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New Jersey

Mike Sime-Video Schmideo!

New York & New Jersey-Betacam SP/Digital Betacam crews and packages (400A, 600s, D700s), as well as DVCAM (550) and Mini DV (VX1000, XL-1). Complete turnkey services. Lighting packages from ENG to a 5 ton grip truck. Experience from Feature films to Broadcast to industrial. We also specialize in 24fps video and computers for film! Visit our web site for more information - www.videoschmideo.com
22 Woodland Avenue Verona, NJ phone:973/571-0994, fax 973/571-0995, pager 973/403-7323, cell 973/332-6425 frelancr@videoschmideo.com

Tom Upton
400A, complete EFP package, stedicam experienced
7 Fox Hollow Ln., Sicklerville 08081
609-629-7569, pg 215-705-4468, fax 609-629-0566 Uptom@aol.com
Winston Lewis
WCL Communications
Studio and remote audio production.
313 Sugar Hill Dr Clayton 08312
609-881-6480 Fax: 609-881-6480
Frank Siegel, Video Communication Services
Location and studio shooting, Corporate and Broadcast including aerials, jib arm, interviews, product shots, etc. In business since 1979. Clients include Miss America Pageant, Montel Williams Show, PRIMESTAR, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, SAM'S Club, etc. All U.S. locations.
Gear: Camera packages include DSR-1 DVCAM recorder, Sony D30 with Macie setup, Losmandy Porta-jib with dolly and track, HMIs, Dedolight with accessories, Avid Symphony., Chroszeil matte box & filters, Sachtler 20III tripod, audio includes Schoeps shotgun, Tram lavaliers, 3 Lectrosonics wireless mikes (lavs and hand-held), assorted audio mixers, BVW35, BVW70, UVW1800 decks, Sony digital scan converter, Jimmy Jib, QTV teleprompter, Scriptboy wireless time code clipboard for logging, lots of grip and lighting including Arri combo kit, Chimera, Lowell, Mole, Peppers, flags, scrims, and lots more.
523 Fellowship Rd. Suite 210 Mt. Laurel, 08054
phone: 609-273-8800, Fax: 609-273-8880, siegel@vcsvideo.com
Dan Eriksen, On Location Productions
35mm, 16mm, super 16 Film productions. Broadcast video productions. News, Sports, Entertainment, Corporate, Documentaries, Narratives, Music videos Director of photography using Panavision, Aaton, Arri, Sony digital Video cameras (D-600, 700, HDTV) Lighting - Tungsten & HMI's. Arri, Mole, LTM, Chimera, grip truck. Sound - SQN, PSS-M4, Lectrosonics, HHB-DAT, Senheiser, Scheops We Shoot Air, Sea & Land 800-71-SHOOT http://www.onlocationprods.com
210 Tomahawk Trail Sparta, 07871
phone: 800-71-SHOOT, Fax: 973-398-5607, deriksen@gti.net
Robert Camitta, Midnight Media Group
We provide crew and equipment for location and studio shooting
Gear: Sony BVP-550 multi-camera packages. HPX-2000 Panasonic HD P-2 cameras, Location sound and lighting. DVCAM, DVCPro and Beta SP vtr's
973-379-5959, bob.c@mmgi.tv, www.mmgi.tv

Rick Brancadora, LifeSounds TeleMedia/WIBG
Full broadcast field and post production services, including full broadcast professional 3D animation. Our media providers provide professional broadcast services and television production on Lightwave 3D 5.6 AfterEffects 4.0 and Bryce. Clients include Lucent Technologies, New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Wheelock Product Services, Bell Atlantic, Jersey Shore Partnership. Also professional voice production for New Jersey Network, The New Jersey Channel
Gear: Beta SP BVV-5, Full broadcast facility with Sony Mini DV VX-1000, Non-linear editing facilities including FAST Master Line series NLE
87 East Branch Road, Allentown, 08501
phone: 609-259-2584

