisco. I can
send the police report to verify if needed. I'm hoping you can add these
to your list to at least make it more difficult for the thieves to profit
from it.

Dan Whalen
SubZed Productions LLC

Canon Lens, Istanbul, Turkey, 4/12/08

Canon J15ax8 serial 22684 was stolen out of the trunk of a turkish driver in Istanbul Turkey.
Please let me know if anyone gets information of it:
Armin Siegwarth +49 179 5955269

CANON HD 11x 4,7 IAS D, Spain, 2/19/08

Serial number: 004713003

If you notice any attempt to sale it or any other information related
that may lead us to its localization, do not hesitate to contact:

I k o n e m e d i a
+ 34 639 303 281
+ 34 679 426 672

Various Items

I had my camera and Pro-35 plus lenses stolen from a van parked in front of a PA's house. There is a task force set up in NYC to catch the thieves.
There has been a run on this sort of theft in NYC lately. I've included my gear as well as other recent thefts of the same type in New York:

The following Equipment has been reported stolen.
Please report any information you may have to:

Stolen from Shruken Head Films, New York City, June 3, 2008

Panasonic AJ-HDX900 camera body H6THA0082 R
Panasonic HVF-20W viewfinder H6A0274MY R
Chrosziel Baseplate AC401- 120/121 n/a
P+S Technik PRO-35 Digital adapter 200200063
Zeiss 12mm Lens 1094
Zeiss 14mm Lens 7161334
Anton Bauer 4-way power tap n/a
Chroszeil 19mm Bridgeplate & 12" baseplate n/a
Cooke 20-100mm T.3 Zoom Lens 787632
O'Connor 25-75 Fluid Head w/ accs. 579218

Stolen from Hand Held Films, New York City, May 13, 2008

Panasonic Varicam S/N C6THB0195R
Panasonic Viewfinder S/N B6A030MY
Panasonic Monitor BTLH 900 S/N B7A030MY

Zeiss Prime Lens 14 mm T2.1 S/N 8146503
Zeiss Prime Lens 18 mm T1.3 S/N 6752662
Zeiss Prime Lens 25 mm T1.3 S/N 6752685
Zeiss Prime Lens 35 mm T1.3 S/N 7937409
Zeiss Prime Lens 50 mm T1.3 S/N 7554708
Zeiss Prime Lens 85 mm T1.3 S/N 7440085
Zeiss Prime Lens 100 mm T2.1 S/N 6676153

Anton Bauer Hytron S/N 20084, 20085, 10030, 30981
Anton Bauer Dionic S/N 55348, 55047, 51160
Anton Bauer Quad Charger S/N 33620, 35419, 34947

P+S Technik Pro 35 S/N 200184

O'connor Ultimate 2575 Fluid Head S/N 569115

Stolen from Hand Held Films, New York City, April 2008

Cooke S4 lenses, Serial Numbers:

April 28, 2008: The above lenses were last sighted for sale by
Broadcast Visions, a company located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Broadcast
Visions was informed that the lenses were stolen property. The lenses
once again vanished.

Stolen from The Camera Department, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 2008

Cooke S4 lenses, Serial Numbers:

Stolen from Birns & Sawyer, Los Angeles, CA, 2006

Cooke S4 Lenses, Serial Numbers:

Harry Clark

Ikegami HDX-79EXII, New Jersey, 1/26.08

1) Ikegami HDX-79EXII sn AA41077
1) Ikegami VFL900HD (View Finder) sn AA38444E
1) Canon Lens HJ11EX4.7 IASE sn 00713789

Thanks for all your help
Renard Fiscus
TV Magic
PO Box 547
Roseland, NJ 07068

DXC-D30/PVV-3, Houston, 12/3/07 

DXC-D30 Betacam camera sn 12663
PVV-3 Betacam recorder sn 13994
Fujinon 20x8 BEVM-28 High Def lens with extender sn 030688

Owner of equipment:
Kurt Kuykendall

JVC GY-HD25OU Pro HD, Texas, 11/30/07

The following equipment was stolen from our showroom in November 2007.

JVC GY-HD250U Pro HD Camcorder serial number 151G0109
with Fujinon TH16x5.5BRMU lens.

Ron Nixon
Texas Media Systems

Canon Lens, 11/18/07

I have had a Canon HJ11e x 4.7B lens taken while traveling on US Airways from Charleston through Charlotte to Minneapolis.
The serial number is 00710262.
Kris Denton
Los Angeles
Cell: 310 344 5159
Off: 818 240 9190
Fax: 818 240 9196

DVW-A500, New York, 10/07
In the month of October a Sony DVW A500 serial # 15803 was stolen from Varsity Entertainment offices on Park Ave in New York. The equipment was in a machine room that was being dismantled by Broadcast Pros for Varsity.
Please contact Keith Hughes at 212-564-4749 or 818-987-9291 (cell). There is a reward for information leading to the recovery of this item.

Sony DSR-400, Johannesburg, South Africa, 6/9/2007 

Sony DSR 400 Sn 45042
Sony 9044 Monitor Sn 2504985
Sachtler Tripod Sn 1812811
Canon YJ20x8.5 IRS Lens Sn 70124

Anton Vorster
ENG Cameraman

High Def Cameras and Gear, Ontario, 4/19/2007

Charles Street Video was broken into on Thursday night and had the core of its recently acquired mobile packages stolen, including both of its new, high definition video cameras. Attached is a list of the gear that was taken. We have secured the equipment office and started to process an insurance claim. We are optimistic that our claim will be honoured but even should it be, the theft will cost the facility thousands of dollars. This is distressing but perhaps even more so is the idea that the thief(ves) likely knew the organization.

