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Matthew G. Monroe -- Location Sound,
Location audio for film and video productions. Experienced in commercial, corporate, and documentary projects. My full audio package includes: Shure and FilmTech field mixers; HHb Time-Code Dat; Smart slate; UHF and VHF Lectro wireless mics; Sennheiser shotguns; Passport; etc...
5406 40th S.W Seattle 98136
Phone: 206-932-2113, Pager: 206-977-8830 mattsound@aol.com

Rick Gerard, Gerard Productions
Full service production company. 30 years experience in television and feature film. 9 Emmy awards for documentary and news productions. Film and video packages. ARRI, 16/35 CP 16R Sony DSR200 Digital DVC Camcorder, SONY DVW 700 Digital Betacam, SONY UVW100 SP Betacam D-Vision non linear editing. Digital Location Sound recording. CGI Graphics. Adobe After Effects.
5605 NE 202 Street, Seattle, 98155
phone: 206-362-1846, Fax: 425-806-3792, gerpro@gte.net

Bill Farnsworth, Bill Farnsworth/Videographer
20 years experience as a Documentary, Commercial and Network Videographer. Extensive BetacamSP package World traveled for ABC News, 20/20, GMA, Dateline, NBC NEWS, BBC Documentary Unit, CNN Special Assignments. NABET Local 57 Hollywood. Visit my websight at: www.billfarnsworthvideo.com
16880 NE 42nd Court Redmond, 98052-5476
phone: (425) 881-3550, Fax: (425) 869-0919, bill.farnsworth@verizon.net

Stan McMeekin, Solana Productions Northwest
Full Sony SP Betacam Pkg. Arri light kit, C-stands, Monitor, Wireless mics. (UHF and VHF) Can rent any specialty
items locally and quick. ie. dollies jibs and steadycam.
PO Box 217, Southworth, 98386
phone: 360-769-8110, Toll Free:1-888-723-4100, Fax: 360-769-8115 , SolanaProd@AOL.COM

Brian Miller, Wide Angle T.V.
Shooting/Editing award-winning video since 1986; Broad domestic/international travel experience...Clients include major broadcast networks, entertainment groups and national corporations...Please contact for references and a demo reel.
Gear: Gear: Extensive equipment package including: Sony PDW-530 XDCAM and Sony BVW-D600WS BetaCam (Switchable to 16:9 format) with Canon 8x20 lens and Canon 4.5 Wide Angle Lens...Comprehensive lighting package including: HMIs; Chimera Boxes; Dedo Lights...Complete audio package including: Frequency agile UHF wirelesses.
Seattle, 98116
phone: (206) 954-2567, Fax: (206) 935-8302, bm@wideangletv.com, website: www.wideangletv.com

Full Nelson Video, Inc. / Geoff Nelson
Lighting Cameraman-DP / HD Owner/Operator
Gear: Owner/Op-Sony F55 2k and 4k Raw, Canon C300 Cinema Pkg,Canon CN-E Primes 14-135mm,Sony PDW700 XD-HD / HDX900 1080/720 DVCProHD, Canon HD Lens Pkg. Lots of lighting and grip, plus all the toys. Emmy / AP / NPPA award winning, world class DP.
seattletvcrew@comcast.net / www.fullnelsonvideo.com

Gene Colburn, Northwest Video Systems
Betacam SP DVCAM and much field production gear, including multi-cam event recording to Beta SP. Full service editing multi-format, with large duplication capability for 1" spot reels, VHS, 3/4".
2614 North Monroe Street Spokane 99205
phone: (509) 927-5083, station3gc@qwest.net

Burke Long, TV News Service
Based in the Olympia, capitol of Washington State. I provide microwave feeds to the three network affiliates in Seattle, ABC (KOMO), NBC (KING), and CBS (KIRO). I offer coverage of legislative hearings, House and Senate floor action and interviews with lawmakers during the legislative session. I also specialize in documentary work that is historical in nature. I have produced several award winning documentaries on state history, Washington State Parks and the logging industry. Extensive client list on file. My nickname is the "human tripod" as I specialize in hand-held work.
Gear: Panasonic F500 docked to Sony BVV5 Betacam SP recorder, Miller fluid head tripod, Sennhauser shotgun mic, Lectrosonics wireless mic, assortment of lights, Sony digital headphones, Panasonic field monitor.
P.O. Box 2077, Olympia, 98507
phone: 360.753.6846, Fax: Same, tvnews@olywa.net

