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Sam Prigg, White Rabbit Productions

Shooting on Sony HD F-900, SDX 900, Betacam and editing on Avid, FCP Our clients are network and High end corporate. Including ABC,NBC,DATELINE,CBS,60 MINUTES, A&E, TURNER, Discovery, America's Most Wanted. 25 years experience.
Gear: Sony F 900, Pany SDX 900, Ike V-55's PD-150 sony, HMI packages Kino's, Wide angle lenses, 6 UHF Lectrosonic wirelesses, chimera lighting, dedos, scriptboys, monitors, jib arm, etc.
801-463-9292, 801-463-7226, sam@whiterabbitproductions.com, www.whiterabbitproductions.com

Norm Bosworth, BCI Video Productions
DVCPro, DV, Betacam SP, MII, AJ-D700 Digital Camera, EZ-1, full audio packages and lighting kits with extras. Betacam SP, DVCPro, MII editing, non-linear PostBox and Mac systems, Fortune 500 corporate, commercials, documentary digital filming. 17 years experience
2977 East Fallentine Rd.,Salt Lake City, 84093
phone: 801-733-5574, Fax: 801-355-5656, Visit our WWW site at: http://aros.net/~norman / e-mail: norman@aros.net

Steven F. Milner, Bighorn Productions
HL-V55 Ikegami Beta SP, Complete lighting/audio packages w/wirelesses, shotgun, stereo mixer. 18 years experience = network news, corporate documentaries, foriegn TV media, entertainment magazines, network sports, PBS, commercials, infomercials, Survivors of the Shoah Foundation.
3596 South 300 West, Suite-12, Salt Lake City 84115
phone: 801-262-8864, fax: 801-685-7455, pager: 801-460-8934
Steve & Kim Holmes, Main Frame Digital
Owner/Operators of HD & SD camera packages (XDCAM HD and BetaSP), experienced network crew; corporate clients, partial to documentary work. Satellite/live-shot experience. In-house capability for writing, editing & DVD creation.
Gear: Sony PDW700 XDCAM 422 HD camcorder, Sony EX1, Ikegami V55 (BetaSP) with Macie set-up, Fujinon lenses (SD & HD), microforce zoom control. Complete lighting package for great looking interviews, including HMIs. Sound packages with Lectrosonics UHF wireless, Schoeps & Sennheisers on booms. Jimmy Jib Triangle camera crane with lengths from 6-40 feet. Final Cut Studio editing.
Park City/Salt Lake City
801-560-0511, mfdigital@me.com, www.mfdigitalvideo.com
Pre-production thro post. 1Ton CrewCab Truck & 18 ft. Trailer. 5 Ton "Plus" grip pkg. 3 -1200 pars. Large Tungsten pkg. 20 Years exp. I have enough stuff to do a small feature. Ikegami V55 Betacam Videopro Steadicam Arri 16 mm. Avid Softimage
252 E. 7890 So. Sandy, . 84070
phone: 801-561-8843, Fax: 801-561-8843, gundestrup@sisna.com
Jeff Whipple, The Image Factory
11 years award winning writer/producer/director/editor with broadcast and corporate media experience. New Cannon XL1 Digital Video Camera. Avid and VideoCube Editing. BetaSP with complete lighting package available.
P.O. Box 901094 Sandy, 84090
phone: 801-947-1170, Fax: 801-947-1170, jgwhip@aol.com
Nyk Fry, FluiD FilmS
Have camera, will travel.
BVW-200, specializing in action/fast-paced events/concerts, etc. Freelance recording studio engineer/editor also. 17 years exp.