Name/make model

serial #

micron wireless kit (includes both receiver and transmitter)

receiver 20825002
transmitter 70805009

panasonic camera 900HD

panasonic camera 200HD HDX200 HD/SD portabrace C6TC0080R
panasonic camera PV G5250 & case, charger, batteries, audio adapter PV-G5250 G5HL50231

HHB minidisc recorder, charger, AC

MDP500 10799
Canon Lens HJ 11 x 4.7 KLL Lens 6100031
Panasonic Memory Cards P2 memory 8GB cards ABD06F2290
Panasonic Memory Cards P2 memory 8GB cards ABD06G0416
Panasonic Memory Cards P2 memory 8GB cards ABD06H0629
Panasonic Batteries x 3 batteries for HD 200 camera no serial #
Lite Panel EQ-LP-CLPK-50
Follow Focus / Chroziel Flexible External Focus Control C160-203-01

Anton Bauer Quad

2702 34409
Anton Bauer Titan 70 batteries batteries for HD 900 camera 38026
Anton Bauer Titan 70 batteries batteries for HD 900 camera 38031
Anton Bauer Titan 70 batteries batteries for HD 900 camera 38030
Anton Bauer Titan 70 batteries batteries for HD 900 camera 38028
Anton Bauer Titan 70 Battery Charger Battery Charger 11313
Mini DV camera Case CS-DV4U

If you have any information regarding the theft or learn any in the next few weeks, we would ask you to contact the CSV office immediately.

Ross Turnbull
Greg Woodbury.

Greg Woodbury
Charles Street Video
Tech Access for Artists and more..

65 Bellwoods Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6J3N4

Web: www.charlesstreetvideo.com
phone: 416-603-6564

Panasonic Varicam, Newark Int. Airport, 3/5/07

On March 5th, 2007, my Panasonic Varicam was stolen from Newark Liberty International Airport, Terminal C, Arrivals level, Baggage belt # 6 at 6:15 am. So much for post 9/11 airport security. There were absolutely no police on the arrivals level and the security camera's that are in place at the end of each baggage belt are a joke!!! The thief knew exactly what to grab and it took less than 10 seconds for the theft to take place. Please take extra care with gear at Newark Airport because as far as I am concerned, there is absolutely no security at that Airport.

The following equipment was stolen:

 AJ-HDC27 F VariCam HD Camcorder sn C4THA0004
Panasonic DVCPROHD 2" Hi-Res. 16:9 Viewfinder sn D4A1003MY
Fujinon HA 22x7.8 BERM ENG HD Zoom Lens sn 381040
Anton Bauer Dionic 90 Battery sn 43984
Sennheiser MKH-416 P48U Shotgun Microphone with Cable sn 52774 

Please contact me if anyone can provide any information regarding this theft.
Thank you,
Jeff Grunther
G-Man Pictures
1514 Woodland Avenue
South Plainfield, NJ 07080

908-769-6599 Office
732-433-3621 Cell

Equipment from Atlanta/Washington Airports, 2/7/07

Lost or Stolen Bron-Kobold 400 wt HMI. Checked in with Delta Airlines and TSA at the Atlanta Airport (ATL). Was supossed to arrive at Washington National Airport (DCA). February 7th, 2007.
Here's the list of what is missing: 
Bron Kobold Ballast EWB 400-500, serial number 1050515 
Bron Kobold HMI Head DWO-400, serial number H040223 
Bron Kobold Diffision Filter 713-0577, no serial number 
Bron Kobold Conversion Filter 713-0585, no serial number 
Bron Kobold Case, no serial number, AJI barcode W001260 
AC power cord, no serial number 
400 watt replacement HMI lamp no serial number 
If found please contact Mark Teboe. (202) 256-3556 camsound@aol.com 

Lens Stolen, New York, 1/18/07

Cannon J11AX4.5B, Serial Number is 20112351

Owner: 1-800-TV-CREWS
Contact: John Belcher at 404-351-8898.

John Belcher


BVW-D600, 11/15/06, Washington DC

I want to report a camera and other equipment stolen in Washington, DC on 11/15/06. The following gear was stolen;

Sony D600 Betacam SP camera serial# 10391
Canon J9AX5.2B4 wide angle lens w2X
Canon JA15X8B4 lens w2X
Panasonic LH-900A monitor #F6TWB2380
Porta Brace monitor case
Chroszeil Matte Box/Sun shade
Pro-X Batteries
Misc adapters, cables & gear
Porta Brace Camera case
Porta brace run bag
IDX AC power supply

A police report was filed with the DC Police Dept. Please contact me with any information.

Thank you,
Patrick Anderson
Patrick Anderson, Telepictures.TV
4400 MacArthur Blvd., NW, Suite 201
Washington, DC 20007

Check out the website; www.Telepictures.TV


Sony HVR-Z1U, Texas, 9/15/06

Sony HVR-Z1U Camcorder, Serial SO111175607

Porta Brace, CS-DV3U Camcorder Bag (Blue)

Sony MDR-7505 Studio Headphones, (1/4 in or 1/8th plug slightly bend)

Audio Technica, AT897

Contact Plano Police Dept., Det. Mike Phillips, (972) 424-5678

Mark A. Davis, Media Technician
Prestonwood Christian Academy
6801 West Park Blvd. Plano, TX 75093
Phone: (972) 930-4163

Panasonic HDX9000, Ontario, 9/29/06

Panasonic HDX900 with a canon HD lens(HJ22EX7.6B). The serial number
on the camera is #H6THA0069
Any help would be appreciated.
Contact the Ontario Provincial Police.

