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Jack Marks, Three Point Oh!
Full service full HD video and post production company - ready to meet any network news, corporate or marketing video need. We have more than 30 years of major TV network news and post-production experience.  Corporate & Industrial clients include: Michelin, BMW, Milliken, AFCO, BASF. Live network feeds and ENG for - Fox, CNN, ABC and CBS.
Gear: Panasonic HPX 500 - Panasonic HVX 170, GO PROs, LED Bi Color and Arri lights, Teleprompter, wireless, boom, mixer and wide angle goes with all crews.
AVID Post and 3D Animation.
Greenville, 29601
phone: 864-467-1056, Cell: 864-905-8778, jmarks@3pointoh.com, website: www.3pointoh.com

Dave Baker, Go To Team
Dave’s work can be observed on ABC, NBC, TLC, E! Entertainment, Dr. Phil Show ESPN, Fox Sports as well as for companies such as Best Buy, Proctor and Gamble, Evenflo, and Go! Productions for the Coca-Cola Company
Gear: Panasonic HDX900, Varicam, HVX200 Sony: F900, Z1u, V1U
888.455.4333, 843.884.6216, crew@gototeam.com , www.gototeam.com

Chip Acker, A&A Interactive Media
Individual freelance services or Complete Crew Staffing available. Hourly, Daily, & Weekly rates. CD-ROM, & DVD Authoring, Duplication and Replication available. Serving the Southeast since 1989.
Gear: Video, Audio and Lighting Gear available hourly, daily, or weekly. Sony BETA SP, Panasonic DVX 100A 24P Digital, On-line Non-linear editing, Arri & Lowell lights, Complete field audio (Shure, Audio Technica, Sennhiezer,& Sony)
PO Box 101 Spartanburg
phone: 864-599-0999, Fax: 864-599-5345, chip@aainteractivemedia.com ,

Lee Dashiell, Osprey Production
High Definition camera crew covering all of South Carolina. We're a HD video production Company based in Charleston and Columbia, SC which gives us great access to the state. We're a full service facility with cutting edge equipment and the experience to get the job done right. If your shooting in SC...... we've got you covered.
Gear: Panasonic HDX900, Panasonic SDX900, RED ONE with Zeiss Primes, HMI lighting, Kino-flo, CamMate Crane, Matthews Dolly, Teleprompter, Porta-Jib, 7" 10" and 17" HD field monitors, 1 Ton Grip package, Green Screens, 8x8 Silks, Full audio package with 442 Sound Devices Mixer, Lectro 411 Mics, Sennheiser MKH-50 and 416 boom, Schoeps CMIT-5U Boom, Honda 2000 & 3000 Generators, Canon HJ-11 Wide Angle lens......
803-743-7680, 866-897-8334, Lee@ospreyhd.com , www.OspreyHD.com

Bill Mannix, Commercial Video Corp
Full Service, Broadcast Quality Production House, NTSC/PAL, any Format. Full Production Suite, and crewing services. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, BBC, Weather Channel, Golf Channel, Forensic Files and Many Many More Satisfied Clients.
Gear: Sony BVW-400, Sony DXC-637 with PVV3, Sony DSR-200 DVCAM. Vinten and Sachtler Tripods. Full Audio Packages and Arri/LTM Light Kits. Arri 1200 W HMI Dims to 575 Watt.
Myrtle Beach

843 278-2745, 843-277-1430, cvcbill@earthlink.net, www.commercial-video.com

Mark Kennedy, Kennedy Video Service Inc.
Providing quality video at affordable prices. Specializing in eng/efp shooting. Over 26 years experience shooting everything from war in the Persian Gulf to corporate seminars. We can customize a shoot to fit any budget.
Gear: Panasonic HPX 500 HVX 200 Sony D35 BetaSP, PSC Alpha mixer w/2wireless mics, 3 hardwired lavs, Sennheiser MKH60 Shotgun VdB boom pole, K5600 HMI Lights(200/400), Tungsten kit w/4 fresnels plenty of extras.
Mt Pleasant
8438702634, mark@kennedyvideo.com, www.knnedyvideo.com