Jim Houston, JHP/Sports Coverage Specialists
ESPN - Scholastic Sports America - Betacam SP Cablevision - High School SportsTalk - Betacam SP MAAC - Soccer, Volleyball, Softball Championships - Prod Van Offense/Defense Football Camp Promo Tape - Betacam SP Army Football - Betacam SP N.J. Red Dogs Arena Football - Game Films Crew LIMWBB Games - Multi-camera prod of All Star Baseball
Gear: Ikegami 240 / Sony BVV 5 Betacam SP package Ikegami 230 / Sony BVV 5 Betacam SP package Panasonic 250 / 7450 S-VHS package Ikegami 200 / Panasonic 7450 S-VHS package Ikegami 200 / Sony EVV 9000 Hi-8mm package 4 camera multi production van using Ikegami cameras
103 Park Street, Ramsey 07446
phone: 201-825-7659, james.houston@worldnet.att.net
Dan Paiano, Broadcast Video Works, Inc.
Experienced camera operator, Director of Photography with Broadcast Betacam SP Field Package, featuring Sony BVW 400A, Full lighting and audio kits. New Van for travel. Near Philadelphia and Atlantic City. Cover all of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware. 18 years experience in broadcast, corporate and commercial shooting and directing. Medical, Pharmaceutical, Industry, products, and people. Excellent lighting and composition.
Gear: Sony BVW 400A, Canon IF 15x8, Arri and Lowel Lights, Miller 30, Series II Tripod, Field monitor and audio kit. Experiences Audio techs and Lighting techs available.
39 Longwood Drive, Sicklerville, 08081
phone: 856-728-3091, Fax: 856-728-3091, dan@videotrax.com
Bill Vasak, Sky Ship Productions
I've been an L.D. and shooter for over 25 years. I rent equipment and can supply crews. My clients include: AT&T, Lucent Tech., Prudential, Johnson and Johnson, Turner Classic Movies and Original Prod., Sony, Caribiner, M.O.N.Y., Sun Chemical, Paramount Pictures and many others. Check out our websight at: http://home.att.net/~skyship/skyship.html
Gear: Sony 700, 600A and 400A's, Paint Boxes, BVW-50's, Sony & Vega Wireless mics, 4x4 Matte Boxes, Arri, Mole Richardson adn Lowell lights, HMI's, 16 mm Aaton XTR Prod Package, Scan converters, Switched video packages and lighting truck.
1182 Teaneck Rd, Suite 101, Teaneck
Phone: 201-833-0247, fax: 201-833-2408, skyship@worldnet.att.net
Ray O'Connor  R&B Productions, Inc.
Professional Video Production Services. Clients include Networks, Novartis, Accenture, Bayer.
Gear: 5 HD Camera Packages including Canon C300 Cinema Camcorder w/Zoom and Prime lenses, Sony PDW-700, PMW-300 and PMW-EX3.
Full Lighting Packages including Arri Celeb 200 LED, Arri Locaster LED
and Arri Tungsten Fresnels and Soft Lights.
HD Switcher Package with Panasonic HS-410 switcher, Multi-View Monitor, Intercom System and Sound Devices Pix240 Solid State Recorder.
201-376-8228, rayocon@optonline.net 
Jim Masi, BearHand Production
Broadcast and high-end industrial video production equipment and crews. DP and camera operator for single-camera EFP and multi-camera live sports and entertainment. Steadicam owner-operator.
Gear: Sony 400A Beta-SP camera package w/sound, lighting and grip, 5.5 wide angle, scriptboy, paintboxes. Sony DXC-D50 BetaSP (PVV-3)or DVCam (DSR-1). Sony DXC-D30/DSR-1 DVCam. Steadicam EFP w/follow-focus. EZ-FX portable jib.
East Windsor, 08520
phone: 609 443-1042, bearhand@verizon.net,
Richard Mauro, Solar Plexus, Inc.