Panasonic DVX100A, 8/20/06

Panasonic DVX100A with 16x9 anamorphic lens S/N L4TD00745

Marcus Carter

Another Smash and Grab, MA, 8/1/06

JVC GYHD100U 13030569
JVC GYHD100U 12050317
CANON XLH1A 4721 1200 0824
CANON GL2 7920A001(AA)
SONY DCRVX2100 S01 1340446-8
SONY DCRVX2100 S01 1338439-H
SONY HVRZ1U S01 1118253-7
CANON ZR700 4822 2210 3530
CANON ZR400 3721 0200 0785
CANON ZR300 3421 0200 0619
CANON DC40 5222 3020 2461
CANON DC20 4621 2042 0864
CANON ZR500 5022 5212 1475
CANON ZR600 4922 3212 2569
SONY DCRIP7BT S01 1325657-F
SONY CCDTRV95 S01 1009046-6
SONY UWPC1 K6668 P32944435G
SONY DSRPD170 S01 1133290-5
NIKON COOL PIX 3700 3623467
NIKON COOL PIX 7600 30414314
NIKON COOL PIX S4 30157293
NIKON COOL PIX S5 30117442
NIKON COOL PIX 5700 3171309
CASIO EX5600 9176573A-V
CASIO EX2600 5521792A-V
OLYMPUS FE100 X01203119
OLYMPUS SP310 J33026382
OLYMPUS SP320 J75213054
OLYMPUS EVOLT 500 A78561710
CANON EOS 20D 1420 9073 89
CANON EOS 30D 042 030 6716
CANON EF20 F2.8 063 00 205
CANON SURESHOT 150 09003271
TAMRON AF SUPER 28-200 222 942
CANON EF 80-200 5904 774A
CANON SURESHOT 2180 140 004 82
CANON SURESHOT 150 0900 3226
CANON REBEL T2 KIT 15003395/16001265
KODAK C330 KCGET 5473 2033
KODAK V550 KCTEJ 5412 3185
KODAK V570 KCKFJ 6061 0634
KODAK V610 KCKFV 6160 6688
FUJI FINE PIX S3100 4CB 36300
CANON PS S80 2521 3002 36
CANON PS SD450 2623 6131 12
CANON PS SD600 2521 0206 64
CANON PS SD550 2227 4305 71
CANON PS SD700IS 2421 0148 03
New England's Premiere Professional Video & Audio Dealer
Paul L. Plotkin
Pro Video & Audio Sales
The Camera Company
858 Providence Hwy
Norwood, MA 02062
781 769 7810
781 769 5750
401 932 5015

DVW's, UK, 7/10/06

Equipment - Serial no.

DVW A500P - 21607
DVW A500P - 21177
DVW A500P - 10546
DVW A500P - 10286
DVW A510P - 11456
DVW 500P - 12790
TTV-3452P - 10003
TTV-3452P - 10057
DVW-790 - 40516
Lens J16 x 8BA - 12519
MSW M2000PE - 45059
DNW-7P - 43393

Philip Bune, United Kingdom
Broadcast Service Centre Limited Quotations exclude VAT & Delivery E
Philip Bune
Technical Sales
2 Andromeda House
Calleva Park
Berkshire RG7 8AN
0118 981 0804
0118 981 0698

Sachtler Tripod, LA, 5/21/06

Stolen in Los Angeles California while on location
shooting at a club -- The Abbey.

Sachtler Video 20 s/n 203820 with Carbon Fiber Legs and
Rubber Triangle & NalPak Shipping case.

Theft has been reported to the LA County Sheriff's

Gregory Andracke
Andracke Productions Inc.
New York City
Mobile: +1 917 414 4520

Panasonic Varicam, Santa Monica, CA, 3/21/06

Panasonic Varicam body, viewfinder and on board mic stolen from our offices in Santa Monica.

Model # AJ-HDC27F
Serial # E4THB0031

Model# AJ-HVF27P
Serial# E4A1015MY

Someone broke in to the office on Monday 3/13/06 at 11:45 pm. They knew exactly what they wanted and took off with it. We have video of the guy leaving the office with camera body in hand. So if anyone has any information and might be able to identify the robber please feel free to contact.

David M. Gil
Adelante film
dgil (a) adelantetv.com

Sony DNW-90, Philadelphia, 3/18/06

Hi there wanted to inform you of my loss on Saturday March 18th in Philadelphia at the Wochovia Center.
Sony DNW-90WS SX Serial# 10005 (viewfinder serial# 10100) 
Canon Digi 21x7 Serial# 12068 
Sachtler Hotpod Video 14 Serial# 963 
Sony Wireless WRR 855 Serial# 310622 
Thank you, again questions please feel free to contact me. 
Keith Porter
Chief Photographer/News Operations Manager

Sony BVW-D600, DSR-570WS, 2/4/06


Serial #

26 Pin camera Cable

Anton Bauer Hytron 100 battery


Anton Bauer Ultralite 2


Anton Bauer Ultralite 2


Arri 150w light


Arri 150w light


Arri Light Kit



Sound Devices 422 Audio mixer

Lectrosonics UHF wireless mic system

Lectrosonics UHF Wireless mic System

Receiver S/N 2196

Lectrosonics UHF Wireless mic system

Receiver S/N 266

Lectrosonics VHF Wireless Mic System

Lectrosonics UHF wireless mic system

Lectrosonics 211 rcvr #1354


Lectrosonics HP transmitter

Lectrosonics Cube transmitter

Misc Audio Cables & Adapters

Misc Video Cables & Adapters

portabrace camera case

Portabrace Shoulder case

PSC Universal Mic Power Supply

750w Rifa Light

Rycote Softie Wind Screen

Sony BVW-50 Portable Betacam Recorder


Tram mic w/power supply #1


Tram mic w/power supply #2


Tram mic w/power supply #3


Tram mic w/power supply #4


Tram mic w/power supply #5


VDB 805 Boom Pole

Sanken Shotgun mic

"Phone Kit" - phones, line interfaces, cables

Misc Pelican Brand cases

Misc Porta-Brace Cases

Canon HJ22ex7.6 IRSE HD lens

dedo light DLH4/DT24-1U


Anton Bauer HMI Ultralight

Misc Lighting Equip

Sony BVW-D600 BetaCam camcorder


Sony DSR-570WS DVCam camera


Canon Wide Angle Lens - J11 x 4.5WRSe


Canon Digital Still Camera


Anton Bauer Dionic 90 battery

Anton Bauer Hytron 120 Batt

Apple iPod w/itrip

Video Transmitter & LCD Monitor

Magic Gadgets Flicker/dimmer box

Rob Massey
Pulse Media, Inc.
Lasting Images. Effective Messages
"One Call Booking" of Sat Trucks & Camera Crews!
205 Arlington Street
Watertown, MA 02472

617-923-4646 Boston
646-435-4646 NYC forwarding
617-650-4280 cell
617-531-2099 fax


Panasonic AJD 410AP, London, 1/28/06

This equipment was taken from a break in to one of our news vehicles on the dates indicated. Please contact the under named or London Police Service with information.