1341 East Bryan Avenue, SLC, 84105
phone: (801)358 3887 (CELL)
Tim Gibbons, Gibbons Videography
Professional High Definition Videography. Clients include: Nat. Geo, NOVA, Discovery, TLC, HGTV, Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show', LMNO, DME, GRB, Film Garden, Mike Mathis Productions, Cronkite/ Ward TV, BBC, ZDF, ORF, America's Most Wanted, Access Hollywood, CBS Eye On America, NBC News, Meet The Press, The Today Show, 20th Century Fox, Real TV, Outdoor Life Network, Swiss Television, CNET --- Demo reel available on website or DVD.
Gear: Owner/Operator of 4 Broadcast Camera Packages - PDW700 (XDCAM HD422), HDW-700a (HDCam), XH-A1(Canon HDV), BVW-D600 (Sony BetaSp) - Lenses: (HD) Fujinon HA 10x5 BERM, Cannon 14x8.5 IF - Tripod: Satchler Caddy, Audio: PSC M4 A+ Mixer, Sennheiser 416, Lavs, Lectrosonics UHF Wireless - Lighting: Sun Gun, Arriflex Light kit (Tungsten and 575 HMI), Chimera - Monitors: (HD) Sony BVM-D9H5V 10", Panasonic Panasonic BT-LH80W 8"(SD) Ikegami TM9-1
Salt Lake City
801 557-5226, tim@gibbonsvideography.com, http://www.timgibbons.com
Paul Thiriot, TnT Productions, Inc.
Award winning DP / Cameraman with 25 years experience in news, documentaries, and sports. Numerous awards including three national Emmys and the 2005 Edward R. Murrow Award for videography. Clients include NBC News (all programs including fifteen years as a senior "A" crew with Dateline NBC) ABC News, CBS 60 Minutes, ESPN Behind The Lines, National Geographic Television, The Travel Channel, HDNET and many more. I work with a very experienced sound person We enjoy our work!
Gear: Sony HD F900R, SDX 900, Ike V-55 Beta Camera, Sony V1U DV camera, HMI Lighting including Joker 400 & 800 heads, Rifa Lights, Panel Lights, Kino's....Canon and Fujinon wide angle HD lenses, monitors, mini jib, etc. Lighting is my specialty!
Salt Lake City
801-231-3730, pthiriot@comcast.net
Ron Hill, Ron Hill Imagery
Complete ENG/EFP packages, crews and production services available. With over 20 years as a professional camera operator. Ron Hill has worked with several diverse clients around the world including 60 Minutes, BBC, PBS, 20/20, NBA Entertainment, Disney Channel, Discovery, HBO, Dateline, Primetime (ABC), VH1, MTV, ESPN, World News Tonight (ABC), America's Most Wanted, Good Morning America, ET, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, A&E Intimate Portrait, Beyond the Glory (FOX), Sundance and Insport.
Gear: Ikegami Beta SP camera packages availalbe, HL-55 A with Sony BVV 5 dockable deck, HLV-55 Beta SP, HL-59 CCD Beta SP. Production accessories include: Shure mixers, Lectrasonic wireless mics, receivers and transmitters, Sennheiser shotguns, Sony monitors, Sachtler sticks, minature and covert hidden cameras, wireless intercom and comtek IFB systems, lighting kits, suitcase dolly, jimmyjib and portajib. Log on to: www.ronhillimagery.com for a complete listing of equipment.
PO Box 668, Sandy, 84091
phone: 801-501-0563, Fax: 801-501-0566, rhill2375@aol.com
Derek Hoffmann, Hoffmann Films
Freelance Camera Operator with 15 years experience. Owner/Operator of Broadcast equipment. Specializing in ENG,EFP,Action Sports,TV Shows,Documentary,Live Shots and Multi camera Events. Clients Include: NBC,ABC World News, CBS,ESPN,FOX Sports,Paramount TV,UPN,OLN,USA Network,The Extremists,NHK,Disney's premiere of 'Pearl Harbor" and many more. Check out web page www.HoffmannFilms.com
Gear: Sony D-35 & PVV-3 Betacam SP (880 lines resolution), 16mm Arriflex, 16mm Milliken (high-speed camera),Super-8 film cameras,DV-cameras with custom water housings,POV mounts and Pole cameras. Complete Audio package and Lighting gear.