David Brugman, David Brugman Location Sound
Freelance sound mixer for non-fiction film/video. Clients include MTV, ABC, NBC, CBS and overseas experience. EC and US passports. Good French and basic German speaking skills. Interest in wildlife and cultural programs. Educational backround in both engineering and social anthropology. Avid tea drinker.
Gear: SQN-4s sound mixer, Sennheiser mics, Lectrosonics wireless, Sony DAT and other nifty audio gadgets.
134 NE 58th Street, Seattle, 98105
phone: 206.781.6698, david_brugman@yahoo.com

Danny S. Chen, Spotlight Productions
Full Betacam SP field production package. 20 years behind film and video cameras. Worked in KOMO, KIRO TV statuions in Seattle. Full time staff cameraman/Director for GTE, Rainier Bank and Boeing. Clients includes:GTE,CNBC,NHK, Matsushita and numerous agencies.
Gear: BVW 400 with Clear Scan. O,Connor 25L/Cartoni Gamma tripod, Lectrosonic wireless Mic, Shotgun Mics, Tram 50 Lavs. Sony 8041Q ans 8021 monitors, Lowel DP and Omni/Tota light kits. grip gear, Doorway dolley.
10768 Lakeside Ave. NE, Seattle, 98125
phone: (206)499-7601, Fax: (206)361-6290, danschensp@aol.com

Karel Bauer, Karel Bauer, Director of Photography
Award winning director of photography in film and video. National and international broadcast, corporate and documentary projects. Stylish lighting. Great energy. Fun to work with, and all the tools and experience to ensure you and your clients of the look you desire. Clients include CBS, NBC, PBS, HBO, Universal Pictures, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Nippon TV Channel 4 London, AT&T, American Express, Boeing, Weyerhaeuser, Microsoft, and others.
Gear: Sony BVW D600 camera package, 4x4 matte box & filters, zoom control, related accessories. Full audio complement, w/ FP 33 mixer, shotguns, wirelesses, etc. Tungsten and HMI lighting, w/ Chimeras, fresnels, pars. Small grip package w/ C-stands, flags, and an endless collection of rigging gear.
5522 Wallingford Ave. North, Seattle, 98103
phone: (206) 545-1178, Fax: (206) 675-1728, karelb@oz.net

TJ Williams Sr. and TJ Williams Jr., APS Flying Cameras,
Shooting Services: Doc, News, Drama, Reality experience. Lighting, camera movement including 9 to 40 ft camera crane and Steadicam moves by the people who brought Steadicam to the NW. Aerial Digital Motion Photography with our own mount or Tyler. SCUBA qualified with our own underwater housing to 100 ft.
Gear: Sony HD Cam 700A Panasonic 900R Sony D35/BVV5 Betacam,Dvcam, RED1 4k digital Cinema camera, Eclair ACL Gld conversion to Super 15 by Barney, Jimmy Jib and Ravensclaw remote head camera cranes, Steadicam Flyer for doco etc. and full on movie steadicam including PRO/XCS/Klassen/Preston/etc. All the toys!!! 12' lighting and grip trailer with roll down door and rollin lighting and grip on 4 carts.
206 769 8585, tjwilliamstj@gmail.com, www.camera-person.com

Nick Kolias, fat frog pro audio.
Production sound for Film, HD, ENG/EFP. I'm fast, experienced and reliable. Extensive equipment packages. network news/broadcast/commercials/documentaries/corporate. Please visit my web site for detailed information: www.fatfrogproaudio.com
Seattle, 98125
phone: 206.729.0561, mobile: 206.465.8813, nick@fatfrogproaudio.com

Jim Watt, Bennett-Watt HD Productions, Inc.
Director of Photography...35+ years experience in equal number of countries and every state in the U.S.. News/documentaries/entertainment...ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS/Harpo Productions & many others utilize the services of this Network "A" List production company. Has shot over 700 hours of HD video.
Gear: Cameras: Panasonic HDC 27H Varicam, 720P, HD, Sony D-35, betacam/DVCAM, Panasonic HDC-20 DVCPRO HD, Sony D-130, ( diveristy RF mic Units, stereo mixer, extensive lighting & grip kit, wi 6 HMI's (200-400), micro dolly, micro jib, , 2, HD online edit suites, one portable.
Issaquah, 98027 (near Seattle)
phone: 425-392-3852/206-310-0181, Fax: 425-392-4104,