Panasonic AJD 410AP camera s/n K2TKA0036
Canon Zoom YH 19X6.7 IRS 1x12 s/n
viewfinder # k2A1031KK

Equipment bag, EV 635 microphone, windsock and mic flag. Mic cable, 12v coiled power cord, 4 NP-14 batteries, 12v Sun gun,BNCvideo cable.

This equipment stolen from A-Channel News London, Ontario, Canada

Contact: Jim Kippen or Ian Morrison
A-Channel News
1 Communications R
London, Ontario, Canada, N6J 4Z1

Telephone (519) 686.8810

Chuck Dickson

Ikegami HL-V59, Beverly Hill, 1/17/06

My Ikegami HLV59 was stolen today at the Beverly Hilton Hotel as we loaded out from shooting the Golden Globe Awards.
The camera serial number is ZT52352 and the Canon 20x8 lens (B3 mount) is 51258.
It seems to have been a professional thief staking out an award show where many cameras were present.
If you come across either of these items please notify the Beverly Hills Police or me at john@sharaf.net.

Beware of credit card fraud ring

Beware of credit card fraud ring working out of Richton Park and Chicago Illinois. Using stolen credit card information these guys have been hitting professional A/V dealers since mid December. They have all of the necessary credit card information to make you believe you are dealing with the true credit card holder. They want everything shipped priority overnight to their office, not their bill to address. Do not ship to an address that cannot be verified by the credit card company. If you ask, most credit card companies will call their clients and verify that they authorized the purchase. On 12-29-05 we were the victim of this theft ring.

We lost: (1) JVC GY-HD100U Camcorder s/n 13030285
Contact: Ron Nixon at Texas Media Systems, Inc 512-440-1400 X206, ron@texasmediasystems.com

BVW-D600, 12/7/05

My apartment was broken into December 7th, 2005. They took my kids Nintendo 64 game system and 20 or so games ... ... and my Sony BVW-D600 serial # 10460 ... in a Portabrace Soft Case ...

Jim Buckley 301.467.6851 camera1107@comcast.net

DVX-100A, Georgia, 11/12/05

2 panasonic cameras...
AG-DVX100a, serial # F5TD00244
pv-gs120, serial # E4HC53377

contact info: Jim Charna, 241 bishop dr, gainesville fl, 32607-1794, 352 213 3562, runme69@hotmail.com

HL-79WA, New York, 10/1/05

Our client of production from japan had stolen camera on October 1, 2005 Stolen at 23rd Stree and 41st Avenue NY
HL-79AW; S/N. LA1056
J16X LENS ; S/N. 111136

any inforomation, call at 201-368-9171 x 243 or e-mail kkitamura@ikegami.com

Sony D600 + others, Dallas, 9/27/05

The following gear was stolen from a van belonging to a customer of ours last week while in Dallas. If you could please keep an eye out for this gear - and if possible, post on any and all stolen gear sites you may have (or can point me towards). I'm sure someone will try to either sell or repair (??) this gear at some point...
(1)Sony BVW-D600 s/n 10692
(1)Sony DXC-D30 s/n 10217
(1)Sony DSR-1/1 s/n 13144
(1)Sony PVV-3 s/n 14103
(1)Sony HVR-Z1U s/n 1114165

There are lenses and other peripherals that I don't really have details on... Any info is obviously greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Chris Bernard - GACC
125 S. Racine Ave. Chicago, IL 60607, 312-733-5774

Sony PVW-2800, "Lost" by Fedex, 9/6/05

I shipped my Sony Betacam PVW-2800 VTR (serial no. s01-0031298-8) on 09/06/2005 via FedEx Express from Pacheco, CA to my facility in New York City. It was last recorded by them at their Newark Airport facility on 09/07/2005 at 6:58 PM and is now considered "lost" by FedEx.
All of my contact info is below:

Kent Gordis
Kent Gordis Productions, Inc.

Ikegami HL-V55, Tampa, 9/1/05

My camera was stolen in a restaurant in Tampa, FL Sept 1, 05 from right behind me.
The camera was an Ikegami HL-V55 with a Fujinon Lens 15:1 A15x8BEVM-28
The serial # of the camera VW49503
The serial # of lens 62559
Any information please contact Bill Mumford at: mumfordvideo@aol.com

Forwarded from Ed Clare of Pera:

Boston Camera reports the theft of some gear on Monday, June 13th, when someone came into take out some gear, paid, and never returned. He rented two miniDV cameras from us. Usually, for these types of small rentals we take a $1000 deposit on each camera and let the person walk out the door. Unfortunately, this time the cameras did not come back. The thief has also recently stole similar gear from Talamas Broadcast, another Boston-area rental house.

He is using the name Erik Meyers. The address he is using is a post box at a Mailboxes Etc. in Providence, RI. His phone numbers have since been disconnected and he has vanished.