P.O.Box 2811 Salt Lake City 84110
phone: 808-783-1290, Fax: 808-625-8642, Derek@HoffmannFilms.com
Tom Bottom, Pinnaclepost, Inc.
Pinnaclepost is a visual/audio production facility located in Salt Lake City. With 20 years of award winning experience in communications and media production, the personnel at Pinnaclepost can fulfill all of your audio/visual needs and improve the quality of your corporate brochures, training videos, marketing videos, infomercials and television spots.
Gear: Sony 709 WS Digital BetaCam Final Cut Pro 3.03 Affinity Editing System Stratosphere Editing System Pro Tools Audio Editing System
215 South State Suite 675, Salt Lake City
phone: 801-596-0110, Fax: 801-596-9827, tom@pinnaclepost.com, website: www.pinnaclepost.com
Clark Cooper
Complete commercial production or solo camera operator or DP available. HD, DVCPro and MiniDV. Specialize in HD and SD widescreen production workflow from accquisition to correctly coded anamorphic DVD.
Gear: Sony HD-F900/950. Panasonic SDX-900. Panasonic DVX-100 with Anamorphic (Widescreen) attachment.
Layton, 84040
phone: (801) 706-9007, clark@cooper.cc,
John Reed, Reed Productins
Freelance ENG/EFP production, Steadicam and Cam Mate owner operator. Network and high end corporate cients - list on web site. Skiing with camera package, high adventure outdoor production. Full tank of gas and plane ticket - " Have Camera - Will Travel"
Gear: Sony BVW-D600 Betacam camer package, Canon 7.8x21 If lens, matte box and filters, Sachtler sticks, Sony field monitor, audio and lighting package, Cam Mate 2000 series jib - 42' max length with fairway dolly, Steadicam full gear listing on website.
Salem, 84653
phone: 801-423-3686, Cell # 435-881-1010, Fax: 801-423-3356, john@reedpi.com, website: reedpi.com
Lee Adair / Duane Bair, MediaWorks, Inc.
Providing production services from creative to delivery since 1996. Recent credits include ATT Cable, Ernst and Young, NuSkin, HealthSouth, 2002 Olympics, more. Extensive travel experience, specializing in small, fast moving crews that shoot amazing pictures.
Gear: Production: Two Ikegami HL-V 55 Cameras w/ all support, lighting, wireless and wired mics (Sennheiser and Sony), Cam-rail dolly for impossible locations, EZ Jib for low cost/ high production value shots. Crews that know how to run it all to get the shots you crave! Post Production: Uncompressed SD FCP system, Maya, AfterEffects, Director/Flash, DVD encoding/authoring, compression for Web/CD.
Provo, 84601
phone: 801.379.0379, Fax: 801.379.0390, sales@mediaworksinc.com, website: www.mediaworksinc.com
LOCATION SOUND. 20 years experience. ENG sound mixer for documentaries, commercials, and for the networks: (ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, TLC, E!, History, Discovery, TNT, HGTV etc... ) Also experienced Grip/Gaffer and camera operator.
Gear: Sound 302 mixer, Lectrosonics and Audio Technica wireless, Sennheiser, Sanken and Tram microphones.
Salt Lake City
801.376.7834, gerhartley@yahoo.com
Shawn Emery, Working Title Productions
DP/Camera Operator Shawn Emery has ten years of experience shooting advertising, documentary, corporate, commercial, infomercial, sports, second unit, multimedia, aerial, news magazine, and reality programming. He is experienced using Arri 16mm, HD, Digial Betacam, Betacam, DV, MiniDV, DVCPro50 formats. Expert skier with extensive winter sports shooting experience. ABC News Productions, ESPN, PBS, Warren Miller Entertainment, McCann Erickson Worldwide, Oprah Show, History Channel, Lifetime, Park City Chamber of Commerce, Sundance Film Festival, Echo Entertainment, U.S Ski Team, Fine Living Channel, Pfizer.