Director of Photography/Lighting Director, extensive background in lighting and shooting 16mm - 35mm film as well as Beta SP, Digibeta and DV Video. Feature-length motion pictures, TV commercials, music videos, industrials, documentaries, as well as internet shooting. I own a location lighting/grip company, SOLAR PLEXUS, INC. and camera gear, dollies.
Gear: Ikagami HLV-55A Beta SP one-piece camcorder, SONY monitors, Sachler sticks and heads; also sound. Lighting and grip location packages from 1-ton van to 5-ton truck packages. HMIs from 200W - 12K, flicker-free, Kinoflos, Chimeras, Generators, dollies, track and jib arms.
135 Oakdene Avenue, Teaneck, 07666
phone: 201-836-5427, solarplexusrich@yahoo.com,
Larry Kaltenbach, Stone Tower Media
Sound Mixer / Recordist with 20 years experience, majority of which is EFP in NYC broadcast and Corporate markets. Also offer teleprompting services. Complete equipment list, basic rates, and client list are at stonetowermedia.com. Call for exact pricing.
Gear: Mackie Onyx 16 channel audio mixer with Firewire output for multitrack , Boom Recorder software for use with Mackie Onyx for SMPTE-locked multitrack, Shure automixers for up to 20 channels of automixing, Lectrosonics 400 Series Digital Hybrid Wireless Mics with Sanken lavaliers, Shure low-feedback lavaliers for PA applications, Sony UHF diversity wireless hand mics, Sound Devices portable mixers, Sennheiser short and long shotgun mics, Zaxcom stereo digital WAV recorder with SMPTE time code, M Audio WAV/MP3 recorder, lots more plus lighting, computing etc..
5 Horizon Road, Fort Lee, 07024
phone: 201-677-0940, Fax: 201-224-8478, Pager: 800-913-0384, broadcastsound@yahoo.com, www.stonetowermedia.com
Mike Moran, Bottom Line Television
Broadcast, Corporate, Industrial & Training video. Realtime nonlinear system, full field gear with lighting and audio. Small studio, big ideas. www.blt.com
Gear: Sony BVP-400a, Sony BVW-50, DPS Velocity Realtime nonlinear system with 3D DVE and 2 layers of realtime graphics. Graphic creation and audio sweetening.
520 Fellowship Road Suite B-208, Mt. Laurel, 08054
phone: 856-608-9300, Fax: 856-727-1900, chef@blt.com
Ajay Golani, Avon Video
10 years exp in video field , done many on line edits and offline edits, arrange for multiple camera setup live mixing for .... weddings, conferences , fashion shows, multimedia presentation. handled d.30 /35 betacam cameras , digital beta edited documentrys on hi-band and velocity non linear.
Gear: betacam 637 . d.30
6. regina court . chatham
phone: 973-701 0469, ajaygolani@yahoo.com
Henry S. Olko, Image Stream Productions, Inc.
Full service production company serving corporate and broadcast clients. ENG / EFP crew services available as well as writing and editing services by Emmy Award winning staff. Clients include: CBS' 60 Minutes II, CBS' 48 Hours, Dateline NBC, The Rosie O'Donnel Show, Deloitte & Touche.
Gear: ENG/EFP package includes Ikegami HLV-55 camcorder, Ikegami paintbox, Sony BVW-50 backup deck, Sony 8045Q monitors,Fujinon 5.5mm wide angle lens, Fujinon 14X lens, 5 Lectrosonic diversity wireless mics, K5600 800W HMI bug lights, Kobold 200W HMI, Arri, Dedo, Lowell lights, Chimeras, Chroszeil mattebox. and much more...
21 Berkeley Court, TWP of Washington, 07676
phone: 201-263-9559, Fax: 201-263-9199, Henryo9450@aol.com