The guy is selling these things on eBay under the name cinemablocks. They even have a bogus website:cinemablocks.com. The equipment stolen: Sony HVR-Z1U - SERIAL NUMBER 1110358 plus three batteries, charger, remote control, firewire cables Canon XL2 - SERIAL NUMBER 332900400996 plus three batteries, charger, remote control, firewire cables (2) Sachtler DV2 II tripod heads and legs

If you have any information regarding this person or the equipment please contact:
Ben Woodard Boston Camera Rental Company
1686 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02135
617.277.2200 www.bostoncamera.com

Thanks Ed

Sony DSR-570WS, Georgia, 8/31/05

Sony DVCam model # DSR-570WS Serial # 15719 Cannon IFxs lens with square lens shade.
Porta Brace Quick Draw Case Model # CC-22PW Length: 27" Width: 10" Height: 13".
Porta Brace Shoulder Case Model # SC-D500 Outside Cover.
3 Anton Bauer Pro Pac 14.4 Batteries (gold series).
Anton Bauer Battery Charger ( Quad 2702).
Anton Bauer UL2-20 Ultra light 8575-006
Toshiba Satellite laptop computer with case and power supply.
20 DV Tapes labeled Braves Weelky Show #'s plus separate 3.5 disc drive.
Hewlett Packard digital still camera (hp photosmart 315 with case & 56 mg card)
1 Backpack with IBM Parterworld 2000 Logo
Items in IBM bag: Handheld microphone with Braves Vision mike flag. Two 10' XLR mic cables Two headsets Nylon TBS Sports bag included: Miscellaneous power cables and connectors.
Black canvas bag with stopwatch, pens, papers and IBM Parterworld gray leather notebook inside.
Jeep speakers boxes with 6x9 speakers Sand colored Bimini top for Jeep

Contact 770-315-3206 or Marietta City Police 770-794-5335

Sony DSR-400, Santa Ana, CA, 8/13/05

On August 13, 2005, I was contracted to work at an event at the Doubletree Hotel at 201 E. MacArthur Blvd. Santa Ana, CA 92707 as a videographer.
At approximately 6:40 p.m., I asked the band members, who I had been working with the entire day, to watch my camera for two minutes to use the restroom. Michael agreed to watch my camera. I then left the room for two minutes and when I returned the camera was missing. The Christian Band that was playing had all jumped out of their seats and we scoured the hotel parking lot within seconds of finding out it was missing, talking to the valet, going down to the parking structure to find nothing.

I then notified Santa Ana Police Department and spoke with Officer Caveness #2963 who then wrote a report and gave me the case number of #05-34947.

On August 15, 2005, I contacted the Director of Food and Beverage at the Doubletree Hotel. He told me I could review their video surveillance system which I did and found on August 13, 2005 at 6:44 p.m. a man appeared exiting the service entrance of the hotel with my camera and tri-pod. The man was dressed like a maintenance worker with tool belt and name badge. He was either white or Hispanic male 160-185 lbs, between 5’5” and 6’ tall, between 30-40 years old, dark thinning hair with dark pants, black tennis shoes, He exited the hotel out of an emergency entrance which goes outside of the hotel where there were no more surveillance cameras.

Upon reviewing the surveillance tapes, the Manager at the Doubletree asked if I would like a copy of the videotape. I said yes and the General Manager, agreed to provide the tape to me.I then called Santa Ana Police Department to do a follow up on the description and to have the emergency door fingerprinted and supplied the case number which was on file.

Having been a videographer for seventeen years, it disgusts me to see that kind of behavior happen in a respectable establishment. I think that the hotel staff should be better trained in identifying their staff, especially using service entrances where it is “employees only.” I do hundreds of events a year and the only place where I have encountered problems is at hotels. Hotels should be much more responsible for the safety of the guests and their property while they are in the facility.

Respectfully submitted,
Todd Summers 949 756 0606 Email Junk@tcsvideo.com

Things stolen:

Sony DSR 400 L Serial # S0 10010019
Miller Tripod DS 20 D17963 Head / TC7002 Tripod Model
Sony Dual-Channel Portable tuner S0 10310203
Varizoom focus lens
Sony Lithium battery
Ultralight / Anton-Bauer 58015

Sony BVW-D600, New York, 7/22/05

Sony d-600 serial number 10276, Canon 8x5.5 wide angle, 2 Lectrosonics UHF receivers and a run bag with six Pag Frezzolini batteries, a Pag charger and assorted audio cables and an additional Lectrosonics transmitter and receiver stolen. Gear was in locked and alarmed Suburban at 555 W. 57th Street in front of CBS. Smash and grab at 3 PM from the drivers side rear window. Gear was in the rear and under cover, I suspect we were followed from our previous shoot location.

Denis OKeefe

2-HVR-Z1U's, Massachusetts, 6/16/05

Stolen from Talamas Rentals
Boston Camera is getting the FBI involved. The Boston, Newton, and Providence police are already involved.
The serial number for the Talamas gear stolen are:
2 Sony HVR-Z1U SN: 1112294-6, SN: 1112956
2 Bogen 503 : SN:C0012375 SN:C0040732

Thanks, Jim Billbrough/Talamas Rentals www.talamas.com

Sony HDW 750P, Dubai, 5/23/05

HDW 750P S/N 40156
FUJI 4.5 HD ZOOM 155898
DSR 570 WSP 41419

Regards pd

Video Gear, Tucson, AZ, 5/20/05

The following items were stolen from Sunnyside High School in Tucson, AZ on about 5/20/05. Contact info at end of email.