Aaron Stadler, Fat Cat VDO
Photographer, editor, producer since 1986. ENG, EFP, Documentary and Sports coverage. 2 time Emmy winner, 15 time nominee. Extensive travel and "On location" experience. "Major Event" experience includes NBA Finals, MLB AllStar games and playoffs, NCAA "Final Four", NFL playoffs and WTO Riots. Clients include ESPN, FOX, CNN, CBS, Bloomberg, NHK, Fuji TV, Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks. Top of the line gear and competitive rates! Please visit my web site www.fatcatvdo.com
Gear: Sony BVW600WS with Canon 16x "switchable" lens. Arri Softbank light kit with assorted Chimeras. UHF and VHF Lectrosonic wireless mics, Sennheiser Shotgun and Shure RE-50 handheld. Adobe Premeire 6.0 based nonlinear edit system w/After Effects.
18216 30th Ave NE, Seattle, 98155
phone: 206-409-6114, Fax: 206-361-0515, aaron@fatcatvdo.com

John King, Leading Frame Video Company
Leading Frame Video is a full service production company, providing crews, equipment and producer services for commercial, corporate, documentary, news and entertainment videos. Director of Photography, John King has 24 years experience as a cameraman and director.
Gear: Equipment: Sony DVW-790WS Digital Betacam, Sony DXC-637/PVV3 BetaSP, DSR-500WSL/1. Sachtler 18Plus, Sachtler 20Plus, Mole Richardson lighting, LTM 575HMI, full grip and production van. Many extras.
13526 131st Place NE, Kirkland
phone: 425-814-2055, 1video@verizon.net

Jim Bolser, Peak Video Productions
Award winning crew for news, sports and production covering the northwestern United States. Clients include ABC News & Sports, 20/20, GMA, Nightline, CBS News & Sports, ESPN, Discovery, Oprah, Trans World International, & Pharmacia, just to name a few. Our team is high energy, high quality and low maintenance. We are fully qualified for ENG and EFP. We are also equipped for back country location shooting, winter or summer, including forest fires and skiing.
Gear: Sony 300A Betacam Fujinon 14x Wide Angle Lens Attachment Sachtler Tripod w/Video 18 Head Sony TRV 900 Mini DV Camera with mounts Sony & Hitachi Portable Monitors Lectrosonic UCR 195 UHF Wireless Mics Sony WRR-810/WRT-860 Tunable Mics PSC Boompoles Sennheiser Shotgun Mics Shure FP-33 Stereo Mixer PSC M4 Four Channel Mixer ECM 66 Hard Wire Mics Tram Mics Electro-Voice Stick Mic Beyerdynamic Mic Motorola Talkabout 2-Way Radios Audio Cassette Recorder Portable Speaker Phone Kobold 200 Watt HMI w/Softbox mount Sachtler 300 Watt HMI w/Softbox mount 2 650 Watt Chimera 1 250 Watt Chimera C-Stands 2 Lowell 650 Watt Lights w/Stands 3 Pro 250 Watt Lights w/Stands Mini Frezzi Fill Light Color Gels, Diffusion Kits & Dimmers Matrox DigiSuite LE w/Adobe Premiere 6.0
Spokane, 99202
phone: 509.535,1212, Fax: 509.535.1212, jim@peakvideoproductions.com,

Gabriel Miller, Production Sound Recording
Now residing in Seattle after a decade of recording in NYC and around the world. Fullrecording equipment package, extensive experience. Recording for Commercials, Promos, Docs, Network News Magazines, Everything. I've spent the past decade recording for all kinds of productions in all kinds of situations. My extensive doc work has made me fast and ready for any situation, while commercial and promo work has given me the opportunity to finesse my technique and technology Recent Credits: 'Truth'-(National Advertising Campaign) 'The Hamptons'-Dir. Barbar Kopple(ABC Prime Time Program ) 'Blue Vinyl'-(HBO, Sundance Award Winning Documentary)
Gear: I own a full package of top of the line recording equipment, which includes my SQN mixer, Fostex PD-4 DAT Recorder, six Lectrosonics wireless, and the best mics from such manufacturers as Schoepps, Neumann, and Sanken.
phone: 206-949-3375, millergabriel@hotmail.com

Kevin Ely, Pacific Image Productions
Two BetaSP crews available...clients in 2002 included CBS News(60Minutes,48Hours,EveningNews,EarlyShow), NBC News (Dateline,Today,Nightly,MSNBC,CNBC), ABC News(GMA,Evening), MTV Productions, VH-1, ESPN, etc....all the toys to do a 2camera shoot...can wrap and contour a travel pack to your needs...have shot in ecuador,mexico,galapagos and most of the US. call kevin for rates 2062826949
Gear: sony 600 betacam, sony 400a betacam, (2) joker 400 HMI, (2) joker 200 HMI, Sachtler Tripod, Matte Box w/20+ filters, tons of tungsten lighting gear, tons of grip support...full 4ch mixer audio package available w/ (6) lectrosonic systems.
Seattle, 98199
phone: 206/282-6949, Fax: 206/282-4912, kevin@kevinely.com, website: www.kevinely.com