Gear: Ikegami Hl-V55, Sony 400A, Panasonic DVCPRO50 & SDX-900, Panasonic Varicam HD with Sachtler & Bogen support. Back-up cameras include Canon Xl-1 & Panasonic DVX100 MiniDV. ARRI tungsten & Joker HMI lighting packages. Lectrosonic, Shure, Sound Devices audio packages. Additional sound, grip, lighting available.
Salt Lake City, 84105
phone: 801-918-0536, Fax: 801-463-0741, semery@xmission.com, website: www.workingtitleproductions.com
Walt Winters, ImageWorks
DP with 20 Years Experinece, Broadcast Shooting for NBC,ABC,CBS,CNN,David Letterman,Extreme Makeover-Home Addition,Trading Spaces,Turner Sports(TNT),ESPN,MTV,ET,Access Hollywood...Corporate Clients include Tropicana,PepsiCo,Fritolay,Gatorade...
Gear: Sony DXC-30WS 4:3 or 16:9 Betacam,Sony PVM-8045Q 9" Field Monitor,Vinten Tripod,PSC M4MkII
Field Audio Mixer,Lectosonic UHF Wireless Trans/Rcvs,Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Mic,Arri Lighting
Kit, etc...
Salt Lake City, 84092
phone:801-572-2030, Fax:801-572-2040, walt@imageworkscommunications.com,
Travis Babcock, Kineto Pictures, Inc.
DP/Camera Operator and Editor Travis Babcock has eight years of experience shooting and editing advertising, documentary, corporate, commercial, infomercial, sports, second unit,multimedia, aerial, news magazine, and reality programming. HD, Digital Betacam, Betacam, DVCPro50,HDV and Mini DV formats. Expert skier, fluent in Spanish with extensive travel shooting experience. Entertainment Tonight, Microsoft, Symantec, Chevron, Women's Entertainment Network, 2002 Winter Olympics, Dreamworks, NBA Entertainment, Inside Edition, ESPN, McCann Erickson Worldwide, TLC,Sundance Channel, U.S Ski Team, Dr. Phil Show, Pepsi, Pfizer.
Gear: Ikegami HL-V55, Panasonic DVCPRO50 SDX-900/800, Panasonic Varicam HD, Panasonic HVX 200,Sony HD F900, Sony XD CAM HD 350L with Vinten & Bogen sticks. Wide range of wide angle lnses,filters and matte boxes avail. Back-up cameras include Panasonic DVX100B. ARRI, Mole Richardson and Lowell tungsten & Joker HMI lights with full grip packages. Rhode, Shure, MilliMic audio packages. Additional sound and lighting available.
Salt Lake City, 84103
phone: (801) 599-2438, Fax: (801) 649-3873, travis@kinetopictures.com, website: www.kinetopictures.com
Marty Metcalf, Marty Metcalf, inc.
DP/Cameraman for National and local clients since 1989. I excel in hand-held, ENG/EFP styled documentaries, news, sports, entertainment, studio, commercial, corporate, live and taped productions. Clints include all national news networks, 20/20, 48 hours, GMA, Primetime live, Discovery, OLN, and many others.
Gear: Panasonic AJ HDC27F Vericam, Ikegami V-55 Betacam, all manor of quality audio, lighting, jibs, mini-dv, mini-HD, and miniature cameras.
West Valley City
801-550-4433, 801-840-0668, martymetcalf@comcast.net
Marty Metcalf, Marty Metcalf, inc.
DP/Cameraman for National and local clients since 1989. I excel in hand-held, ENG/EFP styled documentaries, news, sports, entertainment, studio, commercial, corporate, live and taped productions. Clints include all national news networks, 20/20, 48 hours, GMA, Primetime live, Discovery, OLN, and many others.