(1) Panasonic AG-DVX100A Mini DV Camcorder (Est. value: $5K)
we are not sure which of these was taken but either number belongs to us!
SS tag 50906 s/n 14TD00577 engraved with "DV-22"
SS tag 50907 s/n 14TD00423 engraved with "DV-23"
(1) Canon XL2 3CCD Prosumer Mini DV Camcorder, SS tag 51847, S/N 332920501120, engraved with "DV-37"
(1) Lowell Basic Lighting 3 Kit w/TO-83 Hardcase
(2) Sony DCR-HC85 Mini DV Camcorders with Sony Tripods:
SS tag 50930 s/n 1343188 engraved with "DV-26"
SS tag 50931 s/n 1343161 engraved with "DV-25"

Bob Buchholz - AV/Electronics
Technician Multimedia Services Dept.
Sunnyside USD #12 2238 East Ginter Road Tucson, AZ 85706

phone (520) 545-2089 FAX (520) 545-2120 email bobbuc@susd12.org

Motion Picture and video gear, 5/9/05

Hello Everyone. PLEASE keep an eye out for anyone trying to sell any professional 35mm motion picture equipment! This morning [Monday, the 9th of May] I found my camera truck's window smashed and my enitre ARRIFLEX 35-3 camera package, my MOVIECAM 35mm camera package, my set of Cooke prime lenses, my zooms, my gear head and fluid O'connor head, all my Panavision size glass filters [+80!], my video taps & monitors, etc..were all stolen. Over 22 cases weighing in at over 1,000lbs!! Over $300K in value! Someone with a large vehicle and strong arms did this early this morning. Many of you have worked with me on shoots and know how my stuff is packed: in big plastic yellow & orange cases!
Please be on the lookout for anyone trying to sell any motion picture & video equipment!
Please call me: Jeff Barklage at 513 325-3506 if you have any leads.
Thanks for your time!
Cheers, Jeff Barklage, s.o.c. US based DP www.barklage.com  www.reelsondemand.com [view reel online]

Ikegami HL-45AW, HL-DV7AW, New Jersey, 4/27/05

To: Ikegami All - Users Subject: ROBBERY Importance: High
April 27, 2005 , robbery occurred in Ikegami Maywood Office.
A stolen article as follows;
1. ONE SET OF HL-45AW; S/N.UC1731
CA-450 ; S/N. FF2154
CANON YJ19X9KRS ; S/N. 60324260
VF15-45 ; S/N. UNKNOWN

2. ONE SET OF HL-DV7AW; S/N. AA18640-A
VF15-32 ; S/N. 05422

If there was an inquiry about those articles, please contact to K.KITAMURA as soon as possible. kkitamura@ikegami.com
Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Sony DXC-D30, L.A., 2/4/05

Sony DXC-D30 Serial #11350 with a DSR1 was stolen from the home of my cameraman in the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley on February 4, 2005... it had a Cannon 18X Servo Zoom Lens Serial #CN-YJ18X9BKKS... in addition Anton Bauer Batteries and Charger...
Gene Kraft Executive Producer iEntertainment
2549-B Eastbluff Drive 222 Newport Beach, California 92660
949 721.0609 gkraft@ientertainment.ws www.ientertainment.ws

Ikegami HL-DV7W, Orlando, 2/10/05

Today at the Orlando Marriott Airport we had stolen the following equipment:
Ikegami HL-DV7W S/N AA11357-A dvcam
Wide Angle Lens-Century CP Optics 8xcv W/FA-7x80
Anton Bauer UL- Soft Box Light combo kit. Anton Bauer battery pac

Any info, please contact: dawn@visualimpactfla.com

DSR570WSL, Maine, 1/26/05

Equipment was stolen from my Home Office between 12.30pm and 8pm January 26th, 2005.

Sony DSR570WSL DVCam s/n 15217 Canon Zoom YJ12x6.5BIRS 6.5-78mm with 2x extender Lens s/n 60111938 Chrosziel Sunshade Chroszeil Lightweight support rods IDX Endura E50 rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Vinten V3AP-1 Tripod Head , std legs and spreader Sony UWP-C1 UHF synthesized wireless microphone system transmitter and receiver Sony PSOA-8278057A Wireless receiver U mounting bracket

Any info contact:
Rob Draper, ACS Northern Light Films, Inc
Camden ME 04843
207/236-6059, draperacs@northernlightfilms.com, http://www.northernlightfilms.com

SONY DVW A500 DIGIBETA, Southern CA, 9/17/04

Unit was "rented to own" with deposit and security then fraudulently sold to unknown post house, production facility or used gear dealer in Southern California. Security for machine was also bogus. UCC statement is on file.

Contact Kirk Matkin 949-488-3650 kmatkin@matkindesign.com

3 DXC-D50, Brazil, 8/04

3 Sony cameras DXC-D50 serial #’s 0110185; 0110176; 0110117
3 Sony CA-D50 digital Camera Adapter. Unknow serial #s
3 18X lenses. Unknow serial #s

Please be on the lookout for anyone trying to sell such thing and if you have any information regarding these equipment please contact:
Carlos Braz – RGB Produções
+ 55 11 9275-3349 or email to digipro@bol.com.br

Sony BVW400A, Manhatten, 8/12/04

Wanted to list our Sony BVW 400A Beta SP Camcorder, S/N 10497 that was stolen from our van in mid town Manhatten on August 12. Taken with the camera was a Fujinon A8.5 x 5.5 mm BEVM-28 wide angle lens, S/N 861758.

If either of these items shows up in a repair shop or retail establishment we would like a call or email...
Thanks very much, Patrick Brennan, Director of Engineering
818 972-0731 b5942@aol.com

Sony DSR-250, Chicago, 7/13/04

Great site, hope it’s helping in locating at least some of this gear.We are currently missing a Sony DSR 250 DV Camcorder, Serial number 1005065, company barcode #26562. Included was power supply and battery, and was stored in a Black soft Sony Carrying Case. Unit was last seen in Chicago at McCormick Place, on the South dock near the S1037 room.