Michael Jensen, Jonas Jensen Studios, Inc.
Lighting cameraman for film, video and television. 25 yrs. experience lighting and shooting. I have the largest compilation of equipment and services in the Northwest; Grip Trucks, Lighting, Studios, Cameras, Crew. Hundreds of clients - see client list on our website. Renowned Triangle Jimmy Jib Owner-Operator.
Gear: Ikegami SD and HD cameras. Betacam SP, DVC Pro-25, 50 and Progressive, D-5. Full line of Mole, Kino, and LTM HMI's. Fisher dolly, Triangle Jimmy Jib. Grip Trucks, Studios, Generators.
Auburn, 98001
phone: 1-800-776-5554, Fax: 253-833-4099, mjensen@jonasjensen.com, website: www.jonasjensen.com

Mike Nelson, HDFreelance
Field Producer, Cameraman, Director of Photography
Gear: Sony HDW-700A Camera (1080i), DP/Cameraman (20 years) Canon HDTV High Definition Lens with Doubler Sachtler Video 20 Mark III Tripod, 3 stage Carbon Fiber Sony 9" or Sony 14" High Def Monitor, Critical Evaluation Arri Light Kit with Dimmer Pack and Filtering Dual Lectrosonics Wireless Mic Setups, Sennheiser Lavaliers Snyder Classic Soft Filters and Polorizing Filter Anton Bauer Hytron 120 Batteries and Charging System. Familiar with Carnet's and foreign work permits, insured against liability up to $2,000,000.00, several types of press credentials, will travel!
Seattle, 98127
phone: 206-719-4379, hdfreelance@hotmail.com

Ken Lee, Location ENG Sound
Location Film and Video Sound. Over 25 yrs experience. US, Canadian and EEC passports all valid. Memeber IATSE 891 and BECTU (UK) For clients please see resume at www.cyberspace.org/~kudu/cv.htm. I also worked in the UK film industry for 16 yrs, clients BBC, CH4, Anglia, Yorkshire, amongst some and many freelance indy clients. I have worked every area going from Location Mixing and Booming on features, commercials, docs, corps, rock videos, freebies NO-LO's and some sound editing and post dubbing! My brother is a picture editor and my father a sound mixer also!! its in the blood! So standing by and ready to go!
Gear: PSC M4A Mixer 4:2 w/headphones, Short VDB Boom, Sennheiser MKH60 short shotgun mic with rycote etc, 4 Lectro 190's w/ Sanken 101 mics, clips etc. Breakaway cables for various camera configs. and adapters etc. Can back up to MiniDisc and digitize and email to post for transcription purposes.
Point Roberts 98281
phone: 206-338-3210, kudu100@juno.com,

Dave Marlin, DigitalTeam Productions, LLC
Award winning field production crew for news, sports and production Located in the Heart of the Northwest sm. Working in Seattle, Spokane and Portland. Clients include ABC News & Sports, 20/20, GMA, NBC News and Sports, CBS News & Sports, ESPN, ESPN Classic, Speed Network Discovery, Discovery Medical, Oprah, Food Network, History Channel, International, E Entertainment. Are just a few of our clients! We are known for our lighting ability, Equipment Package and friendly crews. We are one of the most equipment field crews in the Northwest. We are fully qualified for ENG and EFP production with 20 years of freelance experience.
Gear: Sony PDW 700 XDHD Cam, Sony BVW 600 Betacam Canon 18x, Wide Angle Zoom through lens, Sachtler Tripod w/Video 18 Head, Panasonic DVX 100A Mini DV & Sony HDV Z1U with Camera with mounts and playback deck Sony Portable Monitors, Complete Field Production Audio Package with six Lectrosonic wireless transmitters, Booms. Large lighting package Lowel and Airrs lighting kits with pattern and cookie setup, Chimera’s, dimmers, Joker HMI’s and much more including a Porta Jib. available, 8X8 Scrims and Green Screens.
Spokane Valley
509-315-9673, 509-891-2812, dave@digitalteamproductions.com, www.digitalteamproductions.com