Gear: Panasonic AJ HDC27F Vericam, Ikegami V-55 Betacam, all manor of quality audio, lighting, jibs, mini-dv, mini-HD, and miniature cameras.
West Valley City
801-550-4433, 801-840-0668, martymetcalf@comcast.net
Marty Metcalf, Marty Metcalf, inc.
DP/Cameraman for National and local clients since 1989. I excel in hand-held, ENG/EFP styled documentaries, news, sports, entertainment, studio, commercial, corporate, live and taped productions. Clints include all national news networks, 20/20, 48 hours, GMA, Primetime live, Discovery, OLN, and many others.
Gear: Panasonic AJ HDC27F Vericam, Ikegami V-55 Betacam, all manor of quality audio, lighting, jibs, mini-dv, mini-HD, and miniature cameras.
West Valley City
801-550-4433, 801-840-0668, martymetcalf@comcast.net
Dave Biesinger, DNA Films
I shoot and post high end video productions. Montel Williams, DigEplayer, AdvancedMD, Geneva Rock, Sunroc, Speaking Roses.
Gear: HVX 200 with Redrock DOF adapter and lenses, wide angle adapter, 9' jib arm, 5 light arri kit, 4' kino
Salt Lake City
801-805-6681, dave@dna-films.com, www.dna-films.com
Cordell Wolking, Ogden Studios
Ogden Studios provides full production services in Utah and surrounding areas. Concept to completion videos, location videography and sound, editing, crewing, sound mixing, mastering and music composition. Ogden Studios edits in both AVID HD and Final Cut Pro HD. Additionally, we have a full sound recording studio with Digi Designs Pro Tools. Clients include: International Olympic Committee, Sundance Channel, Associated Press, CNBC, American Idol etc. Please contact Ogden Studios when considering a project in Utah. We offer competitive pricing and professional service.
Gear: Panasonic: AJ-PD900 DVCPro 50, 60p. FIT Chip camera, HVX-200 P2 HD camera with 16gb P2 Cards
801-541-9746, 801-393-2099, cwolking@gmail.com , http://ogdenstudios.com
Matt Eastin, Violet Suitcase, Inc.
DP/Editor: Five years of professional experience working with national and international broadcast in areas such as: documentary, commercial, reality, independent film, and music video. Matt knows and understands the "tapeless workflow" inside and out. Plenty of experience with Panasonic P2 and Sony SxS cards and formats while working in a variety of countries and conditions. Has shot and cut projects for clients such as: GM, Marriott, Women's Entertainment, American Public Television, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Excel Entertainment and Daytrotter.com (indie music site). Second language allows work in Spanish speaking conditions.
Gear: 2 Sony PMW EX-1 packages including three 32 GB cards, one 16 GB card, and two 8 GB cards. One Panasonic AG-HVX-200 with 32 GB, 16 GB, 8 GB and 4 GB P2 cards (and 60 GB P2 store). Letus Elite DOF adapter with multiple lenses and EX-1 (77mm) and HVX (82mm) acromats. Hollywood Microdolly package with push-bar (straight track only). Standard Lowell lighting kit. Basic grip and audio gear available. Post Production includes 2 Final Cut Edit Systems with client preview.
801-310-9895, matt@violetsuitcase.com, www.violetsuitcase.com
Derek Reich/Zöoprax Productions
Emmy Award winning DP/cameraman with over 25 years experience in broadcast news, news magazine, corporate and documentary production.
Clients: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, TBS, PBS, HDNet/AXS, Nat Geo, Discovery, Animal Planet, many corporate and international broadcast clients.
Gear: 2 Canon C300s with full compliment of glass, 2 Sony CineAlta XDHD cameras, complete lighting packages including HMIs, Kinos, LED, and tungsten. Motion slider, dolly, drone (with 4K capability)
303-883-0000, www.zooprax.com  d.reich@zooprax.com 

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