Please contact Rob Flynn, J&S Audio Visual, 972-241-5444 x219 if you have any information.
Thank you
Rob Flynn, Show Services Operations Manager, J&S Audio Visual, 3373 Towerwood Dr. Dallas Tx, 75234
Ph: 972-241-5444 x219, Fax: 972-247-2889, robf@jsav.com, www.jsav.com

Sony DNW-7, New Jersey, 6/6/04

To whom it may concern:

We had one of our news vehicles broken into on Sunday June 6 in Camden New Jersey and a camera and some support gear was stolen. The camera and lens are as follows.

Sony DNW-7 Beta SX camcorder serial# 11783 Angenieux 15 X 8 Eng lens serial# 1581820
Electrosonics UCR-190 wireless mic with two transmitters, one cube and one beltpack Freq 566.250
(2) Lowell prolights with stands Lowell Omni light with stand

I can be reached at the numbers below if you need any more info
Rob Gibson Operations Manager WPHL-TV (215) 879-7588 (215) 878-7058 (fax)

Panasonic DVX100A, Queens, 5/17/04

My name is Steve Becker and my Panasonic DVX100a was stolen out of my queens apartment on may 17th 2004. The serial number is B4TD00461. The tragic part is, it’s only 2 weeks old with only 5 hrs on the heads.

If anyone has any info, please email me at Regpin@earthlink.net

Thank you

High Def lens and Viewfinder, 5/10/04

A Canon HJ15x8.5BIRS and a HDVF-20 were stolen sometime between 5pm Monday and 5 pm Tuesday 5/10 & 5/11 while en route from Chicago to Portland. The shipping cases were delivered to their intended recipient with a the subject key items missing from the shipment contents.

The gear was shipped using a freight forwarding company that in turn utilized SWA Cargo at Midway Airport in Chicago to move the equipmnet by air. There was a weather delay in Chicago that night and the equipment ended up sitting for over 12 hours on the cargo floor, relatively unattended. When the equipment arrived in Portland, it was discovered that the lens case had been emptied and the camera case had been opened, camera removed, viewfinder removed from camera and the camera then returned to case and closed. The equipment could have been stolen at any point en route however, the cargo dock is the only suspicious gap in unattended security.

Equipment missing: Canon HJ15x8 Lens Serial number 10142 Sony HDVF-20A Serial number to follow.

I'll ask that people please call either Kevin O'Connor or Kari Hess at Fletcher Chicago 312-932-2700 800-635-3824 with any information.

DVX100AP, Colorado, 5/804

Stolen from car at gas station in Longmont, CO 5/8/04: Panasonic AG DVX100AP ser # A4TD00213- unit had 7 hrs on it! Along with 4 batts, charger, Century Precision .6 Aspheron, 2 72mm filters, in gray Pelican case.

Please contact at : zorba@zeloproductions.com or 303 936-8995 Thanks for the post.

V. Zorba
Zelo Productions, Inc. 303 936-8995 ofc 303 898-0911 cell
visit us at: www.zeloproductions.com

Sony PD-170, Honolulu, 4/8/04

Stolen from my car while in CompUSA a 1month old PD170, plate, 750 battery. Serial # 1111207

Bob Pritchard. rap@hawaii.rr.com

JVC CY-DV500 2/21/04

I'm an event videographer in NJ. Had my camera with accessories stolen on February 21st in Florham Park on the dance floor of the Park Savoy.
The camera is the JVC CY-DV500 sn 15410090. This is also a big problem for the event business! I know of another 10 camera stolen in NJ/NY area in the past 6 months.
Thanks Jim O'Keefe 732-382-2333

BVW -D600WS Chicago, 12/4/03

Hi Roger, I'm currently in North Dakota on assignment for ABC News and I'm devasted to say that my 600 was stolen from me at Midway Airport in Chicago yesterday.
Sony BVW-D600WS sn 10097
Canon switchable lens sn 16530
Viewfinder sn 10228
Also, a bunch of other costly stuff was in a blue Portabrace bag.

Mike Meinhardt Network Television News Photographer, Freelance Chicago 312/685-9776

Fujinon lens, Indiana, 9/27/03

My name is Mark Borenstein. I had a lens stolen from a truck in South Bend, IN on 9/27/03. The Chevy Tahoe was parked at The Residence Inn, South Bend. The lens takes was a Fujinon A20 x 8 BEVM-28. S/N 11104.
It had just been refurbished. A reward has been offered. I was able to get some publicity in the local media.

Please call Mark at 847-432-7870 or my cell 847-910-4885.
Mark Borenstein
1954 First Street Suite 265
Highland Park, IL 60035

2 in Miami Beach 9/5/03

The following camcorders were stolen when my Miami Beach apartment was burglarized on Sat Sept 6. along with a tool belt full of tools.

SONY DSR- PD 150 #1015125 DVCAM
JVC GR-DV3 #10310513 miniDV

Any information leading to their recovery would be most appreciated.
cell (786) 290-1221 home (305) 672-7823
Miami Beach Police case # 2003-30020
Gerald Jones geraldfilm@yahoo.com

Ikegami HL-V55, Coral Gables, Florida 8/21/03

Hi, I am Dave Shanahan with Spectra Video Productions, Inc. I had my HLV-55 Ikegami, camera stolen yesterday in Coral Gables, Florida.
Serial number - RN46585.
Plus a Nikon Lens SN 200109
Thank you for listing this for us on the web page.


Ikegami HL-V55, New York, 7/25/03

CANON J9A X 5.2IRSSX12 S/N#14793

Barbara J. Holler, New Pro Video Systems Inc.
Toll Free 800-462-8895 Tel. 843-766-8001
Email holler@newprovideo.com Web-Site http://www.newprovideo.com

D35 and DSR1, Pennsylvania, 7/9/03

Sony DXC-D35WSL camera sn 10112
Sony DSR-1 DVCAM recorder sn 10225
Sony AC-500 power supply sn 13963
Manfrorto 3141-510-10 Tripod sn 105J07002
3 Anton Bauer 14.4v batteries sn's 124116, 117995, 99773
Anton Bauer Dual Fast Charger sn 6482
Canon J14a x 8.5mm Zoom lens sn 20625
Sony PVM-8044Q monitor sn 2000106
Other items without serial numbers: 4pin to 4pin power cable, Anton Bauer Battery Plate, Kata padded camera bag, Sony DV cleaning cassette, Portabrace raincover, Calzone Monitor hard case, BNC - BNC video cable - 15', 82mm clear filter, XLR - RCA audio cable.