Brad Nelson, Playback Productions
Steadicam Owner/Operator. Director of Photography. Clients: National Geographic, Paramount Pictures, Lifetime, NBC, ABC, ESPN,MTV,Fox Sports, NASA, Boeing, Microsoft and many more.
Gear: Steadicam Model IIIA . Panasonic AG-AF100, Panasonic SDX-900. Sony EX-3, Sony D-30ws w/ BVV-3 and DSR-1 Arri Lights, Kino, LED Light Panel, Joke HMI's, Tota and Chimeras, Grip package
206-947-6569, dpforhire@gmail.com, www.dp4hire.net

Location Sound Mixer with 10yrs. exp. some recent projects: Extreme makeover home
edition, verizon wireless (phones plus) discovery, Mcdonald's, sterlling saving's bank, NBC,
ABC,NMTV, and the list goes on, experience with ISO tracking film or video, can deal with any and all
elements the industry has to offer I look forward to helping you with your next project
Gear: Wendt X4 mixer, lectrosonic 411 hybrid wireless, comtek system, sennhieser shotgun's,DAT
recorder's, stick mic, all remote audio powered.
Spokane Valley, 99212
phone: 1-509-879-5791, Fax: 1-509-927-5415,

kevin Tomlinson, Radical Sabbatical Productions
Cameraman with years of experience shooting Network News (NBC, CBS, ABC), News Magazine shows (48 hours, 60 mins, Dateline), travel shows (Rick Steves Europe PBS), broadcast documentary & corportate.
Gear: Ikegami HLV-55 Betacam SP, Sony DSR-570 (DVCam), Panasonic DVX-100A, Full Production package with K5600 HMI's (400/200), tungsten and Lectrosonics sound gear. experienced International photographer...have eyes will travel. Call/email for rates and references.
Seattle, 98109
phone: 206-334-0385, kevin@radicalsabbatical.com
website: www.radicalsabbatical.com
Joseph Hudson, Acme Production Services
HD/SD Owner/Op with small lighting/grip truck, full audio. Crew coordination. Over 20 years International and National experience.
Documentary/Broadcast, Corporate, Commercial, Narrative.. See web site for more details.
Gear: Panasonic HDX 900. HD lenses: Fuji 13x4.5 w2X, 18x7.6 w2X. 8.4" and 17" HD Monitors. Matte box, zoom contol, etc. Sony BVW 400"A" w 15X8 w 2X and 8X6 w2X. All the normal accesories.Well maintained. Panasonic DVX 100A. Wide, zoom,... 2 Sachtler Tripods. Lighting/grip truck with HMIs, Chimeras, Kinos, Dedos, Mole and Arri Fresnels, Lowell. Lots of grip, skateboard dolly, 7 jib. See website for complete list.
Seattle, 98122
phone: 206.322.7917, jhhh@zipcon.net,
Eric Reeves, Rocket sound road productions
I am a production sound mixer with over ten years of experience in the entertainment industry recording audio for film and video. I specialize in location mixing for HD reality television, documentaries, feature and short film, corporate, and all around run and gun video. Credits include clients such as Discovery Channel, History Channel, HBO Sports, Microsoft, T-mobile, Nickelodeon, MTV, Inside Edition, NBA Entertainment, NBC Nightly News, CBS, ABC, 48 Hours, Good Morning America, and internationally with the BBC.
Gear: Fully equipped sound package is available for video and film productions with multiple UHF wireless systems included. Please visit my website for complete gear listing: www.rocketsoundroad.com
206-910-4830, rocketsoundroad@gmail.com, www.rocketsoundroad.com

Mike Boydstun
Director of Photography for Magazine, Documentary, Drama, Comedy. NBC, CBS, PBS. Two time Grammy nominated, Emmy winning, Telly winner, NPPA winner.
Gear: Panasonic HDX900 DVCPRO HD, Cannon 4.7-52 wide zoom w/ extender Sony EX3 XDCAM 24' Grip Truck loaded with Arri, KinoFlo, HMI, Litepanels and a huge assortment of grip, rigging and overhead.
206-938-3230, mb@mikeboydstun.tv, www.mikeboydstun.tv

Chris Smith, CS Productions
34 years experience. Jeopardy location clues, national and international, 8 years. 5 Survivors, The Contender, Rock Star, and Casino reality shows. 12 years with NBC Sports national sports remotes, 4 super bowls, 5 Olympics, 10 NBA Finals.......Worked in 48 state and over 40 countries, very little I haven't seen or done, I like my job.
Gear: Sony HDW-730s HDCAM, Sony PMW-EX1, Ikegami HLV55 betacam, nanoFlash HD file recorder, gopro. Kinoflos, litepanels, Joker HMI's Dedolights. Full grip package, HD monitors, pipe dolly.
North Bend
425-246-9132, mojofilms@yahoo.com

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