Stuart K. Sporn, Stuart K. Sporn Video Services
Full Service video production. All calls welcome, Live Event Webcasting services,Multicamera mobile studio flypack,Schwem Gyrozoom Lens,Sat. Truck services,Three full BetacamSP ENG packages with crews, Non-Linear editing, all recording formats available. 20 years D.P./E.I.C./T.D. shooting sat. media tours,EPK pax,music,major fashion/entertainment,sports,for A&E, HBO Sports,DLC,Verizon, Maxim mag,Lucent, IBM, CNN,Reuters,APTN,BBC, Chesky Records,Kaiser Foundation,Top Rank ,Bayer,H.P.,many more...Live Events our specialty!
Gear: The Raxx flight pack includes, GVG-110 switcher,BVP-90,2- DXC-637, BVW-75,BVW-50 and transport truck, Schwem FP-1 Gyrozoom lens for water and aerials, extensive lighting packs, beautiful lighting, composition,exciting handheld camera-work. Pleasant and knowledgable crews.Covering entire Northeastern U.S., N.Y.C. and Phila. www.SpornVideo.com
711 Raritan Ave. #65, Highland Park, 08904
phone: 732-514-1141, Fax: 732-514-0852, sksvideo@comcast.net

Thomas Malatesta, Thomas F. Malatesta, LLC
Location Sound Mixer for both Braodcast and Corporate Video production.
Gear: Shure FP33 Mixer, Senhieser MKH 416 Mic, Lectrosonics Wireless Mics, Tram hardwired Lavs, Marrantz PMD 422 stereo/timescode transcription recorder, Schoeps mk41 mic.
27 Richwood Place, Denville, 07834
phone: 973-886-5343, tombad@optonline.net

Yahel Herzog, Open Windows Productions, Inc.
Director of Photography. 14 years experience in the US and globaly. No job is too big or too small. Call for free estimates, a copy of my reel and a sense of my style. Recent Clients: CBS- 'Crossing Over with John Edward' NBC-'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', Fox Family mini series, many private production companies.
Gear: Sony BVP-70IS w/BVV-5 Betacam SP VTR. Sachtler 20 tripod. Full Arri light kit w/Chimeras. Full audio kit (Shure FP-33, Sennhiser shotgun, Lectrosonics Wireless, PSC lavaliers). Sony 8" Hi-Res monitor 8045Q. Production vehicle Chevy Tahoe.
1111 River Rd. # E-12, Edgewater, 07020
phone: 201-886-9045, Fax: 201-886-9035, yahel@att.net

Sam Somwaru, Sound And Motion (Somwaru Productions)
24 years shooting news features, entertainment, documentaries, sports. DP with emphasis on lighting techniques, transition shots to minimize studio editing time. NYC network news, 20/20, Dateline, Extra, Inside Edition, Discovery, A&E, Learning & Travel Channels, EPK's.
Gear: Full EFP packages: Sony BVW 600 D WS or 400 Beta SP or D35 Beta SP Cams(switchable recording end to fit your format) Full Audio packages and lighting kits with all accessories included.
Ringwood, 07456
phone: 917-822-0823, Fax: 973-839-2109, sam@soundandmotion.net

Brian R. Ochrym, Mirage Productions Inc.
Mirage Productions Inc. is a full service broadcast production company servicing television networks, motion picture companies, advertising agencies, and the corporate communications market. Mirage provides complete ENG/EFP production crews and producers for clients such as Dreamworks, ABC, E! Entertainment TV, and Entertainment Tonight to name a few. Located in New York City and New Jersey. Script to post, complete Production Management. Fully Insured.Union and Non-Union crews.IA 600 IA 52. Call us for info.
Gear: Arri 35mm & 16mm - (1) BVW700, (2)BVW600, (2)400a, (2)D-30 w PVV3 & DSR-1 backs, BVW300 Complete grip truck w/575's, 1200 HMI's Multicamera Engineering Equipment NYC dispatch - 208 West 30th Street
111 Spring Street Newton, 07860
phone: 888-SHOOT.NYC, Fax: 973-300-9467, mirageproductions@earthlink.net,