Bill Pardee, Video Solutions, Inc.
Full service video production and duplication (CD's included). 15 years experience in the broadcast, commercial and corporate arenas. 1500 sq. ft. studio with Strand lighting. In-house audio production and CD replication as well as VHS dulication. Visit our website @ www.videoso.com
Gear: Ikegami HL-55 w/ Ampex CVR-5 dockable BetaSP back. Nagra portable 1 inch. 2 Ikegami HL-79's in studio Doorway dolly, lighting packages and audio by Neumann and Sennheiser.
1040-F Thousand Oaks Blvd. Greenville, 29607
phone: 864-297-0407, Fax: 864-297-6723, videoso@mindspring.com

Neal Kinard, Hank Productions
Full service production company that can take a project from conception to completion. I also have over 12years experience in ENG news gathering and live shots. Working for clients like ABC, CBS and NBC.....and production shooting for The Food Network, The Travel Channel and many more. For a more indepth list of clients and references contact me.
Gear: DXC-D30 with Sony BVV-5, full ENG audio gear with Lectrosonics wirelesses, six head light kit, tripod and accessories.
Charleston, 29412
phone: 843-442-4265, Fax: 843-406-4828, nealkinard@yahoo.com, website: www.hankproductions.com

Paul Keyserling, Big Pictures
Beta SP Video Field Production and Post, Over 30 years experience shooting and editing documentary, magazine, news, agency, and industrial. Broadcast credits with PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, 7 Cable
Gear: Sony DXC-D35WAS (16:9/4:3) w/ Sony BVV5, Canon J21Ax7.8BWRS, Sachtler Video 20, Arri Lights, +. Discreet Logic NLE
Beaufort, 29902
843.592.1790, paul@bigpictures.tv , www.bigpictures.tv

Rik Dickinson, Encore Video Productions, Inc.
24 years of crewing for many national and international television clients, we continue to work hard to be first choice when you need a flexible, ready-to-run video production crew. Check our list of clients and see why they call us their production crew of choice. Our production package includes the most modern production tools. Our 2 ton production van includes a portable jib arm, a portable dolly, HMI lighting and a whole lot of tricks not available with other crews. Plus, we drive or fly to locations anywhere. Single/ Multi-Camera. On location here, there or anywhere. 1,000 sq.ft. soundstage. On-Line/ Off-Line postproduction. Complete lighting/Glip truck, Jib/Dolly, Prompter. Clients; Broadcast, Cable, Motion Picture studios, Corporate, and Government.
Gear: Ikegami HL55A Betacam SP kits,Fuji Super Wide Lenses, FP33 mixers w/4wireless mics, 3 hardwired lavs, Sennheiser Mkh416 Shotguns VdB boom poles, K5600 HMIs Lights(200/1,220 PAR kits), Tungsten kit: 6 fresnels, 3 Chimeras, Elipsodal pattern generators, inkys, 2k soft lights, Seven Jib, Pipe Dolly, Grip Accessories, IFB kit, 6'x6' Butterfly kit, 7.5 KW generator, 2 way radios and plenty of extras.
Myrtle Beach, 29577
phone: 843-448-99OO, Fax: 843-448-9235, rik@encorevideo.biz, website: www.encorevideo.biz