This equipment was stolen on July 9, 2003.
Please contact Chris Cerasoli or Nick Tripolitis with any information.

AJ-D250P, 7/8/03

Just found your website, and thought I'd submit one from our station. Over Memorial Day weekend, a Panasonic DVCPro desktop VTR was stolen from a locked office in our building. We're checking leads now, but the stolen item to look out for is:
(1) Panasonic AJ-D250P DVCPro VTR with Firewire Card (a little bigger than a shoebox) S/N L1TRA0021

If you know of this VTR's whereabouts, please contact Matt Saplin, Operations Manager at WXXA-TV -- mattsaplin@clearchannel.com, or
Sarge Cathrall, Chief Engineer at WXXA-TV -- sargecathrall@clearchannel.com.
Both can be reached at 518-862-2323.

Thank you... Matt

Sony 600WS, Denver, 6/26/03

Sony betacam stolen from vehicle at KUSA in Denver, CO.on 6/26/03.
I'm a freelancer, while working for NBC News. I stopped at KUSA to feed tape. In the 15 minutes I was in the building someone put a key punch through the driver's side door lock of my GMC Yukon XL.
Items stolen:
Sony BVW D600WS betacam, s/n 91130
Canon J21a x 7.8 IFxs lens
Lectrosonics UCR 205 D receiver, s/n 126
Lectrosonics UCR 205 D receiver, s/n 2024
Chrosziel triple stage matte box

Thanks for your help!
Carl Filoreto Elk Run Productions, Inc.
1415 Meadowrose Drive Golden, CO. 80401
303-526-1902, off. 303-808-6900, cell 1-800-SKYPAGE, pin #: 195-8558

Sony D30/PVV-3, Florida 6/21/03

The following is a list of equipment stolen from our vehicle in Miramar Flordia on Saturday 0621, 2003

Item Description: Make: Model: Serial:

Camera Package: Sony DVCAM Camcorder DXC-D30L 11383
Sony Betacam SP 2000 Pro Dockable Recorder PVV-3-d 11200
IDX dc power supply power unit Model ia-200 10485
Sony Fujinon 16-1 motorized zoom lens VCL-916BYA 92516620
Above is a total camera assembly

Video slate 7x 9
4 x 4 rotation matte box Cavision MB410B
15mm rods for Matte box RS-1525
Rod system plates for Sony RSPS
Plastic Adapt Ring for MB410 ARP485
French Flag for 4x 4 matte box MBF-4B
Dual handgrips RSHCD
Sony Portable DVPFX1 player DVPFX1
Sony upgrade kit for camera SA
Sony spacer assy,Handle (camera) lc
Sony Handle (camera) PA
Century Precision.8 Wide Angle lens
Century Precision Wide angle lens .5x/.7x
Century Adapter 80mm slip on
K & H Porta Brace carry on case CO-AB/M
Blue in color
Warm card pack
Warm card plus pack
4 x 4 Formatted Graduated Twilight3 (SE) FOR-44Twilit
4 x 4 Formatted Graduated Magenta2(SE) FOR-44TGrdMa
4 x 4 Formatted Fl ­ Daylight FOR-44FLD
4 x 4 Formatted Tungsten FOR-44FLB
4 x 4 Formatted Fog _ FOR-44Fog1/4
4 x 4 Formatted Super-mist Clear 1/8 FOR-44SMC1/8
4 x 4 Formatted Super-mist clear _ FOR-44TSMC1/4
4 x 4 Formatted Super-mist clear 1/2 FOR-44TSMC1/2
4 x 4 Formatted Tiffen ND 6 Attenuator TIF-44-NDA.6
4 x 4 Formatted Chocolate 1 FOR-44Cho1
4 x 4 Formatted Chocolate 2 FOR-44Cho2
4 x 4 Formatted Tobacco 1 FOR-44Tob1
4 x 4 Formatted Tobacco 2 FOR-44Tob2
4 x 4 Formatted Antique Suede 1 FOR-44Ant1
4 x 4 Formatted Antique Suede 2 FOR-44Sant2
4 x 4 Formatted Straw 1 FOR-44Str1
4 x 4 Formatted Straw 2 FOR-44Str2
4 x 4 Schneider Black Frost SCH-44BlakFro1
4 x 4 Schneider Black Frost _ SCH-44BlakFro1/4
4 x 4 Schneider Black Frost 1/2 SCH-44BlakFro1/2
4 x 4 Formatted Polarzier - Linear FOR-44Pola/l

NAME: FiddLer Productions, Inc (Louis F Hernandez
ADDRESS: 4707 Enterprise Ave #2
Naples. Fl 34104 TX: 239-435-1818


Here is an interesting story - a company called Tommie Productions, Jerry Grammar and Thomas Plunkett, address in Reno, NV. rented a Canon J9x5.2 lens, sent a money order, copy of social security card and Texas drivers license along with an insurance certificate from Truman Van Dyke. "Jerry Grammer" did have a Texas accent. They had someone pick up the lens (and a Sony 570 with Canon 9x5.2 from Rental Express here in San Francisco). They stalled on the return, kept us in stories via phone and email and then disappeared.
This happened on June 2 but I just discovered this web site. By the way, their insurance claimed that they were defrauded by their client and therefore the insurance was invalid! I've had to file a claim with my own insurance.

Canon Ja9x5.2 B4 WRS lens, serial #12174


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