Ted Yasi, Ted Yasi Video Production Services
We provide a courteous professional ENG/EFP crew based in the New York City area, and are available world wide. All our productions are fully insured, as well as covered by an ATA Carnet making overseas shoots trouble free. Our client list includes ABC News, Court TV, ESPN, Ford, Novartis, L'Oreal, and The United Nations. The scope of our work has ranged from long form documentary coverage such as a program for the UN about its Verification Mission in Guatemala, shot on location for a month, to cleanly lit, sit down, news magazine style shoots. Member NABET-CWA Local 16
Gear: Our productions are shot on a Sony D-600WS, with Fujinon A15X8 glass, Lighting package includes Arri, Kino Flo, Source4, Dedolight, and Joker HMI. Also includes super audio package, matt box, scrim-jim system, van with press plates.
23 Beechwood Avenue, Freehold, 07728
phone: (732) 625-3074, Fax: (732) 625-3075, admin@yasi-tv.com, website: www.yasi-tv.com

Larry Scott, KJD Teleproductions, Inc.
Single & Multi - Camera field and studio production services. ENG or EFP configurations. Over 25 years in business. Analog Betacam SP, 3/4" SP and 1"C edit and Final Cut Pro Non-Linear suite. Very sharp day rate and package rates available. We run 24/7 with all of our services. Single Camera ENG services dispatched within 20 minutes of the call 24/7.
Gear: 1 - Panasonic AJ-PD900W 2/3" M-FIT 3-CCD DVC Pro Progressive Camera/Recorder. 1 - Sony BVC5 w/ BVR5 back Beta cam SP Camcorder 1 - Sony TRV-900 3 chip Mini DV Camcorder Vinten Video 20 head w/ Carbon Fiber sticks Oconnor HydroPed (peds uo to 7 ft. Letrosonics UHF (200 series) Diversity on-camera receiver with belt pack and snap on transmitters. Sony ECM-50, Senheiser MKE-2 lavalier mics. EV 635 and 635L stick mics. Lowell Soft, DP and Omni light kits w/ assortment of grip and filters. Motorola SP 50 commercial 2 way radios.
Voorhees, 08043-4152
phone: 856-751-3500, Fax: 856-751-7729, larry@kjproductions.com, website: www.kjdteleproductions.com
Robert D. Newman, Boardwalk Productions, Inc.
Film, HD & Betacam SP Production Services for broadcast television, documentaries, commercials & promos. Clients include: NFL Network, NBA Entertainment, NHL Productions, MLB Productions, MLB Network, HBO Sports, ESPN, ESPN World Series of Poker, PGA Tour Productions, IMG Media. Metro NYC/Phila area or Travel. Carnet for International Travel
Gear: 1 Panasonic 27F Varicam & 2 Panasonic 27H 24P HD Packages. 2 Panasonic HDX900 HD Packages. 1 Sony F900-3 HD Package. Ikegami HL-V59 Beta SP Camera Package. Ikegami HL-V55 Package. Sound Packages w/ Sound Devices 442 & Cooper CS-104 Mixers, Lectrosonics Wireless Mic Systems (8) & Sennheiser 416's. Arri Light Kits, HMI's and one 18' 3-Ton Grip Trailor.
732 2820012, 732 2820072, rob@boardwalkproductions.tv, www.boardwalkproductions.tv

Hank Holton, Hank Holton Film and Video
Director of Photography, industrial, motivational, magazine format television, Dateline, 20/20, etc. I am very good with people.
Gear: Sony BVW 400, lights, Suburban, Ready to Roll.
Lambertville, 08530 (between NY and Phila.)
phone: 609 737 2659, Fax: 609 730 1769, hankholton@mac.com