Joe Schmitt, At Will Productions
Located in Charleston SC, We offer EFP & ENG services, Non Linear editing, and DVD authoring. The two owners have over 25 years broadcast experience. Freelanced for espn hi-def, fox sports, msnbc and many others. You want Joe Schmitt on your crew, he gets called for "A" shows. Also, corporate, commercial, and training videos are no problem. Schmitt is Steadicam certified, and has experience shooting aerials. Travel throughout the southeast. Call the pros at 843-744-8203 for bookings.
Gear: Sony BVP-7 & BVV-5, Panasonic DVC-Pro, full light kit w/ chimeras.
N. Charleston
phone: 843-744-8203, Fax: 843-554-9464, atwill13@bellsouth.net, website: www.atwillproductions.com
Howard "Dutch" Adkins, Jr., Hi-Defining Productions
At Hi-Defining Productions, we provide the widest array of video services from commercials to documentaries. We offer professional 2D and 3D animation services. We have the ability to shoot DVCPRO to DVCPROHD. We can output to Beta SP, DVD, or any codec for the web. Our studio is outfitted with a large green screen for compositing work as well.
Gear: Panasonic AG-HVX200 (two cameras). FS-100 (two units). Neumann and Sennheiser microphones. Lowel, Arri, and Photoflex lights. 8ft. and 12ft. crane jib. Peter LiSand Cart dolly with bazooka arm. Straight or Curved tracking dolly.
Rock Hill
803-517-2674, info@hidefining.com, www.hidefining.com
deCarvalho, Mario & Jane Robelot, carolinazoom productions
a full hd video company, ready to meet network news, corporate and marketing video needs. We have more than 30 years of major TV network news experienece and have been awarded National Emmys for various categories. 2009 brought us a regional Edward R Murrow Award and a National Peabody Award. Our video marketing campaings and TV ads have been most effective, raising sales numbers to our clients an average of 35%. Give us a call.
Gear: HD Panasonic HPX 500, 2000, 170, HD Contour lipstick cameras, underwater HD cam, 2 Avid Media Composer edit systems, Final Cut Pro, 2 jibs, 3 dollies, product tent, fully equipped studio with a 20X20 green screen, Sony D-600, 2 Sony PD 150, all formats dubbing station,wireless mics, Sennheiser shotgun, three sounds mixers, HMI's, three sets of tung lights, full set of Diva 400, soft boxes.
(864)9919012, mdc@carolinazoom.com, www.carolinazoom.com

Adam Keyes, Event Reels
Freelance video. Small-Medium projects. Anything from talking heads to mini-documentaries to corporate. Check the site for portfolio: www.eventreels.com
Gear: Panasonic HVX200, Canon XL-1, Lowell 4-piece light kit (good for 1-2 person shoots/talking heads), Manfrotto tri-pod, Senheisser K6 base, ME66 shotgun/handhell attachment, mic boom, etc...
864.363.3618, akeyes@eventreels.com, www.eventreels.com

Marshall Staton
ENG Video and Audio, credits include, ABC, Fox News, Golf Channel, Weather Channel, CNN - SD Uplink Available.
Gear: Panasonic HVX-200a, Bron Kobold 800, 400, 200 HMI's, 2 Kino Flo Diva 400's, Arri 5 Head Kit, Sound Devices 442 and 302, Lectro 411's.
Myrtle Beach
843.602.2600, marstaton4@hotmail.com, www.masivmultimedia.com

Rob Young, HD Pro Productions
HD Pro Production is a nationally recognized full service video production company providing customized HD and analog video and DVD production services to its corporate, business and broadcast customers from its studio in Greenville, South Carolina.
Gear: Stanton Jimmy Jib Triangle, Panasonic AJ-HPX2700 P2 VariCam, Fujinon HD16X6.3 BERM-M58 Broadcast Lens, Teleprompter w/ Flip-Q teleprompter software, Miller Arrow 40 tripod. Edit Suite- MacPro Two 2.93GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (Custom) 16GB (8x2GB), 40GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA Radon HD 4870 512MB two 18x Super Drives, Final Cut Studio Full Version-Final Cut Pro 7 Motion 4, Soundtrack Pro 3 Color 1.5 Compressor 3.5 DVD Studio Pro 4, 2X Apple 24" LED Cinema Displays.
864 233-4237, 864 233-4881, rob@hdproproductions.com, www.HDProProductions.com
William Stewart, 9/8 Central 
SC video production company with experience in commercials, documentaries, testimonial videos, & shorts.
- Canon C100
- GoPro Hero 3+ black (2)
- Canon L glass
- Helios M22
- Movi
- FJI Phantom 2
- 6k watts of lights (tungsten and daylight balanced)
(864) 326-5646, hello@98c.org, www.98c.org

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