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New Mexico

Dale Green, C/D Productions, Inc

Great crew with a great package. Sony, Sachtler, Shure, Sennheiser and more! NABET and IBEW. Recent credits on ABC, CBS, BBC, PBS and others. Reel available.
Gear: Sony D600WS, PD150
P. O. Box 2785, Corrales, 87048-2785
phone: 505-898-1544, Fax: 505-898-2141, cd@cdproductions.tv, website: www.cdproductions.tv

gary marsh, gary marsh productions
HD Crew and Beta Crew full production services from pre production through post and duplication. Equipment rentals and crew services. Shoot for networks, commercial and corporate almost daily.
Gear: Sony HDW F900 HDCAM Sony D30 and D30WS Betacam with PVV-1 Recorder Panasonic DVX-100a JVC HD 100u HDV Cam PSC Alpha Mix 4 Lectrosonics Sennheiser Arri Lowell Chimera Dedo Lights Grip and more. Equipment rentals, crewing, editing and duplication.
Albuquerque, 87110
phone: 505-237-0770, Fax: 505-232-4419, info@productionoutfitters.com,
Jim Gallup, New Mexico Sound Mixer / Audio Recordist
Experienced Documentary, Lifestyle / Reality Mixer. 25+ years of specializing in over-the-shoulder 'bag-work'. Multi-wireless / Multi-track - 'double-system'- for Film, Hi-Def, DSLR. Flexible pkgs. for tight-spaced interiors & rugged outdoors - in all seasons. Also: Commercial Spots; Corporate; Web; Sports...Clients include: PBS; HBO; National Geographic; Discovery; TLC; Travel Channel; HGTV; Food Network; ABC, BBC; CBS; ESPN; MTV; NBC Dateline, etc. [ IMDB = http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1585107/ ] Established rep for always being on time, well prepared, and a team player. Albuquerque / Santa Fe area since 1997 - Familiar w/ most scientific, military, cultural & natural wonders of New Mexico.
GEAR: Schoeps mk41 & Sennheiser mkh 50, 60 boom mics - w/ 8' to 16' poles • Lectrosonics frequency-agile wireless (SRa, 411, 210d) - w/ Sanken & Sonotrim lavs • Sound Devices 552, 302, Mixpre & Cooper 104 mixers • Sound Devices 744T multi-track timecode file-based recorder • MP3 timecode transcripts • Lectrosonics wireless 'audio-hops' to (multi) camera(s) • Sennheiser G3 'hops' to (multi) DSLR(s) • Wireless 'timecode-hop' from camera • Denecke timecode slates • Lectrosonics wireless headsets • Peter Engh's cables & 'unique interface products' • All of my sound packages are fully-owned & well-maintained - w/ a big Thank You to the Service Departments @ Lectrosonics & Sound Devices.
Albuquerque / Santa Fe - serving all of New Mexico ... "The Land of Enchantment"
PHONE:505 286 8943 / 505 321 9162 cell
Clay Wright, Desert Gem Productions
From exploring the stars (Italian TV) to understanding innerspace (J&J Endosurgery) subspace (DOE) living space (HGTV) and spaced out (Warner brothers) I help clients present, market & sell. Fresh network credits (CBS, NBC, Discovery), experience-plenty, resources-abundant, attitude-nope
Gear: Certified to operate the Sony 730 High Def camera. Some of the gear I own and use includes: Sony D30 BetacamSP w/ PVV3 BetacamSP recorder, Fujinon A19x8.7BRM-28 internal focus, Std. adapter extensive lighting w/- scrims, Cookaloris, Snoot, door mount, scissors mount, clamps, dimmer, extensive Gel kit w/ color correction / creative colors / various types of diffusion, flags, 2 Photoflex soft boxes (LG/SM), Arri150, Frezzolini Camera light w/ Dichroic Filter, Westcot Reflector Kit (white, gold, silk, silver), Sure FP33 & FP32a field mixers, Lectrosonics wireless transmitter & receivers (2) TRAM 50 microphones (2), Sony ECM 77B Lav, Sony ECM 55B Lavaliere, RE50 stick mic, ECM 672, Sennheiser ME 67 Long Shotgun mic, Sony 8044Q high pitch field monitor.
Albuquerque, 87111
phone: 505-293-8908, dgeminc@aol.com,
Blaise Koller, Blaise Koller Video Services
Full Production Services from start to finish. Camera Operators. Full Non-Linear DV editing. DVD authoring. Sound Operators and Crew
Gear: Sony Beta SX DNW-7 also Records Beta SP 1 piece. Final Cut Pro 3 Editing. Dsr-20 DVcam Player/Recorder. 13" Sony Trinitron.
Rio Rancho, 87124
phone: 505-980-3896, wembley914@yahoo.com
John Golden Britt, Britt Media
I am a DP/Operator with 15 years film / video / digital experience in New Mexico, Nashville, New Orleans markets. I am also an award winning editor who knows what you need for the edit. Film and Video Packages available. Call for reel.
Gear: Sony F900/3 HDCAM Panasonic DVCPRO50 910, 915 Cameras Sony 7A Betacam Arrilights, Mole, Complete Grip package. 0'Connor head.
phone: 505-890-4889, Fax: 505-890-4889, britts@comcast.net
Bob Demboski, Good Coffee Video & Media Productions