bob suede, suede interactive media center
New Jersey's Best Kept Production Secret..... New Jersey's First AUDIO-VIDEO-INTERNET Facility!Vreativiut, Dedication and Passion. Digital Audio Recording Studios, NLE Editing suite. Established in 1971 Suede InterActive Media Center has served the audio-video community via Location/remote Video or Film productions, helicopter shots, casting, original music,digital recording studios,broadcast video editing, DVD/CD Authoring and Duplications & Packaging .Much more then a technical house, Suede Interactive takes the project from concept to completion , on budget and on time..every time!
Gear: Editing suite: Targa 3k, Speedrazor SX, Commotion Pro, Adobe After Effects and more toys then you can imagine!] Digital Audio Recording studios; neuman, akg mikes, urie time alighn control room, video and audio scoring, Panasonic DVC PROAJ-D910WB, Sony Digital and Sony Betacam SP.
693 main street, hackensack, 07601
phone: 201 646 0416, suede@suede.tv, website: www.suede.tv
Daniel McIntosh, Shallowford Sound Services
Location Sound Mixer for motion pictures and television. Full audio package. Available for ENG/EFP shoots, muti-camera, etc. Metro NY area or travel. Documentaries, Sports, Corporate, Features, Commercials. 20 years experience. Sound is all I do.
Gear: High end sound package including SQN 4S mixer; Schoeps, Sennheiser, Neumann microphones; Audio Ltd. radio mics; many lavs, transcription. Full film sound packages including Non linear hard disc recorder, Time Code DAT, TC Nagra; Comtecs; fully equipped sound cart.
Hillsborough, 08844
phone: 908-625-2422, soundmack@yahoo.com, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0570642/
Hank Gifford, Director of Photography
All formats - Production services since 1985. Broadcast, corporate, documentaries, commercials & promos. Credits: ABC-Daytime, KRON San Francisco, KTVX Salt Lake City and KXTV Sacramento, Bristol Myers Squibb, Fidelity Investments, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, AT&T, Pepsi, Novell, American Express and Louis Martini Winery.
Gear: SONY Betacam SP DXC-D50/PVV-3 with Macie setup, 18X Lens, Super wide angle, Chrosziel mattebox, Extensive lighting and grip
package including Mole Richardson lighting, Kino Flo Divas and Source Four.
South Orange, 07079
phone: 973-204-7137, hankglo@verizon.net
Mike Collado, Ironboundgroup
Our company Ironbound group can handle all of your video production needs. We have a team of video producers and engineers available for music video shoots, video commercials, weddings, and all catered affairs. We feature complete editing and graphic capabilities.
Gear: Dsr 300, Beta SP
Union City , 07087
phone: 646-302-6906, mikc@ironboundgroup.com,
Jeff Scott Turick, The F Stop
With fourteen years of award-winning experience as a D.P., Beta SP owner/operator Jeff Turick can provide any format -- film or video, PAL or NTSC, HD through DV -- for your production. Background in news, industrial, documentary, and narrative productions. Clients include Intel,
ChaseManhattan Bank, Johnson & Johnson.
Gear: Sony D30WS (native 16:9, switchable to 4:3) w/ Fujinon 18x lens. Kinoflo and Arri lighting. **AND NOW OWNER OF THE SONY Z1U HDV CAMERA!**
West Orange, 07052
phone: 973.731.3333, dp@jeffturick.com,

Greg Furgason, ENG/EFP, Production & Post Production
ENG/EFP, Production & Post Production: HD and SD (4) Post Production Edit Suites, (1) FCP 6.02 HD Studio Suite, (1) Adobe CS3 Studio Suite and (1) Linear Legacy Broadcast Suite - Ampex 200 Editor, Switcher and ADO, 6 machine sync roll with Digibeta, D-2, Betacam SP and Ampex 1" Type C. (1) ProTools 8.02 / Nuendo 3.02, DDA AMR-24, Studer A80 24 Track, 74 Mics, Audio Suite. We also provide Broadcast Dubbing, Close Captioning & Legacy Up Conversion to HD. Clients: NJ Transit, YMCA, NFL, Astralwerks, Columbia Records, Sub Pop Records, Warner Bros. Records, Doghouse Records, Metropolis Records, Vice Records, Virgin Records, etc.
Gear: (2) Sony D-35WS 16:9 /4:3 w Betacam SP and DSR-1, (1) Sony EX-1 XDCAM, (1) Sony HVR-Z1U HDV, (2) Sony PD-150 DVCAM All with Matte Boxes, French Flags, on camera Ultra Lights & Full Wireless Audio. Field recording w. Sony DVW-A500 DigiBetacam
973 642-5132, powerplaynetworks@gmail.com , www.powerplaydigital.com

Jeff Ent, Jeff Ent Sound Services
Freelance Audio Recordist for video. I am a freelance sound recordist for video, available to help you on your next project, worked in many genres, I own my own gear but can use gear supplied to me, 10 years experience, check out my website for more info.
Gear: Complete Lectrosonics and Senheiser sound packages. 442 mixer, Mackie VLZ pro mixer and much more. Check out my website for complete list.
Central NJ
website: www.jeffentsoundservices.com
Paul Jacobson, AVATAR Productions
Award winning crews in NY, NJ, CT, PA, DC and world wide. ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS, A&E, History Ch., Discovery, National Geographic.. Lots of corporate too. Underwater specialty.
Gear: Sony:D35WS/PVV1 & 600, DVCAM: D35WS/DVback, VX 1000 Amphico Underwater Housing - LIVE or tape Panasonic: 100A 24P
Sparta, 07871
phone: 888 999-0411, Paul@avatarproductions.com,
Chuck Fishbein, Crazy Duck Productions
We create EPK's, Documentaries, live performance videos, broadcast material, and internet content for clients such as Six Flags, PBS, U2, Harley-Davidson, Amnesty International, The Foo Fighters, Forrest Pharmaceuticals, Clinique and more working in all formats.
Gear: Sony DSR-570 with Canon 8-118 2X-10X 5 Anton Baurer Gold Mount Batteries, Vinten Vision 8 and Sticks, DSR-40, ARRI light Kit, Sony ECM 77 and 44 mics, 3 PVM 8044Q monitors, HV1-ZIU HDV camera and portable deck. Full editing capabilies with Three Avid Express Pro Workstation and Final Cut Pro HD
Weehawken, 07086
phone: 2015580133, Fax: 2015580134, duckyou@optonline.net, website: www.duckyou.com
John Palmiero, Avalon AV Services
Corporate Media Production and Conference Related Services in the MOrris County NJ area serving Fortune 500 Companies like AT&T. Lucent, Johnson and Johnson,Pfizer and Local Town and Municipal Organizations.
Gear: DVCPRO 700
Denville, 07834
phone: 973-627-5315, avalonav@optonline.net
Anthony A Thompson Jr., juterphusion productions
Providing technical services for Motion Pictures, Digital Media and Performances. Expertise with on location audio services and mixing! ♫ On-Location Recording, Boom Op and Live Audio ♫ Post-Production for Motion Picture and Sound Design -= Restoration, Mastering, and Editing =- ♫ Setup, Grip & PA, Foley and Design ۑ Computers & Graphic Design
Gear: Behringer: XENYX 802 mixer, UB1222FX-PRO Mixer DSP rack: Behringer Patch Bay, Behringer Multigate Pro, Fostex DE-10, Lexicon MPX110, DOD 403 EQ, Alesis 3630 Compressor DJ: Numark TTX, ESO Silver 100B mixer, gemini XL-300 ArtCessories 4 port headphone amplifier, Stage microphones, XLR's/Cabling, etc. Access for rentals of Boom and Wireless mics.
New Jersey
862-215-8818, juterphusion@gmail.com, www.myspace.com/juterphusion
Bill McCurdy, Videomac Inc
We shoot, write and produce. Our clients range from all the network news shows/magazines to corporate internet sites. CBS, NBC, ABC, Yes Network, Crews Control, Johnson and Johnson, Hoffmann La Roche, BMS, Avaya.
Gear: HDX 900, HVX 200, Sony 400a's, Panasonic 100a. Firestorer. Beta Playback. 3 HMI's. "7" jib. Seamless paper. Full Lighting (Diva) and audio with wirelesses.
908 337 7060, billcamera1@comcast.net, www.videomacinc.com
Ryan D. Garner, ASC, RDG Productions
RDG PRODUCTIONS can do exactly what you need to get your business, corporate event, pre/post building/construction project, party or wedding the visual direction it needs! RDG PRODUCTIONS has been in operation for over 7 years in the news/media circuit and is now opening its doors and services to all the media needs of the metro area. RDG PRODUCTIONS has produced for every major network in the USA and continues to hold onto those clients as well as building and developing new ways of reaching the market through advances in technology. DREAM UP THE IDEA......WE'LL DO THE REST!