Specializing in Video Field Production. Providing (EFP)Video Services for all of New Mexico. Can act as Director/Cameraman and also an accomplished Lighting Director. I can also take care of your Sophisticated Audio needs. My clients range from Syndicated to Corporate: Biography, History & Discovery, A&E, Oprah, AON, Lucent, Tropicana, Charlotte Regional Medical Center, Microsoft, Etc..
Gear: Camera: Sony D-35WSL/BVV-5 deck, 15x8.3 Angenieux lens, Century .8 wide angle zoom thru adapter, Filters: Polarizer, #1/2 Warm/Pro Mist, Polarizer, Sachtler sticks, Audio: Sennheiser, 2 Lectrosonic wirelesses, Shure FP-33 mixer Lighting: Lowel 3200 kit, Arri/5600- 200 & 575, 2 Chimera light boxes, Frezzi (battery) light with Chimera cover
Santa Fe
phone: 505-466-6400, Fax: 505-466-1405, bobdem01@earthlink.net, website: www.gcvmproductions.com
Darryl L. Frank, D-3 Productions Inc.
Providing location sound and jimmy jib services for feature films, docs, music video, ect.. Credits at www.imdb.com
Gear: Jimmy Jib Extreme with film package, full digital multi track location sound package.
505 858-1555, d3soundman@yahoo.com, www.d3productions.com
Edwardo Santiago, Sonance Inscribed
Location Sound Recordist, Mixer, and Boom Operator for production companies such as Sony Pictures, Paramount, MGM, Lion's Gate, Warner Brothers, CBS, ABC Family, ESPN, Sci Fi Channel, and more. Specializing in Location Sound for feature length film, documentary, commercial, and ENG/EFP projects and Sound Editing/ Sweetening in stereo or 5.1 Surround. Traveled as close as California and Nevada and as far as Morocco and Israel for Production.
Gear: Full digital multitrack location mix and utility carts for feature length film, two "over-the-shoulder" rigs for documentary/ ENG projects, and 5.1 mix/ Edit suite running Steinberg NUENDO. Yamaha, PSC, and Sound Devices Mixers. Fostex and HHB digital recorders, Lectrosonics 400 series digital wireless w/ super mini transmitters, Comtek IFB, Sennheiser, Sanken, AKG, and other professional microphones, etc.
Rio Rancho
(505) 270-6468, (505) 899-1655, sonanceinscribed@cableone.net
Dean Eastman, Eastman Productions Inc.
XDCAM HDCAM 3D EFP ENG EPK Crew Production Co. servicing Broadcast, Cable & Motion Picture Industries. Telly awards for Director of Photography, owner/operator with 20+yrs exp. and a set/location savvy crew.  Steadicam & Jimmy Jib specialist, Gyro-stabilized, Cineflex, FLIR, Wescam, Tyler mount aerial photography (Helicopter/Fixed wing). Skiing & specialty cameras. Strong handheld, creative lighting, live, multi-camera, A or B network camera. IATSE-600, NABET 53, NPPA. Fully Insured. Our website provides:  Demo reel, extensive equipment, credit and client list… ABC, BBC Sport, TNT/Dreamworks, CBS, CNN, Cimarron Group, NBC, High Noon Entertainment, Scripps Networks, Turner, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, HDNET, Bone Steel Films....
Gear:  Sony PDW-F800 XDCAM, Sony HDW-F900R CineAlta HDCAM, Sony HDW-700A HDCAM, Panasonic HDX900 DVCPro HD, Sony DSR-500WS DVCAM, Canon EOS C300, Canon HV10 HDV,GoPro Hero POV System, V.I.O. HD POV1 System, Steadicam Master Elite, Stanton Jimmy Jib w/4 different configuration extension kits (Super Giant to Junior). Please refer to our website for, the too-many-to-list here, following equip. categories: GRIP, CAMERA SUPPORT and LIGHTING
Cell (505) 401-1909, Office (505) 869-3070, deaneastman@comcast.net,
Carey P. Moots, Moots Productions Inc.
Moots Productions Inc. 25 years in the broadcast business. A great little freelance photography & production company serving all the major networks worldwide. Top end Sony & Panasonic High-Definition gear. Sony F900 and the latest Sony XD-800. We also have available the AJ HDX-900 & 400 for all you Panasonic lovers. Just remember it's not the camera it's the photographer that makes the difference. We have BOTH! Eight EMMY awards over the past twenty years and countless satisfied clients! Call Carey @ (505) 235-7975
Gear: Sony HDW-F900 * Sony XDCam PDW-F800 * Panasonic AJ-HDX-900 & 400 * Can also support SD work with Sony BVP-570 4:3 or 16:9 * Numerous assortment of Broadcast Fujinon Lenses * All support gear for designer lighting including HMI's, Source 4's, Kino Flo's, and all MSE grip gear * Top end Lectrosonics, Cooper CS-104 4 channel mixer, and countless microphones * 3 Sony/Panasonic/Final Cut Pro edit suites with all the latest software * And to get it all there, two Chevy 4WD Suburbans for the beautiful New Mexico terrain.
(505) 235-7975, MootsCam@cs.com, www.MootsProductions.com

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