Gear: Panasonic AJD-910WA DVCPRO Progressive Scan Camcorder Sennheiser Shotgun Mic w/ Boom/Fishpole JVC and NEC Field Video Monitors Shure Field Mixer Lectrosonics Wireless Handheld and Lavalier System (also with wired version as well) Full ENG Field Lowell Lighting Kit sufficient for all ENG type shoots as well as Documentary Production Also: Full Camera Crew available upon request as well as full audio recording.mixing services equipped for live Surround Sound and Concert Production
(609) 432-4949, ryandgarner@comcast.net
Nick Cheadle
Professional HD Video Production services. I'll take care of your shooting & editing needs. Tell me about your project!
Gear: 2 Sony HVR-Z1U Azden Wireless Lav System Litepanels MicroPro Lighting Kit Sony ECM-674 Shotgun Mic Fluid Head Tripods with dolly
9 South Productions
609-670-7283, contact@9southproductions.com , http://www.9southproductions.com/VideoProduction.html
Bjørn Kils
If You’re Looking For A Professional To Shoot, Edit or Produce Your Next Video Project, or Photo-Document an Expedition (..perhaps Antarctica), Let’s Talk! I’ll Assist You with Promotion, Media Training, Production, Multi-Camera Live Events, Lighting, Sound, Editing, DVD Mastering, Broadcast, and Internet video. I Love To Work In The Field And Most Of My Assignments Are Location Based.
Gear: Sony PMW-820K XDCAM EX, full Lowell lighting kit with Chimera softbox, wireless Sennheiser mics, Bogen tripods, Roland video switcher, Behringer audio mixer, Gates underwater housing, green screen, access to boat & plane -- everything is in rugged Pelican cases and portable.
Glen Ridge
+1-732-586-7394, bkils@mac.com, www.bjoernkils.com
John H. Williams, Williams Field Production LLC
I am a 29 year Television News Cameraman/Editor from the NY Metro market. I have entered the next phase of my career...freelancing. I will shoot with your camera or do sound with MY gear.
Gear: Sound Devices 552 mixer/2 track recorder, 2 Lectro digital transmitters /tram lavs, 1 Lectro hm, Sennhieser MKH 416/MKH 50 with blimp,NP-1s, and all the tools needed for professional sound recording, ENG/EFP and corporate.
NY Metro Area
908-675-7913, williamsjh80@gmail.com 
RDPLex Films
RDPLex films specializes in HD Videography for all events.  Sports, weddings, parties, corporate events, pitch videos, sizzle reels, and more.  RDPLex turns around Final Cuts in less then 48 hours in most cases.  We use all high end HD equipment shooting in full 1080P HD.
Nobody does the work we do at the price we charge.  For examples and rates go to our website. 
Gear: Canon XHA1 great for sports and fast action.  20x zoom Lens, Rode Mic, Fluid Head Tripod, shoots 60 frames a second for buttery smooth slow motion. Canon 6D HDSLR Camera. Awesome full frame still photos and perfect for cinematic type video shoots required for weddings and such.  Interchangeable lenses include 50mm and 105mm for unmatched sharpness and beautiful depth of field.  Steadicam, slider, tripod, and Rode Pro Video Mic.
Waterproof Go Pro HD cam for mountable applications, hidden applications, underwater environments and more.
Studio light and Boom Polls for Mics when needed.       
732-841-4462, info@rdplex.com http://www.rdplex.com
Patrick Perrotto, Patrick Perrotto Production Services LLC
I am a video DP and camera operator.  I specialize in corporate video, industrials, broadcast news and sports, reality TV and TV commercials. 
Gear: My main camera is a Sony PMW-300K. I also shoot on a Canon 5dmkii.  I have access to other cameras including Sony F3, PMW-350, EX3, and Panasonic HDX900's.
908-309-8044, patrickperrotto@gmail.com, www.patrickperrotto.com

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